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March 02, 2006



oh well now you tell me....!

She must be in her 80s if not older....She went on to host a children's story show where kids would read books and then talk about them...

She was carried by the Portland station which is how I got to see her..they didnt carry the other guys who were popular up here..we had Rusty Nails, the clown , and Addie Bobkins and Heck Harper! Ah the days of great cartoons after school :-)


Wow! I'm glad to hear she's alive! Someone using her name, Ruth Prins, donated to Jim Compton's campaign in 2003. By courageously admitting your error, Bla'M, you averted another filthy scandal of campaign fraud! I believe I remember Wunda Wunda saying "...and there's Sparky" through her mirror. I thought "Sparky" was Hopalong Cassidy's dog. (Wunda Wunda is a Scorpio).


Really? Im a BIT too young to remember Hopalong very well....

Wunda Wunda would take the back out of the mirror and say..
" I see Robert, and there is Susan, and I see Tommy eating his lunch, and Betsy is helping her mother clean up!"

I have to admit, that even at age 4 or 5, I was still skeptical about her ablity to see me,,heh


Wunda Wunda is my name
Boys and girls I'm glad you came
We'll have fun and play some games

Anybody remember the last line?


Wont you play with me..( first verse)
Wont you come again ( last verse)


wunda wunda is my name
to boys and girls it is the same
we'll have fun and we'll play games
the wunda wunda way!!!!


Wunda Wunda was my absolute FAV! Does anyone know how can I obtain a copy of her show--or at least a small clip? Remember the walking alarm clock at the end of the show?

Trudy D'Armond

In 1956, when I was 5 years old and had a choice of going to morning kindergarten or afternoon Kindergarten, I had to sacrifice watching Wunda Wunda. Mother tried to tell me school was far more fun.That was not true!


Yes, you mean Clancy the Clock? the show struck me as warmly surreal. I'd like to see it again.


Wunda Wunda is my name
Oh boys and girls,
I'm glad you came.

We'll have fun as I explain,
How to play the Wunda game.

Let me take you by the hand
Then we'll go to Wunda Land

There we'll play with all our friends

The Wunda game of let's pretend.

[I think this is what I remember frome half a century ago - yikes!]

Eryn Rachell Saddler

I used to watch JP Patches (I first met him in Marysville at a Safeway grocery store) *glee*

Wunda Wunda was such a treat, black when televisions only got challel 12 out of British Columbia, and Channel 7 was one of the only others available in that area, with an ariel anttena


That seems like hundreds of lifetimes ago!!!!!

~eryn in chicagoland

Eryn Rachell Saddler

Sorry for all the typo's, I'm old :)

*giggle attack*


How did you find us? I remember JP of course! I'm old too.

rolf from portland

wunda wunda is my name
the parents think that I'm insane

kathy db

My dad for many years was the live music for Wunda Wunda and for Televenture Tales (Ruth read from a particular book, and the kids on the show each week would give book reviews/ reports as i recall..sort of a very early precursor to Reading Rainbow on PBS).

T.T would tape in Portland one week and Seattle the next with local kids.

"Music Man" was represented by a base drum with a face....

For years W.W. was live, at 11:30 or 12 each weekday.

Remember Henry and Albert, anyone?

I distinctly remember when KING got color cameras because the Christmas ornaments at my folks house are still stored in the sturdy boxes they came in!

Anyway, it was lots of fun, lots of great memories.

bailey alexander

I grew up in her house, she sold it to my parents when we moved from calif to seattle in '64. We had a wonderful library that I devoured as a child.


My favorite part of the Wunda Wunda show was when she read her mail. I would duplicate it with my stuffed animals & dolls. I love it!


My family moved from Seattle to California in 1961 when I was 3. Wunda Wunda is one of the things I remember watching on our tiny black and white tv with rabbit ears. I guess the show left quite an impression. I still recall the first part of her song. Memories are funny things. Thanks for filling in some of the gaps.


Bla'M does that quite well at times, doesn't he. :)


I was on Televenture Tales when I was 9yrs old, in 1962. It was a wonderful experience. There was a couple week's wait before the show actually aired, and it was a loooong 2 weeks. I remember getting gift wrapped books that had question marks on them. At the end of the show, we unwrapped the books for the camera. Then (this sucked...) they took the books back!! Talk about a rude awakening. Anyway, I'd give just about anything to get a copy of that show.


I was on Televenture Tales when I was 9yrs old, in 1962. It was a wonderful experience. There was a couple week's wait before the show actually aired, and it was a loooong 2 weeks. I remember getting gift wrapped books that had question marks on them. At the end of the show, we unwrapped the books for the camera. Then (this sucked...) they took the books back!! Talk about a rude awakening. Anyway, I'd give just about anything to get a copy of that show.





I actually took care of her for awhile in Anacortes, WA. I took her to the store and put her groceries away ;) She had a lot of spunk. She had a cat that was funny too. The cat would not move out of your way. She said he was stubborn or something lol. Also, one time I took her to the store and she did not like my automatic seatbelts. So, she joked that one day she was going to bring a pair scissors to cut them.


I went to Brakeman Bill once, with the cub scouts. He was mean and bossy, when the cartoons were running.
Loved Wunda Wunda. I don't remember many details, but the song is still in my head, every so often, after all these years.

Jill Fitting

Did anyone else send their special stuffed animal to appear on the show? I had to prod my mom for a week before she agreed to do it. Wunda introduced him and said my name. I wunda where she lives now! Anacortes? Because I lived there for awhile!

Susi Johnston

Does anyone have a link for Wunda Wunda videos online? My sisters and I watched her show. I now live in Bali Indonesia, so it's not easy to access Seattle specific trivia and such. Tx.


Does anyone think that Megan Black of KIRO looks like Wunda Wunda? I just can't help seeing her with her short, black, curly hair and her expressive and wide-eyed smile. Oh, I so miss Ruth Prinz. She was so right on! We were a lucky bunch in Seattle in the days of experimental educational TV!!!


Channel 12 was not out of B.C. It was from Bellingham, WA but had a lot of Canadian ads.
I do remember Henry and Albert (thanks for reminding me of their names). As I recall, they were some sort of puppets, a duck and an owl I think.


I remember watching Wunda in the 60's as a four yr old I was always so worried about Weeping willy her little flower that she had to water every day or he would be droopy guess thats what got me into gardening I loved her show

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