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February 25, 2006



I second PugetSound's comments on Bob Brinker. If you really *do* think he's as conservative as they come, boy, are you going to be surprised when you find out how things really are.

I'd say he's middle-of-the-road.

And yes, he's a financial wizard. Much of what I know about money I learned from listening to him weekends.

Puget Sound


"Audio slave
With all due respect, I doubt your gonna get any traction on this board."

Tell me something I don't know.

Everything I stated above, cannot be disproved, it can be "de-bunked"..thats fine, time will tell .......afterall I'm an optimist. The mistakes of how the war has been ran does not hinder my hope for success. I don't want the mission, if in hindsight right or wrong, to fail."

Audio Slave
You and I are kindred souls.
You are right that only history will tell. I read the blogs of the soldiers and am struck by their bravery. I am also struck by their belief in the mission and their disbelief at what is going on at home.
Right now many of the people posting on this Boards are having a field day. Let 'em have at.

Another Brinker plug: He is big into self knowledge and while he does have a newsletter you don't need it to get started. Indexed no load mutual funds. Just a little bit of money can mean a lot over time. Between my GI Bill and his advice in saving money while in the service I paid for a lot of my college in the 90's. Thanks Bob!


"smug" - having too high an opinion of oneself. Gee girls, do you think it fits these tin soldiers?

Puget Sound

what part didn't you like?
the 'history will tell' or the reference to the soldier blogs from Iraq or that many people posting are having 'a field day'

how is that smug?
oooops, the part about brinker?

Puget Sound

ahhhh I figured it out.
it was that damn optimist comment!


Thanks for the link, David. I also read the item about Dori and his guest Dwight Pelz. Dori can be such a jerk.


This is for Sparky, Fremont, Trip, David M and anybody else who really cares about this country:

video on demand:Robert F Kennedy Jr.

I watched this last night and it is so powerful. It does go back to 2004 but his words have so much truth in them. He really tells it like it is. Worth watching online. Hope you do.

Audioslave and PS, you probably wouldn't appreciate it so don't waste your time.



I like listening to his show " Ring of Fire" on the weekends on AA.


In my mailbox this morning:

At his speech to the American Legion Friday, President Bush reflected on his "forward strategy for freedom." His speech, carbon-copied from every other War on Terror speech in his collection, presents the stubborn and ill-conceived core of his National Plan For Victory In Iraq: stay the course. "Stay the course" has been the President's mantra for years now, with the slight revision that now he's admitting the course is more like a rocky road than a coasting freeway. The entire notion of "staying the course" presumes that there is some forward movement, some progress being made, a "forward strategy," as Bush puts it. But as we've been pointing out for months now, and as the American public is finally starting to realize, progress in Iraq is merely an illusion concocted by this administration. Rather than being on the course to victory (however one defines it), we've found ourselves standing still, sinking deeper and deeper into a cavity of defeat.

In his speech, President Bush declared that this is a "moment of choosing" for the Iraqi people. But it is also a moment of choosing for us as well. Do we remain listless, our feet locked in place by arrogance, standing on the ground that has begun to shift below us? Or do we choose to mobilize, to lift one leg in front of the other and change course?

Our Commander in Chief gives us nothing to lift ourselves out of this mess except empty rhetoric and calls for "patience." In the days when Iraq began to implode, the President was fundraising. Today, he finally called political leaders in Baghdad, asking them to play nice, when everyone knows the true leaders in Iraq are the clerics (who, by the way, refuse to meet with any American officials). As Commander in Chief, he has proven that he commands nothing, least of all an appreciation for the gravity of the situation before us or the knowledge required to lead our nation out of this hell.

He asks us to stay the course as Iraq descends into chaos and pulls us along with it. His foreign policy based on faith--the faith that eventually, somehow, things will work out because they must work out--cannot carry us through this latest development as we watch a nascent democracy on the precipice of civil war. What can we do? Complete withdrawal without redeployment never was and still is not an option, as much as Bill O'Reilly may wish it. We are now reaping the consequences of our incompetence in training the Iraqi military. Iraq simply cannot secure itself. As Mark Shields remarked Friday night on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, we can a take an American teenager and train him to be a soldier in 16 weeks, and yet, after three years in Iraq, there is not a single battalion ready for war.

As conservatives see the spoils of Bush's war, as they see the prototype for Bush's "forward strategy for freedom" disintegrate, O'Reilly and others will blame Iraq's instability solely on the Iraqis, and I fear too soon they'll begin to chant calls for retreat in order to watch Iraq implode from a safe distance. Faced now with the ugly truth that no "Truth Tour" could prepare them for, other conservatives claim that recent violence proves Bush's strategy is working. That claim is so patently ludicrous I doubt that talking point will last long and soon most conservatives will sound a call for retreat.

