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December 07, 2005


bifocal boy

WOW, Lou disappeared........This is good news. I hope Entercum has finally seen the light and sent his hatefull, know-it-all, egotistical ass down the road. If true, this could be the fist step in KIRO healing itself. Now, cut some of the damned chatter and get back to the news format you had years ago. Start by trying to regain the Mariners broadcasts when the KOMO contract is up.


duh, me former buzz listener, and me mash keys with meaty fists because me no understand big words written on screen!!!

Thanks you from me for telling me what big words mean!!!!

Me also sad that leykis is gone. Me cried so much, me didn't have time to pickup a skank and tell her me rich. Me isnt!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Me go now, there bright light off to the side that is distrating me!!! Is distracting a word?


David Williams

Is that Dori posting again?

A Real Broadcaster

This latest post just shows how LITTLE you know about what's going on, despite your "inside knowledge" inside Entercom or anywhere else. Lou Pate is caring for a family member on the East Coast. He DOES have a life, unlike you. No doubt this bit of truth will get your panties in a wade but so be it.


Actualy this goes to show that listeners are curious about what happens to radio hosts that they've been sold on, and that when radio management is secretive and hostile towards us listeners we 1) lose respect for them and 2) have to figure stuff out for ourselves which includes wild speculation, triangulation, theorizing, slander and assuming the worst case scenario is the most likely.

I know radio stations have been firing hosts when they walk through the door and doing the fuck you computer countdown format change for a long time but thankfully there's now a convenient blog that connects outraged listeners. The idea that people in the radio business are participating, if even through reverse rage, means we're winning the war on radio terror.

Frank Shiers' #1 fan EVAH EVAH

"...get your panties in a wade.."

A Real Broadcaster needs a Real Proofreader.

When's KIRO gonna have a Purity Products marathon? Please?!


I forgot to mention that we owe gratitude to the secret inside sources. Without them this blog wouldn't be the threat that it is.

blathering michael

Right on Andrew. We've had years of "real broadcasters" telling it like it is and virtually nothing got told. they're a secretive bunch hiding behind the curtain taking listeners for granted.

And to the evah inciteful, insightful Frank Shiers #1 Fan EVAH EVAH- you're right, if I were going wading, I'd rather be in my panties than get my pedal pushers wet- maybe disposables are the answer...

To the Buzz listeners: We kid the Buzz listeners.


Couldn't Lou Pate ( I hate Seattle) along with the ousted, ambigously gay GOP Spokane Mayor Jim West(Threatening to kill a building lobbyist)form the backbone for a new local lineup at KTTH along with the fat pants and O'Reiley?


Does anyone remember Leykis 10 years ago? I thought he was suppose to be the liberal answer to conservative talk radio. Now he is touting himself as a libertarian. Does anyone know or care?
By the way, am I the only one on this blog who likes his show?


I don't mind leykis' show in small doses, however the retarded callers really bring the show down, and the constant "take me out with a bong hit" gets really repetitive. But that's the demographic he's playing to, and it seems to work.

I do enjoy his back and forth with the feminazis who call in and think they can take on Tom.

One thing nobody is mentioning (probably because no one listened) was the wine show Tom did on the weekends, and the microbrew/cigar shows as well. I'll miss the comedy channel the buzz played on late nights and early mornings.

I'm tired of only having political talk stations available now. Radio just isn't worth listening to anymore.


I got tired of Leykis 7-8 years ago.

Occasionaly its good, but most of the time its just the one schtick over and over.

The only satisfaction I get from him is him weasiling out with 'its only a schtick' when someone nails him dead-center.

The mans a joke, and the fact that his show is popular makes me sad for the human race


He's like 49 years old, four times divorced, he gives tips on how to pick up ugly chicks for one night stands, and he talks to retards on the phone all day long but atleast he has a great radio voice and the rest of his life ahead of him.


Then again, doesn't conservative radio live or die by the same old "schtick"?

