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January 31, 2006



Can someone also at the event verify that Hood was part of a "we" at the event? If so, how many people were part of the "we"?


Of course this is on in the one span of time during the day that I can't listen. Any chance of this being pod cast or rebroadcast?

Jeff Richardson

You mentioned having to go back to NPR. Why can't we have our own show, something that respects labor and people of color? Something that studies a diverse array of populist thought?

Something on Air America perhaps, locally based?


"I know many ex-gays," he said," but there's never been an ex-blackman- Michael Jackson doesn't count."

I presume that means Hutcherson wants religion removed as a protected status too.


I forgot to tune in. John Pacino put me to sleep.


is there a stream for KOMO? I can't find it on their site.


It might be an interesting show, but in return, we are getting one less hour of Carlson, and one more hour of Bryan Suits. How is that fair?

Windie: http://www.komonews.com/radio/ for the stream, and it appears they are podcasting too.


I'm disapointed with the new Schram/Carlson show.

- It's like eavesdropping on a two way phone call between a couple best friends.

- They barely disagree with eachother most of the time.

- They are clearly in love with eachother. They need to get a room.

- Carlson is super boring. I can't believe he has his own show. That's incredible.

- Schram talks about 75% of the time.

- They cover allot topics they are in full agreement over from the start.

- Lots of god damned commercials. Lots.

There were tiny pockets of interesting radio but it was mostly boring as shit banter between two established friends. They need to plan it out much better.


Andrew sez, "I'm disapointed with the new Schram/Carlson show."

Andrew, you're always disappointed or upset or just plain whining all the time. Go take a happy pill and go sit in the corner.


Why don't you stop complaining about me? Live and let live.


is this show like when they paired Mike Webb and Bryan Suits? That was just plain weird....


OK, I have something good to say. I realy like listening to Prococcino. He's open minded, friendly and respectfull to callers and people with oposing opinions. He's brings that mellow NPR vibe to KIRO.


How come YOU got to sit with the royals, Mr. Blather? Do you have an inside track with KOMO or a nepotism card?


Leave Andrew alone, Lump...at least, he whines in the right (left) key and does it with mellifluous style...


I still like Erin and Frank as a duo. She was just the perfect remedy for his superior attitude.


Fremont...trust me, don't ask. Unless you want blatherMikey to turn into Tom Douglas at a Red Robin, just move on.


Don't you think BlatherMikey LOOKS like Tom Douglas, Scrilla? An amazing resemblance....and a foodie, too!


I suppose the best kind of debate is the kind which involves hurt feelings and bruises, but maybe that's to much to ask for anyone to endure two hours a day five says a week.

The one host /one hour/ one topic formula can get firy and abusive to but alteast the host has a dump button and there's allot of different callers so absorb the venom.

Off topic: Some states are trying to push anti abortion laws. Lincoln said "united we stand, divided we fall" but if all the red states are capable of going nuts with their own convervative laws then in a sense we will be divided into two countries even without a civil war, The U.S. of Canada and Jesus Land. Imagine you accidently cross over to Idaho one day and find yourself suddenly stoned to death.

blathering michael

I never sat with the royals but with a bunch of cranky producers and board ops who deeply resented me, then a couple of prima donna talents who think blogs are lower than the public relations business.
I'd never speak ill of Tom Douglas or Red Robin. They both look like me, true, but neither could stand up to the scrutiny of me porcelain eye and palate of fine Corinthian leather. But thanks for askin'...


We have a republic that consists of 50 different states. The States were intended to have the ability to establish their own local customs and laws. The concept of democracy was intended to be exercised locally, for the most part. The Federal government was not intended to take such an expansive role.

The Constitution, in the Bill of Rights, itself states

Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

If we no longer wish to have that type of country, then someone should try to amend the Constitution and change what the 10th amendment says. Personally, I think local government works best, if we hold it accountable. The Federal government has some important functions like national defense, making treaties, monetary policy, etc. Most other functions probably would work better if the people in charge were people we either knew better or that we could actually see/touch. There has been a migration toward increasing the role of the Federal government - and that's less personal. I think we're losing the concept of a government of the people, by the people, for the people.


Andrew sez,"Why don't you stop complaining about me?"

As soon as you take your happy pills.


Interesting local coverage between KVI and KTTH. KVI goes with Carlson and Kirby, each hosting SOTU parties (fundraisers for the party?). KTTH goes with Sytman and Boze in studio. Best line of the night goes to Boze for "Well, this certainly is not 'The era of big government is over.'"

But where is Medved? In Minnesota doing a SOTU party (fundraiser?). And this a day after anouncing that he had a new "home" station on a FM station in Portland (which is good, 'cause the old station in Portland had sucky reception).

I'm starting to think that the days of hot talk on KTTH are nearly over. Which would you rather have lead into the Sonics, Michael Savage or a sports talk show?


"There has been a migration toward increasing the role of the Federal government - and that's less personal. I think we're losing the concept of a government of the people, by the people, for the people."

Then you might want to take that issue up with your so-called "conservative" President, who's been busy as a beaver expanding the power of the federal government by recording your phone calls and grabbing your Internet search queries without any pesky warrants, spending your tax dollars like a sailor in Bangkok, starting unnecessary and unprovoked foreign wars, neglecting our soldiers, allowing the destruction of our cities through incompetence and cronyism...

On that front, your man has been doing the work of THREE men...

Moe, Larry, and Curly.


Wow, nicely put!


What exactly is it that the Federal government is supposed to do for cities? Do you want the administration to take over NY, Chicago, LA, etc. and start running them? I understand you don't favor the national security approach of the current administration. But I don't get your point about "allowing the destruction of cities". Please explain.....


I can't believe it. I tuned in to the show this morning as they tossed stuff back and forth with Rob McKenna and was reall impressed. John and Ken work great with each other. The show flows as if these guys had worked together for years, which in a way they have, but the combination exceeds the individual parts. I think it's the best thing to happen to local talk radio in years and well worth tuning in.


I like Schram, because he tries to be his own person (I agree with him about 65% of the time) and isn't afraid to be politically incorrect - a bit like O'Reilly (I know that will spur on the O'Reilly haters - both conservative and liberal). I also enjoy the banter between Carlson and Schram and listening to both sides - because they usually don't agree, except sometimes on the more important issues. There is some intelligent commentary - unlike Air America and certain other shows on KIRO, KTTH and KVI.

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