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October 19, 2005



Joanie, Jaco never spent any time in Seattle, just pretended to..


Dave Ross
Fred Ebert
Carl Jeffers
Frank Shiers
Allan Prell


Yes, definitiely! Give Pate a daytime slot 'cause he absolutely has earned it! Far as I'm concerned that would be the best way to get rid of him! Let's chant: bring on Pate; bring on Pate; bring on Pate! I'd be first to pound that nail in his coffin!


Yes, definitiely! Give Pate a daytime slot 'cause he absolutely has earned it! Far as I'm concerned that would be the best way to get rid of him! Let's chant: bring on Pate; bring on Pate; bring on Pate! I'd be first to pound that nail in his coffin!


Sorry for the double post! I'll do better next time!

Re Shiers - oh gosh, he's awful! He is trying harder to get better. I've noticed he does take a little more time and he tries to be less judgemental but he's still BAD! He's been condescending so long he can't help himself. Also, thinks he's an expert on everything!

Teaching assessments are "instruments." He kept repeating that one night ad infinitum. We haven't called them instruments for years. Rubrics, assessment tools, any number of other things but "instruments" is so 70s. Also, because his dad was a judge, he's always got an opinion on the lastest legal issue. I can't tell you how many time I've heard him say "My dad was a judge and I know these things." Give it up, Frank. You're not your dad!

Sorry, just can't take the man!


Hey sclub-I guess your post was directed to me, although you didn't pay me the courtesy of getting my name right. Who cares whether Jaco spent time in Seattle! He broadcast here, I heard him and he was fascinating. Believe it or not.


KIRO is the highest rated talk radio station in Seattle and 4th overall. KIRO's closest talk competitor, KVI is ranked 17th overall. KIRO completely annihilates its talk radio rivals in the Seattle market.


Dave Ross -1
Allan Prell
Larry Nelson
David "Goldy " Goldstein
Dori Monson
Carl Jeffers
Lou Pate
Pam Roach
Mike Webb
Mike Siegel
Dave Boze & Dan Sytman
Bill Willkie
Erin Hart
Bryan Styble
Frank Shiers
Turi Ryder
Tom Douglas
Dino Rossi
Ciscoe Morris
Charles Jaco
Rush Limbaugh
Fred Ebert


1. Pat Cashman. What?! Say what?! Cashman on KIRO after his showed failed on other stations?

Yes. KIRO needs to freshen up its sound. I am so tired of hearing the likes of Frank Shiers come on with the proverbial topic-your opinions - topic- your opinions - topic - your opinions. You'll note that the better hosts like Dave Ross keep things interesting by mixing up their segments with long interviews, short topics, light-hearted topics, factoids, etc.

Bringing in a host like Pat Cashman could work wonders for KIRO. He would bring an air of levity that is missing on the station. As Jon Stewart is to biting political satire on television, Pat Cashman could bring a unique, often humorous perspective to the events of the day. Plus, he is versatile enough to be both funny and serious and pull off both. He's a pro. He comes with a built-in, loyal audience. Having a full three hours not interrupted by playing DJ would suit Cashman's style well and his sensibilities are a good fit for KIRO listeners (exactly opposite to the types of listeners he found when we was on KJR and earlier on the Buzz).

Where Pat Cashman was a misfit at KJR FM trying to compete against the Howard Sterns of the world, he could be a boost to a station in need of refreshing its brand.

2. Dave Ross -- but moving Dave back here just creates a hole elsewhere.
3. John Proccachino (sp?)
4. Carl Jeffers -- the most fair political commentator on the airwaves.
5. No other good candidates have shown themselves although I am partial to Fred Ebert who is long gone and I like Erin Hart but she is too abrasive for this time slot.


The schedule should look like this:

5a-9p morning drive, as is
9a-12p Ross. He was much better positioned when he was accompanying and analyzing the morning papers in relative peace, not trying to compete with afternoon drive.
12p-3p Monson.
4p-7p evening drive. The stupidest thing KIRO's done in the last five years was to ditch a traditional headlines/traffic/mix in PM drive and try to do thoughtful talk instead... talk about handing the news audience to KOMO.
7p-10p CD Jaco.
10p-12p Brian Suits. Good guy.
12p-5a Coast to Coast with George Noory if they could pry it away from KVI. (It's the only thing I go to KVI for.) If not, Fred Ebert.