And to answer someone's question above..No I do not want things in Iraq to fail so the President looks bad. We are talking LIVES of American kids here. The President does enough elsewhere to make himself look like an idiot. I dream of the day we have a real and true leader in office once again.


It is clear why the republicans have launched and supported a campaign against science by reading imelda's post. It is also clear why the right has been dismantling the mental health system in America.

Tell me imelda, do you support the Christians who are advocating the beating of children as young as 6 months old with "chastening rods" in order to break their spirits and make them compliant?

Could you tell me where in the Bible this practice is avocated?

Could you also please tell me how the voices of the theocratic right include vulagar statements of presumed superiority of one Christian group over another...let alone those not of the Christian faith...in a country where freedom of religion is one of our basic rights why do you tolerate the openly stated superiority of one faith over another?

You also don't scare me with your argument about "War on Christianity" designed to make people not ask the vital questions regarding corruptions of religions, and when and how religions cross the line.

It is about time we started asking those questions. The label of being a "religion" does not make you above scrutiny for criminal or anti-social behavior. All human institutions are corruptible.

Imelda, more and more in America, people are studying and educating themselves about your specious claims regarding wars on religions. Many of us belong to these faith traditions and are at a loss to explain why these charges are being made. You are claiming -- not your right as an American citizen to exercise your freedom of conscience and the freedom of religion extended to you in the Constitution. You are attempting to obscure the arguement and sieze more than your share of power. Shame on you.

Not on my watch imelda.

Puget Sound

"Audioslave and PS, you probably wouldn't appreciate it so don't waste your time."

Can't speak for Audioslave, but thanks for the heads up. Although its ironic given that I have cited a number of books that would be considered consistent with RFK Jr's philosophy.


Thanks for the Kennedy site, Joanie...I'll read it after the Sunday news shows (Beat the Press, etc.) I DID watch the fascinating unimbedded journalists last night. I've been tuning in to BookTV often, thanks to you. In fact, since Stephanopoulous was offed by basketball this a.m., I watched the students at Oberlin skewer Michelle Malkin.
Slave and PugS: Another Iraq blog for your edification. It was also printed as a must-read book.
Baghdad Burning
Andrew, are you okay? Shall we send chicken soup?
Russert's on....


I've read some things about Bob Brinker and heard him once on the air critizing Iraq war protestors. If he is a conservative in the true sense,as a "deficit hawk" he supported Bush' tax cuts to the rich while the deficit continues to reach record highs.(he dosen't seem to care about the rest of us taxpayers role in all this)

I think he is a phoney and opportunist who sees the Bush dynasty for what it is 5 yrs later as everyone from Buckley to Bremer is bailing and Brinker who felt great cheerleading for Bushler, dosen't want to look like an idiot when the rest of the cons feed Bush to the wolves.

What a profile in courage.

Puget Sound

Actually, Brinker was a huge fan of Robert Rubin and I have heard him say little in support of W especially since Treas Sec O'Neil was canned. I don't even think he supported the first Bush tax cuts in 01-but I may be wrong. I do know he brought O'Neil on his show and gave him at least 30 minutes on it when O'Neal was hawking his book that slammed W's administration.
But Brinker will plead guilty to worry about the growing deficit.
As Lukobe noted, he is a middle of the roader. If you think he is a Larry Kudlow supply sider/cut-cut taxes etc you got him wrong.


" . . . thanks for the heads up. Although its ironic given that I have cited a number of books that would be considered consistent with RFK Jr's philosophy."

You are welcome and no you haven't/


Fremont, glad you watched the "Unembedded" (I mistakenly said embedded in my post) show. Interesting look at the Iraqi people. Did you notice how the journalists stayed away from making political judgements?

Do you recall the answer to the one question that came up trying to politicize it? The journalist said he lived in Europe and didn't realize until his book tour how little airing the whole war was getting over here. He pointed out that not many people are talking about it..

I thought that was an interesting comment.

Also, regarding the Robert F. Kennedy site, it is a video of a Foolproof Presents: American Voices in Seattle. He is somewhat general at the beginning, but stick with him because he gets very interesting and specific ten, fifteen minutes into the speech. It is very sad, however.

So, you can bring it online and you don't have to sit and watch it. Just listen. :)

Also, glad you discovered CSpan and book TV. They repeat a lot so you don't have to glue yourself to watching. But so much information that you can get no where else.


I don't listen to Brinker all the time but have notice when I did that he is very conservative as financial matters go.

