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February 27, 2006



Why do people still keep tuning in to KIRO? Isnt that like continually opening the refrigerator door, hoping that one of these times there will be something interesting to eat?


I'm just glad "The Commentators" are on AM 1000. Even Christine Gregoire will talk to Anti-Gas-Tax-Initiative creator John Carlson.

Ted Smith? Interesting and unusual name. You wouldn't happen to live on Phinney Ridge, would you?


I refuse to listen to Turi Ryder (9-1). I went back to KVI. Ugh! :(

David Tatelman

Butt brush?


John Proccacino sounds liek he's whining all the time. He's a feminized guy, KIRO's tip of the hat to Seattle's obnoxious, Caucasian feministas, with their ridiculous attitudes.


Being a friendly girly man beats being self righteous me first asshole who's jowl is so big he can't speak right. You gotta put things in perspective.


I like the way Procaccino runs his show, the topics he chooses and the way he treats his callers. But it's true: his is not a made-for-radio voice and he should be relegated to being a fill-in host, at best.

In fact most of the full-timers now, save Dori "Never Made a Bad Decision" Monson and Dave "Traffic" Ross are really better suited for occasional fill-in work. I used to really enjoy hearing Vinnie fill in occasionally for other hosts, and talk about something besides sports for a change.

I think the beginning of the end for KIRO was the departure of Fred Ebert. Then they thought they'd be doing themselves some kind of favor by canning Prell. Add to that Ross's comedy of mid-thought traffic interruptions, and the one commercial station that could woo me away from NPR has succeeded in driving me back.


I repeat:
Why do people still keep tuning in to KIRO? Isnt that like continually opening the refrigerator door, hoping that one of these times there will be something interesting to eat?


Ya Fred Ebert was great. His show as a lead in somehow made Mike Webb seem tolerable in the way that the Dave Ross lead in made Dori Monson listenable for a good 25 minutes atleast.

Frank Shiers' #1 fan EVAH EVAH

Sparky sez: "Why do people still keep tuning in to KIRO? Isnt that like continually opening the refrigerator door, hoping that one of these times there will be something interesting to eat?"

OK -- that got a pretty loud guffaw outta me. :)

Lost my mind

Your kidding right. Ron and Don are ala hired as evening hosts for good? So they are going from slam the phone on any listener that host doesn't like (Web) to the ultimate dumb and dumber show?

I still say they should move Dave back in his old spot, he doesn't seem too happy following Dori.

Put Prell or Procaccino into that 3 to 7 slot.


Even though John Procaccino and the Ron and Don guys are listed with their own shows, there aren't any profiles for these three yet, in the "personalities" link on KIRO.com. I wouldn't be so hasty to say these shows are cut in stone yet.

To get a sense of the Ron and Don business, go to their website - Ronanddon.com - that will give you a little more insight into the quality of these two gentlemen's work. I am amazed KIRO has hired the quality of these two guys.


Andrew, no amount of drugs or alcohol is enough to make Dori listenable. At all. Ever.


Thyats nyot treeyu!


Warning on Ronanddon.com - it's marginally not work-safe.

it may also cause a small piece of you to die inside upon viewing.

we should all email KIRO asking if the "win a girl" contest is still valid.


Honestly, it is out of habit that I go back to that refrigerator thinking that something might look better to me than it did previously. It never does!

But, even though I thought I had kicked the KIRO habit, here I am checking in with Dave to see what he's talking about.

This addiction is hard to break! Well, time to flip back to Al.


KIRO has fallen off of the deep end. Their management appears to be clueless. They would be better off carrying nationally syndicated shows than some of the local talk shows they have.

How about Dr. Joy Browne ? or Clark Howard ? Both of them were once carried, but are no longer carried in this area and have substantial audiences nationwide. Howard is being carried in Portland, which has a decided edge in talk radio over Seattle, thanks in part to KIRO.


Checked in on the mike webb webcast (mikewebb.org: Open URL http://stream.mikewebb.org:8001 in WMP, Real1player, whatever, and you'll hear a recorded KIRO BROADCAST, with public service announcements, (Dave Ross for TVW, for example) even...(don't think I've heard any actual commercials)...

Can this possibly be legal? Maybe he got someone's permission?

All-in-all -> weird.


ya - that's weird. It does seem that Mike's rebroadcasting KIRO's stream from days gone past. That's gotta be illegal.

I can only come up with one logical explanation. Clearly someone has hacked into his computer in order to set him up.


I can't wait until that arrogant, imperious little punk, Mike Webb, get's convicted of insurance fraud and starts sharing a cell with Bubba.


Well, I like the new Tony Miner hour at 6p, anyway. Everything else KIRO has done in the year since Fred Ebert left has made me vomit in my own mouth.

Did you know that two years ago or so, KIRO was advertising for a new PD on the Seattle Craigslist? If that's where the current one came from it could explain a lot...


I woke up early and was horrified to hear Frank Shiers at 4 am. The ONLY good thing about having him on in the middle of the night is that 5 minutes of him put me right back to sleep.

He's the audio equivalent of the Book Of Mormon, which Mark Twain rightly described at "choloroform in print".


I miss Mike's show.

Jim Ruck

The battle of the talk show hosts in Everett was lots of fun as well as educational. Ron and Don during drive time is a good move. Dave is where he belongs. Ron reagan is a fine addition and Dori is Dori. I listen to KIRO each day

Everett Latch

The only good thing on the Ron and Don Show is the producer!
Frank Shiers is one of the worst talk show hosts ever.


Hey Latch, post on a more current thread . . .


I cannot stand Don's voice it just grates, I have to turn off my radio when he comes on even when he does the commercials

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