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October 26, 2005



Ya just don't get it do ya? It's not about whining over tax money, it's about how that money is spent. I love the analogy “ You go to a home builder and tell ‘em you want a house built. The builder sez, gimme 500 thou up front. You say, what is it gonna look like and he sez I dunno just gimme the cash, I’ll tell you later..” I don’t care if you are left, right, or center no one would do such a crazy thing. I didn't see any taxes being raised to build the narrows bridge (which I use everyday) and that's fine. Seattle want's a new viaduct, seatllites can pay for it!


Firstly, this analogy entirely misrepresents the situation, and Kirby and Wilbur know it. You are just parroting their garbage.

Secondly, the Viaduct is a state highway and is therefore the state's responsibility.

Thirdly: Trust me, you don't want to play this "pay for your own roads" game, because Eastern Washington would lose, and hard. The Puget Sound area economically carries the entire state.


cpk sez "Secondly, the Viaduct is a state highway and is therefore the state's responsibility."
And Washington State Route 16 is what??


According to today's (10/26/05) ruling, KVI hosts are NOT muzzled, as they would likeyou to believe.


However, I find it interesting that I-912 spokesweenie Brett Bader said he plans to go on reporting the on-air activities of Carlson and Wilbur as in-kind contributions.

The judge agrees they have the right to free speech, but I-912'ers still fight! Dopes!


You missed the point entirely, it's the waste and abuse that has people ticked off. I would have no problem paying another 25 cents a gallon, if the money was well spent. The roads are built to sub-standard specs, but that's okay because the unions have the Dems in thier pocket and The contractors have got the repubs in thiers. while we are at it lets throw in the tree huggers, it would have made too much sense to build a bridge from West Seattle to Southworth. Or better yet, let's find some bones along the Hood Canal and just toss some more money down the drain.


I say fuck the roads. Let them fall apart. make people stay in bellevue if they live in bellevue. We spend way too much on roads, we should go back to making our towns and city's sustainable--we could do it if we spent the money we spend on roads on making our individual local economies viable. I'll be voting for I-912. I always vote against roads, ferries, transit. There are more people like me than you'd think.


Recife - put your credentials where your mouth is. What substandard specs? How do you know? Some documentation please. Just like a KVI aper . . . believe everything you hear! Honestly!

Also, I think the roads should go to hell too. Let's let everything move on I5 and find out who is affected. It won't be me living close to the source of the ports and driving 10 min to work - or walking if I have to. Can't wait to see how the east side and west side is going to move their goods when I5 is a parking lot and has to accommodate all the viaduct traffic.

Let 'em find out the hard way!

And, when you need flood control and highway improvements north, south, east and west of Seattle, watch me keep my tax money!


Hey Chrissy,

Credentials? Okay, 4 years in Germany working for a German engineering firm, 2 years South America Working for the same firm. (That's where the nick name Recife comes from, guess the country and you get a cookie) but really, do you honestly think your tax dollars are wisely spent?


Right on, Chrissy!

That's not the question. You said substandard specs. So far, you haven't said anything to confirm that you know substandard specs in the work the state performs. If you do, that kind of thing is litigable. So, you've worked for engineering firms. I started my working life with Eastman Kodak but I'm sure as heck no photographer!

Again, don't just parrot the hot air from KVI. Be specific. What do you know?

As far as money being spent wisely? I don't always think so. But, I learned a long time ago that my opinion is not always the winning one. Life is not black and white and we sure don't all get our way all the time. I'm sure we three would disagree on some expenses and possibly agree on others.

Sorry, you are still not giving any information that will sway independent thinkers. Provide some facts and maybe we liberals will change our minds. Got any?


First off there is nothing unsafe about the construction techniques, the projects are built to the absolute minimum requirements, in other words built in obsolescence. Instead of designing and building to last the longest possible time with the least amount of upkeep they are built exactly opposite.

Okay, here’s a classic example that can be easily proven. SR3 between Gorst and Belfair, was recently repaved. The reason for repaving was furrows in the road bed. (you know the depressions on either side of the center of the lane.) Now the main thing to remember is the condition was inherent to the road bed itself, NOT the surface. So how should we fix this problem? Should we tear out the entire road bed and rebuild to heavier specs? Or should we simply grind the first two inches off and resurface? Tearing out the road bed would be more expensive, but the new foundation and surface would last for years and years. (Not good for the labor unions) Or we could just do it the cheap way, and have to come back in a year or so. (Very good for the labor unions AND big business) Okay so now you are gonna say, “Well, if they had the money they could do it right.”, and since I want to take away the money I’m keeping them from doing it right.

Well there is only one problem with your response. I wrote earlier that I would gladly give 25 cents a gallon, but damn it, BUILD it to last! I assume that some of you reading this live near either Queen Anne or Capitol Hill. You ever notice those great big, orange and white towers? They were built around the same time as the Viaduct, but you don’t hear anything about those possibly falling down in an earthquake do you? Hmmmmmmmm I wonder why? Because they were built to withstand zone 7 earthquakes! Of course when it’s private money, you have to do things right. (something about stockholders not being so naive as taxpayers I think)

I have no problem with funding responsible projects that are built correctly. I do have a problem with legislators (both sides of the aisle, none are innocent) being beholden to lobbyist instead of taxpayers. I may be cynical, but that’s how I feel.

PS, I listen to KIRO, I think Limbaugh is an arrogant ass, we shouldn’t have invaded Iraq, and I miss Allan Prell.
Damn didn’t see that one coming did you.

BTW, Recife is Brazilian Portuguese for Reef, also the name of a beautiful city that I called home for two years.


Conservatives, please explain to me how depriving the DOT of cash will reduce their level of inefficiency. Answer, it won't.

What you realy want is an initiative that ensures oversight of fiscal efficiency, but you didn't ask for that and why? I have no idea. You're dumb maybe?


Hey Andrew,
wanna buy A used car? 35 thou, after the check clears I'll tell what it is!


We know what the DOT plans to do with the money. There projects are listed on their site and they even mention which ones would be affected by passage of the initiative. It suffices to say less will get done in general.

The issue isn't about discolusure, that's an obvious red hering.

I would pay thirty five grand for a car if I was the only car there was (assuming I was good for the money), but I might ask why they cant make cheaper cars. That's what you should be asking. Why can't they make roads for a cheaper price?


Isn't the new Tim Eyeman initiative about fiscal oversight? That's certainly an initiative worth passing - doesn't it mandate performance audits?


I'm all about that. I'd like to form a new party called the Fiscal Oversight Party. I was just now talking to a friend about a mid-level manager in one of the federal agencies making just shy of a 100, granted he's been there a long time, but nevertheless. Is it the kind of management that involves brain surgery? I can push fill out spread sheets and fire people for alot less than that, you're welcome.

I'm different from a heartless libertarian in that I want all those neato social programs but I want them lean.

There is obvious abuse and you can't say it's due to liberal initiative, Republicans have been spending just as rapidly as Dems ever could and they even formed a new government agency whos purpose includes watching over Americans.

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