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October 24, 2005


Left Behind by the New Democratic Party


I was wondering if you had the numbers for Bryan Suits? I am curious to see how well he did now that he is back. (He is one of the two reasons I listen to KVI, the other being the Sunday local computer show.)



Look Blathering Michael, this is one ratings book. That's it. Ratings fluctuate, so nobody bases it all on one book (and summer= least important). Average 4, that's a real indicator. These KIRO people are playing games with you.


1 more thing, you think $120 for a Rush spot is cheap, walk into Eastlake with a fiver and you'll be all over Mike Webb's show. He could be #1 but still nobody'd want to advertise on it.


I'm sending another note to KIRO - BRING BACK ALLAN!!!!

I spent an hour in the car yesterday trying to find something worth listening to. I resorted to the BUZZ only to find out they were talking GOLF! WHAT!

I resorted to 106.9.

I'm pathetic.



Hahhaah KVI is in the toilet! Gee, maybe because most of what they talk about is their stupid anti gas tax bull shit. What a bunch of fuckin idiots. Carlson is a loser, lost trying to become gov. Lost trying to get dino as gov. Now he will lose trying to stop this gas tax.

Chad Stanley

My-oh-my, how the worm has turned. Turns out Uncle Allan had the right stuff. Makes you wonder whether anyone down there has the appetite for crow and would welcome him back. It would definitely be good publicity and could only help the bottom line.

John Babarovich II

Cmon, people, quit saying that Prell was the ONLY reason for any upturn at KIRO. Are people really that afraid to give Dori credit? Prell is gone because he wasn't popular, but a vocal MINORITY sing his praises. It sounds like present day Russia. "Oh sure, Stalin killed millions, but he liked kids and puppies."

Don't rewrite history with sympathy for Prell. He wasn't popular. He was fired. Next chapter.

Remember, Prell never jumped out of a plane or had Gutter Helmet installed on his leaky gutters. The man never LIVED!


Well it will all come out in the wash. I understand the next set of numbers will come out late in November. I predict they will go down. If they go up or stay the same it will only be that Dave Ross is carrying an impossibly heavy load on his back.

I'm one of those folks who believes Allan Prell was catching on. The only trouble was that Seattle folks didn't catch on to him fast enough. All they saw was the silly humor act. Looking through that is a very sharp mind.
I saw through him after listening for about 20 minutes. Unfortunately lots of people only saw the silliness. Too bad!

I would like KIRO to be my station of choice, but it won't happen until they get somebody worth listening to.


Just not a good performance for KIRO, so far below the past, what's the cheering about?


Finally we get official acknowledgement of what I have told you people all along...KIRO is by far the highest rated talk radio station in Seattle.


I've heard that Gutter Helmet is a really good product.....but I still wouldn't listen to Dori.....


I called the station last week with a traffic report and was told Jane had been fired because Greg had gotten so sick of her it was her or him. But she was there this a.m.

Josef, Formerly of Josef's Public Journal

W/o Carlson, KVI is nothing.

KTTH, I think, is going bye-bye. Their reception in the most conservative Puget Sound county - if not the Western half of the state - is crappy.

Josef in Skagit County


Fans of Allan Prell need to let KIRO/Entercom know (through phone calls, e-mails, snail mail) that we want Allan back and now is the perfect time to do it. I realize the chance of KIRO taking Allan back may be low, but imagine the publicity of his return! I think that KIRO would see a continued increase in their listenership if they admitted their mistake and allowed Allan to return, be it in the morning, afternoon or evening. He is a gem and Seattle is lucky to have him!


The chances of KIRO hiring Allan Prell back are ZERO! Many of you here don't seem to realize that radio stations get ratings by daypart and even further, hour by hour. Prell's were pathetic and trending down to the point that it was damaging the AM drive news and Dori's numbers. Just like Baltimore 6 years ago and his stint in Denver prior to Seattle, a ratings disaster. Just like Fred Ebert was.


God forbid Dori's numbers should be "damaged". I don't believe you, PeakLimiter, and wonder where your interests lie. Monson sucks.

Chad Stanley

If PeakLimiter is to be believed, then Dori's ratings must have been so awe-inspiring, so transcendent, that they were inhumanly capable of single handedly lifting the entire 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM book. Quite impressive...I had no idea Dori was such a force of nature. A veritable KATRINA, if you will.


Peak, why not just accept the fact that Prell did indeed have fans? Many more than the base you see on this blog. I too wonder why you may have such a personal agenda against discrediting any popularity level that he seemed to have, daily ratings or not. Since you have said that you are in this field, you MUST know that the 'numbers' of any radio show, tv show, have many variables and outside factors. Who is that person or tv show up against on other networks at that time? What is the composite/expectations of the listening audience at that partiuclar time? Any 1st year student of statistical analysis could poke holes in any 'scientific study' of these ratings easily. Favorable studies are not always empirically true just as unfavorable aren't.


