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January 27, 2006



that's too bad - I'm one of those (apparently very few) who found erin to be very entertaining a good portion of the time - of course, it doesn't hurt that I lean heavily toward agreement with her politics.

I'm glad, however, that "When Radio Was" is back - I sorely missed it...just wish it had gone over to the "Truth" or somewhere, and left Erin in her spot.

Ah, well...Erin & Mike are gone. Dave Ross has been neutered (and I do mean to describe that as an action).

Does anyone not see a distinct pattern in all of this? First, Ross loses the election, and that gives the opportunity to afternoon-drive-time slot him (with those traffic & weather updates taking half the punch out of his show), then Mike Webb is charged with insurance fraud and quickly canned (not terribly fraudulent a firing, but they were quick). And now, Erin is gone.

Short of the unlistenable 9 to noon host, what other non-conservative political voice is there on KIRO anymore?

A frightening thought has just occured - next, Brian Maloney will come back :p

Terry S.

Erin could be pretty boring and annoyoing, but she was liberal. Her dryer cord, that darn dog, her petty day to day made for some tiresome radio. But she was a progressive, and though I didn't listen to her-, I liked having her there.


Even more Entercom cost-cutting. You can't get rid of Hart and keep Shiers and give Styble a show. Time for new management.


Also could be a purge of union supporters. Hart should thank Webb for removing it and taking away her job.


Finally, "When Radio Was" on at a decent hour. The listening audience for that time slot has just increased dramatically,and since its all taped radio plays, Entercom has definitely cut some overhead that wasn't paying back any dividends.


Oh my God, KIRO has been taken over by aliens who are determined to kill whatever is left of of a great radio station. I try really hard to remember to tune in to Dave Ross at 3pm. It is just that the sound bites that he is allowed between the interruptions are so hard to follow.
I hope Kiros loss will contribute to Air Americas success.

Now Erin Hart gone. I no longer go to sleep and wake up with Kiro. I am so sorry, Erin, but relieved also, I was worried that your long absence was due to some worsening of your mothers condition. I enjoyed your show more than you will know. Good luck, my dear.

Erin's MailMan

Critter is eating some crow. No?


Erin will get the 9-1pm slot (Mike Webb's). Wait and see.

Posted by: Critter | January 26, 2006 at 02:08 PM


It comes as a relief. I don't care that I liked her politics--she was UNLISTENABLE. Give me an intelligent, entertaining liberal talk show host in addition to Dave Ross, and I'll listen.


I want moderates. I'm tired of listening to made up minds. Damnit.

Chad Stanley

I'm concerned with how a regular live-show is being replaced by yet another syndicated budget saver. THAT's depressing.

I first got into Erin during the '00 elections; although I often found her shrill and antagonistic, she was never boring. And if she tempered her 'neener neener' nature abit, she could be a solid, entertaining debator. Aw well...truth be known, I kind of stopped listening to her because she started to sound predicable to me. Although, her show (and the chat room in particular) were a good time on a Sunday night - circa 2000 to 2002.

What a corporate meltdown. I ask of everyone here; do you CARE about ANYONE on this station anymore (beyond Dave)? You take out the mirth (Allan), you take out the theatrics (Erin) and you take out the snarl (Mike) and whattaya got? Boring ass, patty cake talk radio with the likes of John Cappuccino. NICE guy, but please...the last thing we need is another stable of Tony Ventrellas (who is currently burning it up on Comcast's local community news update...whoo hooo). Gimmie CHARACTERS, or gimmie death! Zut allors.


psssst...michael....i scooped ya again :-)


Erin Hart is a moron and when morons speak the majority of the people don't listen and when the majority of the people don't listen then you get fired. It's that simple. I am a conservative, but I can say that I do like listening to Dave Ross because I can tell he puts thought into his arguements. With Erin Hart and Mike Webb you can tell they are blinded by pure hate and therefore it really makes their shows seem pretty moronic. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Arthur Ruger

KIRO is one of the few Seattle radio stations I can get this for south. I'm too far out from Seattle and Portland to get the Air America stations from either city.

