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October 19, 2005


Lola Wolfe

Carl Jeffers
Dave Ross
Turi Ryder
Allan Prell
Jim Altoff

diana cole

Have recently moved back to puget sound after ten years of alaskan exile....not really familiar with many of the nominees. Dave Ross comes first to mind (by way of default, I suppose) Then again, it's ONE way of winning the election, n'est-ce pas ('scuse my french!)


The perfect show for the morning - two hosts - Pam Roach and Mike Webb dueling it out. Both are packing heat so we could have a real fight on our hands.


I would like to see Lou Pate on the 9-12 time slot. After all he is the #1 talk show host on KIRO.


Webb's too afraid to debate people and too boring.


Jim Althoff: Could talk to Kings and Commoners equally well. Entertaining when Andee Beck is part of the show.

Ed Schultz: Just left of center, well balanced and interesting.

Dave Ross: slipping but still an OK choice.

Fred Ebert: Most entertaining of the bunch and interesting.

Carl Jeffers: Intelligent and interesting.

Warmonger Monson: Send to KKKVI


Dave Ross - 5
Dori Monson - 0; what a jerk, but you can let him do the Seahawks pre-games...


Carry Thom Hartmann's national show


Dave Ross-Morning
Charles Jaco-Afternoon
Carl Jeffers-Mid Eve
Mike Webb-Eve
Coast To Coast w/Greg Noory-Night
Ciscoe Morris-Weekend Morning
Kim Komando Show-weekend
NY Vinnie-Sports
does kiro really need a right wing host when there is two right wing stations on either side of the dial-no. i miss the old kiro, when they had the m's, drake and dave dolacky late night. anyone remember how they just dumped on dolacky? (who is now passed on)
"It caused much less turmoil than the Pat Cashman debacle, but Entercom has dumped another on-air personality, a move that has more listeners riled.

This time it's Dave Dolacky, who is no longer with KIRO-AM (710).

One reason the fervor hasn't been as great is that talk-show host Dolacky had the graveyard shift, 1-5 a.m. But those who toil while the rest of us sleep say he'll be missed. "He really made a difference for a lot of us out there," said one caller.

Another said "the type of people who listen to Dave Dolacky are very quiet, laid back" and not the type to raise a ruckus. "He was very sympathetic, very understanding, very forthright."

And unfortunately for those listeners, very gone in the latest shakeup at KIRO. "We felt we needed to go a different direction and have a show that was more issue-oriented," said Kris Olinger, program director at KIRO-AM.

Olinger said the station doesn't have a replacement but does expect to fill it with local programming rather than a syndicated show.

Dolacky, who spent 19 years at the station, said he'd like to stay in radio. "It's been so quick I haven't had a chance to look around," he said."--http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/lifestyle/radi15.shtml

and, why not bring on some of the talent from the "almost live group" or harry shearer who has hosted on kiro...or pump in "etown" on the weekends to ad some life to kiro. http://etown.org


Dave Ross is my first choice for the 9 - noon slot. Second choice would be Allan Prell.

My ideal line-up would be Dave in the morning, Allen in the afternoon and Fred Ebert in his old evening slot. I suppose that is WAY too much to ask. Fred is long gone and probably highly unlikely to ever appear again. Sigh.

Other choices would be Charles Jaco and Carl Jeffers in the afternoon or evening slots. Prell in the evenings? Might work.

I now immediately turn off KIRO when I hear Dori Monson or Frank Shiers. I often find I am wistfully tuning in hoping for something good, but it just doesn't happen. Dori used to be tolerable, but his angry, juvenile rants just turn me off something fierce. Frank is condescending and full of himself. (Well, Dori is pretty full of himself, too.)

I am disappointed that there are not more dynamic female hosts on KIRO. I want to like Turi and Erin, but they just don't hold my interest most of the time. There are times when I've tuned into Erin and she has had some compelling guests and her interviews have been equally compelling, but these times have been few and far between. The nearly all male line-up does get tiring at times.

Mike Webb is just too predictable, angry and rude. I sometimes tune in after 9 hoping to hear something interesting and end up turning Mike off. Pity.

I hope that KIRO gets its act together and is able to come out this tailspin, but I don't see it happening. I never listened to a.m. radio before 5 or so years ago. KIRO had me hooked for awhile. Now, with the exception of Dave, there is precious little to make it worthwhile to tune in to 710.

Oh, while I'm at it -- I've also tried the morning news with Jane and Greg. Nix that, too. Too much lame chit chat. Those two try to chat it up and be funny and clever. They aren't.