* Liberals are evil
* Hillary is evil
* Ted Kennedy is evil
* Christmas is under siege
* Bush is God
* They took yer jobs

Yet lots of folks continue to tune in for that stuff over and over again...


Trip sez, "Then again, doesn't conservative radio live or die by the same old "schtick"?

* Liberals are evil
* Hillary is evil
* Ted Kennedy is evil
* Christmas is under siege
* Bush is God
* They took yer jobs

Yet lots of folks continue to tune in for that stuff over and over again..."

That's just more bullshit from the lefties. We on the opposite side of the political spectrum know,

Liberals are cowards.
Hillary is a lying weasel.
Ted Kennedy is just a joke.
Christmas is under siege.
Bush is not god, but certainly a moral person.
Whose jobs?


umm, if you mean 'me' by 'you folks', you'd be wrong.

I'm 90% turned off on broadcast radio in general. Most of it is crap anyways, and saying 'Leykis is no worse than Limbaugh' is the same as saying 'Leykis is no better than Limbaugh'. I wouldn't listen to either because they're both narrowcast crap derive their successes solely from good radio voices and narrowcasting to particular fetishes.


which is worse? Rightie ego-masturbation, or a Leykis' fans literal masturbation?


The only cowards I see are the ones who promoted the war and haven't signed up.

I don't know about Hillary,I wouldn't vote for her but for other reasons, most people who claim she is evil or a weasel are men and most men threaten easily.

Ted Kennedy has been re-elected so many times

Christ-mas is under siege? LOL! by whom? Wal-Mart? Bushler sent out his hoilday cards with pictures of his dogs and no mention of the christ day so boo-fuckin hoo! (Laura Bushler also wished everyone "Happy Holidays" ROFL!)

Bush is a LIAR


Lump, Santa wont bring you nuthin but coal if you keep that up.

Peter North

Is Allen Prell still around?


"Bush is not god, but certainly a moral person."

Jesus H. in a pickle jar...sigh. OK, one more time for the slow kids in the back.

* No WMDs
* No bin Laden
* 2100 GIs dead
* Billions in the hole
* Keen on torture
* Katrina
* Tolerates traitors in his own house

I mean, seriously. Please think of the children and up the dose your meds.

Gerri Fallbad

Bush does mean well.


Tonight on KIRO TV, KIRO 710 ran a commercial for their Morning News with Dave Ross both on camera and doing voice over.

Could just be the most distinctive voice (the voice of KIRO), or

Could be an indication they are moving Ross back to mornings and want to link them up again (After all, KIRO was king of talk based upon a good morning news show leading into Ross).

You decide.

Personally, I can't see Rush on KIRO. He works best on all conservative radio. It just doesn't seem the right fit for either (and it is not like Rush is doing that great around hear anyway right now).

blathering michael

Dori Monson does not, would not, announce programming changes on BlatherWatch.


I'm moving to satellite radio.


Uh,.... What the heck is a "shana putrim"? Isn't that one of the terms that should be translated for Buzz listeners?


So glad Dori reads this blog. Now we can be sure that Dori knows how many listeners puke at the sound of his voice. He is an opportunist with the brains of a jock trying to become some sort of political force.
Even Procachino is better than Dori and he has just started. Its going to catch up with you Dori, and you will be exposed for the dunce you are.


What's amazing is, in contrasting the two, how much better Procachino is than Frank Shiers. It goes to show that you either have it or you don't. Shiers dunt have have it, and I hope KIRO doesn't throw him upon us again. I hope that all the bad things that can happen in the world happen to Frank Shiers, and nobody but Frank Shiers.

Dori Monson acting like he matters is just part of his schtick. He's knows his show and opinion doesn't matter to people who do matter, he just pretends it does for the benefit of his listeners. His primary audience is sheeplike conservatives who are looking for reasons to congratulate themselves and hate on anyone who wears glasses.