When you contact them, tell them the Washington Coast wants to know if garbage will replace the weekend quality they just threw out.

blathering michael

Pssst, Sparky...as always, I hadda verify it, then write it up...I can't just stick stuff up because I get an email. A reader sent me the letter at 8a. For some reason, I was not on her list this time...I get a lot of hoaxie stuff- people would love to get me to post something that was false...


You are not alone, tj. I enjoyed Erin as well. KIRO hires someone like Bryan Styble and takes off Erin Hart. Are they on crack.

I seldom listen to KIRO of late, but will not listen at all anymore. What a sad state of affairs.

When radio was??? You've got to be kidding! I knew people could committ suicide, but I didn't realize radio stations could. KIRO is on the way out.


Erin's Mailman...

Nope, not eating crow. I gave my opinion (guess) and I was wrong. It happens. I used my brain and chose Erin as Mikes replacement. KIRO used the other end and let her go.

Erin's MailMan

KIRO used "the other end?" Wouldn't that be their feet? Actually, I don't think you used your brain you went with what your heart wanted (subtle pun intended). Erin also got poor ratings, and she was passed over when open time slots many times in favor of the likes of Webb, Fred Ebert, etc. so this outcome was no surprise.


It is corporate radio and that's that. Those of you who are so smug and happy that she's gone have so many right-leaning programs to which you can listen, why begrudge those of us who like a little liberal radio?

Sparky, 'nuff gloating! You're the one that told me not to worry. Remember?

I'm feeling pretty down right now. She wasn't great, and I often took issue with her delivery - but not her politics.

Damn, you guys. Does anybody still have that web address for Mike Webb's stream . . . I'm desperate!


One more thing . . . Does anybody out there like Frank Shiers?

He claims to be an expert in everything! He reads one book and "has all the facts!" I can't tell you how many times he comes off as this "expert teacher" who knows "the jargon." His jargon is as obsolete as his ideas.

His dad was a judge so he knows the law. I'll never forget the time a lawyer corrected his conclusion based on his "knowledge of the law." He is just so bad!!!!!

I do not listen to him much but did early on. I tried to give the guy a chance.



Andrew sez, "I want moderates. I'm tired of listening to made up minds."

Wow, ever listen to your own rants? You're so far to the left fringe that you make a main stream Democrat sound absolutely reasonable.

Roger Derry

They run KIRO now like a 250-watt peanut whistle in Iowa.

"When Radio Was" in any daypart other than as overnight fill is just shitty programming.

Then they wonder why cumes and advertising are down...


Finally another idiot is off the air on Kiro.




Hopefully, this will work for you. If not, just go to mikewebb.org and click on the microphone.

Erin was at KIRO for years; she must have been doing something right, eh? I guess KIRO wants to be the new ALL conservative talk radio. So be it.

Good luck, Erin, you'll do just fine where ever you go.


joanie..not gloating really....just teasing BM that I got the email this early this morning. It seems that someone else even scooped ME...I didnt care for her show but I certainly dont wish her any ill will....she didnt take vacation back when all the others did and I really did believe she was just on her vacation rotation. But the way KIRO has been screwing around with the hosts, I guess Im not really surprised it happened. I can't believe that Dave Ross will be around much longer.


AND now Im not sure what I will listen to on late Saturday night. I kinda like " When Radio Was"--or some of it, and it gave me something to listen to instead of Dr. Strangelove on KGO... time for the CD's or KING fm I guess...


I enjoyed listening to Erin. She was articulate and had command of the facts. She also had a human side she would share with the listeners, which I guess a number of the hardcore folks here didn't appreciate. In either case, I enjoyed the occassional break. I'm in Ca. & would listen to the show because the weekend is pretty slow when it comes to live progressive talk. Erin will be missed!!


http://www.mikewebb.org/ is where you can listen to Mike between 9 PM and 11 PM Monday through Friday.

