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December 02, 2005



KTTH is winding down. This will plug a hole until the upcoming format flip.

Unkl Witz

What a tragic loss to the Right Wing Wacko brain-trust. Now we're stuck with a couple med-ved-head's with the training wheels on or having to flip over to Curby Wheelburrrr for our morning laugh.


Surely his singing the other night wasn't THAT bad...?


I can not take Wilby Kurber. First, he mumbles so I can understand a word he says. And next, I find him boring.

Put Laura Ingraham live in Mike's place. She'll woop Kirby (now THERE's an image).

I am sorry to see Mike leave. He did yoeman's work during the Chrissy ballot heist.


Nice Scoop!

Maybe KTTH will change their name to "You Deserve the Boot"

I looked up KTTH's Google cache and yesterday they Linked to Siegel’s website and now it is gone from the left side navigation strip on the KTTH website.


Medved spent the last segment of his show talking up Sytman's raise to full time host, and that he will miss Sytman so much now that he won't be producing.

I think that makes it official, even if Siegle is still up on the web site, at least as of 2p.


Chrissy ballot heist? Sheesh, give me a break.


Hat tip to Goldy: KTTH has now updated their webpage. Like a commisar of old, Mike Siegle no longer exists.

Tom Colvin

No more Siegel and The General?Boze is affable enough, but he's no Mike Siegel,and Sytman is a cocky little twerp who once in a fit of jealousy due to his whiny, tinny pipes(or peashooters), accused Dave Ross of faking his deep voice to make up for being a short fellow. Thank God that B.J. Shea is on opposite them now. Yeah it's stupid , but they generate real, spur of the moment humor, something not so easily done. Boze and Sytman couldn't adlib a fart at a beaneating contest.

blathering michael

Hey JDB: thanks for sticking up for us over in Goldy's threads...do they think I'd lie about something that could be so quickly proven (or disproven)? they don't call 'em reactionaries for nothin.'
Thanks again dude

Chad Stanley

Poor Mike. I found his show quite boring at times and incredibly inside baseball when it came to topics such as King County commisioners...yawn. But then, he would break for the General or maybe even Nature BEE!

A veritable poor man's Dori Monson!
Hustlin' and pimpin' for Nature Bee and I-5 motors, et al. And a morning ain't complete without a good ole infomercial. Aw well.

BTW, I totally agree that Kirby is the dullest dullard to come down the pike in quite some time.

Perhaps the new Boze/Sytman show will be so hamfisted, so college radio, that it'll prove fascinating.


I'd rather hear Weissbach and Boze - they are actually the most entertaining team and don't fit into the Republican box. Sytman is OK on Saturdays, but am not sure where KTTH is going. Seigel was maybe monotonous at times, but deserves better if he was dumped without warning. Radio is a cutthroat business.



No prob, this is a great site. If the wingers are going to get all their information from talk radio, they might as well know something about the people and the biz.

It just amazed me (and it is telling about how most of the right thinks), that people who obviously have never read your site were so quick to pass judgment and condem you just because you announced, horror of horrors, that Siegle had been thrown out on his ass. The mere idea that anything on the right could fail or go badly was incomprehensible to them.


Big time radio is. Small radio is still a lot of fun (what hasn't been taken over by computers), you just get crap for pay.

And you are right about Weissbach and Boze. Weissbach alone is a bit dry, but he and Boze do well together. I heard them subbing for Laura Engrham over Thankgsgiving, and they had been doing fill-in work a bit of late. And, because Weissbach isn't doctarian, I actually lied his show better than Carlson (and, while partisan, he covered Olympia well; Carlson always seems bored by real political process). I would think the two of them would beat Kirby.

I will give Siegel this, his raving conspiracy theories are more exciting than Kirby's mindless boosterism. When they are actually talking issues, they are about equal.

Boze and Sytman aren't bad, although not as good as when KVI did "The Producers." However, I have a feeling they might just be a place holder while someone over at Entercom program the computer countdown.

cin fo4

I heard Siegal's condo had hair plugs.

Sytman's problem isn't his squeek voice it's the squeek brain generating the squeek voice.

David Boze is a work in progress. He's been getting better but putting him with Sytman is a big, big mistake. Styman will retard Boze's growth.

What I'd really like to see would be a cage death match between Medbored and Weissbacon.


Oh, that the final hour of Bill Bennett's program would be broadcast in the 5-6 AM slot instead of the Boze/Sytman combo. His most interesting guests are in the final segments.


These kiddies work CHEAP so they get to wind down KTTH. A month of filler before the "blow-me-up".


Will they recall Siegel's hair plugs now that he has been fired?


During legislative sessions in the mid-90's, Siegel would broadcast his show from an office in Olympia. I worked in the same building.

He parked his Infinity in a handicapped space every day. Occasionally, we'd report him and laugh our asses when he was ticketed. Looking back, I wish we had reported himevery day, but he was at the height of his career and we were worried that he'd make problems for our boss, an elected official, if he figured out we were behind it.

However, that didn't stop me from my weekly task of printing up little posters mocking his hair plugs and plastering them all over the restroom we shared.

Sure it was petty, but it was also very satisfying.


I remember Siegel when he was KING at 1090 and took on Exxon Mobil over the Exxon Valdez oil spill. A long time ago and I was so depressed when KING fired him and Brian???? something-or-other, program director. I really admired him then. What happens to good people?

BTW, exDem, if you're still blogging, do I still have to provide my sources for my now no-news that Judy Miller and the NY Times parted company? Seems like a moot point at this point, wouldn't you say.


Why any station would carry Siegel after his ridiculous accusations on former Mayor Norm Rice speaks legions to whoever hired him since. Well, he filled in for Art Bell too...


Actually Mike was given Coast-To-Coast but f'd it up so badly it forced Art to return.

W & R Hod

The lefties are having their jollies over the firing of Mike Siegle.This state is truly part of the left coast. With rapid decline similar to California. Siegle drove you people crazy as he had the courage to expose the corrupted election process etc. Continue to wallow in your filthy hateful lies. The silent majority is gathering it's strength.


Thank God the infomercial king has been canned!! I got nauseous everytime I listened to him. KTTH is going down the tubes.


I liked Mike. He will be missed.

ken reeves


kenneth reeves

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