Overall, there is simply less and less to bring me to KIRO anymore.


1. Allen Prell - it hasn't been the same without him, I don't think he has an equal and Frank Shiers magnifies that fact.

2. Dave Ross - I don't realy get to hear him in the evenings.

3. Fred Ebert - he was realy interesting

4. Ed Schultz - pretty good

5. Mike Webb - he's a nut but he's passionate


Just a quick note to say it's hilarious that so many found the complete sham of a host Fred (I lost 3 shares in the rating in 10 months) Ebert "interesting" Remember the oh so popular "stump the professor" with the same 5-10 callers every Friday? It was nothing more than stump google!


I miss Allen in the mornings. I am one of the few vistors to your site who loves Dori, but I have more time to listen to him in his current time slot. I like Cisco too, maybe I just like non traditinal radio voices!


Jim French goddamnit! Then umo can say that Kiro is #1 again.


1. Allan Prell
2. Dave Ross
3. Carl Jeffers
4. Charles Jaco

I detest Dori Monson, and Lou Pate makes me feel like slime is oozing out of my radio. Pam Roach is a right wing reactionary, and Fred Ebert thought so much of himself that he didn't need the approval of the rest of us. Bill Wilkie is pathetic, and Frank Shiers is just awful - "smarmy" is the appropriate word that someone else used. I can't stand Limbaugh or Siegal - I'm a liberal, after all - and I don't want to hear lifestyle programming in the morning or any other time. I like Webb, Hart and Ryder, but they are all too abrasive for the morning slot. The others I either don't know or think you must be kidding - Larry Nelson??


9AM - Noon Dave Ross
It IS IMPOSSIBLE to get into his show in the afternoons with the traffic breaks and Dori Monson Voice Over Ads ---- Drive Time needs to go back to the News

6PM - 9PM Allan Prell - I LOVE HIM!! But I always felt that morning people would not "get him" - in the evenings the listeners would be more "open" to his form of talk : )

DITCH Shiers and GIVE JEFFERS more WEEKEND time : )

ALSO wish there was some way to bring back the pre 9/11 Dori - something really changed in him - he is STILL great with local issues, but on National Issues he just isn't the same anylonger --sigh-- Like KIRO is really listening to us.....

John Babarovich II

I see my selection is not up there. I would vote mostly for the Saturday and Sunday 1am - 4am slot, "When Radio Was." Thats includes the 2 hour repeat on Sunday. Beats hell out of Mike Webb or Erin Hart at ANY time of the day.


1. Allen Prell - I really miss his morning shows. It made for a great way to start off my day. I can't think of any other show I would substitute to take his place.

2. Dave Ross - I would like to hear him in the 12:00-3:00PM slot

3. Thom Hartmann's National Show - 12:00-3:00PM. He raises interesting points of view and topics.

4. Carl Jeffers - 3:00-6:00PM

5. Fred Ebert - evenings

The Frank Shiers show is a bad show to start off my day. I can't stand listening to the arrogant rambling in the mornings. I used to listen to Dori after Allen Prell as I felt it made for a great mix, but back to back arrogance (following Frank Shiers) just makes Dori more difficult to tolerate. I like Dave Ross, but 3:00-6:00PM is not a time I choose to listen to talk radio except when driving. I enjoy listening and watching Carl Jeffers especially comment on Hardball, MSNBC. I now longer listen to KIRO as I am so dissappointed that Allan Prell is gone.

Does anyone know what the recent outcomes of the polls show and exactly what dates were the polls taken?



dave ross is boring. Use to like him Must be his time slot


Dave Ross -1.
Allen Prell 2.

I remember they sub'ed Bill Prest and Harry Shearer when Ross was campaigning. While reasonably certain neither are available for the gig, someone of similar ilk would be good. I also like Thom Hartmann, but again, not available.

Sorry to say I do not like Monson, Webb, Hart, Shiers or Pate. Vinnie, I like, but he is not a good radio host.

Monson is the worst. His adds annoy me so much that I have vowed never to buy a product that he pitches. I have long since stopped the self-induced torture of forcing myself to listening to Dori's long-winded, meandering, stilted soliloquies only to discover what could have succinctly been reduced to a single thought in a simple sentence. I don't have the patience.

KIRO has probably lost me to Air America for good. I miss Prell's humor, and probably won't come back unless he does.


Dave in the morning, but only by default because everyone else on KIRO is lame beyond belief. Someone above mentioned the news at yawn, I mean dawn with Greg and Jane. Jane sounds like an old hag and Greg sound like he's sick of her. I'm sick of the whole station.


