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February 15, 2006



Why all the gay-baiting on this site? Every talk show host is closet gay? Come up with something new.

radio larry



Can someone please branch a site off dedicated to the "off radio" (since he can't keep a job in Seattle) exploits of Brian Maloney and his idiotic radio equalizer site?

Yes, it would be like shooting fish in a barrel, but it's worth watching his inanity and lies every day.

It may also be worth it to investigate just who funds his site - there are (unsubstantiated) rumors that he's right-wing funded. He certainly can't be making very much money at all from amazon.com click-thrus, as almost no one visits his site.

Really, if the guy still lives in seattle, and being a former radio guy trying to re-invent himself ludicrously, and his primary target being someone who _does_ have a job in radio (Al Franken) - certainly that's worthy of attention.


Jeremy ,let me set the record straight since I hear idiotic people like you who make these baseless claims about Hawaiian culture and people in general.The concept of the Kamehameha schools is to preserve and continue what little culture we have left.Do you consider all black colleges or schools racist?Do you have an issue with a people trying to preserve their own identity after having so much(land,culture)stloen from them?One of the first things the English did when they invaded Scottish lands was to ban all vestiges of Scottish Culture , such as playing the bagpipes.Now there is a resurgence in Scottish culture and independance which I totally support.Same thing in Northern Ireland.As a member of the military I was in Belfast 3 years ago and you see Irish pride everywhere-I think it is wonderful.Try to educate yourself before you make these ridiculous statements, or you will be just a poor imitation of Lou Pate


radio larry, shouldn't you be calling yourself by your real name, radio lou?


By any objective standard Erin Hart is a much better talk show host than the mediocre Turi Ryder. Whutindahell wuz KIRO thinking?


Now that Lou's gone, I heard Steve Knight and Chris Olinger are coming back to re-kindle that down home, back stabbing, nervous twitch, living in a vacuum, nit picky, self induldged, superficial atmosphere that the producers, anchors and talk show hosts cringe at. Oh I forgot the news director does a pretty good job of that...will someone please pull the shades down on her window...she doesn't have to micro-manage every little fricken situation in the station!


hey, did anyone pick up on how Allen Prell (one of the few KIRO hosts I rspect) had absolute contempt for Lou Pate during the Battle of the KIRO Talkhosts?


Lou's dating Meghan Black? I thought she was tight with Cisco...


Well, thanks for the warm welcome, Lump. I know American's have always appreciated our hockey players and our bacon, glad to be here.

Sparky, perhaps I jumped to conclusions, because your post appeared after my pro Styble post, where I identified myself as "female." Please accept my apologies.

I will add, that while I sit in an entirely different nation, I do appreciate KIRO talk radio, and more often than not, prefer its offerings to our local talk radio. As a listener, and not someone in the business, so I may be more objective than some of you, I appreciate so much of the KIRO talent. I enjoy Dave Ross, Dori Monson, Lou Pate was not bad, but it appears from what I read here, I may not have heard him in his hay days, as when I listened, he was cynical and bitter. The last two evenings were the only times I have heard Turi, and I concur, she is pretty weak.
Yes, I really like Styble, and this is speaking purely from a listeners point of view. Styble respects his callers, and invites their opinions without contempt. I think this blog is pretty heavily weighted with "industry types" (I found it after I searched for information on Styble after the first time I heard him). I would guess if you could approach other listeners you might find they appreciate Syble's style. I've listened to dozens of talk shows hosts, from both sides of the border. IMO, he is in the top 3.


Lou Pate is dating Andy Wappler?


Hey, sparky, I like Andy Wappler. Don't you dare pair him up with that "girly-boy" Lou Pate! ;-)




Is Pate a Scorpio?



Don't apologize, there has been posts in the past couple weeks from Styble apparently, and maybe some fake ones, but you were the only name posted this morning, at that time, that is even close to sounding female. Plus, in case you haven't noticed, this is a very liberal talk radio oriented blog.


therefore, a sense of humor and a thick skin are essential for survival here. Not everyone is as nice as I am...


big slurpy kiss for sparky......mmmmmmmm........oh that was good.....BTW, I have a big smile on my face on every post. :)


One clarification about Lou, and then I really do have to move on. I've had my fun rubbing Lou's nose in it over his "bum's rush" out of KIRO, but he's not worth any more keyboard time. I've noticed a couple of posts mentioning Lou taking a nightly on air crap on Seattle for the past 5 or six months. Months? Pate has been emptying out his bowels on top of this town and it's residents for YEARS, on an almost nightly basis.


