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January 12, 2006



I have spent my entire adult working life providing services to and advocating for a segment of the population that is impoverished and disabled. And I've made sure that the care providers receive training on how to provide appropriate and sensitive services to GLBT (Mike knows what that means) people. I would add that such training includes how to empower people NOT to be and behave as victims. Homophobe? Fake liberal? Nope.

Mike continues to behave as a victim and continues to believe that people are against him. That he is talking about giving away his dog gives me pause and concern. When people give away what is most precious to them, it is often a big red flag.


i was thinking the same thing,,,,i dont like this


I don't think he's in a squeaky chair at home. I believe he's in a squeaky chair in a studio on Queen Anne. I could be wrong but I don't think so...my source is very close to Mike Webb.

Hey, Michael, if you don't like Webb, that's fine, but let's not pick on a little innocent puppy dog.

And, as far as what he's doing with his hands while he's talking, I really couldn't say because my crystal ball doesn't come in as clearly as yours.

I hope I don't read too many more blogs like this one. I thought, at first, this site was created to keep everyone posted as to what is happening in talk radio; not to slander (in a sense) other people.

Up until now, I've really enjoyed it here. I hope, Michael, you're just having a bad day.


Hey Mike,

1) Don't give your dog away
2) Count your blessings
3) Take care of your own business and make the best legal decisions for yourself, without worrying about how it will look
4) Count your blessings
5) Pay your debts and move on
6) Count your blessings (its only money and jail time is highly unlikely)
7) Peace Be With You


I don't like it either, Sparky. Giving away the dog along with his nostalgic waxing, lengthy personal conversations and reflection, sudden lack of anger, and an apparent sense of resignation all bother me.

This is not criticism of Mike personally. It is concern. Those close to him need to pay attention.


Dear Blathering Michael,

I found your web site back in the fall after Allan Prell disappeared from the air waves. I have learned a lot from reading BlatherWatch, and have gotten some good laughs and insights from you and your readers.

But after reading today's column on Mike Webb, I'm having serious doubts about you, the kind of human being you are, and whether I want to keep reading your blog. The way you continue to kick Mike Webb while he is down... it is just plain wrong. Why are you doing it? What are you getting out of it?

Mike has suffered a terrible blow. Perhaps he brought it on himself. Perhaps he is guilty as can be. (No one knows that, not even you.)I don't know, and frankly I don't care. He is a human being in trouble. He does not deserve to be kicked while he is down.

If my memory serves me correctly, Mike lost his dog Frances and his brother in the past year or so. Now he has lost his job at KIRO. Can't you cut him a break? I hope that he has the support he needs to help him through this hard time. No matter who we are or what mistakes we have made, we all deserve support and compassion.

"Thou who is without sin cast the first stone."


Very well said, Caytie.

Yes, Mike did lose his dog, Frances, and his brother. And nobody knows why he's considering giving his dog to his sister (if he is). Maybe it's because Bradley's only a puppy and he requires a lot of attention and training, something Mike may not have the time nor patience for right now with everything else he's going through. Whatever the reason, it's certainly his business and nobody else's.

Like you, Caytie, I don't have a clue if Mike's guilty or innocent, but more than that, it's not for me to decide.

How would everyone here like to spread their past deeds and mistakes out on the table for everyone to look at and pick apart? Not me, thank you.

If you're reading this Mike (Webb). Repeat after me: "What Other People Think Of Me Is None Of My Business."

Good luck to you.


Mike Webb has said worse things about this blog than this blog has ever said about him.


Mike Webb is hardly being singled out here by the blathering one or anyone else. Every local talk show host who has come and gone from KIRO or anywhere else on the local dial has received his or her fair share of barbs and commentary. It's been quite a parade lately of comings and goings and the blathering has been spread around fairly evenly. After Allan Prell was abruptly kicked off the air, he managed to fight the good fight, publicly poke fun at himself, and then move on. Webb ought to do the same. He is an interesting public personality, but there is one thing he is not: a "little innocent puppy dog."

Big Dude

Does anyone who reads and/or posts on this site actually LIKE Dori Monson?? I can't STAND the guy myself. It's not so much "what" he says anymore (although it's become very, very predictable), but rather "how" he says it. He's got this completely arrogant, uppity, snide, mockingly cynical way of expressing his crummie opinions that he just makes me ill to even hear his voice anymore. So, I usually move on up the dial to AM 1090 when he comes on 710, but does anyone here actually "like" the guy? If so, I'd be interested in why....


not too many monson fans around, here...you put it pretty well, dude.


Big Dude: I suggest you read my comment more carefully. I was not referring to Mike Webb as a "little innocent puppy dog." I was talking about his new dog, Bradley. May I suggest you read and not SCAN the comments and you'll be able to better follow along.


Sorry, Big Dude, I meant to direct my last comment to Cyn; not you.

Left Behind by the New Democratic Party


Hey criite, may I be he first to say "D'OH!!"
heh heh heh...


merciful nate

Dear Blathering critics,

I must humbly disagree with you re: "The Mike Webb feast". One several fronts:

First and foremost, Mike Webb is a total hot-head. And what's the best solution for a short fuse? Lighting it & watching the fireworks! Just look @ Franken's job on O'Reilly. It's entertainment, It's schadenfreude, now just sit back & enjoy.