It's obviously Prell's doing, he's the lead in. Am I supposed to believe people suddenly switch to KIRO just to catch Monson en masse? If Seattle were known for it's masochism that would be true, but no, Seattle is not known for it's masochism. Dori requires and always has required a stronger opening act such as Ross or Prell so that people won't feel totaly cheated and unrepresented once Dori is on.


The two top rated tslkshow hosts in Seattle: Dori Munson & Dave Ross. KIRO rules!


Kiro is #3! Take that 1610khz TIS monster!


Munson? Monson.

I thought KPUP was #1


There seem to be lots of closed minded people here who don't even know politics.

It seems that for some liberal no longer is about social issues or civil rights etc. It all comes down to do you hate Bush do you think liberating Iraq was a waste of time.

So then Frank and Dori must be right wingers. Dori is a libertarian and Shiers is all over the spectrum on issues. What's funny is when people call to argue with Frank, when he actually agrees. Webb does this to callers if they say they are Christians.. he will start arguing with them before they make their point.

The Closed Minds don't know how to deal with independent thinkers. So they often just start repeating the talking points.


Andrew, yes just tuned in at non for Dori. Allen made me bleed from the ears if he was on too long. It is more than politics too, because I have been listening to often left wing John Porcichino (sp?) I tried a few times Allen just hurt my ears too much.

George in Edmonds

I am switching from 710 to KPTK a lot lately, and this is after all, Seattle --it should be doing better. They need to jack the power cuz the signal sucks. I remember when 1090 was KING am and it had a great signal.


I can't handle 1090 because it's too narrow, not just in that it's unchallenged liberalism but that it's all national interest stuff. You'll never hear about how local Republican officials are screwing over the working man, just Rove sucks, Bush sucks, some jackass from some fly over state you might never have heard of committed yet another ethics violation, woopdeedoo.


Point taken, Andrew..I just wonder if conservatives ever complain about that kind of thing....

As I have posted many times before--those of us who dont live in the greater Seattle area dont have the same level of interest in Seattle/King/Pierce county local politics...national and international stuff is fine with me, even if it isn't about Bushie.
To each his or her own :-)


It's just sad to have no liberal opinion regarding the anti road repair initiative aside from Dave Ross.

I feel for you regarding Seattle based topics, I always think about how bored everone else must be within reach of the fifty thousand watt station by talk about the monorail or local city council people. How could you possibly give a shit? I don't know.

They act as if their entire audience is sitting outside the window of their Eastlake headquarters of truth and reason.




Hey Andrew, a lot of their audience is sitting outside the window on Eastlake! That's not their fault.

But, I do think that there should be more liberal diversity. A line up including Franken would be phenomenal! A national liberal entertainer along side Ross, the local liberal entertainer, would be unbeatable!


So many people have this idea that Dave Ross is such a liberal, but that is simply not the case. Today he was talking to a representative from the Red Cross. They discussed the difficult situation in Florida with the recent hurricane and how people have been standing in long lines for ice and other provisions. Dave's comment was that in this country we have created this public expectation / dependence on outside help. People in crisis situation now expect the Red Cross will just step in and take care of them, instead of folks taking care of themselves. He suggested that they might not be getting their own emergency supplies together because they know someone else will be there. His comments sounded like they could have come right out of Dori Monson's mouth!

God forbid that we help our fellow man in a crisis. God forbid that they look to others for help. Oh my, they might become dependent on the assistance or take advantage of it. We all know that it's so much fun to stand in long lines in the hot sun waiting for a hand out.

What is wrong with helping our fellow man? What is wrong with needing help from others in a crisis? As a Christian I am called to reach out and to help others, especially those most in need and who have no voice in our society.

How easy it is for Dave to talk. He vacations in France every year. No doubt the Ross family emergency supply kit was purchased ready-made, or he had someone else organize it. He doesn't worry about how to afford the many items you need to purchase for an emergency. Many people on fixed incomes or who live pay check to pay check can barely keep a roof over their head or food on the table. Emergency supplies may be way down the list on what they can afford.

God forbid that we be expected to help our own countrymen in a crisis.


Although your answer was a good one, the correct answer is bring back Allen Prell. He was a baby monster just breaking out of the little egg, he would have bit Dorki's head clean off. If Monson does for the management what he does for that dollar store I can understand why they keep him around.

I know that KIRO has alot of downtown Seattle listeners but people in Kent can buy gutter helmets to, atleast that's my understanding.


Had to get in on this. Kent is a suburb of Seattle although they won't admit it!