1 Dave Ross
2 Carl Jeffers
3 Alan Prell
4 Fred Ebert
5 Brian Suits


Lou Pate is the leader on 710 Kiro? I can believe it for his time slot because no one else is on . . . that guy is a jerk. Anyway, I miss listening to a minute or two of Prell when Tony Snow or Rush are running simul commercials. The rest of the 710 lineup pukes out nothing but socialist pap (except Monsoon who is a better mid-day deal than Hannity or Medved). Move Dori to KVI 12-3, dump Hannity, flush Kiro, sell the slot to a mariachi outfit and I'll keep it on a button.


In order of preference:

Dave Ross

It's his slot; unless Jim French wants to have it back.

Dori Monson

Somebody around here has to stand up for him, even though he's too busy pitching Red Wrigglers, The Cadillac of Worms or whoever else threw him money.

Charles Jaco

I always liked Jaco's shows; given all the recent heat on spot tv reporting (Katrina) I'd think he'd have some good insight, for example.

David "Goldy " Goldstein

Goldy could be another Mike Webb; but at least Goldy walks the walk.

Pam Roach

She might be fun if we could hear her over the gunfire in the studio.


1. Alan Prell -- Right temperament and right--no make that left--politics
2. Carl Jeffers--interesting, balanced, brings something to the table
3. Dave Ross -- I kind of like him in the afternoon time slot


1. Dave

2. Dori to KVI.


Hmmm, some pretty thoughtful comments! I see a lot of people who remember and like Jaco. Surprises me how many choose hosts who are non-confrontational but who can provide intelligent discourse.

9 AM Ross even though I'd only get him for half an hour

12 Hart & Shiers??? (Sounds goofy but might provide some entertainment since Frank is so self-obsessed and Erin can mow down anybody!

3 Either Jaco, Hartmann or Franken (I know, Franken IS Air Amer. and it'll never happen!) but Franken gets a lot of guests and he's entertaining and I think would be a great listen. He would keep you listening even after leaving the car. He's infectious! Jaco has done this gig before (years ago) and I liked listening.

6-9 Jeffers??? Hard slot to fill. Nobody seems to be successful. Dinner? TV?

9-1 Prell - he could be really out of the box at this hour

I reserve the right to change my mind at any time! This lineup isn't what I expected me to say! Hmmmmmm . . .


I'm glad to see Fred Ebert mentioned so many times, because he and Dave Ross tie for my faves, while Dori Monson and Mike Webb are merely unlistenably grating on a good day.

I used to play KIRO in the background for the better part of the day, but started to lose interest when they so unceremoniously dumped Ebert. Then came the scheduling train wreck. Nowadays, sadly, if 1090 had better local coverage, I think I could comfortably forget KIRO ever existed.

Note to any suits monitoring this site: Hire Mr. Ebert back! He was one of the best things you assclowns had going.


PS: Strictly based on favorites - no times:
1 Ross
2 Franken
3 Jaco
4 Hartmann
5 Hart (Really!)
6 Jeffers

Ross for the local stuff; Hart and Jaco for their coverage of world or universal issues; everyone else for national political coverage.


Dave Ross – 5
Dave Ross – 5
Dave Ross – 5
Dave Ross – 5
Dave Ross – 5

There is only ONE CHOICE. . . just one.



KIRO: Add Diamond, Collins, and Basham

KIRO: Dump Lifestyle Talk and Look Outside the Market for Talent

KIRO is run down with lifestyle talk (e.g. topics like your worst boss, what bars are like at 2am, interviews with TV weathermen, and promotional parachute jumps).

If lifestyle talk continues, 1090 will win in the key demos.

KIRO needs to look outside the market for the best talent available. Consider this:

9a-NOON Jay Diamond (liberal host, WRKO, Boston)

NOON-3p Dave Ross

3p-6p Peter B Collins (liberal host and owner of KRXA 540 Monterey, Ca.)

6p-9p Doug Basham (liberal host, syndicated out of Vegas)

9p-1a Mike Webb

1a-5a Lou Pete

Move Monson to KTTH afternoons and tape delay Savage. Prell would only fit in if he does politics...his 9 months on KIRO was mostly lifestyle talk.

KIRO had a chance to replace Ross with Hartmann fall 2004 when Ross ran for Congress. They also had a chance to get Ed Schultz.

KIRO still has the advantage with the signal, both day and night.


Jaco had chances for positions at KIRO, but refused to move here from St. Louis. He's an egomaniac and dry/boring..


