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February 17, 2006



Man, just checked out that DailyKos thread and when you see how far off base they were with local man B. Suits it should give even the most hardcore progessive pause.
17 years in the army (mostly as a reservist) and 'still' a LT is very understandable when you spent most of your time as an enlisted grunt/nco.
But for anyone who has a problem with Suits, give him a call. It's local and he likes to talk to callers. He is not a braindead and I have heard him make some spot on critiques on the way the war is being handled.
He's more than capable of engaging in debate. Ask Mike Webb about that. Back in the day when both were on KIRO they would share an hour just debating each other. It was the best radio Webb ever engaged in.


"What's left to say is that Dori's numbers are probably reflective of the fact that he doesn't have any real competition so of course that makes his ratings look better than he actually is."

Isn't that what I said? I agree.


Erin's numbers = 0.0
Ergo, Dori could have a 0.1 and be on top.
Last ratings I saw had Dori in the dumper. Since I dont listen to Dori, those numbers, or lack thereof, reflect those who actually still listen to KIRO..lol


Joanie, Young Turks are awesome. I am a long time listener..you can find out more about them on their website and they also podcast archived shows.


I don't like Procaccino (I can't stand people who say "kiddo") but KIRO needs to hire their real replacement for Prell(I've got it- how about Allen Prell!) or just give him the show and stop calling him the fillin. Who ever heard of a four month fillin? It reminds of Microsoft calling people "temp" workers who have been there for 2 years or more.


The Young Turks are awesome? Clearly they are very intelligent people but I think I am missing something. Whenever I hear 'em its basically an echo chamber. I mean, its like hearing a Dean and a Kucinich supporter discuss why they hate W. I guess at one level it may be satisfying but damn...what would you think of a show that had Rush and Hannity beating up on Kerry? Plus it is a national show so you miss out on supporting local talent.


"what would you think of a show that had Rush and Hannity beating up on Kerry?"

Well, they do it every day, and they include Hillary, Harry
Reid, George Soros, and any other person they consider liberal.

So what is your point?


I'm the Kucinich supporter. Are you the Dean supporter, Sparky? Let's go for it!

BTW, PugetSound, who is the local talent that you think we are missing out on?


Sparky, I think it is fairly obvious. The same opinion I would have for that I have for this.
Its just red meat -or ripe tomatoes- for the converted albeit the right or the left.
An echo chamber is an echo chamber is an echo chamber. Is that really enjoyable listening to someone confirm your existing bias? If so, have at it. Can we come up with a distaff version of Ditto Head?

Puget Sound

Allen Prell for one. If only he could get a gig.
Dave Ross is another that should be on in the 9-12 slot.
But I also like John Carlson and Bryan Suits.
Local is always my first choice.
You can't tell me that in this area we can't find good/solid/interesting hosts to discuss both national and local issues of the day.
Hell, put Goldy and the Shark on?
That has to be more interesting than 1948 broadcasts of Jack Benny. 'Oh, Rocherster....'


Okay, okay . . . I get you! You had me worried for a while!

Isn't Allen Prell another echo in the echo chamber you are denouncing?

The only host I've heard in this area who was remotely interesting to me and wasn't an echo chamber is Dave Ross. I do admire him very much and think he is being wasted currently.

Right now I'm watching CSpan Book TV and listening to Sam Harris who has written "The End of Faith: Religion, Terror and the Future of Reason." I love erudite, informative and interesting people Unfortunately, they are at a premium currently. Did you know Sweden is about 60% atheist?


I was a Dean delegate, Joanie :-)


Turi Ryder just announced the news we've been dreading for a week. BrYan Stybel will be handling Lou's shift for the forseeable future. The boy genius will be stepping into bullyboy's shoes, after months of private tutoring, fact card memorization and music lessons in KIRO's basement, under the watchful high of mentor P.D. Tom Indemnity. Who will play Lou and who BrYan in the movie version?


I think Prell, Ross, Carlson, and Suits take opposing guests in studio and treat them with respect. As a rule, I think all of them take callers with opposing views and handle them with respect. Soooo, overall I don't consider them 'echo chambers' but hey, I could be all wet (I am a Seattle-ite after all!)

For example, I read cudo's from Goldy on how he was treated on the Carlson and Suits show in the past. They think the other is 'nuts' but they can agree to disagree and yet have an interesting discussion. That isn't echo chamber stuff.

BTW, I love C-span booknotes. A couple weekends ago they had a Lincoln Assasination retrospective that was superb.
Brian Lamb is my hero! In the DC area, they have CSpan interviews/booknotes on FM! How cool is that!


I've listened to Carlson. I haven't heard him take a lot of callers . . . maybe I get him at the wrong time.

But, when he's just being himself and talking, he does a lot of "there those liberals go again" kind of stuff. If I have to listen to that, I'd rather listen to "there those conservatives go again. . . " Sorry, just my bias.

But, if given a host that is remotely informative and trustworthy in that information (like Dave Ross), I'm a fan. That's why I default usually to KUOW.

I love CSpan! How is it that the DC area gets that and why can't it be national? (I know they are based in DC but do they have their own DC FM channel?)


