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October 29, 2005



Oh wow! Allen Prell gets on a limited power-no ratings-dollar a holler radio. (That means who ever Kevin McDonald is has to pay for his time on the air) This is even a step below AAR. HaHaha. How pathetic can this guy get and what further steps can he take to assure he'll never work in this market and others ever again. Baltimore=Done Denver=Done and now Seattle=Done


Jeez, give the guy a break.. He's appearing as a guest and I, for one, am going to enjoy another hour of Allen. If you wanna beat-up on someone who's down on their luck kick Scooter Libby around.

diana and friends....

Allan...it's a date. Sunday, october 30, 2005, 1700hr. AM 1150 KKNW...be there...you are loved..


I'll be there.


Peak.....why such a personal vendetta against Allan Prell?? If you don't like him , didn't like his show, just move on. Why the need to keep beating him into the ground? Talk about whining.


Dont mind Peak..he is just grumpy because this morning's Washington Post poll shows that 62% of Americans do not like the way Bushie is doing his job....beating up on Prell, and calling the rest of us names is kind of like kicking the dog. It's all he has left.


I'll be listening! I would like to hear you every day on weekdays again--if only...


Ahhhh. What do you know, Sparky the one trick pony chimes in with about his one hundreth post saying the same thing. As for Prell, the only whining that is going on is amongst the few who delussionally view themselves as 1. radio critics or professionals.
2. The 10-15 people who showed up outside of KIRO to protest the dismissal of the radio host that the entire Seattle radio industry universally called a joke. Once the ratings showed what everybody knew, they fired him. You are the ones who need to get over it and ponder the question; perhaps you should get a life!


Come to think of it, If both Sparky, Deborah and a few others here actually tune into KKNW, You'll double their ratings from non-existant to perhaps 10-15 people actually listening to KKNW. But that would be a repeat of Prell's performance at KIRO.


Yes, Peak, thank you for the reminder. I WILL be tuning in , ratings notwithstanding. You see, some of us aren't hung up on ratings (good or bad). We have a mind of our own and find what interests us/amuses us/holds our attention. I would initially suggest to you that you not bother to listen to Allan this afternoon BUT.....I have a sneaking suspicion you WILL be.


ALLAN PRELL is a train wreck. He is a geriatric anachronistic failure spiraling into oblivion. His demise is fascinating to watch. I will tune in to KKNW this afternoon.


HaHaHa Deborah, Allen Prell "amuses" you? I'm sure that you find small, bright, shiny objects entertaining.
As for listening to Allen Prell, I have a life and find Prell to be as about "amusing" as listening to paint dry or Tibetan cheese festival finger cymbal music. Much like the overwhelming majority of Seattle commercial radio listeners.


Yes, Peak......the show did amuse me at times. I had more than a few laughs early in the morning yet I also appreciated listening to opposing viewpoints on the more serious subjects.
May I recommend a few laughs a day and not taking oneself so seriously to you? It's truly good for the soul.


I'll be listening. I don't much listen to KIRO at all anymore.

Thanks Allan.




Peak, it's considered bad form when you want to insult someone that you continuously get the insultee's gender wrong. Please, write it down so you can keep it straight. I expect more of you.


It's fantastic to hear Allan again. :)




I missed much of it but nice to hear what I did of him again. Also, great pitch for Blatherwatch!


I began listening to Allan Prell on the way to the grocery store this eve but was so captivated (and YES, amused) by the interview that I stayed in the car until the show was over. Kind of nice listening to a show that is not commercially-owned, free to do its own thing without having to ass-kiss its sponsors. Learned some interesting facts about the 'ratings game' and the sampling used for Arbitron numbers. Two-tenths of 1% would not even be considered a viable study in the statistical analysis world. Allan retained his comical,able-to-laugh-at-himself air despite the admittedly bleak outlook for further opportunities in Seattle.


Pathetic Peak the Nerd Boy- like the proverbial dog-in-the-manger he barks and barks and trolls and trolls for whatever meager attention he can get...


I find it interesting that Allan is still mentioned on the KIRO 9 - noon show page including an invitation to offer comments on the listener comment line. Why is KIRO inviting comments over a month past the time they fired him? I don't recall seeing such comments for other hosts who were terminated. I agree with Deborah that future opportunties in Seattle radio for Allan do appear bleak at this point, but as long as I see this on the KIRO website, I can't help but have a spark of hope for his return. KIRO is either genuinely interested in listener input about Allan or is toying with us as a part of a PR strategy. I'm afraid it's the latter and I don't appreciate the shallow attempt and manipulation.


Hey Peak! Level with us...as a kid you got you're giggles passing gas in crowded elevators.


Hey Jordan! While I know it took an hour or more for your limited creativity to come up with such a witty remark, you did however come up with the single most repeated remark amongst "fans" of Allan Prell. In a close second was "amazed to the state of brain lock by small, bright, shiny objects"

umo gumo

Still trying to figure out how you "listen to paint dry"? Do you take some LSD first?


Children, knock it off!!!


It's seems logical to me that people who appreciated Allan Prell would want him back on the radio. His fans took the time to find a place for information and feedback, in the hope they will some day again have access to him and his amazing wit.

What doesn't seem logical is that someone who doesn't like Allan spends so much time insulting those of us who do. What a strange set of priorities!



Danny D

i love to listen to allan..but i missed it ..when you on again uncle Al




Update, the chicken has been eaten.


All the things that Allan was able to discuss (that were not spoon fed to him by KIRO) with his listener's are happening; Tom DeLay, Cheney, Libby,Rove and of course Bush himself. Allan has terrific insight. It is too bad that KIRO could not handle his talent.

andy in duvall

I really miss Allan, He had it right in many ways,I particularly liked his Bush bashing at every possible occasion. K.I.R.O would rather ass kiss Dori Monson and Jorve roofing than field talented hosts who are in touch with the Seattle radio market. I understand Entercom is interviewing Dick Cheney for Allans old spot.


BUMMED! I totally missed the show. Are you gonna be on again Allen. Any kind of email list so that I will know if something like this happens again? MISS YOU!

A Prell Fan

Re (notably, PeakLimiter's) remarks about the "only" 15 Prell fans who showed up to protest Entercom's booting the tied-for-most-intelligent-Seattle-radio-host (along with Dave Ross) - when (if ever) is the last time you can recall (even 10 or 15) folks giving up part of their day to stand in front of a radio station?! I dont' think that would've even happened had KIRO kicked off Jim French way back when! My hat is off to those 15 folks! For those of you who don't get it......KVI is just -140 Hz to the LEFT of your radio dial and/or digital pushbutton. (I decided to do the subtraction for you.)

A Prell Fan

Excuse moi.....I meant - 140 MHz, not "Hz". Chalk my little typo up to a little too much fine French wine on a Friday night. ("chalk it..." get it? the best French wines grow in chalky soil in the Cote d'Or.) But I guess that's far too above the heads of certain other posters here. UH OH! A LOVER OF FRENCH WINE.....now I'm gonna be damned to hell by every Monson fan. And by the way, I'm not some rich snob.....I just donated to KIRO's Foster Child Holiday Magic fund. (Even though I'm pissed at KIRO management). How many of you reading this post will do likewise?

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