He had a permanent place in the line up but had to resign to return to St. Louis to take custody of his grandchild and the law required that he stay in the St. Louis area to do so. He said that publicly when he resigned the position.

I've heard him from time to time back on KIRO so don't know if that situation still exists for him. Do you?

Dry and boring to you was informative and stimulating for me. Different strokes . . .


Dave Ross belongs in the 9-12 slot. But he is getting old so why make him have to get up so early.

Alan Prell worked fine once you acquire the proper taste.

Mike Webb might be fun, except that I wonder if he might be hung over most of the time. In the morning no sane person wants to listen to someone shouting all the time.

Or they could save some money by closing down KTTH and bring Limbaugh over.

Better yet, turn the time over to KBSG and let them play Build Me UP Buttercup over and over and over.


Who is ths John Procanccino? doing the Allan Prell spot on KIRO? Is he the actor guy from Channel 7? He's not bad.


Most of the hosts on KIRO are boring.
How many years can we listen to "Bush Sucks".
Just like Limbaugh got boring with "Clinton Sucks"

Ross lost most of my interest when he moved from ocassional Democrat lap dog to full party partisan. BORING!!!

Dori isn't party loyal.. He mixes his content, he gets lots of diverse callers and gives them a shot. KIRO NEEDS MORE OF THAT.

Frank Shiers is the only other person I know that is curious about the callers thoughts, and not there for a politcal agenda or to sooth a dysfunctional self-esteem (Webb)

Shiers then Dori. I would listen all day. Right now I listen to music except when Dori is on.

Closed minded test.. If you think Dori is a conservative GOP type. You are a kneejerk ignorant.

Look up libertarian....

Michael B.

#1) Dave Boze & Dan Sytman. Slightly out of sync with one another yet almost always engaging. This "not quite ready for Prime Time" duo are refreshing, the unpolished nature of their show and their eagerness to please makes them unique and fun to listen to.

#2) Dori Monson: Solid, reliable performer, generally intersting with a local perspective and a dash of conservatism/libertariansism.

#3) Rush Limbaugh: He would definitely help KIRO (and his leaving would be the final blow to struggling KTTH) but his moving one over on the dial would offer nothing new to the Seattle Airwaves.


A Libertarian is an extreme fiscal conservative but socialy liberal, and that's what Dori is, I think. I bet he voted for Bush.


Dori Voted for Bush only the second time. He has typically voted Democrat. Kerry was a mess, I was hoping for real choice like Lieberman or Gephardt.


Lou Pate gets the numbers and doesn't even try. Imagine how well he would do if he was in a time slot he wants.

He's been phoning it in for years, because it's overnights. Who wants to do overnights that long? But when he truly cares about something, with a passion, you can hear how great of a show he would do.

It's about time KIRO gave him his due. He's put in the time, he has the proven track record, I firmly believe he doesn't the notice he deserves. He deserves more.


Dori is a social liberal?

oh my gawd...


I don't realy listen to Dori much. What's his view on abortion and homosexuality?


9-12 Dave Ross
12-3 Fred Ebert
3-6 Charles Jaco
6-9 Erin Hart
9-1 Mike Webb

9-12 Ciscoe Morris 12-4 Karl Jeffers
4-12 Allan Prell

12-5 Best of the last week (let listeners vote and choose.
Fill in:
Turi Ryder
Larry Nelson or weekenders
If Frank Shiers or Dori Monson try to get on the air-"Play when radio was", play music or public service announcements.
The only way for KIRO to compete is to serve the vast middle ground audience that is so ravenous for content. I enjoy Air America, but straight party line is too much to take without some pro and con.
Right wing reactionary audience will stick to the stations already on the air. Left wing listeners will stick to Air America or NPR.
The lineup above is the only format that they have not tried. They must break out of their belief that they must offer the same conservative format with a little liberal sprinkled in. Trying to satisfy both only results in folks switching to another station when their idiologue is off the air. Then, half the time, we forget to tune back in. Why can't they recognize that Seattle is a blue city where radio is only beginning to offer middleground and left leaners a venue. Air America is coming from behind, but they are gaining while Kiro ratings are circling the drain. If Kiro would let their audience into the programming decisions, it would super glue the audience to the station, eager to boost their favorites for replay or bash the ones they don't like. Why wait for quarterly ratings when you can get daily feedback.
Craigslist is successful because the allow their members to input and rate offerings that they like and do not like. This keeps people coming back to see what other folks think, nothing is as attractive as seeing your opinion counted.


