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February 15, 2006



ok...bets anyone on how much longer Dave Ross will stick around? He has national voice recognition for when he fills in for Charles Osgood...any number of stations would love to have him, his kidletts are out of the nest, his elderly father lives back east....I will say--less than 6 months.


Yeah, I'm surprised he has hung around so long. Entercom must be hemmoraging badly to not have a plan that would bring back talent to their airwaves. Maybe the whole place is up for sale.


Why did Dave let KIRO jerk him around so much? No guts?


Best thing is to fire these managers --now-- before they get a chance to put Stibble and these other losers in full time.

Station looks stupid with so many hosts out the door.


I don't think Dave is the type to rock the boat. He's well paid and sort of let's them do their thing. Why should he care?

IMO, Dori is the type who thinks he's got all the answers. Not Dave. He'll let the people who are paid to make the decisions, make them.


Gone at last, gone at last , Thank God Almighty, you are gone at last, Pate. You disgraced yourself and embarrassed yourself with your constant ugly, meanspirited attacks on my hometown Seattle and it's citizens, which revealed you as the small, petty and jealous fellow that you are. It was transparent to any observant listener that the genuine base of dislike of yours for our city, became bloated to it's absurdly vicious, nonstop level only because of jealousy and bitterness over your failure to be promoted to a spot when people actually listen to the radio in Seattle and live hosts are holding forth on competing stations. Instead of admitting to yourself that you might not be as good as you thought you were, you rationalized, blathering away on how the supposed lameness ans stupidity of Seattle and KIRO were blocking your success. The fact that your many job apps to other stations in SoCal and elsewhere over the years (which you tackily publicized on your radio show)has resulted in nary a job offer, forecasts a grim professional future for you. So lube up your pecs and biceps, put on the sunglasses, and start thinking up pickup lines for those dumb San Diego beach bunnies ( the smart ones are too hip for your corny tricks), Lou , you assclown.


I will take some of the credit for getting this jerk fired.I was driving home from work late Tueday morning when I heard Lou decscribe Hawaiians such as myself as racist and lazy.I called Tom Clandening at the station and had a long talk with him.Needless to say I conveyed to Tom I was angry and lots of guys in the Hawaiian community wanted to beat this guy to a pulp.So I'm glad this loser is gone


Thanks Edward. He even hates white people of other ethnicities- Irish guys such as myself, for instance.


Pate and Prell
I always thought Pate would be deserving at a shot with a decent timeslot during the day. He actually had a personality, a little grit, and would engage the callers.
Prell, the best host not on radio or pod casting from his house in the Great Northwest, deserves a shot again. C'mon back Allen, all is forgiven!!!


You are welcome Tommy.This guy was the biggest racist on Kiro and he should be thankful that he's leaving Seattle in one piece.I told Tom very frankly that I defy Lou Pate to say those same words in front of me or any guy from our community.It's very easy to spew hatred and ignorance from behind a microphone when nobody is there to call you on it.Lou Pate was a bully and got away bullying people on his show for quite a while.This time he picked on the wrong people to screw with.


You know what? I'd normally be happy to hear this - but hearing that Bryan "rhymes with Bible" Styble might get his spot permanently makes me sad. I'd rather have Pate and his Seattle-hating bile, than Styble and his shotgun, ADHD addled blatherings.

If Stylbe gets the full-time gig, then I guess I'm listening to music in the wee-hours of the morning from now on.


why'd he say Hawaiians were racist?


Hey Ed, get your head out of your ass. Pate didn't get fired; he quit.

Stephen Schwartz

Any news about Erin Hart?


hey jiggy,Lou was given two options.Go on Air and apologize or quit-and the coward quit.So pull your head out of your butt -because thats where it will end up, after I rip it off your head .


ok thanks for the additional details Edward. This makes more sense now, because it seemed to me that the rat wasn't ready to quit yet. Once forced into a corner like that, of course he wasn't man enough to apologize. Most bullies are cowards at heart. haha this gives me a great feeling knowing he was finally called out by management, of course thanks to you.


Chalk one up for the good guys!


Hey Stephen--didn't you hear? Erin got a 0.0 in the last ratings book. It was even less than New York vinnie or Tony Ventrella. Nobody listened to her but you and her mother.


Her mother? Ha, what part of 0.0 don't you understand?


It's pretty clear that Lou was told to get lost, or he would have had another job lined up. The guy, when he wasn't bashing Seattle, kept talking about how another job down south was imminent. Apparently there is no job down there, and thankfully, up here either.

I'd guess that KIRO was embarrassed to have fired so many people that this time they gave Lou a chance to say he quit instead to save his ego a blow.