Lou Pate gone? . . . good riddance to a self aggrandizing jerk . . . even though I liked his politics


Lou Pate's politics weren't bad and his musical tastes were OK too - (the Doors), but it seemed like he loathed this area and not much love lost with some of the more antagonistic posts. He told it like it was, but in an in-your face East Coast style which doesn't sit too well the passive-aggressive local culture and I questioned it whenever I heard him.

He has talent but seemed to be wasting it in a place he doesn't like - so he'll probably move out of the area and get on with his life somewhere - like San Diego or possibly hang out and find a new gig. There are 3 weather girls on KING (Meghan - who I think is married now, Rebecca and Mary), so which one is he allegedly dating ? (he sounded hetero to me).

KIRO seems like a rudderless freighter at this time - there's Dori and Dave, who are the anchors, then the news team (KOMO is a notch better IMO) and the others, some of who could easily be replaced by others...


Liz sez, "Well, thanks for the warm welcome, Lump."


Bellingham Bob

The Mike Webb streaming radio at mikewebb.org is a nice alternative...no commercials, no KIRO crap, no traffic reports, for god's sake the Seahawks and no Monson with his Tijuana flea market sales pitch!


Tommy008, I'm laughing out loud every time I read your post! I feel the same way about Lou but not nearly as passionately. But, the way you write about Lou is exactly the way I feel about Bush!

Nobody quite gets how much I hate that man!
:) :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

There's just something about some people!


Let's place a bounty on Mike Webbs head, I'm willing to put up all the money I stole from from the sorry drunks in Pioneer square. Plus the money I got as Joanies" pimp ( a nickle)


Doesn't make you a very competent pimp, does it? Guess I'll have to find a new one!


". . . Good night, sweet pimp,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"

Jeremy Ohno

Edward said:"Do you consider all black colleges or schools racist?Do you have an issue with a people trying to preserve their own identity after having so much(land,culture)stloen from them?"

Your so called "Black Schools" emphasize but don't REQUIRE you be black to attend, Kamehameha schools DO mandate your possessing some Hawaiian ancestry. Why not teach Hawaiian history and culture in ALL schools in Hawaii so that everyone can gain an appreciation rather than just at certain schools?

Any objective party would at least acknowledge the virulent racism of many of the sovereignty crowd...
J.Ohno Kailua HS


Pate didn't tell anything "like it was", and I'm sick of this "passive/aggressive" crap and other myths about Seattle people. The facts show that less than 40% of the people here are natives, That figure is several years old, so it's probably rapidly approaching 30%. I find some passive/aggressive types here, some inyourface types here, and most in betweeen. The city has become simply too diverse for the clicheists to get away with their simplistic bromides about Seattle types any more. I love it when rude, crude obnoxious people like Pate are excused or even lauded as being "in your face/back east" types. Most of the Seattle clicheists live in a kind of time warp that's decades out of date, case in point being Pate's claim that Seattle is some sort of lily white bastion like Salt Lake City. Even after I corrected him in an email, the ass kept spewing out the bogus figure of Seattle being 85% white, whereas the U.S. census figures state it is only 62% white. 40 year old Doors music in every break is anal.


Sorry, Lump, in typically Canadian fashion, I was attempting to gain the acceptance of Americans (which is pretty much equated to success by many Canadians),and I feigned familiarity by referring to the original poster "Lump's Blister" as Lump. I apologize Lump, it sounds like Lump's Blister is someone who will grow on me. Who knew that in a small but warm community such as this there would be not only a Lump, but Lump's blister, as well.

I'm here listening to Turi online, she makes Pate sound really, REALLY good, attitude and all.


As another poster noted, Turi Ryder is doing just fine in replacing Pate. She's not great, or really that funny,and her sarcasm limits her likeability, but you can at least appreciate her linear, logical lines of argument and discussion and actually LISTEN to her for hours on end wihtout becoming angry. Pate never followed linear, logical lines of argument for long.


True enough, Tommy, about the logic and lack of it. However, when I hear a talk show host say she wants to do a show about "bubblegum," or "what's the lamest thing your boss ever did to try and make your job better" I feel like I am a fly on the wall at somebody's bridal shower, it's all just "too cute" and "too nice."
I like evocative talk radio. Pate rated somewhat higher on my inner scale, albeit motivated by irritation.
Any hints on the overnight replacement for Pate? I am thinking of checking with Wayne and Janet for the odds.


Lump's blister is spoken for...

ed's 4th grade teacher

i see ed hasn't changed his violent ways. does he still eat his own snot?


Why not bring back Carl Jeffers? He can certainly do the 9-Noon slot. Guess you would have to pay him more then WLS in Chicago.


lou pate:

Very poor immitation of Lou Pate. He would have been much nastier. Nice try, though.


