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December 01, 2005



This is corporate mentality at its worst. I'm sorry, but I hope that this falls on its corporate ass...and I'm a Republican.



Good riddance to bad trash. He's ridden the 'lonely male losers in their twenties' demographic for waaay too long. Even another country station is better than giving him airtime.


For a national talker Leykis was incredibly Seattle-oriented... it was almost like a local broadcast. He held listener parties here, half his calls seemed to come from here, he'd wax about Belltown or Pioneer Square (remarks that must've made zero sense to listeners in Balto or Dallas).

It makes NO sense to me to flip a unique, hard-hitting FM talk format in favor of another me-too C&W sound. You don't own ANY demo with country -- you have to go and wrestle six or eight other stations for it. Leykis and The Mens' Room had a total lock on young men in the PM drive/prime time slot; there was nothing else like it. And it should be mentioned that The Mens' Room always kicked off with a long, comprehensive, highly listenable newscast, often lasting 20 minutes. It was better-assembled than most KIRO or KOMO newscasts and in all likelihood gave their audience the only data they were ever gonna get about Iraq, civil rights, election law, etc.

I scanned the car radio dial last night after taking 100.7 off my radio presets and there's nothing else out there for Leykis/Mens' Room fans to migrate to. Nothing. Entercom, which already blew up KQBZ once about six years ago by firing Cashman, seems to have a real suicide impulse.


Last night I went to 100.7 to listen to Mens Room and heard shitty country music. Lets just say I was confused.

Whether you like him or not, Leykis got royally screwed. Tom was right, Leykis was very loyal to Seattle ever since I started listening to him back in 1996. Hopefully they find him another 3-7 time slot because 10-2 is too late for most people.

I just started listening to Mens Room and it is pretty good. I might continue to listen to it on KISW, but if it is going to be a mix of music and talk, then I might not.

Never was into BJ Shae, always sounded like a Leykis clone to me. I wont continue listening to 99.9 in the morning, most likely move to KUOW or something.


oh boy, just what we need. A bunch of teenage stoners calling BJ and the men's room telling them to play more nirvana. A whole lot worse than the teenage stoners calling BJ and screaming "I'm horny!!!"

The only reason Stern worked on kisw was because it was a syndicated show and the locals couldn't call in during showtime.

Now that it's all local, it's going to be a trainwreck.

Can't wait for the six month shuffle when the tanked ratings force intercom's hand once again. Maybe they will turn "the wolf" 100.7 into "el lobo" 100.7. 24/7 spanish music.


forgive my schadenfreude.

Either way its fascinating watching entercom continue to shoot itself in the foot... I mean, whats wrong with them?


Long live Robin and Maynard. Seattle at its best


Looks like Robin and Maynard have been aced out of a job by Entercom although I'm sure they'll pay them for the rest of their contract. I'm glad that bitch Robin Ericson got the rude and crude treatment in getting dumped the hell off the air. She deserves it just for filing that whiny, bogus lawsuit against B.J. Shea and The Buzz while they were both still at the station. She of the "I'm so tough" deep voice and malebashing comments. Besides the pair's humor is stale outdated, not that it was ever that good. It's all based on the "we're supercool ,and let's laugh at bumpkins and uncool people" school of comedy. I got over that in eighth grade.


Off topic but I think it it too bad that KEXP is pulling the Tacoma/Olympia simulcast transmitter, KOXT off the air after 2 years.


I can't believe the management of Entercom believes they will get the ratings in an already saturated country music market. Bring back Robin and Maynard, let the rest drift to KISW,and play your country after 10 am. I've got more than one preset on my radio. Someone should look up when their FCC license is coming due and provide comments to the FCC about not serving the public. Then dump the moron in management who made the change the same way....with an electronic count down!

robnmay fan

wow what a shock but what gets sent around, comes back around. R&M fans are employed and not the degenerate pothead misogynists like BJ's rabble. R&M will come out with a bigger fan base than ever, & Ecom will regret this when they have a wake-up call from their largest financial loss ever. we country music fans are loyal, but even more so we remember injustice and disrespect, and thoroughly enjoyed our AM dose of R&M. the Ecom will not be forgiven anytime soon for this outrage, and they will feel it financially.


Sweet Mother of Koresh, I didnt know that Robyn and Maynard had a cult following!


I quit listening to the Buzz long ago on general principle (the principle being that I hate 9/10ths of their programming)

----->That being said, I have friends in Portland that are R&M fans...


My favorite thing is that this all ties in to your friend and mine - Mr. Bryan "Rhymes with Bible" Styble.

Read about it here.




