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December 28, 2005



I knew Sparky would win something...As far as KPTK, they still could bring in a local host as Franken will no-doubt run for Congress, (theres still time while KIRO is on the ropes)

KPTK also needs to fill in more local ads and less PSA's that repeat every half-hour about COPD coughing and Junior Achievement...


Some of the PSA's on KPTK are really weird...

Am I alone in my amazement that "pesticides in your children's classrooms" have become a major problem in this country?

And that kids need to have breakfast EVERY DAY so as not to lose vital minerals needed to keep focus?

Chad Stanley

For me, the single most teeth grindingly bad commercial of '05 has to be the Lomas Lasic Eye Surgery Center.

"Do you want to be driven completely insane? OF COURSE YOU DO!"

I couldn't help but imagine how that recording session went down:
"no...speak faster...with passion"

And I couldn't imagine how much sick quiche the ad executive made on that sale; what was it, 4-5 times/hour for several months? Sheesh!

On a sidebar, I'd be interested to hear from ad executives for KPTK. How aggressive is the station towards cultivating ad revenue, and how difficult is it to court yer big money gutter helmeted guys?


My favorite ad is by the Portage Bay Cafe, offering the Geoge Bush Special: If you make 200k of better, you get a nice discount. Pretty funny.


Dave Ross the best talk show radio host? a lefty? He struck me as a trianglating weenie. Shortly before the monorail vote went down, he had mostly anti-monorail people on his show. He also said that we'll probably never know if Bush lied about WMD's. You gotta be kidding.


Golly! I never won anything before!!

I will add to the list of awful commercials...the " See Clearly Method" which eschews wearing glasses so you can see ( " have you noticed that when you start to wear glasses, your eyesight gets worse over time???") the lady who marvels that just last week she had ugly curled yellow toenails, and the one that sends me screaming is the one where the actress talks like a baby when she explains what SAND is to her "son." Maybe the sales staff is young and they aren't aware of businesses that are progressive...why not try places like Trader Joe's?


The worst commercials of the year on Seattle Radio have to be the ones for that car dealer in Idaho. Not only are they products of the "if you yell at your listeners, maybe they will do business with you" school, but they're in Idaho! How many people are going to buy a new car that they have to drive more than 300 miles to get it home?


Strange, of your Three Most Narcissistic Talk-Jocks, two are gone. Coincidence?


"Quit freakin', call Beacon" really grates on me. I may remember the rhyme but I'll call another commercial line. (I don't remember what they sell!)

Lazy Murrow

Reader Comment of the Year? And I didn't even have to slip you a fin! Pour me a sardini, I'm all at sea! And best fishes to you Michael, I'm hooked on this blog and I'll continue to drop a line now and then.



The power of Adotta compels you!




Yeah yeah



I must say I am disappointed. No mention of Mr. Bryan "Rhymes with Bible" Styble anywhere! Couldn't you have made up a Worst category especially for him? I thought we were in agreement that he stinks!?!

Seriously though, great list - keep up the good work next year!


Great dig at Drudge and Sharkansky! What right do they have to have a blog?! Don't go changin' old boy!

p.s. Stealing company laptops and putting them on Ebay usually gets anyone fired from Fisher. You know who to ask.


Listener sez, "The worst commercials of the year on Seattle Radio have to be the ones for that car dealer in Idaho. Not only are they products of the "if you yell at your listeners, maybe they will do business with you" school, but they're in Idaho! How many people are going to buy a new car that they have to drive more than 300 miles to get it home?"

How many people? Over 6 thousand a year. Employs over 80 internet sales people. Largest Dodge dealer in the USA. Has a shuttle pick up customers at the Spokane airport for those who fly in. One price, no haggling. Sells a lot of cars to customers who live far more than 300 miles away.




Lump, that's interesting. I wonder why they dont include that information in their commercial? If I knew I only had to go as far as Spokane and was provided a free shuttle that would make a difference. Otherwise, it does sound kind of odd to advertise so far away. On that same note, I drove from Everett to Vancouver ( WA ) to buy my truck because the sales tax there is still only 6. something...anyone know what the sales tax is in Idaho?? Do we still have to pay exise tax when we buy big ticket items out of state?

David Boze

I wanted to thank you for the honor of being selected "LONGEST LEAP IN THE SHORTEST SPACE 2005" winner. I shall treasure it always. Or briefly. Or not at all. In any case, I am thinking that my award may bare a close resemblance to the Marisa Tomei Oscar for "My Cousin Vinny." Blatherwatch has forgotten that while I did hold the title of producer of the Mike Siegel Show, I also hosted weekdays 5-6am and, until Limbaugh came to KTTH, 11am-12noon. Armed with this not-so-new information, I will not hold it against Blatherwatch if it should choose to give the award to some more deserving recipient.

PS. In all seriousness, I did not elbow Mike Siegel out, nor did I trod on his memory. Mike graciously congratulated me on the promotion, and I hope listeners heard the same graciousness when on the air, we wished him well in his future endeavors.

blathering michael

we kid Dave Boze and Dan Sytman. Dave: thanks for the correction. We've heard your on-air graciousness concerning Siegel- my remarks were meant as a compliment- to help bolster the perception of your burgeoning clout in the local industry. I listen to you guys in the morning despite complaints from my family that I now get up pissed-off and mean. good job. look out Kirby!


This is a terrific blog, i'm so glad i found you! it's funny, and original and nobody else is doing this. i'm not even a liberal and i'll be back...


This year end review is great, I realy like the dueling Mike Siegel and Mike Webb Memorial awards.

Kublai Khan

You're an excellent writer. I loved the Parent Talk bit about freaky dancing.
Thanks to Mike Webb, I discovered this blog.


"Thanks to Mike Webb, I discovered this blog."

That's touching.


now we know why Lou Pate is number one late night ! hooty hoo is anybody out there it`s time for Komo to getter done !


Sparky sez, " Do we still have to pay exise tax when we buy big ticket items out of state?"

You won't pay any Idaho tax but when you get home, Washington will drop your knickers for you and bend you over the hitching post to extract their taxes. I was wrong about the over 80 internet sales staff. There are over 80 sales people including the internet staff and floor managers. I was in contact with them over buying a 2006 truck, but they didn't have a firm date and even though they had over 200 trucks on order, they didn't have the one I wanted and I would have had to special order it. No problem with that except we weren't able to come up with a build date and delivery. Not their fault, but Dodge was a little slow on the draw for new models. They've got cars crammed into every vacant building in Kellogg. If they have the vehicle you want, it's the place to buy.


My favorite radio spot line is incorporated into an ad for a company that administers employee benefits...

"Isn't it expensive?? NO, it's easy!"


I'm not sure how to feel about being "honored" as one of the "Ogreish conservatives". Thanks, I think....

Anyway, I keep coming back, so obviously something about this little blog appeals to me. Out of respect for the focus of the blog, I've refrained from posting anything the past few weeks. I've tended to pursue discussions on political and cultural issues, when the true purpose of the blog is to discuss Talk Radio. But, I do continue to read....

Mike Barer

I worked hard for Dave Ross and agree he was a victim of a nasty smear. I would look to you though to call him out for refusing to relinquish his talk show giving both Democrat and Republican rivals a chance to chip at his armour.


"...and the beloved liberals who don't hate our freedom like Andrew, Fremont and Chris, Joanie..."

Don't hate our freedom? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! To bad a couple of these people are the people that are doing everything they can to silence Rachel! What a load of liying trashloving liberal dog do!


In think it is time the institution limited internet access.

Posts from last year are being resurrected.


it just feels like it, Liz :-)


I setup my seo company during these times.

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