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December 27, 2005


Brian  Olympia wa

I am thinin ???? how many calls is Mike going too dump tonight ? So you might have to dance around the board oprator............ but Iam going to be calling hooty hoo! how about you ??????????????

Brian  Olympia wa

HAy what do you think?????? How about Gary ( behind the glass) from KIRO should take over late night until Lou Pate gets back ............ Come to think about it????? how about, Gary on late night, and Lou Pate ( behind the glass). P.S. Please make Bryan Styble stop that is one bad show KOMO 1000 sounds good after 10 min of his show.


so...in other words....Rev. Moon believes his shit dont stink? He would make a great politician....or radio host...

Chad Stanley

Styble is so bad that he's actually creeping up to the level of 'so bad he's good'...although he's not there yet!

All the relentless KIRO ass-kissing, his near panic in engaging someone, ANYone in conversation. I mean it's bizarre how bad it is. It almost reminds of the old Second City routine of the desperate talkradio deejay. Oh, wait - that was last night's show.

Hey - did you know he's a published writer? He told us!

Hey - did you know he's got a blog? He told us!



"I mean it's bizarre how bad it is. It almost reminds of the old Second City routine of the desperate talkradio deejay."

Jerry Todd?


Styble is so horrible he is compelling. I listen to his show with the fixated astonishment of staring at a train wreck.


I gotta hear that! When is he on?

Dave Robbins

You're right...there is no war on Christmas. My kids enjoyed their "WINTER BREAK" and their "HOLIDAY TREE". Where's your tolerance for christians????


Gee Dave, you sound like a pretty miserable guy...too bad you're ruining the holiday for your kids....where's your Christmas spirit?


The "war on Christmas" is so bogus.. It's actually a war, waged by the right, on my freedom NOT to be a Christian.


Dave, did someone actually tell you that you couldnt call the tree IN YOUR HOUSE a Christmas tree?



Dave is a "victim"...please don't judge him too harshly


There is a war on Christmas that started subtly about 10 years ago when the ACLU hand picked smaller municipalities to sue to take away any religious symbolism of Christmas with their fascistic tactics.

Now, when those who favor the traditionalism celebration of Christmas start fighting back, the secularist progressive (regressives) try to cry foul because their agenda of secularist socialist country as dictated by the quasi-communist ACLU is being interrupted, as the majority of people believe it should be.


from the mouthes of babes...er bill o'reilly


What we are realy experiancing is a War On Tolerance.

Aspects of Christmas are being improved to be make them fair to all people. I can't believe how quick Christians are to make everything that is festive exclusive to their belief system.


"war on christmas" is code word for some, meaning, (white christian aryan nation)


Who were these secular progressives who cried foul??? What town? What day? The only person I heard crying foul was Bill OReilly...I am a progressive and I wished everyone I met a Merry Christmas. Not one person corrected me, scolded me, lectured me or even flipped me off. And I live in a very diverse community. Why do you think that progressives are not religious? Is that what Bill and Jerry and Pat and Rush told you?


oh..and does this mean that former Republican Bob Barr, now an employee of the ACLU, is a communist? Does he know this?


Listening to Styble is like listening to a train wreck...it's so awful you can't believe you're hearing what you're hearing and you can't tear yourself away. Not exactly what you want to be known for but it gets ratings.


Barr is not a commie, but I do not care for him - he is self-serving and think he contributed to making the Republicans look stupid when he and a few others kept trying to bring down Clinton for petty reasons - somewhat similar to the way the partisan Dems are trying to bring down Bush. Sorry, I don't listen to Rush, I do listen to O'Reilly, Michael Savage and Neal Boortz- which must drive most all of you all crazy. I stand by my story about traditional Christmas - which never harmed anyone until the ACLU stepped in and tried take it out of the public square. On the other side of the ledger - intelligent design does not need to be taught in Public schools - it just makes the MSM paranoid and doesn't really serve a constructive educational purpose; that's just the PC word for creationism. Pat Robertson is a clown when he talks politics. Merry Christmas. And so-called progressives are tolerant ? LOL


Just had to compliment you, Michael. This was one of the funniest pieces you've written. I'm still laughing. Thanks.


Mike isnt on the air tonight....


He is out exterminating republicans..



Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I said "Hello". They said "Goodbye"
Thank You For Your Friendship during these past 35 years on the radio, especially the past 10, where we had a chance to really get to know one another and offer an alternative to the disgusting, corporate-driven nonsense masqerading as talk radio.

As a child in San Francisco, I enjoyed so much, turning on my little transistor radio - finding my true friends in the people who broadcast from the great stations KEWB, KYA, KFRC, KNBR and the legendary Gene Autry station, KSFO. It was always fun tuning the AM dial and DXing to WWL in New Orleans, always discovering.

When I finally entered the medium at the age of 14, I got to work at one of those legendary stations, hosting a show called "From the Campus", a little program they dumped in Sunday mornings at 3am. But it was a thrill for me. And then to become a beat reporter for the world's first alternative rock station, KMPX --- what an experience --- dodging rocks and billie clubs during Vietnam war protests.

Several news and music stations later and a trip to Seattle where I fell in love, enjoyed the management jobs but quite honestly, I felt more at home on the air than in my own house. There's just such a beautiful intimacy to it all, different than any other medium. I've been fortunate.

I could go on, but suffice it to say, that people come into our lives on time and they leave on time as well.

So Long,

ΒΆ 7:58 PM


good scoop, sara


Got it from our friend, the orb, at orbusmax.com...however, he's reporting that the kiro710 website is down. I just checked, and at 10:45 p.m. PT, Mike is still listed under "Shows" and under "Personalities."


Hey, Sparky, I flipped off EVERYONE who said "Merry Christmas" to me! So, here's a tip of the hat and a flip of the bird to you!

kit marcinko

I know that shavetail Lt. Bryan Suits did a stint in the first gulf war, but why did he get out of the Iraq theater without a re-deployment? Could it have been his pro war politics on the radio? Many have returned to combat with worse injuries than his.


I knew I could count on you, Fremont, to put the icing on my Christmas holiday.


Sparky, beware the grain of salt in that icy sweetness...and Happy flippin' New Year too!

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