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March 14, 2006



I thought about writing something, but in keeping with my theory of the empty fridge, I didnt.
Looks like everyone else just about covered it.
Fascinating...thanks Michael. This is an interesting analysis.

Brian Lacey

Up and Down Left and Right ! In Your Face !!! Scary hairy Gary ! Late night on your Dial And his side Kick the wonder chimp ! 710 kiro from 1:00am too 5:00am & Hand Signs for the deaf .


Dori rips local politicos to shreds, indulges in the politics of personal destruction, labels all politicians as crooks, thieves, incompetents, etc., and then he wonders why they don't want to come on his show. Duh!

He has a very ugly habit of, when he finally CAN lure someone onto his show, being polite to their faces and then, once they're off the air and can no longer defend themselves, deriding them and calling them every name in the book. Isn't that what bullies do?

A while back he came perilously close to liabel/slander (I can never remember which is which) when he started to insinuate that the goings-on of Sound Transit where perhaps illegal, with hints that he thought certain people were "on the take". I'm guessing the KIRO legal department slapped him upside the head and warned him to knock it off if he didn't want to share Mike Siegel's fate, because he never mentioned it again.

blathering michael





my apologies oh Master Blogger :-)

but you dont have to yell, ya know.


I like the observation that so many of I-did-do-it-you-can-do-it anti-compassionate conservative types don't appreciate the advantages they had in they their upbringing: being white, being male, speaking perfect english, having been gifted with talents, or being smart.

"Hard work" will not make everybody smart, and because not everybody is super smart, and because not every person is psychologicaly 100% baggage free you can't expect everybody to make good decisions with good consistancy.

The mistaken belief that everybody is equaly capable is one of the most gaping flaws in conservative logic.

A psychological dissorder might be more responsible for the success of some convervatives over smarts or wisdom. Narcissism, obsessive compulsive dissorders and sociapathy can lead a person to use over-agressive business tactics, pay too much attention to work and too little to play.

blathering michael

you know how I feel about you, Spark...


I love this!!!! It is so overdue!

He is racist and sexist - uppity African Americans like Ron Sims and that former, local NAACP head he baited all the time - and uppity women like Christine Gregoire who don't submit to men - he can't leave them alone.

People like Dorky put the ugly in Ugly American.


WBAL is not the first station to cancel Limbaugh. That honor goes to the old KING-AM, which dumped him back in the 1980s, on instruction from one of the Bullits.

Interesting how Limbaugh's people have conveniently "forgotten" about that.


The all upper case post is a bit much



I enjoyed the article, even if it was misplaced.

(I'm sure everyone's dying to know now what it was...)


heh..well in my mind Dori=ass and Rush=ass so I posted the article. I thought it was another open thread.


It's kinda irritating how the news guys say "lets go to [jim/bob] for [traffic/weather/together]" and then they say "thanks for that report [jim/bob]" and it's so, so obvious they are thanking a tape recorder, and that they are refering to the tape recorder by the name of the person's whose recording will be played. They realy need to polish that up.


Tuff to do with one company, Metro Traffic and many stations having their traffic nearly at the same time (maybe this is a topic for the Dori Monson show) Kiro still does live traffic but not as much during the Dori Monson show. (keeping on thread here) If Dori had his own helo, he could do traffic and middle age, neo-con anger together, on the 7's!


just keep in mind, dori is probably happy as a pig in muck with all this attention.

Of course getting a liberal in a huff is about as hard as making a newborn cry.

What's more ugly? Dori's purely harmless blather, or a democratic leadership that didn't meet a tax they didn't like?

One seems fine to the average reader here, the other sends them into hysterics.

Oh, it's ok Ron (the democratic god) only wants 8 million to move into his new offices, but Dori should be fired for pointing it out!!!


I can't confirm that Dori or his listeners are familiar with use of the internet.


Wow... Now let's see... Dori's a racist, sexist, ass, egocentric talk show host who doesn't care about anybody but himself...

Seems to me these are the type of rants you hear from people who don't let facts get in the way of their opinion...

I would bet that most of these people are so deeply embedded in left wing ideology, that anything that remotely disagrees with their beliefs sends them into a rage...


Obviously Joe, it has some affect on you.


Joe said Seems to me these are the type of rants you hear from people who don't let facts get in the way of their opinion

This remark was found in a 100% fact free post. The author know himself all too well.

David Tatelman

Thanks for the link, Michael! I found it interesting how many people were upset about the Celine Dion quote Dori kept making fun of. He also did a similar thing with John Dean, playing the famous "Aaargh" sound about a mllion times. The one that really got to me, however, was the tape of Paul Berendt getting choked up. I thought it was really cruel of Dori to keep playing that. Berendt did not deserve that treatment.


