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January 27, 2006



I like those titles..
They go along with the Sean Hannity " Let Me Pull Facts Outta My Butt" show!


mac tyler:

Liberal OR Conservative has nothing to do with my opinions, I call a spade a spade. Although I am MOSTLY Liberal, I agree with some Conservatives and disagree with some Liberals. I look at the PERSON and their issues, not their TITLE.

However, I do agree with you on Mike, even though I like him, but I totally disagree with on Erin. Apparently we just hear things differently and that's ok because that's what "discussion" is all about. If everyone agreed, blogs would be extremely boring and of no value. :)


Seahawks have nothing to be ashamed of tonight. The Seattle touchdown that was called back was called a touchdown by Steve Young on ABC halftime show( I agree), and the touchdown of the Steelers that was challenged was NOT a touchdown, anyone with a pair of eyes could see that. Anyway, although I will not be listening, Lou Pate will come on the air tonight and spend the first two hours gloating, in his hateful, repulsive way, over the fact we lost. Then he'll expand this sporting event loss into a vindication of and repeat of his whole bogus Seattle Sucks101 tirade that he's been spewing over and over since he's been here. He may even go until 5 a.m. with that. Never mind that the pathetic puke originally predicted we would get blown out in the first playoff game, that will all be conveniently ignored. I say we'll be back next year. Go Seahawks.


MVP should go to the officials. With that Roethlisberger non-TD & the Hawks TD that was called-back, I have the game 14-13 Hawks.

Pate will be Pate. Hopefully he'll be spending more time on the recent barrage of barbs thrown by Styble last night. But Pate's time seems pretty limited anyway.

sniff sniff - I smell buh-bye's


Nate-I have it a 14/14 tie after you nullify the two bogus calls, and the game by rights would have gone into overtime like a psychic on George Noory predicted. Styble jabbed Pate? Can you give some details please? I missed it. Although I don't really have anything against Styble, he makes me nervous so I usually don't listen.

mac tyler

Sparky, I'll go along with your take on Hannity ... too often talk show people care more about personal biased viewpoint than in providing factual data:

"I like those titles..
They go along with the Sean Hannity " Let Me Pull Facts Outta My Butt" show!" Posted by: sparky | February 05, 2006 at 12:39 PM"

Critter: I see we partially agree and partially disagree, and that's not necessarily a bad thing:

"However, I do agree with you on Mike, even though I like him, but I totally disagree with on Erin. Apparently we just hear things differently and that's ok because that's what "discussion" is all about. If everyone agreed, blogs would be extremely boring and of no value. :) Posted by: Critter | February 05, 2006 at 12:54 PM"

I have a bit more respect for Erin Hart than I do for Mike Webb, but they both had one thing in common and that is they routinely slammed callers with other viewpoints. To me that is a clear signal of insecurity and unprofessionalism. Look at it this way: When was the last time you ever heard Dave Ross rudely slam an opposing point of view?

Nate says: "MVP should go to the officials." Tongue in cheek of course. In this game, the officials were not playing on a level playing field. That's not sour grapes, that's simple observation. Roethlisberger's "touchdown" did not validly get into the end zone. Pittsburg did play a good game, but they had more officials than we did. That's how I saw it.



What barbs thrown by Styble last night? I was hoping he would throw some since Lou Pate was so rude to him, but I didn't hear any. He actually thanked him (in the very beginning of the show) for allowing him to sit in for him. I was shocked. I was hoping he'd let loose on Pate and Gary for the way they ridiculed him. If he did, I'm sorry I missed it. :(

mac tyler

From what I heard, Bryan Styble was cordial and professional in his remarks about Lou Pate. He said only nice and cordial things about Lou.

My take: Bryan was doing good making the peace and Lou was being sort of bad as a rabble rousing nattering nabob, while being far and excessively too critical of newbie Styble.


I confess i emailed Mike Webb a nasty email because I've never been able to stand the man, and told him he can kiss Seatle radio goodbye since I really don't see another station giving him a chance especially if he's convicted of insurance fraud. I predict he will be from my reading of the evidence. He sent me a reply email saying he normally din't respond to "morons" like me but that I was"in for a " big surprise". hmmm

mac tyler

Mike webb has called a lot of people "morons". Next to "god damned idiot" it was his favorite ridiculing expression to those that did not agree with him in lockstep.

Little does webb realize that all this time, he was merely criticizing and complaining about his own personal bad ethics and poor choices.

When that jail door comes clanging shut on him, when he starts in on his jail sentence for insurance fraud, will probably be the time when he starts to realize that maybe just maybe, it was webb all along who was being the idiot moron.

Frankly, what I find surprising is how long kiro kept him aboard.

Maybe they were afraid of a suit if they canned him. Obviously, that's no longer a concern.


Lou Pate has never ridiculed Bryan Styble in any way, shape or form. Nobody can cite even one instance of Pate making any derogatory remarks about Styble.


