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January 23, 2006



reviewed your most recent entry. Can we move onto other better topics besides this idiot. It was a waste of reporting time and you do have other issues that are better than that man.


this is why I read this blog, political reporting with some brains and integrity, Larry, not for the who's getting fired at KIRO, and what station is going to Jack. I almost gave up on this blog after weeks of Mike Webb. More reporting, less radio fan magazine, I say.


i'd say you, michael hood are the anti-semite. you could never get away with such a slur in a real magazine. Rabbi Lapin ought to sue you. For shame.


Here, here, Deb. this is atrocious slander. Rabbi Lapin is outspoken, but he serves his congregation. If he's such a racist, why does he call Rev.Hutcherson, who is a black man his brother?


What congregation? Lapin has no synagogue.

Mike Barer

He is Seattle's version of Alan Keyes.

David Williams

As a Jew, let me defend Michael. You can be critical of that dumb Rabbi without being anti-Semitic. Rabbi Lapin is a joke and an embarassment to his religion. Furthermore, he is serving no congregation except for Joe Abramoff possibly. Keep up the good work, Michael!


In the immortal words of Stan from South Park:

"Dude! Don't care, don't care, don't care, don't care, don't care, don't care, don't care, don't care."

If I wanted to be bored I'd listen to Lapin's show. Normally this blog is great but whenever Lapin comes up I want to puke my pants with boredom.


Dori Monson wants to lock up first time drunk drivers for a year and third timers for life -even if they haven't hit anyone while driving drunk. I told you that guy is fucking crazy. That's basicly advocating social engineering because you would be removing people from society who could potentialy hurt someone but have yet to do so. That's like saying people speed mare more likely to get in a wreck so if you get get caught you should be locked up for life so that there's no way you could ever possibly drive a car.

His popularity on the radio would give him an advantage if he were to run for public office which I believe makes his not only sick but a dangerous person.


Andrew: I can't believe what you wrote. It sounds like you're saying it's ok to drive drunk as long as you don't hit anybody. I'm sure you didn't mean that. How unbelievable. Have you ever had a loved one killed by a drunk driver? I bet not.


Just because one driver hits a loved one doesn't mean all drunk drivers are hitting loved ones. How about cell phone drivers who hit loved ones?

Michael B.

Driving while drunk is equivalent to randomly shooting a gun in multiple directions. You may or may not hit somebody but the very act is a serious crime worthy of a severe punishment.


First, shooting a gun at all in public is highly out of the ordinary, driving and drinking by themselves and together are not.

Seonds, most people don't have pocket breathalyzers. It's not reasonable to expect to people to be consciously aware of the moment they exceed the .08 limit.

There is nothing remotely ambiguous about shooting a gun in random directions.


How about just deciding that if you are going to drink, you are not going to drive. That way you dont have to worry about "suddenly" exceeding the .08 limit, nor do you need a pocket breathalizer...

Michael B.

I think Andrew was drinking when he wrote that last post.


"I think Andrew was drinking when he wrote that last post."

You're one to talk, you're gun analogy wasn't thought through very well.

If you are going to bust people for being anything over .08 then you should also bust people for driving without enough sleep or after taking cold medicine, but you're not goiong to advocate that because you're not consistant.


Oh Andrew . . . I usually respect your opinion so much! But, when you drink and drive it is exactly the same as randomly shooting a loaded gun in public. No one gets hurt till someone gets hit. Nevertheless, you just wouldn't allow it.

Same with drinking and driving. No one gets hurt til someone gets hit. But, getting behind the wheel when inebriated turns your car into that loaded gun.

I really am for taking away licenses and even cars from people who drink and drive. Taking licenses doesn't stop them; taking the car certainly may. Easier than putting them in jail for a year and possibly more effective because our society hates to put middle class people in jails for social drinking. Many (most?) middle class DWI's get argued down to negligent/reckless anyway. Then, offenders are put on deferred prosecution for a year.