But, he sure got upset with the Bush people over their slow reaction to Katrina and something else long before that - cannot remember what that was. He just doesn't get their inability to get things done socially.

Also, Lou Dobbs has certainly put his opinions out there for anybody who is interested. He is one of my new heros! There aren't very many around on the media these days.


Well, it isn't taking long for the right to join Mr. Bush in his Dubai deal. Remember my post where I said I didn't think this was the canary in the coalmine yet? Guess my skepticism is paying off . . .

. . .Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and other congressional leaders, the company and Bush administration officials were working on a compromise intended to derail plans by Republicans and Democrats for legislation next week that would force a new investigation of security issues relating to the deal. Talks were to continue through the weekend.

"My comfort level is good, but I have 99 other United States senators who need the opportunity to ask their questions," Frist told the Lexington Herald-Leader before speaking at a Republican dinner Saturday evening in Lexington, Ky."


Audioslave and PS, you probably wouldn't appreciate it so don't waste your time.

I don't have cable, and I'm sleeping at that time. But I think you know that I try to go out of my way to get news from a wide variety of sources that have a slant from both the left and the right. Give it a try.....maybe you won't be so angry......:) have a nice Sunday afternoon.


Yes, I know you listed all those corporate media sources . . . though the one I linked is an online video.


Shit! I can't access the Foolproof site! I just saw replays of Beat the Press on Crooks and Liars(headline "Is Libertarianism Dead?", Lukobe), so I know it's not my media player....ANDREW, WHERE ARE YOU? (I don't know why I think Andrew's a cyber-wizard...maybe it's his alleged youth and awesome insouciance when he blogs "Fuck you!")
Yes, Joanie, I remember the comment about how little discussion Iraq merits in USA. I assumed he was referring to indifference or the cultural narcissim of America, but it's puzzling...what did you think?


I think it is out of sight and out of mind which is the same thing as indifference. I think the effect of more kids dying over time will make a bigger ripple; but, who knows.

I just finished watching Jeff Faux talk about his book, "The Global Class War" and ordered it online.

I'm sorry you couldn't get the Kennedy thing. When I clicked on the site, a tv screen came right up . . . I sure hope you can figure it out. I have a Mac which doesn't always interface properly. What did you get when you clicked on it?

Puget Sound

" . . . thanks for the heads up. Although its ironic given that I have cited a number of books that would be considered consistent with RFK Jr's philosophy."

You are welcome and no you haven't"

Err, 'Nickel and Dimed' and 'What's The Matter With Kansas' come to mind.


I forgot those . . . sorry

Puget Sound

seriously, very good reads and can highly recommend -especially the Kansas book.
BTW, I am a huge Studs Terkal fan. His stuff is fantastic.


"Three generations of immersion in the culture of secrecy...deceit and disinformation have become Bush political hallmarks," Phillips notes.

Entitlement, elitism, privilege, secrecy, mediocrity, corruption, financial cronyism, bailouts of family failures by the taxpayers -- these are some of the true characteristics of the Bush Dynasty, according to Phillips.

To Phillips, however, the greatest threat to America posed by the Bush dynasty is not its inherent unfitness to rule. What most offends and angers Phillips is the threat that the imposition of the Bush dynasty on America poses to democracy itself. The American rebellion in 1776 represented the creation of a nation built on the foundations of a government elected by the people, not determined by the restoration to power of corrupt bloodlines."

From your link Fremont . . . thanks.

Puget Sound

I hesitate to speak for AudioSlave, but I doubt many people want the same crowd in power.
One reason I voted for Clinton in 92 was to give the other party a shot at the Executive Branch.
BTW, how do you feel about a continuation of the BushSr-Bill Clinton-W Bush- Hillary Clinton and I am assuming at some point Jeb gets thrown in the mix and maybe Chelsea will be of age to get the Senate Seat in NY ala Teddy Kennedy in 1962.
Phillips is a fairly amazing political prognosticator.


Nope, Joanie, I can't get the Kennedy video....I believe it's the pitiful plague of age! Both my computer (Windows 98SE) and my bones balk at supporting all the novel programs I inflict upon them....I'm exchanging them both! Bla"M is a Mac-o-phile, too (I think)! BTW, someone out in cyberspace is creating a virus just for your Mac's...I heard it on the (MSM) news! I ordered The Global Class War from the library...I'm number ten in line. If Slave, KS, and PugS would increase their donations to my welfare check, I could afford to BUY books!

Puget Sound

The Mac is a great home computer. But your right Freemont, looks like the the free ride us Mac Types have been getting vis a vi viruses is about to come to an end! Darn. I thought everyone loved Mac. Next thing they'll be going after Volvos...


