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February 20, 2006


Lee tacoma

I just got one thing too say ! What is KIRO thinking about putting Bryan Styble on the radio


NO other place to post this I suppose, but has there been any news regarding Tom Leykis or Robin and Maynard?



Speaking of "hits," how many does blatherWatch avearage a day? Just curious/nosey. :)

Happy BlatherBirthday!!


Having once dated one of your legion of dates, Bla'M, I was honored to be pre-notified that your blog was beginning. I perfunctorily logged in, and have been hooked ever since. It's not talk radi-yo that entices me (I'm an NPR, AA, and Norwegian Blues fan)...it's your incisive investigating and inimitable, irrepressible writing as well as the dialogues you inspire with your meaty threads that compel me to blog in. Your blog is uniquely Michael and priceless! Thanks and cheers!


Congrats on the Website. I know I am one of the appreciative masses here that visit on a regular basis. I love the fact that you:
1) Your local! Gawd we love that.
2) Don't take yourself too seriously-both giving and taking criticism.
3) You give the other side a shot and I cite the Boze/Carlson/RadioEqualizer comments.
4) It is funny that for a left-centric website you get more street cred from right-centric radio hosts. Hmm, might be a Doctoral Thesis in that if you get the right Faculty Prof...

Thank you for doing this.


"Oddems" is a Michael-ism, isn't it? You made it up, created it from your neologistic brain! Damn, Bla'M!


hippo birdie two ewes
hippo birdie two ewes
Hippo birdie two ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwes
Hippo birdie two ewes


mares eat oats and does eat oats and little ants eat ivy . . .

and I'm glad to bee on board with ewe:)

Noemie Maxwell

Just one year, eh? Mazel tov. Lies from the dark side and malign invective make me put my fingers in my ears and hum. I can read blatherWatch while doing that -- but I can barely hear the radio. So blatherWatch is my intro to talk radio and, while even those window stickers advertising radio starting with "K" still get me queasy, batherWatch doesn't. Have I discovered an antidote for pure evil?

The only downside, minor really, is that I have found driving to be equally difficult while reading blatherWatch or while humming with fingers in ears.


Michael, I went back and read your first post and it got me thinking how grateful I am for this blog.

I don't remember why I searched "talk radio" but somehow came up with Blatherwatch. I just went back and reread my long email to you before having the courage to get on-line myself!

I still use talk radio as the background noise to focus my mind while I handle all the trivial must-dos in life. And I could so relate to your getting down and writing as a way to vent your frustration with all the duplicity, hypocrisy and lying on talk radio. The town square was taken over by conservatives and their reporters weren't telling the truth.

Before this gets too long, I've sure enjoyed being able to vent my frustrations and give light to my political as well as radio opinions.

School break this week has allowed me to listen to a complete Thom Harmann program. I wish I could make him a requirement for all citizens of these great United States of America! (I'm not really a flag-waving pollyanna, trust me!) :)

This Happy Birthday is heart-felt indeed. I hope you have the time and desire to keep it up.


1) Happy Blather Birthday!

2) Styble wouldn't be so bad if he didn't sound like he was gasping for air like a smothering fish. It really takes away from what he says, which is often fairly intelligent. His delivery is atrocious.


Hey, it's my birthday, too! Happy birthday! Now you just have 38 more years to go to catch up to me. No, really. My name is NOT Jack Benny.

Keep the good work.


I've been reading Blatherwatch for about 6 months now - and it's always a great read. Thanks for listening to KTTH and KKKVI when I can't (or won't).

On another subject, STYBLE SUCKS hardcore. They need to find someone with a brain for the overnight slot.

David Tatelman

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Michael. This is my favorite blog. Unfortunately I still find myself listening to talk radio even though you make it possible for me not to!


darn it Mike, I looked up Lyndon LaRouche Naked, and it does not exist! Some joke. He's a sexy, sexy man.


Hey, Joanie....I'm not as old as Bla'M, but this is the first time I have ever seen "Mares eat oats..." in writing! All these year, I thought it was gibberish! See how incredibly enlightening your blog is, Michael? Thanks to you both!


Congrats Michael. blatherwatch is one of the few blogs that is actually useful and needed.

And, maybe instead of Mean and Meaner for Sytman and Boze, why not Numb and Meaner?


I guess I'm the ony one who doesn't hate Bryan Styble. The man is highly intelligent and I think his mouth is just trying to keep up with his brain.

However, he could be the worst of the worst and it would be an improvement over Lou Pate! We had nowhere to go but up when Pate left.


Happy Anniversary, Michael --

Goldie lets his readers buy him a beer. How can we reward you, for all the entertainment?

Dori Monson

Blatherwatch is a self-centered, inaccurate field of dog poop!


Dori prove that you're really Monson. Years ago, you went to a funeral of an alcoholic uncle of yours.. What was the absurd aspect of a special performance at that funeral that you yukked it up about on the air?


Youre not Monson, joker or else you'd answer my question, proving you're him.


As I posted elsewhere...when ratings at KIRO are in the 0.0 range, Dorki could have a 0.1 and be on top.



I would like to believe that Dorki is also a better at grammar and spelling, just like the "real" Lou Pate, but I wouldn't bet on it.


I heard Ross gave up his bed as he felt sorry for 3rd rate hosts doing tv commercials for discount furniture stores.


No Limbaugh come Feb. 1 you sorry hack


Whats this i hear? R&M going to Sirius satellite radio? Apparently a former co worker of theirs from KXRX mentioned something about them ditching commercial radio. Roy will be unleashed and uncensored!

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