Sparky, I was a Kucinich delegate. I think Kucinich moved Dean a little left over the campaign and I liked Dean a lot! I was never happy that Kerry got the nod. Still, I thought he would be an okay candidate.

Had the republicans not run a gutter campaign, I think he would have won. But, it is arguable . . . :) (Did I spell that right?)

I also know a legitimate vote in Ohio would have helped.


Damn you Diebold...sorry couldn't resist.
If I am not mistaken CSPAN has more than 1 FM Station. I go back there a few times a year and pick it up.
I fear that the only way out here to get CSPAN will be to go with a subscription ala XM or Sirrus. Just something goes against the grain in paying for radio. But hey, I got use to paying for parking when I came to Seattle...
Sometimes Carlson gets tiresome so I switch him off. But he is good in a debate.
Joannie, how would you rate the campaign that Kerry ran in 2004? I guess what I am asking is that in 2000, Gore lost something that -imho- he clearly could have won if he had ran a better campaign.


If you want to go livestream, at www.c-span.org they have it. Spend some time on the LBJ tapes.


Kerry ran a very poor campaign . . . and it was still a close vote. He was never on a consistent message; he was always on the defensive; and he just didn't come out of the gate aggressively. Always, a good defense it a strong offense. Maybe he would have been an indecisive president? But, after what we've been through, indecision would have been better than Bush's so-called decisiveness.

I really like James Carville and think if he had been in the mix from the beginning, it would have helped. He came in too late. By then, his strategies weren't the right ones for catching up.

But, honestly, Bush used dirty tricks more than anything else to win both elections. The democrats are not used to playing that way. I don't care what anybody says.

Regarding Gore, his best moments were at the convention. He was great! If he had let Clinton campaign for him, he would have come off a little less righteous and I think he would have hit a home run. By himself, he just didn't quite have the charisma. And I loved Gore! I think he was an honestly good person who would have steered the country in the right - more compassionate - direction.

What do you think?


Thanks for the address, PugetSound.

Also, if a recount of the whole state of Florida had been done, he did win . . . I believe I'm right on that.


Rumor has it that BrYan will do a stand up monologue with no calls please for the 1-2 hour just on the house rules for his show, with a quiz section at the end to be completed via email.


It's hard to tell how good a candidate will be until he becomes President. I do think we can make some inferences though on the way a candidate runs a national campaign. But just some. If he is indecisive or to stay consistently on message that may prove indicative of what kind of President he will turn out to be. But it is only an inference as we won't ever know.
Gore was an interesting candidate. He had all the advantages. The economy -while dropping- was still strong and we were more interested in the domestic than the foreign so it is another presumptive advantage for a dem. And it would be harder to come up with a better resume. But something went wrong. He couldn't even carry his own state of TN.
I know some will point to FL in 00 as others point to OH 04. Bottom line, as the Rossi people know here in WA it doesn't really matter now.
A great book is 'What happened to Kansas?'


Tommy008, are you a glutton for punishment or what? (LOL)


I haven't read it but I do own it! I have watched Thomas Frank speak many, many times. I think I even saw him on the Seattle Channel when he was here in Seattle sponsored by Foolproof's American Voices series. I believe I even hear Mike Webb interview him.

Bush's 2004 win, as I recall, turned out to be the increased numbers of people that Rove got out to vote. His work and efforts under the radar, especially in the Christian arena, got voters out in numbers unheard of before. As far as both parties go, it was a huge turn out. Too bad, there weren't enough voting machines in some precincts in some states . . . if you get my drift.

I think I'm remembering all this correctly. I get an awful lot of information from CSpan and all those debriefing sessions and seminars put on by pollsters and campaign managers after elections.


Yes, Joanie, punishment beyond Chinese water torture would be strapped to a chair in KIRO's basement, listening to the boy genius on a tinny little speaker and not being able to change the channel. But that's the land of nightmare- happily in real life I won't bother to listen to Styble just as I didn't listen to Lou except for my perverse brief check-ins with the bullyboy. Stybel doesn't even hold that perverse fascination- I won't listen to him- period. Come on KIRO- you need to give us a quality product from 1-5. Pate and Stybel ain't it, Chief.


You do make me laught! Thanks and good night. :)


--BrYan Stybel will be handling Lou's shift for the forseeable future.--

Time to fire the management.


Hi Joanie
I get 'it' in regards to the machines/voting and all, but I take it with a grain of salt as many of the ones doing the explaining are the same ones that would otherwise have to explain how they lost. Instead of owning up to running a poorer campaign or having Rove hand them their hat they want to resort to 'repukes cheat' et al. That isn't gonna get anyone anywhere which is why I liked the book 'Whats the Matter With Kansas.' The author makes an intellectual honest attempt at looking at the problem to the point that conservative writers such as George Will praise it.
The problems for dems or repubs is how to get the middle. Both parties have a dedicated 'wingnut' fraction that will vote for 'em and doorbell for 'em and send in money when they get the scary mailers saying 'help us stop (Dean or Rove) from putting in their agenda'
The trick is to appeal to the base and not be so painted as extreme by the other party so as to still get the middle. Rove -whether it be under the radar or above the fold- did a better job and has allowed W to retire both Ann Richards and Al Gore to the sidelines and make Kerry a non factor.
I mean, how much credence do you give the Rossi voters that still try and replay that election.
Which is why listening to radio that gives the other side a decent shake is more interesting-to me at least.