It is too bad that both Erin and Mike are off 710KIRO. I liked listening to liberals that have fire in their belly and are not afraid to confront moronic, bed-wetting, cowardly, conservatives who would give up freedom for a little safety, so everything Bush and company says is great. Neither Mike nor Erin would let them get away with it.

Did I alway like listening to them, no, but for the most part they were what I was looking for. Did I get upset with their rantings, no. As time went by under Bush, I could understand their rantings and anger. It is frustrating to hear and see lie after lie coming from Bush and company and nothing being done to stop it. So I can understand Mike and Erin getting upset. Dave Ross is boring, there is no fire there with him, even though I like Dave I don't go out of my way to listen to him, especially now that he is in the afternoon.

So I guess I will be listening to Mike on the internet for now.


Here's a scenario for you all to contemplate. I have absolutely no inside (or outside) information to lead me to think this will happen, but it's worth considering:

When Dave Ross' contract with KIRO runs out, he goes to KUOW, who build a show around him for syndication through the NPR satellite. Producer Tina goes with him.

It would be a great match. Dave is best doing longer-form material, and he doesn't need to take phone calls all the time. His CBS slot gives him the national reputation to convince other stations to buy the show. And KUOW has the resources to support him.

This leaves KIRO without a marquee daytime host, so they go back to a PM drive-time news block in order to grab the non-baseball audience from KOMO. They also have the former Ross salary available to hire an A-list host for 9-noon.

Of course, this assumes that there are any A-list hosts out there.


Dave is wasted where he is. It is the only time I can listen but I'm so sick and tired of interruptions that I don't listen anymore. So, I wish he would go to another station. He's better than KIRO.

Love your hypothesis. Wouldn't it be great if it really happened?


kind of happy to see both mike and erin go (nothing personal).

They were both of the same angry-yet-boring mentality that makes people like Michael (Ginsburg) Savage and Randy Rhodes near intolerable (IMHO).

So good on KIRO for getting rid of the whiners, but unfortunately they've left us with dummies. I'm going to cry if I hear the phrase "New Hawk Vinnie" one more time.

Oh my god - it actually says "New Hawk Vinnie" on the website. I am crying now.

I'll take Dori Monson over Ron and Don - crap I'll take Frank Shires.

How about KOMO gives Ken Schram is own show - maybe mornings? Ken may be always pissed off - but he can think ahead to the next sentence. Maybe hire away Dave Ross for the real commute hours (4-7pm)?

I have a problem believing that Seattle can't support at least one local not-entirely-conservative talk radio station. KIRO is just about dead to me.


"When Radio Was"...KIRO has cornered +80 year old market.


KIRO management has just removed my final reason for listening. That station is useless to me now. The only thing left to do is send a letter to each of KIRO's sponsors explaining that I will no longer be using their service/product because of their support for KIRO. I will let Mr. Clendening know this as well since all he understands is money.


Rev said:

"Dave is best doing longer-form material, and he doesn't need to take phone calls all the time."

"Taking phone calls" from listeners is what makes a talk show interesting; different points of view. Otherwise, you just have somebody ranting and raving for 3 or four hours...like Randi Rhodes or Mike Malloy.


Steve, I totally agree! KIRO is now useless! Nothing left worth listening to. I flipped the dial for an hour last night and found nothing; nada, zip, zero, zilch!

I love to listen to Air America but don't want to leave my computer running all night so I'm talk-show-less for now. How sad.


joanie, try this...

Mike's Stream


Those who don't care for Frank Shiers must like the departed far left hosts (Webb and Erin Hart). Shiers is closer to middle of the road than any of the departed bodies at KIRO and is more civil to callers than most talk show hosts - he just doesn't take any ideological garbage like the others seem to worship around here.

I like entertainment also - the jury is out on Ron & Don - they are probably more sports and maybe comedy - as far as comedy goes, Adam Corolla is probably the best on radio. "New Hawk" Vinnie is exuberant on sports, so why doesn't he turn it into a sports show and Stay away from Politics ?

