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December 22, 2005



Mr Webb comes accross as rather paranoid.


From his own mouth so it must be true: "I was shocked by this," Webb said. "It would take an absolute idiot to try to defraud someone like that."


Who would want to damage this guy? He is a self inflicted wound. He gives the left a pain in the side because he is so stupid.

KIRO listener

Har har har! I hope Webb goes down hard. Wait, he goes down on hard ones all the time...


Mike Webb says he was hacked. That is the worst excuse since I told the teacher the dog ate my homework.


Regarding Rush to KIRO . . . does anybody think that's true?

I would think having a station devoted to centrist thinking would be more addictive to listeners than one during which people are constantly changing channels. As a very left liberal, Dave is centrist enough for me! I would think a station would want to attract all-day listenership and that won't happen if one show is right, the next left and then somebody in the center. Call me biased, but Rush is dishonest and I can't listen to dishonest rhetoric just to claim I'm balanced in my listening choices. There's balanced and then there's stupid. Rush represents stupid to me.

I was thinking as I wasn't listening to Shiers the other night nor to Pate, what if KIRO thinks they'll do better with a right leaning station. Is that the way they're going? God help us!

Do you all think I'm getting hysterical for nothing?


Yes, Mr. Webb and perhaps angels will fly out your ass and NASA find confirm that the moon is really made of green cheeze!


joanie, I just want to know what makes you think Dave is a far left liberal....


Reply to Joanie:
You are hysterical. Centrist thinking means you are afraid to commit to anything. I have more respect for people who say they are liberal or conservative. Then debate can happen. I am conservative. But I like to listen to the left and I want a passionate liberal speaking their views, even if I don't like what is being said. You are closed minded if you cannot listen to the other side. Rush, Kirby Wilber, and Hannity speak for conservatives. With no hate in their hearts. Dave Ross speaks for the left not the center. Get off the fence and choose. And respect the other point of view even if you don't agree. Then we can yell and scream at each other with passion and that feels good! Oh and stay away from those Air America morons. They do not represent the left well at all. Mike Webb would fit there very well.


Sparky, I don't think he is at all. That's what I meant when I said he is as centrist as I want to listen to. I think he is liberal but not nearly as left as I am. I like his even-handedness. But, the right thinks he is left which tells you how skewed their side has become. No, I think he is factual and centrist in his approach to issues. That's what I love about him.

I don't listen to Monson or Shiers or Pate. That causes me to cruise the dial except from 3-6 and my point is that I would like to just leave it on KIRO if they would comply by providing more talk that is factual, informative and centrist. Sure, I listen to Webb and Hart and Jeffers because they are preaching to my choir. Dave, who does test my thinking, is centrist. (Jeffers tries to be but he just talks too much!)

In a long winded way I'm saying that I think a station with a point of view - be it centrist to left or centrist to right - attracts more loyal listeners than one which changes it's persona every three hours. I'd be happier if it was more consistent.

Hope I've clarified a little:)


Geez. Dave. you are just the rhetorical fool I'm talking about. I don't want to scream like a banshee to the other side. I just want to hear informative and thought-provoking discussion that has some merit in its rationale. Dave is a democrat; obviously, he ran as a democrat. But to put him in the left is ridiculous. I'm as far left as is possible on most issues and he's not there.

You don't want an informed discussion, you want entertainment. That's what Hannity and Rush do. They lie, distort, omit and thereby entertain. If that feeds your political thinking, then it is easy to understand the state of our union right now. And you are welcome to it.

I want rational, reasoned thinking based on reality. I don't want to be entertained by fiction when it comes to politics.

Sparky, Dave is a perfect example of the right's inability to discern centrist from left. I want centrist and lots more of it! But I want centrist to left without any of the right-wing entertainment thrown in for fun.


thanks for the clarification...!!
Im lucky...with a cable modem I am able to stream all sorts of stations far and wide and am not limited to local radio. That is why I have not entered the debate too much..I dont have to listen to KIRO because I have other options.


I think that is a nice alternative, but how much local talk do you get doing that? My problem with Air America is the lack of debate on local issues. How do you deal with that?


Joanie, I dont live in the Seattle metro area. Much, but not all, of what is discussed on local stations like KIRO or KVI does not affect me directly. I keep up on the local issues that do affect me by reading my local paper and reading blogs that originate in the PNW. Because of my frustration with the lack of commuter rail or other transportation alternatives, and because I got tired of gridlock, I moved out of the city. My taxes are lower here, prices are cheaper and so my tax money and disposable income are spent in this area or in Portland. I listen to national or Portland stations --KIRO sends it signal north at night anyway, so it doesnt come in here.


Thanks for the response. Truthfully, I just love political talk radio. I'm a political junkie and like it via the radio. There are hundreds of options for gaining information; but, I'm addicted to the format. I go back to the old Mike Siegel days on KING when he was the reigning king of liberal (believe it or not!) talk radio. When possible, my other fave format is CSpan. I love the inside stuff!

So, what you have in me is just a person who is finding it harder and harder to get that radio fix. Woe is me . . . (LOL) I know I take it too seriously sometimes; but, we are in a serious situation in this country. It is hard to stay out of the action. Also, we sure don't need more right-wing talk radio.

BTW, Birch Bay, north of Bellingham, (where I have a summer place) doesn't get KIRO either. I guess it can't cross the mountains up there. So much for their 50,000 watt superstation!


Anywhere near the Canadian border I listen to 690 ( CBC am Radio 1) or 105.7 CBC Radio 2 FM

I am a political junkie too, but as I listen more and more to national radio, or people like Thom Hartmann, it just accentuates the amaturish talent in Seattle....but, to each his or her own. I know a lot of people like what Seattle has to offer and I respect that.

blathering michael

Joanie, Dave: I love this debate about extremist, centrists, ideologs, pragmatists, passionate, dispassionate. It's great to have passionate ideologs on both sides, but when push comes to shove in the business of governing- our American system grinds them down to the middle, the work gets done in consensuses-built, trades-off, a half loaf at a time. Without going into the obvious pitfalls and problems, -it's always way too slow for the passionate among us, but it works and it's lasted. Ideologs don't last long as politicans.


Webb's computer was hacked by Lou Pate.


Dave implies that taking a side, either right or left, means you have consistant convictions and that if you are in the middle you are a waffler. So here's my question: why do Christians buy themselves plazma screen TVs, luxury cars and just about anything that's unnecessary rather than donate all that money to his neighbors in need and Jesus would have? Did I miss something or are they telling Jesus to fuck off?

I think this means that alot of people who think they have solid conviction don't ponder how their conviction aplies to all areas of their life beyond just the political hot buttons.

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