I get 'it' in regards to the machines/voting and all, but I take it with a grain of salt as many of the ones doing the explaining are the same ones that would otherwise have to explain how they lost. Instead of owning up to running a poorer campaign or having Rove hand them their hat they want to resort to 'repukes cheat' et al. That isn't gonna get anyone anywhere which is why I liked the book 'Whats the Matter With Kansas.'

Why can't it be both? I see no reason to exclude the voting debacle from the conversation when it was obvious from news reports, eye witness reports and the naked eye via tv cameras that democratic precincts were shorted voting machines and suffered indisputedly long lines, electronic machines didn't work or reflected Bush votes intended for Kerry, and people received letters and instructions reflecting wrong information. Not to talk about it would be criminal. And it looks like they are getting away with it.

At least in Washington State, it got a thorough airing by an ethical republican secretary of state, Supreme Court, a by-hand third count, and a judge in a conservative county finally put a stop to it. Did that happen in Ohio? I don't think so. By any measure, it seems to me justice was done in Washington State. Do you think Rossi would have done any different had he been in Gregoire's shoes?

And, had he been in Gregoire's shoes, would he have been as honest and forthcoming as she was? I hope so.

Franks talks about the aspect of Bush's victory he's researched. That is certainly valid.

Another aspect of Bush's victory is the voting mess in a key state, Ohio. Why shouldn't that be part of the conversation?


If you could provide evidence of a violation of the Voting Rights Act I would suspect that there would be a number of attorneys wanting to file a civil action on your behalf.
Imho much-much better off figuring out how to present an argument to the middle that will capture the White House.


So you think everything was above board and ethical in Ohio?


And you think only one side has 'clean hands'
A pox on both houses.


I guess I'm not sure what you are saying . . . do you have evidence - circumstantial or otherwise - that Ohio was clean?

As for Washington, we went through a long and transparent process. It didn't go your way, apparently.

I just can't agree that dirty elections are okay and that we should just forget about them. Neither in Ohio's, Florida's nor Washington's cases.

I hope I would be consistent regardless of which side I was on.

PugetSound, if you haven't heard me say this before, I'm all for a third party because I don't think either party speaks for me anymore. But, I do think how we conduct elections is fodder for conversation. I want to see transparency and honesty. The Ohio courts wouldn't even let an investigation get started nor would Blackwell, the sec'y of state.

It is especially important in close elections that the results be open and above board and not subject to politics.

I'm all for a simplified voting machine that generates a receipt much like ATMs all over the country. Is that too much to ask?


I am all for clean elections. I value consistency. For the record, I also like the Flag, apple pie, and darn isn't Freedom of Speech great.

Your telling me that you had sufficient legally evidence of federal voting act violations and couldn't get your day in court?

Hey, in regards to Rossi the law was followed. It called for three counts. Then to the courts. Was I disturbed at the continual finding of votes after the fact? The lack of integrity in the voter registration databases, etc. Yes. As was the Judge. Consistency and all. Your for clean elections and all so can you tell me that you were happy with all that came out in regards to the King County Elections Department? I am not demonizing anyone here.
But hey, we went through a legal process and it was settled awhile back. Chris Gregroire is the Gov. Any repub that is spinning his wheels about it is only hurting his/her candidates chance for a win in 2008.

PS: I love the ATM idea. Let's put it to a vote!


Your telling me that you had sufficient legally evidence of federal voting act violations and couldn't get your day in court?


KUOW is doing a really interesting report on creationism (intell design) right now . . . check it out.


Okay, I am off the merry-go-round.


" Your for clean elections and all so can you tell me that you were happy with all that came out in regards to the King County Elections Department? I am not demonizing anyone here. "

I wanted to address this because I was not happy or satisfied with the problems you reference. However, most counties had similar problems which were testified to in court; King County's was the biggest partly because it is the biggest county.

Having said that, they have a lot of work to do to clean up their mess! I totally agree. I hope they get it done.

Do you expect "perfect" from any county?

I don't; but I sure expect better than we got. I don't know anyone in my circle of friends who wants to win elections by cheating. Do you?


yes joannie
i know many evil people that wish to win by cheating. can't talk now, i just got an invite to quail hunt so gotta prep for the trip :)


Don't shoot any millionaires! Bye.


The Republican bastards in Ohio most probably stole votes through chicanery regarding the Diebold machines. Put the aside. We already have absolute proof that they suppressed Democratic voting by pulling stunts like putting one voting machine per absurdly huge numbers of voters in black and minority precincts and on college campuses, so that lines stretched around the block. It was not only voter fraud in Ohio, it's vote SUPPRESSION. Don't want to think about it?- ok- go turn on George Bush'es little shoeshine boy, Tony Snow, on KVI, for some moronic Republican happytalk


Hey - anyone know when KRKO is going to 50k watts?


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