There's somehting fishy about Lou Pate's supposedly voluntary resignastion from KIRO. If it was all just a big amicable , fun parting of the way for him and KIRO, why did he not say goodbye on the air, at least to his faithful little group of regulars who called him every night. He was lucky to get any residents of this town to call him, the way he trashed it. Something stinks here. I tend to believe Edward the Hawaiian's version of the facts. He was told to apologize for his racist remarks, and do it on the air- just my hunch.


I agree with Edward's version. Pate did not just up and leave because he hates Seattle or found another station who wanted him, otherwise, he would have left long ago.

He was either fired, or given an ultimatum (as Edward applies) and Pate chose to not apologize. That's so him! Good riddance to poor rubbish, I say. :)


Carl Jeffers could beat anyone with both hands tied behind his back. He's got more brains than Ross, et al, combined. Show Vinnie the door and give the slot to Jeffers.


good riddance for sure. One thing I know is, Pate didn't get another job, or he would have been crowing and bloating up like a blowfish over it, as he rubbed it in over the air to all listening. The ass would have taken all four hours of his last show to gloat and rub it in. He made a big deal of mentioning on the air that he had put applications in to California stations, until recently, when his comments seemed to reflect his resignation to the fact that he was stuck at KIRO. He admitted one night that if he moved to San Diego it would be to retire there, not to work in radio there.


I believe the REAL Lou Pate could write using proper punctuation and spelling structure. But I could be mistaken....

Molly Dolly

I'll miss Lou. He was entertaining. Had a relaxed rhythm on the air of give and take. Styble drives me inane -- he keeps pushing his BLOG on everyone. Who cares? I don't dig his manic rhythm, got enough of that crap in my own damn head. Lou actually helped me get through the 911 aftermath, sort of an odd voice of reason in the middle of sleepless nights. Now what am I to do? This is the nature of radio, ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. But I get emotionally tied to certain personalities and then they are yanked away. The positives are that I will finish reading "Invisible Man" sooner, now that there is no radio voice that interests me in the night. Well, except for all that soccer and football talk on BBC...


Lou wasn't "yanked" from us. He choked on his own FOOT. :)

And I keep hearing about Bryan Styble being on overnight 9-1. But everytime I turn it on, it's that Turi Zzzzzzzz Ryder. I certainly hope she's not a permanent fixture around there.

Ooopsie! I just remembered...they don't have any permanent fixtures at KIRO.


Tommy008 said about Turi:

"She's not great, or really that funny,and her sarcasm limits her likeability, but you can at least appreciate her linear, logical lines of argument and discussion and actually LISTEN to her for hours on end wihtout becoming angry."

I can listen to her without getting angry, too. You know why? Because she puts me to sleep! Boooooring.

Tommy....We're in lockstep with our feelings about Lou, but we have to part company here. Turi drives me nuts. Not because she's rude, or insulting, or arrogant, or self-centered like Lou Pate, but just because she's boooooring. :-)


I for one am happy that Lucy Lou is gone. But for what its worth, I really liked his ways with the bible thumpers that tried to make their case that there is a god. I am agnostic myself and I hate organized religion, but it was darn right funny when he called out the religiou wacko's as they couldn't come up with a viable answer for him. Anyways, I'm a transplant from Hawaii and did hear him say Hawaiians are lazy and I'll tell you what, I have to agree with him to a certain point. I only know too much about it since most of my friends are lazy while I made a new successful life for myself in Seattle. Lou for the msot part sounded intelligent when he wanted to be but that was very rare. His arrogance got the best of him and that's why he's gone. He and only himself built it to a point to were there was no other way out and that was to quit.


i agree with sparky. lou was no phoney and even though he pissed me off at first i cant fault him for his opinions about seattle, their his! but if you were offended by him then grow a second skin and get over it. air time in seattle will be a little more boring now and a little less colorful. i am one who will miss lou.


i agree with sparky. lou was no phoney and even though he pissed me off at first i cant fault him for his opinions about seattle, their his! but if you were offended by him then grow a second skin and get over it. air time in seattle will be a little more boring now and a little less colorful. i am one who will miss lou.


Is there any word yet on the permanent replacement?

Turi did some nice work last week about the UAE port deal. However, last night I listened and she was debating (with herself) the merits of the Curious George movie.



Now who's going to listen to the opinion of anyone who would LEAVE Hawaii and move to WASHINGTON! ;-)


Sadly missed. Good luck.It's unfortunate there aren't more radio personalities such as lou. For anybody that may have been offended or upset by his remarks get over it. Reality is harsh.


Randy said:

"For anybody that may have been offended or upset by his remarks get over it. Reality is harsh."

Yeah, and the harsh reality is HE'S GONE! Buh buyeeee.

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