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January 09, 2006



Michael Hood:

You are a motherfucking "fake liberal" and a voyeuristic homophobe, as well -- caps or no caps!

Aren't you just a wee bit too obsessed with Mike Webb?



Mike Webb is a total mess, and he's been sounding like those crazies in Pioneer Square I used to avoid on the way to work in the morning. Reading his public responses is fatiguing. I don't know why you bother.


Big Dicks Yay! Little unemployed dicks boo!


Mike Webb got a little freeky, and might have hurt some one---You better look out Michael! but his voice still will be missed in the wingnut seattle airwaves. he was a little cracked and too pissed off, and he played the worse music, but he was almost all we got. KIRO better get somebody good in there or all there listener's will be gone with Allan Prells people. that station can't expect me to stick around with only Dave Ross. I like hearing what Mike is doing next, Michael. Hope you go to his trial- I say there's a 50-50 that he's innocent. the cops never liked him.


Mike Webb says:

"One thing there will be is vindication."

I hope that KIRO and Entercom have the balls to call Webb's bluff when he sues them for wrongfull termination, if he hasn't done so already.


..meanwhile, Erin Hart continues to email listeners asking them to recommend her taking over Mike's time slot....and the body twernt even cold yet...


" I literally put my life on the line "

Oh, puleease.

His paranoia comes out of the closet.....again

He ought to try a dangerous job sometime.


No bail?



Come out, come out, Michael! We all know you ARE a homophobe! Mike Webb has uncovered you blog-soul!


Erin has no regard for anyone but herself.


Oh, dear! Now I'm not sure what to do. I've been a loyal Mike Webb listener for years and still believe all are innocent until proven guilty. However, I've also become quite the Michael Hood fan, as well. How can I defend them both? As my sweet mother used to say...I'm definitely caught between a shit and a sweat! :(


So much resentment, so little time.

"I never blame myself when I'm not hitting. I just blame the bat and if it keeps up, I change bats. After all, if I know it isn't my fault that I'm not hitting, how can I get mad at myself?"

Yogi Berra

Kublai Khan

Mike Webb sounds OK here and you
're being a pissant. He claims innocent & let's wait for the outcome of the court case. He has every reason to be upset because he after all is the one tainted, tarred and fired from a job. You have lost nothing and are picking a fight with him because your ego is bruised.
I say this as someone who is to the left of Webb politically. He became boring and his replacements are downright insufferable.


Critter sez, "I'm definitely caught between a shit and a sweat! :("

Be careful which end you wipe with what.

Mike Barer

Mike Webb is no friend of Liberals with that attitude. That is a Bill O'Reilley way of handling adversity. Who gave Mike the say on who is Liberal and who isn't.


I heard Erin Hart prattling last night.
I came in a little late, so I missed the gist.
I gather she was trying to get her fans to rally and ask KIRO to give her Webb's slot?
I sure hope that don’t happen.


p.s. I say cut Webb some slack Mr. Hood.
Sure, he’s an argumentative, double-dealing egoist with an aggressive undercurrent (all great qualities for a radio entertainer btw), but you gotta admit, he’s good.
Great site!


It's never pretty to hear someone beg...especially begging to take someone else's slot. Lou Pate is almost as bad as Erin in that regard..


Please don't tell me Lou Pate is begging for Webb's spot, too. I thought he wanted to leave Seattle and move to San Diego. I've been waiting with baited breath for his departure. Why would they give him a better spot when he does nothing but degrade Seattle and everyone who lives here. This man is on my last nerve!


Not for Mike's spot specifically...but he whines a lot that his talent is being wasted on the overnight slot. The whole " I hate Seattle" is just his schtick...
I just believe that when you are good, management takes notice and you dont have to beg people through email to make your case for you.


I wish I knew what made Mike Webb better than Lou Pate or Erin Hart because to me they are all about the same. How do you measure such things?


Hmmm...good question. They do have elements that are similar. Early on, I never felt Mike took himself real seriously..he had a good sense of humor and his show was fun to listen to. He seemed pretty consistent in his opinions, I thought. He didn't used to yell at his callers, but kind of poked fun of the goofy ones. Of course, that appears to have changed dramatically.

The reason Erin bugs me is multi-faceted. It has to do with hearing her change her opinions based on whichever way the wind blows, her inability to maintain interesting shows over a period of time ( the infamous dryer cord show was a hint of things to come) and her screaching and fake sarcastic laugh at callers became intolerable to me. When I moved out of the Seattle area, it was a combination of Erin and Dori that finally turned me off of listening to KIRO once and for all--about 4 years now. Lou I only heard a few times and he also seemed like an amateur. Why stay up for that?


If it's between Hart and Pate I'd go for Erin Hart although I'd be suprised if they picked either of them because if they couldn't hack it before I don't see how they can hack it now. They somehow settled on Allen Prell and he didn't even come from this side of the country.

If I'm listening to them I'm usualy drunk anyway.


Wow! I must admit that this whole Mike Webb thing comes as a complete surprise, but his response does not. First I'll say that I don't listen to KIRO very much anymore, primarily due to the extreme left wing ideology that seems to obsess most of their talk show hosts.

As entertaining as he could sometimes be, I was thrilled when Allan Prell was let go and even more so now that Mike Webb joins him as an x-Entercom employee, but that's where I'll stop speaking of both in the same breath. I liked Allan, but he alienated just enough people to get him canned.

Mike Webb is another story: bitter, self righteous, in your face rude, totally without fault, victim, vindictive, paranoid (who carries a gun) and most of all... he's not funny. His whole response to this thing seems to be one of blaming everyone else for his own actions.

Re:"One thing there will be is vindication." It is my thought that KIRO has had its finger on the button for some time, but didn't want to push it prematurely and expose themselves to some sort of lawsuit.

As far as a replacement, my vote goes for Frank Shiers or Lou Pate...


Sorry about the Jurassic updates, folks.

Just keeping track of all the supposed radio love triangles (so you don't have to).

Apparently, Bla'M still holding a torch for MW & Brian Jabroney (or is it the reverse?):

From "Progressive WEBBworks" blog:

"Scouring the Net for April Fools jokes we found an obscure site called "topix.net". More obscure, a former radio weekender, Brain Maloney contended in his sister's blog that Air America was creating a ruse while promoting one of its long-time client stations:
Blogging from his basement bedroom at former journalist/boyfriend Michael Hood's studio apartment, "Bri" (as mike calls him) socks it to those liberals:

Note: I thought we had settled on "Bri" being Styblehead's alternate nom de guerre

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