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February 23, 2006



Good Morning ! Great write up on Brian Stible . I just have one question this is for Tom At Kiro , I know that Bryan Styble has been runing your dry cleaning, washing your car , and dating your daughter , but what the hell are you think! Its really bad the you have to go out of state the hear good radio when stibles on wake up kiro !


I forgot one more thing ! On Stock yard Vinne show can you please tell me what the following words are, Diss, DUA, DATT,WIF,
and if you have on air plugs when stock yard on , he can suck the hear wax out of your ear , I think Vinnes been hanging out at dicks drive in again, hay Stock yard make it a triple cheese burger! Tom at kiro is buying
take DATT Stock yard !


Michael says:

"The more people that vote, the fewer R's that get elected."

12+ million more people voted in 2004, than in 2000.

Bush was re-elected, no change.

Governor change 5 new Dems. 5 new Republicans, no net change. Congress: Net gain of 3 Republicans in the house, and net gain of 4 Republican senators. (From 2002 to 2004)

Your logic doesn't bare out the facts of this last election cycle.


One other question, since both topics are covered here: How come we can question the possible ramifications of a coroporate buy-out between two companies that manage 6 U.S. ports on one hand, but not ask a person coming to a polling place to vote whether they are a U.S. citizen or not, on the other?

I don't have a problem in aksing either of those questions. Why is there such a problem with the second one?


I thought Bryan Styble would take over for Pate, also. Sadly, he didn't. Instead, we get a four-hour snooze fest with Turi Ryder! Now that woman is booooring. I can't believe they let Erin go and kept this broad.

Oh well, that's KIRO for ya. It's obvious they've been on a suicide mission for months. Someone should just pull their plug and put them out of MY misery!


Slave, are you referring to non-U.S. citizens who vote illegally? There IS a loophole in the registration process, but would it be resolved by just asking? Your analogy with UAE port management is a weak, l-o-n-g stretch. Maybe, Bla'M is saying that the currently disenfranchised will obviously vote against those who have disenfranchised them.

(Bla'M, your style makes me smile, even when you're writing about the most critical topics...."Kiro spokehole", "drunk the Bush Koolaid", etc. You should get a Blogitzer Prize!)


AP/UPI 15 Oct 2006:

The White House has issued the following announcement:
The FBI has discovered an threat to National Security of a "nuclear" nature. While we are following all possible leads to intercept this possible attack, we have postponed the upcoming elections for the forseeable future. Once this threat has been dealt with, and once the FBI and CIA have determined that it is no longer dangerous for Americans to vote, the scheduled elections will be conducted. Along with delaying this election, the President has temporarily suspended printing of all newspapers.
Acting in accordance within his Constitutional powers as the Commander in Chief, the President has ordered the massing of forces on the Iranian border.
We will not answer questions at this time due to security concerns.
Thank you.


"Radio news is bearable. This is due to the fact that while the news is being broadcast, the disk jockey is not allowed to talk."
Fran Lebowitz




Thom Hartmann was talking about this initiative yesterday morning and thanked the NW Progressives for the news. His take on it was that the repubs would wipe the slate clean and then send out emails to their voting lists getting them all back to register.

He didn't say this as I recall but I guess the inverse? of that would be: The demos have such a diverse group of registrants that they couldn't just send emails. Many democratic voters don't have the luxury of being on line or even organized - take me for example!

I cannot wait for the 2006 election cycle. I am so wondering if people are still on board with the republican ideology or if they have, in fact, changed their minds. That election will be a huge indicator for the future of country. (How important do we consider corruption? How much do we care about poverty? Education? Health care?)


The arrogance of this White House will cost the GOP in November. Patty and Maria will exploit american racism and screw a valuable ally. Never mind the truth. I guess Schumer also represents Tel Aviv.
Hannity and Savage are out of their nuts on this one. Neither one has spent day ONE in an arab nation and wouldn't know the UAE from...from...
...some other thing.
Anyhow, on the voting thingy: ineligible people shouldn't vote. Period. That means illegals. Sorry Gov. Dean, back to your talking points about "ragheads running our ports."


That is where concerns about Dubai come in. While the company in question has not been a focus of investigations, Dubai has been a way station for contraband, some of it nuclear. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the Pakistani nuclear engineer, made Dubai his transshipment point for the equipment he sent to Libya and Iran because he could operate there without worrying about investigators.

"I'm not worried about who is running the New York port," a senior inspector for the International Atomic Energy Agency said, insisting he could not be named because the agency's work is considered confidential. "I'm worried about what arrives at the New York port."

Big Problem, Dubai Deal or Not

Who said "ragheads running our ports?" or are you making this up?


"Senate ban does not except rape, incest.
South Dakota lawmakers yesterday approved the nation's most far-reaching ban on abortion, setting the stage for new legal challenges that its supporters say they hope lead to an overturning of Roe v. Wade."

The measure, which passed the state Senate 23 to 12, makes it a felony for doctors to perform any abortion, except to save the life of a pregnant woman. The proposal still must be signed by Gov. Mike Rounds (R), who opposes abortion.




Fremont - I can't click on it! But it looks right!