Yeah, Lou quit the same way Erin is still on call to fill in on KIRO. Who wants to wager that Erin's voice will ever be heard on the station again? I wouldn't hold your breath.


Lou told it right when he bashed this suckhole of a piece of crap city, and I grew up here! This city sucks, and you people who are so thin skinned and polyannish because of many of Lou's spot on comments about this city, are only proving his point.

Now you sissies who are so sensitive will probably get a nice, politically correct dummy in the overnight slot, at least until KIRO finally sinks for good.



Lou shouldnt you be packing instead of writing in phony blogs to Blatherwatch under assumed names? You've got to get down to San Diego and check into that Motel 6 and start looking for work. Remeber that $1,600 dollars savings of yours won't last long, so I'd take janitorial or anything really, if I were you. Let's hope you're 20 year old vehicle doesn't poop out halfway down the coast.


Good. 710 KIRO finally got what they wanted. Truth be known...Lou was given the option of getting fired or resigning with a two month severance package. That's standard for any "trouble makers" at the flamethrower. Hell, with a 4.3 in the latest overall Arbitron and KOMO sucking wind in the 3's
...forcing Lou out is just what "the big head of goat cheese" was hoping for. Thank the natural flow of the cream rising to the top...Tony Miner is still putting up with this crap and remaining an invisible anchor of calm and strenth. Dori flows with the tide and tends to team up with whatever helps him keep his job...but Dori is one of the most interesting talk show hosts in the country today. Ross is biding his time, weighing offers from NPR-esk type stations...but then why would Dave leave with the flamethrower allowing him the freedom to tackle any topic except for "traffic on the 3's" even when he's two minutes late. Who's next? As long as Greg and Jane superficially keep getting along, we may not see any changes for...oh...the end of the next book coming out!


One more thing...you'd be suprised who makes the decisions around 710 KIRO. Dori, Dave, Tangney, Reutin, Restione, Gammell and Hersholt can be very persuasive in those 1 3/4 hour meetings in the wee hours of the morning, leaving the desk to a bunch of indecisive, so called producers that rely on "national feeds and two day old wraps and writes." And...sending reporters out on stories that KOMO gets first or KING-5 already has on the t.v. Pull your head out of you asses gang...Pates gone...your troubles are over...start monitoring the scanners, create enterprising stories, get fresh audio, hit the actuality as soon as you can, don't bury the lead and above all, treat the six o'clock news as a saviour, becauase when the M's are on the air and Vinnie can't announce any scores until the game is over...listeners have no where else to go expect KOMO.


Hey rick you moron-I could care less what Lou said about this city.But when he indicts a whole group of people as "racists and lazy", then I have a beef with him.When he talks out of his ass like you are doing-I'll call him on the carpet.As for being a sissy ,come and say it to my face you pencil necked geek.


Pate had a career death wish. Piss as many ethnic groups and Seattle-ites as possible until he crossed the line and did the only thing a "republican in an irresponsible democratic sheeps clothing could do...blame his leaving on the boring, dull, close-minded management structure at KIRO and blame his leaving on the boring, dull people of Seattle and surrounding pacific states. Hah. Lou, consider yourelf lucky that four Islanders didn't beat the crap out of you before you left with your N.Y. tail between you legs.

Jeremy Ohno

Edward, the fact that you intimate your desire and expectation for "Hawaiian" violence against Pate because of his statements speaks very poorly for Hawaiians. I've always found that those with marginal grey matter are much more likely to resort to physicality as a method to remedy perceived wrongs. As far as Hawaiians and being racist and lazy, you certainly can't paint all with the same brush but you better believe there are a whole bunch of Hawaiian racists. The closest a white person can feel to being black in the US is in the islands.
Racial preferences that exist (Off of H. Affairs, H. Homelands, Kamehameha schools) and those proposed by sovereignty activists are served up like kalua pork with two scoops rice. As far as being lazy I have not found that to be the case.

Don't tell me you are one of those that belive only haole (whitey) can be racist? - Jeremy Ohno

PS. Pate has pissed me off many a time - but I would choose to debate not decimate.


The only more positive news than Lou Pate's departure is the naming of Bryan Styble as possible replacement. Styble's shows are intelligent, balanced and controversial. Sure, on occasion, he can be a little long on commentary, but it is always relevant and respectful.

For the record, Edward, as the parent of an ADHD child, I am saddened when people choose to use this condition as an insult. Insert any other disease it your little diatribe, and realize how ignorant you sound.

mac tyler

Turi Ryder did just fine on the overnight, in lieu of Lou.