Regarding Caytie's comments, I SO AGREE! I HATED WHAT I HEARD TODAY! But, Dave is on the liberal side of the spectrum and I don't expect everyone to be as left or liberal as I am. That is what makes him interesting to me. He is a little more centrist but not right. I do think he gets caught up sometimes. In an emergency like hurricanes, good lord, isn't that when everyone expects the gov't to help? I really think if he thought about it, he'd take that comment back. That was heartless!

People sure can talk about helping themselves until that emergency/catastrophe happens to them! Nobody thinks their number is coming up and when it does, they're just as needy.


Regarding last post, I meant by gov't intervention, the help of every agency including gov't that is organized to assist!


Sorry my first post was for chrissy.

Caytie, I agree, it's reasonable to expect the government to save us. We pay taxes, they aren't doing us a favor. They run FEMA because we can't, that's not our area of specialty.

On the other hand conservatives and liberals alike don't prepare enough for disaster and I think part of the reason is people don't know where the government stops and their own responsibility starts. Do I need a weeks worth of water? Will you provide water for me on the second week or will I die that week? Should I therefor have two weeks? A month? A year? I'm so covhhrux9f.

I think that if the plan was clear cut people could be told what they need and they would or could get it. Katrina proved that there is NOTHING remotely close to a mutual expectation.


Dave dosen't have the show he used to..the singing parodies(which I cringed listening to) and certainly his morning slot where 9am-noon interviews were with more of the movers and shakers in politics than one can get at 3p PST. I think the 72 hour thing for food and water is valid, but in today's world when disasters hit people at the end of the month, telling them to leave town, with more and more people on a Wal Mart income and blaiming them is compassionate-conservatism?. The generators in Florida were ready to go but no one predicted they needed a ready supply of fuel? These same people keep getting promoted and "brownie" got a 30 day extension to show the rest of FUBAR(FEMA) how its supposed to be done.


As liberal as I am, I believe in being as prepared as possible. However, the whole idea of government help is because when the local town is flattened due to whatever natural disaster, the locals CANT HELP. I have an earthquake kit and a disaster plan. But I can afford one. If I worried about putting food on the table on a good day, how would I afford to buy and refresh the list of supplies that I would need?
I dont mind my taxes going to help someone who needs it, rather than for a war that is profitable for Dick Cheney and his cronies.


Dick Cheney should pay for his own health care, as he has abused his body down at Denny's©


Re Dick Cheney: doesn't it just drive you crazy that even if he has to resign, he won't care. He'll just go back to all the millions he's made marketing Haliburton while VP. There is no getting justice in the country when the rich commit their little white-collar crimes.

But, the poor (and lower middle class) have to worry about hurricanes and earthquakes and not expect gov't help?

Anne and Sully

KIRO. Please do the right thing, bring Allan Prell back this Halloween. He stirred the air waves & the hours he was on flew by. He is interesting, and interested, and that comes through loud and clear. We burst out laughing at his wit, and thought "right on" as he addressed each day's news events with gusto. You have a chance to do something pretty cool here, KIRO, if you care about your fans. Bring him back, he is ALIVE!!!


Thank you for everyone's feedback on my comment!

I certainly agree that people need to try to take care of themselves and be as prepared as they can be. I myself have put together emergency supplies for my family, while on a modest income. But like many, I cannot afford a generator, and when Jeb Bush says that people should have been "more prepared to go without electricity", that really ticks me off! That's fine if you have the resources, but what about the millions in Florida who don't?

I agree that every citizen should have specific guidelines on what items to have in their home, and should go out of their way to get those emergency supplies on hand. But I cannot judge those who don't have the supplies or generator. They may just on the edge, barely getting by. Too often lately I have heard Dave Ross sounding judgemental of those in difficult situations. In years past I have heard him say, "If a person doesn't like the health benefits at Walmart, they can just go work for another company..." Easy for him to say. For those actually working at Walmart, the choice might not be so simple. I realize that Dave does lean more left than right. I appreicate that. But his calm, cerebral, analytical attitude upsets me when I consider how many people struggle in this country. I don't think Dave really cares.

Where is the compassion for others in this nation?


In fairness you don't neeeeed electricity to survive.

It should bug you that people would buy a plasma screen TV before buying safety supplies. It's as if the average person needs safety preparedness to be as advertised, hyped and as high resolution as the hip technology of today in order to take a hint. I'm not saying that's everyone's story but it's difficult to distinguish between the needy and the wanty when the chips fall.


Prell is the reason KIRO's ratings improved. If they don't bring him back, they'll be right back where they were. They need to eat some crow. And it won't taste to bad because---
- bringing him back would be a great publicity stunt. Unbeatable!

He is too good not to have a radio station.

He was number 1 in the 9-12 spot in Baltimore for most of his 18 years there. THe station went concervative, and he no longer fit.

Given time he'll pull in the numbers where ever he goes. BUT he needs the time. As others have stated. "He's an acquired taste"


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