"I thought about writing something, but in keeping with my theory of the empty fridge, I didnt.
Looks like everyone else just about covered it.
Fascinating...thanks Michael. This is an interesting analysis."

Jeez, Sparks, I would have attributed at least half of such incisive comments to your lethal pen...Rats! I hate to be wrong!


It may very well be true that Dori is as happy as a pig in muck with all this attention. All this chatter might indeed boost his ratings. He is in the spotlight for the day. But if at the end of the day, Dori hears recounted back to him the stuff we've read here - the on-air instances of cruelty, insensitivity, mocking, joking and humor at the expense of others and this pleases him and makes him proud of his show and his behavior, well, I am simply left speechless. I don't know what makes this guy tick. I assume that the blathering one did run the emails by Dori as he said he would. I haven't heard that Dori has denied any of these accounts. I'd like to believe that reading this stuff made public might cause Dori for just a moment or two to think about his behavior, what he communicates and what that says about him. But I'm not gonna hold my breath...


Fremont...Im in detention.


Ok, seriously, Fremont..It has truly been years since I have listened to Dori, so I didnt think I had anything pertinent to add. I was pretty sure there were enough people out there who could do the job, and I was right.
I have bigger fish to fry :-)


Joe, I didn't realize that cruel and mocking comments and jokes at the expense of others had anything to do with left-wing ideology, right-wing ideology or any ideology at all. I don't like that kind of humor or "entertainment" whatever or whomever the source. It has absolutely nothing to do with political views.

blathering michael

we'll do Rush soon...his being kicked off WBAL is indeed a big deal. I don't mean to yell but the band width taken by huge cutnpastes is stretching my account limits. Lets just try to link and sum up.


Bottom line: Dorky is a raging narcissist.


Dana, absolutely agree with your whole post! I listened to Dori (long time ago now) when he interviewed a totally nice guy whether you agreed with him or not who was advocating not replicating yourself! He actually was suggesting we quit having kids and start to eliminate ourselves from the planet.

Okay, I actually understand where this guy is coming from and even have some empathy with his cause. I think animals are much less destructive to the planet! And I love nature!

Anyway, Dori kept trying to bait him by his usual stupid tactics, but the guy - obviously used to being mocked - just went with it. Dori was totally frustrated and finally stopped the so-called interview. It wasn't an honest interview; Dori just wanted to get the guy's goat.

So, Dori sort of abruptly dismissed him and went on to say that he hoped the guy would disappear from the planet . . . and other comments in that vein. It was pretty disgusting, disrespectful, vulgar, and just plain mean. That is actually the last time I listened to him for even ten-fifteen minutes. I was done.

Sparky, I love your articles and columns and we are sympatico politically. Too harsh, Michael.
Wish I could post the equation for the linking . . . everytime I try, it doesn't show.


I just had to add that seeing Hartmann and Schultz kick booty is just so satisfying! And that Schultz who I think is really very ordinary gains a larger audience than our glib little bully on KIRO gives me hope in human nature again. YES!


heh..well, bandwidth is expensive...I will just post links from now on.
(Unless Michael pisses me off and then I will post the entire Magna Carta..in Latin.)


Here's my take on Mr. Monson. I remember when Dori first started at KIRO. His right turn occurred when KVI started gaining ground on KIRO.

As I recall, Dave and Dori were very close to each other on major issues.

KIRO had to find a right winger to stave off KVI. At the time it was either Dave or Dori.

Does anyone believe Dave Ross would become someone he's not, for a buck?

So Dori started edging to the right, creating seperation between himself and Dave, and the rest is history.

I gave up on Dori long ago, he was just too annoying to listen to. His rants and raves were mostly ridiculous, and not thought through very well.

For instance, he would rant and rave about the high taxes in this state and how the taxes and "business climate" were driving Boeing and other companies out of the state, destroying the economy, and throwing thousands out of work.

What a load of manure. This state has a strong economy, unemployment is LOW, companies are thriving, and MOVING here.

Boeing moved a few hundred souls to Chicago, in a thinly disguised attempt to kiss the ass of the Majority Leader in the House of Representatives. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yup, the Democrats are doing such a horrible job of governing, that our state's economy has rarely been better. Go figure.

So much for Monson's critical thinking abilities.

What I don't understand, is why those who dislike his show continue to listen? Who is the bigger fool?

Just ignore KIRO and they'll be forced to make changes. Why change if enough fools are listening?

Schultz is definately a breath of fresh air and worth a listen, and KOMO has baseball.