Oh fine, now Styble is posting as a woman....


Pate made it known to everyone who would listen that he wanted a better time slot. At one of the battle of the radio hosts debates he must have hinted at it at least 3 times. Given his ratings, he probably should have had a chance, but obviously he wasn't liked well enough by some people who made or influenced decisions at KIRO.

His taking a shit on everything in Seattle for the past several months was just his parting shot.

Brian Lacey wa.

Its a real bummer about Lou Pate. I wish him well it was a super line up , with Ron and Don , and Lou Pate. it looked like Kiro was pulling them selfs out of the big hole they dug for them selfs. I think Lou did a super job with his interviews . take care Lou you will be missed. And a quite note too Kiro : What the hell are you thinking with Bryan the basketcase Styble


Okay everyone...stop defending Lou. Based on Lou's macho creed...he can take care of himself...he does'nt need someoene else to fight his battles. Listen, Lou brought this departure from newsradio 710 KIRO. Let's all think back when, night after night, Lou would put down and criticize the hand that fed him. No one does that and expects to last very long.
Lou wanted to get released, trust me. Let the poor, whining, dumb, irresponsbile, hide behind a michrophone, limp dick-go!!
And everyone else on this blog...including me...wake up and get a life...write down those goals, succeed in you ventures, lose those extra 35 pounds, find a new love and above all know that you're totally accountable for every moment in your life!


Pate DID audition for the day slot after Allan Prell got the boot but wasn't good enough to be given that spot.


Pate DID audition for the day slot after Allan Prell got the boot but wasn't good enough to be given that spot.


Sparky, I have followed several blogs and believe that Syble uses his own name to sign his posts, so, no, Styble is not posting as a woman.
Sparky, I am not an American, but I am familiar with your country's passion for "freedom of speech" (the first amendment, I believe). It is unfortunate that your insecurity and lack of respect for this freedom would lead you to cast aspersions on my opinion and expression of it. Of course you have the right to disagree with my opinion, as I am, yours. Don't insult me by suggesting my post is not legitimate.


Having departed the Socialist Soviet of Seattle 1-1/2 years ago for the Texas Gulf Coast, I still check in with Orbusmax occasionally -- and recall the ONLY good talk-show host in Seattle, Dori Monson. So, okay, Brian Suits (sp?) wasn't bad either.....
Glad to hear - - no, THRILLED would br a more appropriate term, Mike Webb finally got ax'd; a more abrasive, dishonest, puke-sounding creep I've never heard.
The consumate jerk. And that Erin woman was awful as well -- not quite as hateful, but.......
Have a nice day!

Lump's Blister

Liz, as an alien, you have the right to be the female Bryan Styble you wish to be on an American blog--it is in the constitution.


Why would anyone depart gorgeous Blue Seattle for the Texas Gulf Coast? Was Katrina calling...or Crawford?


uh,,Liz why do you assume I was referring to you?


Edward smells like spam, oh wait they all do!


Yeah! My whole day has just been made!! See ya later Lou, you damn Jim Morrison wannabe. Maybe (maybe being the key word) I'll listen to KIRO more. I'd really like to see KIRO go back to the days of News Radio.

Frank Shiers' #1 fan EVAH EVAH

Was Turi doing her show ON THE PHONE this morning? C'mon people! If yer gonna have hosts via ISDN or what have you, make sure it works.



Erin Hart claimed Turi wasn't even doing her show from Seattle, but then I heard Turi talking about smelling Lou's stinky armpits after he'd just some into the studio from a workout, and I figured she must be at the station. hey Lou it's called deodorant- try it some time.


additional comment for the fellow who asked if Lou was gay- As i wrote before, Lou isn't gay, but I do believe he spends the odd night or two with vaseline and a sweat sock in front of several blow up photos of himself.


Edward:" So pull your head out of your butt -because thats where it will end up, after I rip it off your head ."

I knew Hawaiians were racist and lazy, but I had no idea they all had such criminal tendencies!


Oh, come on Lou; you can use your real name now. You have nothing to lose (it's obvious your self-respect is long gone).


Is that you again Lou? Come on knock it off. Better start losding up that 1979 Chrysler Cordoba with your weights, your blowup photos , and your "other" stuff. You can be in San Diego by the weekend if the Chrysler holds up. Sunday on the beach with the babes, and then off to your jobhunting. Have you considered managing a fast food place? Maybe get in a little grabass or more with the high school hotties? You might have to start off there wearing a paper hat though, until you get promoted to management. Not a time for false pride now Lou.


only the high school hotties over 18 of course Lou.

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