Secondly - and related to the entertainment value - Seattle's talk-radio scene is a revolving door saga of nutjobs. Too often we loose track of who's who, where they've been, where they've come from, & where they are now. This tendency is cemented by the secret-squirrel Soviet silence of Entercom, CChannel, Fisher et al. Thank cuthulu Blatherwatch documents it all.

Lastly - & related to the other 2 - I'm a Seattlifer, and if there's one thing this city has lost, it's gate-keepers. With so many people coming/going during the 80s/90s, a significant era of Seattle has been lost. We need more people keeping track of the comings-&-goings & then passing the torch. (We had Almost Live! doing a fantastic job at this, but sadly no more)

Okay, now that I've blathered enough, please carry-on & keep doing the voodoo that yoodoo.

Basil Thyme

Situation with Mike Webb reminds me of KGO bridge jumper, can't remember his name, in SF about ten years ago.


Basil Thyme sez, "Situation with Mike Webb reminds me of KGO bridge jumper, can't remember his name, in SF about ten years ago."

Would that be the late Dwayne Garret, the 7-10 pm KGO talk host? Was a friend of Al Gore's and had him on many times. He got caught defrauding customers from a home business of his and did the big jump. Was the only liberal talk host I ever heard who had a sense of humor.


Critter, I'll consider myself duly lectured on my reading comprehension skills as well as my ability to follow along. Actually, I read your post several times before responding. It's not in my nature to shoot from the hip. Your sentence was sufficently vague to me so I questioned the characterization of Mike as such a, er, innocent critter. But now you've set the record straight. What a relief...



No problem, I basically did the same thing by responding to the wrong poster. Dang, and I thought we were both perfect. Have a good one. :)


Mike Webb was a little FULL OF HIMSELF at times, but I generally liked him and his program. Good luck Mike. Keep your chin up!
Dori Monson is going to burn in hell for being such a flaming hypocrite, and closet racist.
Dave Ross is a highly talented and intelligent talk-show-host. His only fault as I see it, is that he is blinded (at times) by the comforts of middle-class America.
Lou Pate is a jerk. I won't waste my time explaining this.


I think Dori is out of the closet on that one at this point :-)


You left out that Dori is a sexist too. He denies it and uses his daughters and women like Sue Bird as a defense, but its there, its definitely there.



"hilarious" nate

No charge for the lube & rusty trombone Mike (Hood). Actually, Webb too.

I wish I knew how to quit yoo


Webb sez Blather Mike weighs over 300lbs.

blathering michael

Mike's confusing my girth with the weightiness of my reporting.


Why does Michael Hood always use "we" when he's the only person who has ever posted items on this blog?


That is a long accepted form of writing in journalism. Similar writing " the audience spoke to a reporter afterwards," meaning that the person writing the article is the reporter. They dont say " They spoke to me."

Big Dude

Again, and Again, and AGAIN: I CAN'T STAND DORI MONSON!!!


Let's add snide, overbearing, uneducated and rude to the list of adjectives describing Dori.


>> re: Matt: Dori Monson is going to burn in hell for being such a flaming hypocrite, and closet racist...

You sound like a complete idiot, but maybe you can re-educate me on why Dori should burn in Hell and why he's a closet racist...

>> re: K You left out that Dori is a sexist too.

Another brilliant comment from K...


Big Dude sez, "Again, and Again, and AGAIN: I CAN'T STAND DORI MONSON!!!"

So how stupid do you have to be to keep listening? Need someone to explain the on/off dial on your radio? Whine, whine, whine.
Sounds like if you didn't have Dori to beat up on, you'd have no social life at all.


joanie sez, "Let's add snide, overbearing, uneducated and rude to the list of adjectives describing Dori."

And what would be the adjectives describing Joanie? Narrow minded, bigoted, predujiced, uneducated, and ignorant?

Again, turn off the dial. Snivel, snivel, snivel. Maybe you and big dude can get together for a social date.


Gosh, Lump, I don't know what to say. I didn't know you had that many words in your vocabulary. Now we need to work on your spelling . . .


Dori's not too pretty, either; did you see the video of him being tasered? He's like the Portrait of Dorian Gray; the nastier he gets, the chubbier, balder, and uglier he gets.

Remember what you mother told you: ugly is as ugly does.

BTW, as far as racism is concerned: Dori sounds like a white guy with a little money and hates everyone--especially non-whites--who didn't have to work as hard for theirs as he had to work for his.

I'll never forget him informing an African-American caller that racism isn't as prevalent in American society as the caller said it was. I can't figure out of that was just pure, ugly racism or abysmal stupidity. Take your choice.

Dori likes to brag about his coaching of a girls' basketball team but if I were a parent, I wouldn't let a man with a mouth like that around my daughter.


joanie sez, " I didn't know you had that many words in your vocabulary. Now we need to work on your spelling . . ."

OK, you teach me spelling and I'll teach you history, especially world history as my spelling is far superior to your history knowledge. Deal?

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