"I also read the item about Dori and his guest Dwight Pelz. Dori can be such a jerk."

I have heard Dwight Pelz on Dori's show before. Face it, Pelz is a secular progressive and a socialist and admits proudly to being a pal of Fidel Castro, the despot commie dictator. I disdain Pelz's politics and his arrogance in character, so it would be interesting to be enlightened - with the whole context of the conversation how Dori was allegedly a jerk toward Pelz.


I want to read is about Bush by Kevin Phillips, who apparenly is a political prognosticator extraordinare.

For the good of this country's future, we do not need any more Bush's or Clinton's in the Oval office after 2008. There are enough other qualified candidates out there (and hopefully decent) - to be able to move on from the last two administrations which have done more to polarize than any others before them.


oops - my last post should read;
I want to read about the book about Bush by Kevin Phillips, who apparently is a political prognosticator extraordinare.


Robert Kenned Jr.'s speech and current campaign address environmental stuff mostly. His speech was very specific and targeted environmental programs that have been rolled back significantly. Not news to many of us; but perhaps to some.

I said before I think Gregoire will be our first female president. Since I am very opposed to WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, I don't want to see any Clinton back in the presidency. They serve the elite just like the Bushes do. I do not wish to see Hilary become president.

I would expect Pelz to be a progressive since he is a democrat. Wouldn't you? Since when did that become a bad word? Or is progressive another one of those Islamofascists,commie, socialist labels ou bandy about so easily?

I also disdain Dori's politics and his arrogance in character so I guess you probably know what I mean when I call him a jerk.

Regarding Clinton, I did not vote for him in '96. I'm still curious what you have against him? He was the most right-leaning president my old liberal memory can recall.

Phillips is not a political prognosticator extraordinaire. He's worked in the republican party a long time and got to know the Bush family. He did more digging and the book tells what he found. It is a big book, KS. Lots of words, if you know what I mean.


The latest CBS News poll finds President Bush's approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 34 percent, while pessimism about the Iraq war has risen to a new high.

Americans are also overwhelmingly opposed to the Bush-backed deal giving a Dubai-owned company operational control over six major U.S. ports. Seven in 10 Americans, including 58 percent of Republicans, say they're opposed to the agreement [...]

For the first time in this poll, most Americans say the president does not care much about people like themselves. Fifty-one percent now think he doesn't care, compared to 47 percent last fall.

Just 30 percent approve of how Mr. Bush is handling the Iraq war, another all-time low.

By two to one, the poll finds Americans think U.S. efforts to bring stability to Iraq are going badly - the worst assessment yet of progress in Iraq.

Even on fighting terrorism, which has long been a strong suit for Mr. Bush, his ratings dropped lower than ever. Half of Americans say they disapprove of how he's handling the war on terror, while 43 percent approve.

But there's good news for the administration in the poll:

In a bright spot for the administration, most Americans appeared to have heard enough about Vice President Dick Cheney's hunting accident.

More then three in four said it was understandable that the accident had occurred and two-thirds said the media had spent too much time covering the story.

Still, the incident appears to have made the public's already negative view of Cheney a more so. Just 18 percent said they had a favorable view of the vice president, down from 23 percent in January.

You know things aren't going so hot when the "good news" is that Cheney is at 18 percent approval.


I am one of those people that thinks numbers in the high twenties or low thirties are still good numbers considering how much damage he's done. I'll be impressed when his numbers are down in the teens just like Cheney's.

Bush has had numbers in the thirties for a long time and nothing changes. We are still stuck with him. What does he have to lose from low or high numbers? Maybe the Congress will get concerned but they haven't gotten so yet. Talk . . . but no action.

Sorry to be so cynical. :(


no apologies necessary..I think its amazing that it is still that high..

Puget Sound

"Phillips is not a political prognosticator extraordinaire. He's worked in the republican party a long time and got to know the Bush family. He did more digging and the book tells what he found. It is a big book, KS. Lots of words, if you know what I mean."

Actually, he is a political prognosticator. Phillips made his bones if you will devising the southern strategy that Nixon used both in 68 and 72. What looked obvious to us now wasn't back in the mid 60's when he started with it. Thanks to his efforts, Nixon was elected.
Like him or hate him, dig him or disdain him, he is what he is.


PS, prognosticate is to predict. I thought he was a strategist - and it was thirty + years ago.

I'm listening to Randi Rhodes and she had a professorial type (like PS) call in and tell her that he believed Bush over David Caye, Hans Blix and Scott Ritter because they were just looking for media attention. Of course, he had his little fatherly laugh along with his opinion. Like we are all so stupid.