That is why so many accidents that involve drinking are people who have been caught previously. We are much too easy on people who drink and drive. I believe most people, if the laws were tougher, would simply not do it.


In the Army, my buddies always told me

If you're gonna drink, don't drive. If you're gonna drive, drink slowly......

Actually, I'm with Joanie on this one. I just think we need to get people to avoid getting into the risky area of drinking and driving. Tougher penalties are the best way to achieve that outcome.


Just one more comment on this . . .

I think if we took cars away from drivers who are caught drinking, parents would be much tougher on teenagers that drink and drive as well. Nobody wants to lose the family car.


Andrew: I don't think you'll find many who will agree with you on this one; I surely hope not, anyway.

It's not "Don't drive drunk," it's "Don't drink and drive...period!"

One drink is too many if you're behind the wheel of a car because alcohol affects everyone differently. It's not rocket science.


I bet none of you would like it if you had a few beers with dinner at a restaurant then on the way home swerve while fiddeling with your CD case, get pulled over by a cop trying to make his quota then fail the breathelyer test even though you know you're driving safely and that nobody would have ever been hurt.

But none of you think that would happen to you or your friends, so you throw away the key on those uknown mystery people. As long as it's not you, you don't give a shit.

You are probably the same jerks who voted for the smoking ban even though most of you probably never go to bars to begin with.


Andrew-what we are all saying is responsible people do not drink and drive. Period. If I want to kick back a row of margaritas, no, I DONT drive. I make sure someone else will roll me home. If you feel like having a few beers with dinner..go for it. But DONT expect anyone here to sympathize with you if you get your ass hauled to jail because you get stopped by a cop. You make the choice, you pay the price. And in the case of drunk driving, too often someone else pays the price too, simply by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
No excuses, pal. There is no such things as "knowing" you are driving safely if you have had a "few" drinks with dinner. Impaired judgement, is just that---impaired.

Mrs. Robinson

You're all so caught up in this off-topic drinking-and-driving dodging and weaving that nobody bothered to point out that the first book of the Bible is Genesis, not Exodus.
This otherwise terrific post is going to get a lot of hits now that Dave's linked to it (and I bet you end up on Buzzflash before it's over). This is the kind of mistake the wingnuts love to use to bash us ignorant secularists, so you might wanna fix it before all the company arrives.



It wouldn't happen to me, Andrew, because I wouldn't have a few beers with dinner then drive home. I don't drink and drive, period!

Besides, if I wanted to drink something that taste like beer, I'd just stick a straw in my toilet. Blech!


"It wouldn't happen to me"

Thank you for reinforcing my point Mr. Nobody-Else-In-The-World-But-Me

blathering michael

kookoo-koo-CHOO, Ms Robinson. done & done.

John R.

Can we say guilt by association here? If I had a sleazy brother or acquaintance, would that by definition make me sleazy?


Disappointed am I at this my first reading of Blatherwatch. It should be renamed "Watch this Blather." I found this to be a very rabid and ranting blog with sentences and meanings taken totally out of context and then "proven" by the very childish means of offensive labeling and "association categorizing." The argument was made by calling one person by another person's name as a putdown of that person instead of presenting valid facts. Very telling, also, to start out a blog with a quote from Nietzsche. At BlatherWatch I found a lot of words with no substance. I am so disappointed that I may have to start a website called "Watch the BlatherWatch, We Keep an Eye on the BlatherWatch so you don't have to."

blathering michael

we would welcome such a site, Joan.


This is the silliest bunch of nonsense I've ever seen. I've heard Daniel Lapin, and he stands for none of the rappa-flap mentioned above. You guys on the left should really become more rational. If you could offer rational political apolagetics in lieu of emotional outbursts, you might fare a little better. As it is, you simply appear as foolish, nonsensical children.


A whole "lot" of "quotes" taken out "of context", with some association fallacies thrown in. Hitler did the same thing.


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