So nothing is really forcing you to listen to Monson, other than a perverse urge to witness the radio equivalent of a bloody train wreck everyday.


I'll stand firmly on what I said before. Anyone with any sense can recognize that this blog is dominated by a totally liberal, progressive, left wing point of view who hate Dori for what ever reason. Some of the reasons people pointed out are just ridiculous. Racists? Sexist? That's total bull shit.

Some people criticize him for going after some of our local politicians who brought us wonderful programs such as Light Rail (way over budget & doesn't reduce traffic), The Sounder North cost per passenger per year = $33,700 average over the next 22 years... see CETA Article (and the current year is much worse), the now defunct monorail program that most recently announced that it stands to profit from the land it bought (ripped off) from Seattle residents and businesses and the list just goes on and on.

As far as I'm concerned, you can hate Dori for having a big ego or just for being annoying, but get real. I don't always agree with him, but his contribution and foresight has been dead on in most cases about our local politicians and I for one am sick of the way they have continually been sticking it to the tax payers and flushing our money down the toilet.


"Boeing moved a few hundred souls to Chicago, in a thinly disguised attempt to kiss the ass of the Majority Leader in the House of Representatives. Nothing more, nothing less."

I had a friend that worked pretty high up in the Boeing hierarchy and he said that Phil's divorce had a little to do with the move also. Take it for what it is worth . . . (you never know:)

". . . but his contribution and foresight has been dead on in most cases about our local politicians and I for one am sick of the way they have continually been sticking it to the tax payers and flushing our money down the toilet."

I agreed with Dori on the transit thing although I'm now on the fence regarding Sound Transit. But the monorail thing was a far-fetched idea from the get-go and I agreed with him.

But, being right on one or two items is a far cry from the omniscient characterization you provide him.

Thank goodness, most people listen to Dave Ross who has a whole lot more gray matter than Dori and did the right thing on the last initiative. Sometimes, Joe, taxes need to be levied. It takes some critical thinking to work that out, I know.

BTW, your last name isn't Sixpack by any chance?


We are 33 comments in so I hope this is okay:)

Sparky, NY Times today article on panthers in Florida:

". . . in its new report, the agency calls preserving panther habitat in South Florida its top priority. Yet construction has just begun on Ave Maria, a new town that will hold a Catholic university and up to 30,000 people, on 5,000 acres of panther habitat bordering Big Cypress National Preserve and the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge."

They are building that town on prime wilderness . . . I will never buy another Dominos Pizza - ever, ever, ever. :(

I wonder if Dori will talk about this?


Noooo...that guy has not owned Dominos for a long long time..he sold it several years ago, and the company has spent the ensuing time trying to rid themselves of his reputation. You can buy the pizza.

The Anti Kiro

Dorky Fraud'son!

This guy must go. This simpleton is convinced that we can all be like him because of our choices.

Does this guy report the free gifts he receives from sponsors on his tax returns? Gifts like bamboo floors, that god-damn invisible fence, pet food, gutter helmets, the cheap crap they give him at Stupid Prices (remember it's not a dollar store). I would love to hear that he was audited by the IRS. He would cry on the air that it was a conspiracy because of his views on air!

It is also amazing that like all the pro-Iraq War people that talked in favor of this war in 2003 for days and days and days...you never hear a word about the war anymore...it has simply disappeared off Dori's radar...much like the WMD's themselves. This guy wouldn't serve a day in the service.

So much for a free market guy. Today he was threatening a home mortgage company to stop sending him email solicitions otherwise he will have his "listeners" flood the company with phone calls.

Does this guy think he's Caesar?


For every anti-Dori comment out there is a positive Dori Monson comment. This blog has done him a great service by garnering him all of this attention. His ratings will go up, even if he is on KIRO. Ross may be more intellectual in areas, but his critical thinking skills are MIA about a number of partisan Democrat issues.

Dori's critical thinking is the one thing that I like about him - and just because liberal ideologues don't agree with him - I challenge you to refuse with substantive facts some of his positions you doth protest too much. The governing and the politicians of Seattle are attrocious and someone needs to tell it like it is. Political correctness is not his long suit, so sorry Joanie, Andrew, Sparky and others who have ripped on him.

The Anti Kiro

Who the fuck would call a company on Dori's behalf!

The Anti Kiro


Who the fuck are you? The guy preaches that he's a Libertarian but threatens a business that sends him spam that he will flood the phone bank...so much for 21st century marketing in a free market.

Also Libertarians don't give a fuck about the "mornig after pill." Dori said that a pharmacist has the right to deny the completion of a prescription even if required by his boss.

Libertarians are against all smoking laws. Dori wants to make cigarettes illegal. You jerk.