Thanks, Joanie....how did you know that was for you? I'll keep trying....


Fremont, before you post, click on your link and it should take you there. You can always use your back button to get back to BW and post it. If it doesn't take you there, keep trying. That's what I did the first time. It took me several tries! :)


South Dakota is strange place. Driving through the rural areas there are churches and "Jesus Loves You" type billboards everywhere.


"South Dakota is strange place. Driving through the rural areas there are churches and "Jesus Loves You" type billboards everywhere."

He loves everyone, even you Andrew.


Jesus both loves me and hates me at all points in time and space simultaneously.



That fictional press release only makes sense if you believe we still have a workable Army with which to mass troops on Iran's border.

Right now we couldn't prevent the burning of a Krispy Kreme in East Angrymobistan.

And now we seem to be in the midst of the very sectarian civil war that King George was warned about before launched his little adventure.

By his Daddy, even.




andrew said:

"South Dakota is strange place. Driving through the rural areas there are churches and "Jesus Loves You" type billboards everywhere."

....and that's strange, how?


Thanks, Fremont! You are an old soul after my own!

I've read much of Kevin Phillips book and I actually created a visual . . . sort of a graphic - showing Bush as the devil incarnate and sent it to an online site called Topple Bush. Unfortunately, my great idea happened only a week before the election and we couldn't get it finished. It was meant to become a poster for distribution.

They took my idea and created two graphics refining mine and asked me which I liked. I sent them to my friends and most of my friends (that got them) liked the one I liked. However, some of my friends didn't receive the graphics because they were censored by their service. One even got a message - a comment in place of the graphic. It wasn't an automated comment but a personal comment probably by a republican who worked for the service. I thought that was funny. Anyway, that was all a long time ago now.

It goes without saying after everything I've said on this blog that I think George Bush is evil; and I think he is doing irreparable harm to our society.


Forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS for figuring out the link activation! We can both thank Andrew for the tip!


Critter "
....and that's strange, how?"

OK, it's true that you see those things here also but the difference is that it's very sparse farming land over there. You don't see much besides farm houses and train tracks so to come across church after church and jesus signs one after the other is weird. It's like blue sky, farm land and Jesus and that's is.

I was afraid of breaking down out there. Have you ever seen Breakdown with Kurt Russell?


For Audioslave:

"To some, the question is whether a wealthy person should get a tax break now for money that has essentially not yet been put to charitable use. By giving the money before 2005 expired, Mr. Pickens was able to take advantage of a provision in Hurricane Katrina relief legislation that allowed him a deduction for a charitable gift equal to 100 percent of his adjusted gross income, double the normal limit of 50 percent. If he does not have that much income in 2005, he can carry the deduction into future years.

"Sadly, it's another case of a rich man manipulating charity for his own benefit," said Marcus Owens, a lawyer who formerly headed the division of the I.R.S. that oversees tax-exempt groups."


michael sez, "Arbitron estimates that twice as many people now read the Business Examiner than listen to KIRO.'

Nice of you to throw out another statistic, but what happened to posting host ratings? You certainly have access to the news as you manage to throw out a few bombs that go your way. News not good for the left? No balls? I used to think you were a stand up guy, but now it's pretty evident that you use selective editing to sustain your point of view. I enjoyed my time with your blog, but now I say goodbye.


thank fuckin gawd

Lee tacoma

Ok I had on stock yard Vinnie last night , what the hell is a wiff you ?? Its friday, time for the stock yard Vinnie bad english show ! very time stock yard says , dis, dat,da, au, and of course the wif you . you take one shot of your favort drink , Iam thinkin last week , I was shit faced with in 10 into his show , HAy stock yard make it a double not a triple cheese burger before the show take dat !! stock yard hooty hoo!



In ref. to the article on Pickens, that's just another a loophole that gets taken adavantage of by those who can outsmart the current system. Maybe congress should have seen something like this coming and had some foresight, limit it to charitable contributions to Katrina relief only, I don't know.

Some people might view this as just a smart, but shrewd business decision. Regardless, doesn't this acutually reinforce my position that our tax code, at the very least needs to be simplified? 17,000 pages? Seriously, I think if the next presidential candidate takes this on as a serious platform issue, he or she would make some noise.


I agree. Aidopslave, with your intention here.

I am skeptical enough to think there are members of congress who could have seen this coming and probably helped themselves a little too. Again, I think the one thing America is getting better at is corruption. That should worry us all.

We do need a simpler tax code but it will always contain complexity so that the big pockets that buy our congress persons keep getting their's. It will not change until we change the way we do campaigning.


andrew said:

"South Dakota is strange place. Driving through the rural areas there are churches and "Jesus Loves You" type billboards everywhere."

....and that's strange, how?

Well, you might as well have billboards celebrating Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy....all make-believe.

Mark D

Andrew wrote:

"I was afraid of breaking down out there."

I agreee, nothing worse than breaking down in a "Christian" area. What unspeakable horrors may have occured.

I'd much rather break-down in the middle of some large liberal city. I for one would feel much safer if I had car trouble in the middle of Detroit or D.C.

Get a clue.

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