"Shanya Punim" means pretty little face, little cute face, etc.


I just don't think that Robin and Maynard are as good or funny as they used to be.


They were back when they were on The X (KXRX) but then so was a lot of Seattle talent. I think spinning records on their previous shows worked better for them.

P-1 Stern Fan (gettin Sirius)

Andrew says:

"I hope that all the bad things that can happen in the world happen to Frank Shiers, and nobody but Frank Shiers."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!! That is the funniest thing I have read on this blog in a VERY long time!!


What cracks me up about Dori is how, when he learns a big word, he has to use it constantly to show us how smart he is.

Don't waste your effort, Dori; most of the people who you want to impress don't listen to you and wouldn't be impressed by your pretentions to being an intellectual anyway.

The reason very few politicians won't go on Dori's show is because he may or may not be polite to them to their faces but once they're off the air and can't answer back, he proceeds to demean and belittle them. No wonder he can't get anyone to come on-air with him.

Chad Stanley

I don't religiously tune into Lou's show; I consider him kinda 'Johnny one-note' with the east coast outsider schtick. But I was concerned...very concerned...when all I heard was Bryan Styble.

As noted above in the thread, it's Entercom style to yank'em and cop a corporate attitude. I really thought the poor chap had it.

Of course, this was exacerbated by Bryan's pathetic on-air performance. Forget politics - I'm not even clear on his politics and I don't care. I couldn't stand to hear him stammer and tap dance, desperate for one call, any call. Kind of like Tom Arnold on an all night coke bender. Again, what the @#$% was this guy all jacked up on at 1:45 in the morning? Run on sentences, catching his breath - he sounded like a college radio rookie on his first show.

Amazingly, it was sweet music to hear Lou back on the air. Sure sometimes it sucks, but I'm comfortable with its familiarity. Kinda like the 99cent menu at Mickey Dees.

As much as many hate Dori, me thinks that the windows will rattle and the voices rise if/when he moves on. Folks don't like ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.


Why is it whenever KIRO hires someone with the name Brian ( or Bryan) they suck?


Afternoon radio has become so dismal in the Seattle market, I actually tuned into Air America for the first time yesterday on my drive home. Some gal was filling in for Al Franken

Like a thirsty castaway in the middle of a vast ocean, drinking urine....

Somebody save me!


That "gal" is Rachel Maddow, who has her doctorate from Oxford University and has had radio shows in California and New York. She is highly intelligent and well-read...you should tune in again and really listen to what she has to say.

Eric t

John Pinnoccio or whatever the failed actors name is, had the audacity to say "in fact, in more cases than not, we are finding that we are executing innocent people"! Oh really! Of course as is true with most liberals, there are no facts to back up the lie and he won't be called on this misstatement by the liberal dominated media. Or KIRO. Rest in hell Tookie! 25 years too late.


Newly tested DNA evidence which was uncovered in old cases that resulted in death penalties showed that the executed was innocent on one or more occasions and that some people who were actively on death row were innocent. I saw a show about it on the Discovery Channel. The organization that discovered it was lead by lawyer Barry Scheck.

If you realy care enough you can Google it and know everything you want to know about it. I might be a liberal but I'm not your god damned fact checker.


Seabeck, I can totally relate! I'm an addicted listener who's constantly cruising for intelligent talk and it is getting harder and harder to find! Also, I'm sick of commercials!

Try listening to Thom Hartmann in the mornings because he's so good! He's got his facts down and he takes on his guests but in a respectful way. I love him.

Dori Monson is an opportunist and sure does bad mouth his guests as soon as they leave the air. Notice his callers are all under educated, slime-mouthed dullards just like him? I listen to him for sometimes up to half an hour before I've had enough and switch to NPR which is pretty good listening in the early afternoon.


Dori thinks he's clever because he notices and raises issue when people use the same words over and over in an interview like "ya know" or whatever. It's just goes to show that substance isn't his strong suit.

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