The Anti Kiro

The guy is not a Libertarian. Anybody who will "give away" Key Arena is not a Lobertarian.

He's an ignorant fool that plays to the "dumbing down of America crowd" and somehow got through the cracks.

Dori will be off the air this year.


" I challenge you to refuse with substantive facts some of his positions you doth protest too much."

What are they?

"The governing and the politicians of Seattle are attrocious and someone needs to tell it like it is."

Nothing like a broad-brush to tell it like it is. What are you talking about? Who are you talking about? Some specifics please.

"Ross may be more intellectual in areas, but his critical thinking skills are MIA about a number of partisan Democrat issues."

So now "critical thinking" (as if you even know what that means) is a partisan concept?

You show your lack of critical thinking quite often, KS.


If you go back and read CAREFULLY, you will see many comments relating how he treats his callers and guests. That transcends politics.


"The governing and the politicians of Seattle are attrocious and someone needs to tell it like it is."
And yet they keep getting elected, so it must be a conspiracy against you if one city is big, bad and corrupt and no one listens to you?


Anti KIRO - Who the hell cares about your anti- libertarian bias ? No, dude I asked you what are your substantive facts - nothing but personal attacks because you have nothing. Your assertions about him are fascinating and alot of hot air - show us the weblinks with your assertions if you have them. My suspicion is that alot of you here take him too seriously - I see his humor as tongue in cheek and appealing to those who are politically incorrect. If you have a problem with him, why the hell do you listen to him - get a life !

I don't live in Seattle so I don't have to put up with its corruption and ludicrous government - I don't care that much. So let it keep trying to emulate San Francisco ! YAWN.

"So now "critical thinking" (as if you even know what that means) is a partisan concept?"
It isn't a partisan concept, but it parallels partisanism here - get a clue. If you don't believe it, go back and re-read the posts here.

The Anti Kiro

Could I be any clearer:

Dori is a simpleton. He is not intellectually honest.

1. Libertarians are pro-choice...it's a fact many right wingers cringe at. Dori's anti abortion.

2. Libertarians allow the free market to dominate. Dori is against eminent domain.

3. Libertarians favor social liberties. Dori's wants cigarettes illegal.

I can continue but since Dori will be off the air soon...it's moot.


The worst part is Dori says he's only anti-abortion because of a personal experiance he'd had. In other words: his personal experiances determine his expectations of everybody else.

And it's consistant with his "if I can do it anybody can do it" world view, shared by so many upper middle class white men. He believes everybody else is just a less succesfull Dori. He's shocked an amazed that we aren't all hawking products to support ourselves.

Who's suprised a man with limited command over logic mistakes good ratings for intelectual validation? He's just like ExDem in that he's certainly 50% correct, but think's he's 100% spot on the money about everything and therefor he knows what's best for everybody. News flash: personal experiance are personal. You can't justify public policy with personal anecdotes.

The Anti Kiro

As I m about to critique Styble's show tonight, I am dumbfounded that the 2 shock jocks are still employed at KIRO. These guys are so clueless and the subject matter is so lifeless and irrelevant, I almost believe it's an act.

What kind of topics are these: Living with Mom at 30? Come on!

Iraq is falling into a civil war. Bird flu is swelling throughout the world. India is accelerating its nuclear arsenal. Katrina victims are STILL homeless.

KIRO is not a news/talk station. It's bubble gum for the "dumbing down of America" crowd.


"upper middle class white men"

Wrong -- Dori doesn't have any class.


Good morning comrades... I don't live and die to be on this or any other blog, but I have to address some comments to a couple of my fellow contributors...

>> KS: Your thoughts art an island of hope in a sea of doom and gloom... But I'll disagree with you on your statement that "For every anti-Dori comment out there is a positive Dori Monson comment" ...at least, not on this blog...

>> Joanie: I'm glad to see that I have finally found the true source for "critical thinking". Your retorts to KS and myself exhibit the fact that in light of opposition to your views, your words are chosen to abuse...

>> Andrew: re: "...'if I can do it anybody can do it' world view, shared by so many upper middle class white men"... This is a ridiculous cop-out and a total distortion of the facts. Dori has pointed out many times how Asian and Indian imagrants have come to this country and succeeded because of family values and work ethics.

>> The Anti Kiro: Oye Ve...

>> Dana: See Anti Kiro...

"Blogs are a great place to exchange ideas, facts and questions, but once they digress into personal attacks, insults and name calling, the blog value is reduced to that of a high school chat room."


isnt there a saying out there that opinions are like a certain body part..everyone has one and they all stink?

Joe, if you like Dori. more power to ya. We don't care for him.


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