Cashman is sweet but has nothing new to offer the market; turning upside-down cake mix boxes upside down ceased being funny in 1987. New York Vinnie is game for anything but ill-informed and just blurts whatever comes into his head; his delivery is incoherent. I find Erin Clark completely insufferable -- automatic dial switch. Prell, Shires and Webb should go/stay away. Most of the other niche hosts on KIRO, like Tom Douglas and Ciscoe, do not do professional radio and are really challenging to listen to.

Ross and Monson are all KIRO has left in terms of franchise players; they should rebuild the schedule around those two.


Today is October 21. Summer ratings are in and KIRO's 4.3 is a full ratings point above the last book. KIRO is now ranked #3 overall and almost 2 ratings points above 16th ranked KVI...KIRO's closest talk rival. The blatherwatch predictions of KIRO's demise were grossly exaggerated.

Frank Shiers' #1 fan EVAH EVAH

Look at the MONEY demo FOO, er I mean UMO.

25-54 Men or 25-54 Persons? I can tell you it ain't KIRO.


Umo, it was over a 10 with baseball, even without, a solid 6 or so. Now a 4 is reason to brag? When the M's ate s**t this season?

blathering michael

FS#!fEE: you'll have to excuse our Umo, known around here as Nearly Normal. He likes to say the same thing about KIRO ovah and ovah--it's a harmless form of Tourette's, except he doesn't swear or yell. We've all tried to help him, but he just keeps repeating it, and now we've all gotten used to him and try to distract him when he says it.


Frank Shiers' #1 fan EVAH EVAH

I know, I know. I was hoping he would have his breakthrough this time 'round. So so sad..


Dave Ross: He's the man! Without Dave KIRO may as well turn off the transmitter!

Allan Prell: Funny, funny guy! Too smart for most. 9PM to ?

Dori Monson: Mr."Do what I do" Send him to KVI! That would rid us both the 3 hour hate fest and the insufferable commercials.

Carl Jeffers: Noon to 3

Rush Limbaugh: The Oxy-moron!

Anybody we missed? How about Drake Collier? Oh, never mind!

Matt Lutthans

1. Allan Prell - the best wake-up I've had since getting married? Fun AND intelligent - a rare combination on radio.

2. Dave Ross, only because I rarely get to hear him in the afternoons, and miss the show.

3. Carl Jeffers - great for political talk, questionable otherwise.

4. Fred Ebert - a snowball's chance after his previous shenanigans.

5. No 5th choice; sorry.


Current ratings show there are only 2 stations in Seattle ranked higher than KIRO...KMPS(6.1) & KUBE(4.8). Both are music stations.

Somebody please explain to us how the latest ratngs indicate KIRO's much ballyhooed demise?

Anybody who posts to this board implying they know the industry numbers for the 25-54 demographic is full of crap.


1. Allan Prell--because he is funny, but smart. I love his irreverance of the English language and how he makes fun of himself and some of the listeners (who often don't even realize they've just been poked).

2. Dave Ross--I really love "Ross Covered Glasses". He has a slant to the news that I usually agree with, and even when I don't he makes me think about it. I wish he would have won the election.

3. Dori Monson--Although I disagree with lots that he has to say, he is still a professional that is interesting to listen to. (bummer, I ended that sentence in a preposition--forgive me?)

4. and 5. are very distant choices... In fact, so distant as to be nonexistant. The people they've had on recently BORE me. I listen for a couple of minutes and change the station to rap--at least rapper's words are interesting.


So, do the numbers mean that Prell should have stuck around - that he was catching on? Not an expert on the numbers, folks!


Good enough more me bring back Prell!


1. Allan Prell is still my favorite. Mornings are just not the same without him. Bring back Allan! (If it can't be in the morning, I'll take afternoon or evening.)
2. Carl Jeffers is always professional, fair and right on in his commentary. He would make an excellent daytime host.
3. Dump Dori and put Erin in a weekday spot.

Jim Furst

Allan Prell first and formost!

Marlene Waters

Allen Prell first & foremost. He certainly lightened up the day. Dori is a bore & so is Ross.


1) Allan Prell!!!

2) Fred Ebert

Frank Shiers' #1 Fan EVAH EVAH

Mr. Umo: "Anybody who posts to this board implying they know the industry numbers for the 25-54 demographic is full of crap."

Oh really? Please enlighten us.

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