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December 20, 2005



You gonna post a scan of the charging papers? I want to read more.


PS: what the hell is a Lexus GS-3? How about Lexus GS300?


Hmmm..when someone goes into a spiral like this there is usually a reason..I wonder what is going on that both his professional and personal life are tanking??


Thank god that man has been taken off the streets. I no longer fear for the safety of my children.


Cases filed in King County Superior Court can be accessed at http://www.metrokc.gov/kcscc/ Type in the pitiful defendant's name under "Criminal cases", and pay your municipal taxes!

Chad Stanley

Well I guess Mike REALLY saved a lot of money by switching his car insurance to Geico.

dr no

Case Number Person Name File Date Conn. Code Cause
05-1-13591-0 Webb, Michael Kenneth 12-06-05 Defendant n/a ( )

King County Superior Court Case Search: Docket Details
Case Number: 05-1-13591-0
File Date: 12/06/2005
Court: King County Superior Court
516 3rd Ave Rm C-203
Seattle, WA 98104-2361
Map & Directions
Visit Website

[Back to Search Results]
Sub Docket Date Docket Code Docket Description Misc Info Calendar Date
- 12-06-05 ADM01 Case Setting Info
ACTION Ccn: 1824899
ACTION Exp: 02-12-06/03-14-06
ACTION Commence Date:
ACTION Trial Set Exp:
ACTION Insurance False Claim
1 12-06-05 INFO Information
2 12-06-05 ORW Order For Warrant Pr
LOCS Original Location - Seattle
- 12-14-05 MTHRG Motion Hearing
JDG0044 Judge Ronald Kessler, Dept 44
3 12-14-05 ORIB Order Increasing Bail/bond To
$5,050 Cash Or Surety


I don't like his anger on the air either, but like the rest of us he is entitled to a trial before conviction. If it was Safeco, I wouldn't feel to much sympathy for them.



You no longer fear for the safety of your children because Mike Webb has been charged with Insurance Fraud, because he's gay, or both?

If you're being flip, then I don't get the joke - if you're not, please, put your children up for adoption - They'll be so much better off....


Brian "I worship Michelle Malkin" Maloney is probably peeing his pants right now (between one handed page turning in the bathroom with pictures of her).


I love your Geico remark, Chad...it's a Blatherwatch-worthy witticism!


"If it was Safeco, I wouldn't feel to much sympathy for them"? What about the policyholders? Insurance fraud raises our rates.


In the interest of accuracy, Fremond, pay your "county" taxes.

Anyone listening to Lou Pate in for Monson? Ugh!

Don't know what to say about Webb. He should know better.


Sorry, in the interest of accuracy, it's "Fremont!" :)


"What about the policyholders? Insurance fraud raises our rates."

Safeco sucks, did you not remember the gal who was hit by a second party in a road rage case and Safeco wouldn't pay her medical until the state threatened legal action? It was all over the news last month


To chris...

...uh, dude, do your research. It was Farmers Insurance...NOT Safeco. I can't stand folks who foam at the mouth over the wrong subject.


Do you work for Safeco?


"Do you work for Safeco?"

Nope. I work for the truth. A simple search of Danny Westneat's columns (he broke the story) will show you it was Farmers Insurance, NOT Safeco.


Again, can't stand people who accuse and don't check the facts.


ok, BOTH Safeco and Farmers suck.


oh and so does State Farm


Speaking of esteemed insurance companies . . . did you see Republican stalwart, Trent Lott, is suing his insurance company for failing to cover his losses in Mississippi as a result of hurricane damage. Don't you just love those "tort reform" republicans.

I had a house fire covered by an insurance company I'd only been with for a few months. Felt sorry for them! Never had any trouble getting insurance before or after. That was fifteen years ago.

Still, you hear an awful lot of horror stories.



I despise Trent Lott...but his case will have a lot of merit for folks in NO and Mississippi. It is challenging whether damage was due to winds or floods.

A lot of poor people did not have flood insurance. If Lott's case can prove wind damage (i.e., winds pushing the water over the levees), they will be covered.

This will be a benchmark ruling.



Also meant to say...I know Lott's house is in Mississippi (no levees)...but the principle would apply to NO.

Just clarifying.


Sara. I hope you are right about that. The source I was reading . . . Washington Post or New York TImes I believe . . . but could have been another as I've seen several items . . . indicated he was lucky to be able to afford to litigate whereas others are not so lucky. So, I hope you're right and it will prove to be a landmark decision that will apply generally.


ABC News story:


"I have joined in a lawsuit against my longtime insurance company because it will not honor my policy, nor those of thousands of other Mississippians," said Lott.

The federal case is part of an ongoing fight between insurance companies and storm victims. At issue is whether a wind-driven storm surge is the same as flooding. Insurance companies say they shouldn't have to pay for water damage for those who did not have flood policies."

Joanie...just thought you'd like to see a story about it. BTW, Haley Barbour is against the suit.


Well, at least Mike Webb hired an attorney who has personal experience with fraudulent documentation.

Go to the following link at the Washington State Bar Association website, and then press the "Discipline Notice" button.


You will see the reprimand to Mike Webb's attorney for the following:
3.3 - Candor Toward the Tribunal
4.1 - Truthfulness in Statements to Others
5.3 - Responsibilities Regarding Nonlawyer Assistants
8.4 (a) - Violate the RPCs
8.4 (c) - Dishonesty, Fraud, Deceit or Misrepresentation
8.4 (d) - Conduct Prejudicial to the Administration of Justice


Interesting that several previous comments seek to shift discussion to Lott and others. Get back on topic here... If you want to pillory other people try not to be so obviously in spin doctor mode.

This guy is a dishonest thief. Why are my insurance payments so high? Because of people like him!

Kublai Khan

I listen to Mike Webb even tho he has become quite abrasive lately. He takes calls from the same set of people and cuts off people he disagrees with. I say this as someone who is more to the left of Mike. Most of KIRO, with the possible exception of Dave Ross and Mike Webb is junk and mean spirited.
That said, my experience with Geico is that it's a sleazy company. Some years ago I "switched" when the rate quoted was substantially lower. When I got my second quarter bill the rate had been raised some 12 percent and I was told it was because the guy who sold me the insurance had miscategorized me. What was worse was there was no mention anywhere in the bill to this effect - nothing indicating that this was a revised rate. I caught it only because I was balancing my check register and the numbers didn't seem right. Outright deception on top of bait & switch.
If indeed Mike is guilty as alleged, then either he is incredibly stupid or he's going thru some weird phase.
Lastly, if his ratings are low it must be a recent phenomenon because for a while he was a lonely ranger against the war on Iraq...


I've heard that it's common for insurance companies to give a much better starting rate hoping that even if you discover it you'll be too lazy to do anything about it in the same way that Circuit City doesn't believe you'll bother yourself to photocopy and send in the barcodes off the packaging to get a their rebate, and it's a safe bet.

The person at my place of business in charge of our insurance changes plans frequenty because aparently you can always find a good entrance rate somewhere.


"...he's going thru some weird phase."

That was some LOOONNG "weird phase" since his National Merit insurance expired in 2001 and even WEBB himself doesn't claim to have applied to GEICO until May 2005.

marian Bogni

Thanks Rachelle. It didnt take long for the assholes to start coming out of the woodwork. I love my brother will all my heart no matter what you or anyone else thought. marian bogni


I as a right of Reagan conservative find your comment totally offensive and uncalled for.
If that is Mike and if there is a Heaven, may he be welcomed and rest in peace.
Warm thoughts to his family and friends.

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