I was just in shock when I turned on my car to listen to my usual amount of talk radio everyday and low and effing behold...COUNTRY music. I thought for a moment that it was just Robin and Maynard making fun of the retarted gabble that is routinely predictable, don't we have enough counrty music on the air?!?!? Well, then I thought it would pass...NOPE. NO TOM!!?! What the hell, then there was no Men's room.. I just love those guys. 100.7 the buzz has been a contstant form of entertainment for me in this world of talentless POP and the same fifty rock songs..eff country...I love music, but I'll listen to what I want when I want to. Talk radio has been a breathe of fresh air for the last two years. On top of all that! I live in North Bellingham and KISW has Shitty reception!!! And to riterate previous comment...BJ SHEA!?!? Total Tom Leykis Clone! Clone is too nice of a word, he doesn't even come close to a clone. He's boring and pretentious.
Another disappointed person


The Tom Leykis show was live yesterday. I was streaming from work from the link on his web site, but had to leave work just after 3pm (Pacific). I called and got right through to Tom's screener (Gary or Dean). I just said "I'm Chris from Seattle," and before he let me say anything else, he told me to keep listening, and that the "big question" was going to be asked. (*disconnect*) That gave me the impression Tom was going to talk about the BUZZ on his show that day, but I could not listen in my car. There is now a message on his web site indicating "check back often" regarding the BUZZ issue. Did any internet streamers hear him discuss the BUZZ or Entercom on his show yesterday (12/2/05)? What a friggin' radio void on the afternoon commute! I'm going to miss the stories about Company Christmas parties and drunk driver calls! I also agree, Robin's lawsuit against Entercom probably had much to do with their decision. My wife any I are probably out of the "prime demographic" now, but we both enjoyed his show. We also really enjoyed "The Tasting Room" on weekends, since we're both into fine wines.


Entercom got cold feet, finding the lively discussion on these shows too controversial. In an age of FCC nonsense, you could call this censorship, though indirect. The fan base here is huge. Entrcom ought to be embarrassed at its own cowardice and incompetence.


I enjoyed the buzz all day and found all the programs fun listening. When I heard country coming from 100.7, I thought it had to be a joke, but it just kept coming. I already have my country station, and the Wolf certainly won't get me. Desprate for answers, I tuned to 99.9 at 3:00 just in time to hear The Men's Room kicking off...ahhhh, relief. But wait. The greatness of the Mens Room was gone. No starting with the days news, no question of the day...just crap rock that I've never enjoyed listening to anyway. I think the Men's Room was a great program, now they've been turned into DJ's on a format I'll never tune in. I'll catch BJ in the am when he starts up again, but what a horrible mistake "sargeant hairclub" or whoever else was responsible for this shake up has made. In the meantime, all us Buzz fans are without the entertainment that made our days brighter.


Whether it be KPTK, KIRO or KTTH, it is obvious that management does not care what listeners want...weird

Dave Barr

BJ always seemed to stand for something, morning show schtick is not it.
Intercom has alienated those that only listen to talk by flip flopping music/talk, those that don't care for KISW type music AND those that want music only radio, seems very foolish.
I'm done, what's the number to XM radio?
Good luck BJ, very much enjoyed you and what you stood for, too bad for you.

A Jefferson

100.7 the buzz was a great radio station. As a member of the military, Before coming to Tacoma, I never listened to talk radio before. The format was outstanding and Tom made my evening.
BJ, RR and JR were refreshing to listen to in the afternoon. It is a shame that they had to go. I now have to hear music instead of all talk. What a shame bring back my all talk radio.

Mike in Marysville

I was not too attached to the rest of the programing on the buzz, But I want my Robin and Maynard! How can I face the day? First J.P. Patches on now this.


This move will surely affect Tom’s ratings considering that the average blue collar listener has to be in bed early in order to wake and clean the drains. Granted, I do like some of Tom’s topics (especially when he talks about the abundance of overweight women in Seattle), but some of his material can be boring. This must be a downer for Tom. He is always talking about Seattle as if it were his second home. It would be nice to see Phil Hendrie come back to this market.


I miss the freak show with Ronny T. Shortbus and crack head Chris. Why didn't they get the spot that BJ took? they were the pole that actually held up the decripled tent known as THE BUZZ! Anyone agree?


This is real bad. Lykis was ok in the afternoons, but Robin and Maynard really tied it together for me in the mornings. They're under contract until April, so who knows when we'll hear them again. It just ain't right...


I was astounded to wake uo to Country music when my alarm went off...(being used to waking to Robin and Maynard!) All we need is another Country music station! Robin and Maynard were fantastic and always brought my day into perspective! Such a great way to begin a day! This is SOooooooo sad. Be sure, I for one will never tune into that station again! I have several friends who say the same thing...we are NOT happy with the changes!