Wrong. Others can fill you in on the most egregious example- last Wednesday night's 2 and 1/2 hour humiliationfest of Bryan, Herr Pate performed with Gary his producer. I have 3 examples I heard with my own ears. 1. several months back, after Bryan had filled in for him for several nights Lou opened his show joking with Gary by mocking Bryan's remarks. " I f you like the show I want you listeners to be sure to call management and tell them you liked me," he joked. That was an exact word-for-word mimic of what Styble had said the previous nights. 2. A couple weeks ago Lou returned from another vacation, saying that he had to get back early because all of the email complaints by listeners over the way Bryan treated them when they called in and how bad he was in general, although roof rat Lou was sly enough not to mention Bryan by name. 3. Last Wednesday night, Pate came back from a lengthy absence where Bryan subbed many nights for him, and made a big show of elaborately thanking just about every person at the station EXCEPT BRYAN for holding the fort at his show while he was gone. That's when he went on the 2 hour plus hatefest I mentioned (after I turned him off). By the way, is that you Lou, are are you just drinking his koolaid?



You obviously did not listen the night Lou Pate and Gary teased, ridiculed, slammed and insulted (B)ryan Styble all night. No, they didn't use his name, they said "the B word" in place of it, and then Pate would giggle that obnoxious giggle which sounds like a bully on a playground.

Example: Someone called the show to join in on the Bryan Styble bashing and Lou cut him off short saying: "No, no, no!! We don't use that word on my show. We say the "the B word." Followed by that obnoxious giggle. Very mature.

No, I can't prove it because I don't TAPE his show and send the tape around trying to convince people what a jerk he is. You're just going to have to take my word for it (and the others who heard him). If you choose not to, fine. It is what it is.

mac tyler

I also heard lou pate repeatedly bash styble. I have never heard lou pate sound more immature or more unprofessional. Very much like the high school bully taunting his prey in the school yard. Frankly, I am surprised that kiro allows that degree of childish bullying on their air waves.

My solution to lou pate is to turn off the radio if he happens to be on the air. That was also my solution to erin hart when she went off on her numerous unprofessional bullying tirades.

It is amazing that kiro allowed mike webb's taunting and bullying of his callers who dared to offer a different viewpoint for years.

Kiro did good by getting rid of webb and hart ... now they should follow through and can lou pate.

Send lou pate packing!

And let's "clone" dave ross several times and have him on for a few extra hours per day.

mac tyler

"Lou Pate has never ridiculed Bryan Styble in any way, shape or form. Nobody can cite even one instance of Pate making any derogatory remarks about Styble.

Posted by: umo | February 06, 2006 at 06:24 AM"

Yeah right, lou pate (umo)... you are lying through your "yellow" teeth.

Look up the definition of "truth" in your dictionary.

It will be a new word for you.


why are there two threads about Lou Pate? One is more than is necessary.

mac tyler

that's true. sometimes discussion goes where discussion goes, if you know what i mean.

one thing i do not care for is bullying ... whether it is done physically or done in the media.

talk show hosts who attack their co-workers on the airwaves are the lowest of the bullying scum ...

also i did not care for lou pate's continued ranting against paul allen.

lou pate's show has evolved into a very low order of "entertainment".

however, lou pate has, to his credit, refined the "art" of the mindless diatribe.

Specifics (again) include pate's diatribes against his his co-worker styble, against seahawks owner allen, against the seahawks team itself, and against seattle as a community.

i volunteer 10 dollars to help buy a one way bus ticket for lou pate to return to new york city, where evidently, common sense civility is not a highly valued commodity.


yeah, I noticed Pate has a new target for his localized hatred in Paul Allen. Here's a schmuck who can by his own admission only afford to drive a 20 year old car yet considers himself superior in every way. Paul Allen could buy up all the car dealerships in Seattle and give the inventory away to poor people with this weekend beer money, but this punk Pate thinks he sounds like a big man by ridiculing Allen's yellow teeth.


Despite all the scurrilous accusations nobody has been able to quote any derogatory remark made by Pate about Styble.



Only a dozen times we've quoted his derogatory remarks. Are you scanning this blog or actually reading it. Try to follow the bouncing ball, umo. *sigh*



I loved your show and I hope you get on around here again.

Thanks for the last few years.


Several people have accused Lou Pate of teasing, ridiculing, slamming and insulting Bryan Styble. So far nobody has supplied a direct quote of any derogatory remark.


hahaha Do you expect Pate to say something like "wow that Styble is a freakin' idiot!! "Pate's a sly, sneaky roofrat not a straightshooting cowboy. Pate has repeatedly insulted and dissed Bryan wihtout using his name, but at the same time leaving no doubt he's insulting Styble.. That's the way he does it. I'm not going to spoonfeed you by repeating how he has done it. Go back to previous posts on the subject and reread them.


Hey Mac, you buy Pate the bus ticket and I'll drive him to the airport!

Doesn't he remind you of someone who was always on the outside looking in and resents everybody? Maybe he had dyslexia and never felt successful in first grade, or a mother who didn't like him. He just has nothing good to say about anybody except how much he likes that other bully, George Bush.

Honestly, he reminds me of somebody who just never was liked very much as a kid.

Sally A Arany



Darn, Lou! I thought you had something interesting about Erin! I miss her so . . .

david billings




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