I find Ken Schram entertaining, though I don't always agree with his views - he and John Carlson (who I find bland by himself) will team up for 2 hours on weekdays, which could be entertaining and maybe interesting. Dori and Dave appear to be the mainstays on KIRO otherwise it borderlines on drek at certain other times of the day.


One has to wonder if the Entercom people have a clue about the history of this station - because it seems they don't know what they're managing. I've never seen so many casualities in such a short time. It would appear that talk radio is in a huge transition phase: we have the extreme of the Ron and Don show (frankly I just can't stand being yelled at during a radio show - thats ONE way you can guarantee I'll not listen), and then you have Dave Ross with all the class in the world, but is practically reduced to to the level of his earlier job years ago of just doing the news.

Where is talk radio going to land? Its not clear yet: KIRO is experimenting, without any sense of purpose or direction.

I happen to do radio, and would love a chance at KIRO, but I'm of the ilk that tries to to help people, not bash them. I can tell you that when this kind of radio is done, the hosts never have to worry about whether or not their callboard is lit up. The last time I looked, talk radio includes audience participation. I, for one like to participate in something more than adding my comment to the heaps of other comments about political issues.

Its getting old - we need something else to talk about KIRO - like perhaps how human beings can inspire others...


Vicky Gee

One less ultra liberal gone!!! Yeah!!!!!! bring back Biran Malone, at least he spoke the truth, and was not afraid to share his views. A courageous guy.


Ah,KS, perception is all! I think Frank is anything but middle of the road. When progressives call in, instead of honest conversation, he starts manipulating the discussion to the point where he is overbearing.

He makes a pretense of neutrality. His arrogance and condescension make him unlistenable for me.

Interesting how we see the same people so differently, isn't it?


To Vicky Gee,
With so many conservative hosts on radio, why are you so gleeful that we progressives have lost one? I just don't get tht. I've never joyfully celebrated the loss of a host that conservatives like. I don't like them so I don't listen.

There are some conservative hosts that I think lie and I'd like them to be gone. But, I think diversity - something for everybody - is fine.


Only someone who actually likes Brian Baloney would think that Erin was an ultra-liberal..golly


Liberal radio fails again in Seattle. Isn't it interesting that the highest rated show on 710 Kiro is Libertarian / Conservative Dori Monson. So even in a cesspool of Liberal bias good quality hosts can still draw a crowd. BTW - Who in the world thinks Dave Ross is a "Moderate"? Name one moderate or conservative position he has.

Mike Barer

Unlike Mike Webb, Erin could disagree with her callers without getting personal. She will be missed.


Great observation, Mike. I think she brought some intelligence to the debate as well.

If you know Burl Barer and I imagine that you do, thank him for his reappearance on Blatherwatch! It was nice to hear from him! I bet he's still got that great voice!


Does anyone listen to Mike Malloy on Air America? OMG! What a garbage mouth! I finally find a liberal to listen to and his language would make Satin blush. Who's left worth listening to? I can't find anyone. :(


Ooopsie! I meant, Satan, not "Satin." :)


I am so disappointed in KIRO! I was hoping that one day Erin would be the woman to break into the all-male battle of the talk show hosts.

I can't think of one KIRO program that is worth listening to anymore.


This just stinks to high heaven. And they kept that boorish windbag (redundant, I know) Shiers? I would never listen to him.

KIRO is done.

Stephen Schwartz

To start with ...

there should bea boycott movement for Tom Douglas restaurants.

Or .. how about a sit in, invite Erin and order the water and tooth pick special?

Who are Kiro's sponsors?


Her shows were predictable: Bush is guilty because _____. She could always find a guest for her point of view but never a counter view. She had a superior "don't question me" attitude and was a Mike Webb wannabe.

I think KIRO is starting to learn that they need to appeal to all bases, not just a niche. Look at the John Carlson/Ken Schramm matchup. It appeals to both sides, not just one.

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