Spank McGee

Leykis was getting boring anyway, and I havent listened to him much in a few years. But then I havent had a drivetime job lately either.
BJ was ok, but mostly boring. Hearing Topshelf laugh was really grating, but the show was occasionally entertaining.

HOWEVER, Entercom is a lousy company run by eastcoast Pennsylvania fascists, so I dont know why anyone is surprised that they want to ram more of their stupid yokel country crap down our throats, even though that's not Seattle's demographic in the least. I guess they figure the suburbs and rural bozo areas will go for it. Just another example of how the people no longer own any of their own airwaves.
In case you didnt realize, this is a country run by yokel bonehead christians, so the only way to change your media is to change your Congress, and get them to reinstate the laws that kept companies like Enterhell from deciding what local radio markets want to hear. Stop crying and do something about it. The Buzz must have been losing a lot of radiotalk share to Air America, at least a percentage.
KTTH? does anyone in Seattle listen to that drivel? I think not, this is a blue state, but the fascists think they can change that by controlling what we can listen to on the radio. Its really disgusting.
Look up all the local stations that Entercom owns, and mass threaten to boycott them until they turn the Wolf into something we want to hear. Otherwise, just take the crap they forcefeed you.

paul zunker

how can i get bj shae here in canada[vancouver] on RADIO.


I couldnt believe the moronic change of programingI thought it was a farce!!
Robin and maynard got me to work through some treachorous weather that I would ormally have panic attacks in. BIENG FROM SOUTH FLORIDA!
Country Music is alright ,isometimes but there is plenty of it on other stations.
Nothing can compare to the BUZZ..
TOO BAD. its not on my radio program any longer.


Wahoo, go entercom, they combined a great talk station with, what I am told, was a great rock station, into a crappy station. Great job guys!

Van Conner

Phil Hendrie needs to be on the radio in Seattle. All of the radio stations around here have turned to crap.


I think Entercom has done more for promoting satellite radio than even Howard Stern has.

boy howdy

This is bullshit! CUNTtry yodel factory in place of good old fashioned talk radio? The wild wild west? PLEASE! Where the hell is vocal minority and The Freakshow on the buzz? WOLF? 100.7 the wolf? Fuck that man! That sucks ass! FREAK SHOW WHERE ARE YOU???

Tenney Rensvold

Getting rid of that asshole BJ was a good idea but the R&M show has been a pleasure to listed to. The trick to not just whine but hit the BUZZ or Wolf now in the pocket book by telling sponsors you will not buy their products. They will stop advertising and changes will be made. This is how the work works guys!


Any news on Leykis? I told my wife he should start advertising a Seattle (former) listener party on, uh... hmmmm. Well, maybe some other local radio stations (KCMS? KMPS?). Is the picture above the Buzzkill blurb on blowmeuptom.com providing some secret, subliminal message to his Seattle listeners?

Brad H.

Listened to the new show this morning, the one replacing Howard Stern. Well, didn't listen to the whole thing, I could only take about 35 minutes of it. What a bunch of IDIOTS! And who is the jackass with the hyena cackle of a laugh? Maybe if he saved his laugh for something every few minutes that could be considered as remotely funny - (that is, if something funny might be said...) that would be nice. But the way he came off this morning, laughing just because he had a mouth, what an idiot.

"Stupid is as stupid does" I guess Stupid now does radio on KISW in the morning...

Time to change the preset.

Paul M

We want B.J.and the Mens Room,Along with Tom,back on the air In Victoria bc.The talk radio we are left with is so bad it makes me want to
go with satellite radio. Dr.Joy Brown and sports talk
doesn`t cut it.

michael n

Well I just moved here in July, But since I moved here I have come to some revelations. First I studied music in college back in 1994, You know what the goal of every musician was back then, not to move to Cleveland (Rock and Roll capitol) but move to seattle. That is were real music is being made and really good rock lives. Imagine my surprise when I move here and realize there are more country, easy listening, and spanish stations then rock or even (cant believe I am saying this) POP. Has seattle become Grandpas city. SEcond I feel in love with all of the Buzz programs, Didnt care for Tom muchh but he did make me laugh. Loved R&M, B.J. , and the mens room. Third, Yes I minored in music and video Business (radio included) This is a broadcast company that has listened to the minority and not the mojority of thier listeners. Trust me they will crash and Burn.


KISW plays the worst rock music if you call it that. KISW gives me the impression that they are still trying to find their way out of a maze.



Gary Gretzner

Does anyone know if Robyn and Maynard will be back on the air in Western Washington?


No. You'd do best to keep googling them. See if you get any hits.

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