"Just looking for attention." His words, honest!



yeah...there will always be the Kool-Aid contingent..and they are beyond help.


WIth all due respect - Randi Rhodes has very little credibility - Air America in general are good left wing bombthrowers. I have heard them from time to time and my observation is that they are scarce of detailed evidence of their claims and good at conspiracy theories - most of all - they have no solutions ! They sound good with their diatribes to Bush-haters, but it gets boring after 5 minutes and their ratings reflect it. I know that you try to listen to all sides - but I'd concentrate on those with more credibility and a balanced view - like the Commentators on KOMO or Dave Ross.

"I would expect Pelz to be a progressive since he is a democrat. Wouldn't you? Since when did that become a bad word? Or is progressive another one of those Islamofascists,commie, socialist labels ou bandy about so easily?"

"I also disdain Dori's politics and his arrogance in character so I guess you probably know what I mean when I call him a jerk."

Don't get carried away. You said commie or islamofascist - I didn't. It's a fact that Pelz wholeheartedly supports Castro. His political philosophy is socialist - he is for income redistribution and champions socialized government run healthcare. Do you have any evidence to the contrary ?

Nice try for inserting Dori's name in place of Pelz. Pelz can fend for himself, who reminds me of Howard Dean, who I would call a jerk. Dori is usually accomodating, but fair - he can be outspoken but entertaining and is libertarian/conservative in his views. He has moved to the right since 9/11. Is he a jerk more because you don't agree with his views ?


KS: I don't agree with him.

He is a jerk. He badmouths his guests after they hang up. He mocks them on the air when he can't get a rise out of them with his so-call "penetrating" questions. He's a jerk.

"Nice try for inserting Dori's name in place of Pelz."

I thought that was rather clever myself. Thanks.

I don't care how far left Pelz is. That wasn't my point. If you go back and reread your posts on several threads, you will see that you call everybody who doesn't agree with your politics pejorative names. That's all.

I think we should all start referring to you and those that agree with you "Christian-o-fascists."

Oh goodie, let's do that everybody.


KS: I forgot to address your points about Randi Rhodes.

I don't care if you like her. She didn't make her caller sound stupid. He did that all by himself.:)


Joanie- you just did what you accused me of doing - to Dori Monson. Dori is mild compared to Air America and they throw out pejorative terms all day long. I'll admit Dori does that, but that is part of a talk show host's appeal ? Right, Al Franken listener ? Of course your point wasn't to show how far left Pelz is. Socialist a pejorative name ? how so ? that is his political philosophy. He probably likes to be called a socialist as I like to be called an Independent or you like to be called a progressive.

We agree to disagree.


You certainly select your labels carefully for this post! (lol)

It is hard to take this seriously when you have so much history with your over-the-top name calling.

So be it.

BTW, I don't disagree with you about the name calling on Air America. However, I've never heard them be as uncivil with their callers as Dori is with his. I've heard him label and mock so many mild-mannered people that I don't think it is even close.

But, I'll defer to your expertise where he is concerned because I don't listen to him at all anymore.


Had to add . . . I'm probably wrong on this but I can't remember one time that either Franken or Rhodes called conservatives (actually the republican congress and Bush) anything but liars. I know they must have. But, I've listened quite a bit and cannot remember hearing other derogatory names they've used. Can you remember some?


Joanie have you heard the recorded clips on the Stephanie Miller show of both Hannity and O'Reilly..first scolding liberals for "name calling" and then the clips continue of every name each of them has called the left.
But the Republican Rule is: When we do it, its ok. When Libs do it, they hate America, Bushm whatever.
Im tired of hearing cons whine that hosts on Air America or elsewhere are nothing but name callers when hellooooo Mr. Kettle, Mr.Pot for you on line one!


Fremont asked to see the Harpers article about the case for Impeachment so here it is, which is an excerpt...


What will happen before the mid-terms? Will Bush change course or continue to dig in his heels? Or change the deck chairs by having Cheney 'retire' early?....


Oh Gawd, thank you people! I'm smiling - no laughing- again! I was so depressed after Audioslaves post and then all the rest, I've been in the dumps ever since.

Finally, some comic relief! You are just great!

Isn't it fun being on the side of common sense and relative civility?


BTW Chris, I bought the Harpers today and am looking forward to reading it. Lewis Lapham was at Foolproof Presents: American Voices in Seattle (the Symphony Hall- can't remember its name). Did you happen to see him? He was terrific!

Somebody asked him about the Council on Foreign Relations and just what it was. He said it was a bunch of rich men basically being kept in the loop. He wasn't too impressed with it nor with himself for being a member. I liked that answer and I liked him a lot. A very smart and yet down-to-earth sort of guy.

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