Dori's Views

Abortion. Personally He is pro-life after an event where one of his daughters was diagnosed as dead before birth and an abortion was scheduled. Wife insisted on a 2nd opinion and the result was a healthy child.

He thinks legally people have to be allowed to choose.

(My kids 12 week sonogram affected me much the same way. I am prolife after 10 weeks. I see a life there after that.)

Gays... equal rights. Not hot on redefining marriage. I think he has said he would agree to just changing all marriage licenses to domestic partnership licenses, and let Marriage be a religious definition.

Again he is not signed on to an agenda. So will critisize both sides of the issue when they go wack-o.


Andrew Wrote
"9-12 Dave Ross
12-3 Fred Ebert
3-6 Charles Jaco
6-9 Erin Hart
9-1 Mike Webb

9-12 Ciscoe Morris 12-4 Karl Jeffers
4-12 Allan Prell

12-5 Best of the last week (let listeners vote and choose.
Fill in:
Turi Ryder
Larry Nelson or weekenders
If Frank Shiers or Dori Monson try to get on the air-"Play when radio was", play music or public service announcements.
The only way for KIRO to compete is to serve the vast middle ground audience that is so ravenous for content. "

Wake up Andrew this is a left to extreme left schedule you propose, except for a couple of names I don't know.

KIRO needs listeners outside the SEATTLE CORE.

When there is a liberal station that is not a Bush Hate Fest, but about rights and education, etc like the old left. I would listen.


No that was JoAnne. This blog puts the name on the wrong side of the horizontal rule.


You can sleep in Andrew.

JoAnne wake up!! :)

I don't mind these people being on the air, some I like. But it is a very left wing group you suggest, not a centrist group.


So Dori does sound like he's socialy liberal because alot of liberals aren't hot on gay marriage or and nobody is in love with the idea of abortion but liberals respect freedom and liberty and that's where the difference lies.

Although if he thinks the law should take absolute control of woman's bodies and force them to birth un-planned children based on a unrelated matter of physician incompetence then that's just dumb, not realy liberal or consevative.

Sweet pea

Somebody needs to give Frank Shiers a break. He's got an ego, sure, but then, if you think Dave Ross and Alan Prell don't have egos, you're a fool. I actually once interviewed Dave Ross, and the guy thinks he hung the moon. All decent talk show hosts have egos, but most aren't as concerned with having a reasonable, intelligent conversation with listeners as Shiers. He's an old-style broadcast professional,and a good human being as well. You may not agree with his side of the issues, but he will fight to the end to allow you to air your opinion alongside his own. He's a smart guy, he has a good sense of humor and a good heart. He deserves his own time slot,as he's been in this radio market for over 20 years. His voice isn't annoying like Prells and Monsons and he doesn't have to work around an accent like Pate, who is also a good host, by the way.


O.k. Ken, I am awake!
I guess your view of left or right depends on where you stand in the spectrum. My list is centrist if you regard Air America as left. I would listen to them more if they were more diverse, but I don't like one flavor all the time. There are more voices further to the left, but they are not allowed on the air. From my list, left to right I see Mike webb, Erin hart(she will give more time to someone who does not agree with her and engage in a real dialogue-refreshing. , Allan Prell, Dave Ross (a little left of the center but very capable of
dicussing all sides of any issue. Carl Jeffers (very fair, intelligent analysis)if you can get past his wordiness. Charles Jaco has a government background and seems very much in the middle. Fred Ebert is a little right of middle. Ciscoe is the gardener relief for weekends. Even KVI has more variety on weekends than KIRO. Local foks, some refugees from past KIRO cuts. Variety is interesting.

You are right, KIRO needs listeners outside the Seattle core, but its signal only goes so far. So lets call it Western Washington-Still a pretty blue area. The conservatives are well supplied with right wing hosts. Brian Suits, Kirby Wilbur, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Frank Shiers, Lou Pate, Mike Siegal, Dori Monson, Michael Medved, John Carlson, Bill oReilly...the list goes on and on.

We all seem to forget that, although the conservatives and fascists are in power now, 49% of this country is on the left side of their positions. It is time that nonconservatives are allowed some airtime.

Also- Wake up Sweetpea! Frank Shiers may be all you say he is but radio does not hire people because they are good people, need a break, etc. His voice is fine, I would just like it to be confined to voiceovers.
Frank Shiers is the wonderbread of radio. Dull, bland and boring. If forced to make the choice (shudder) I would choose Dori over Frank. retch At least Dori is interesting some part of the time. He makes me mad, and sometimes I agree with him. Frank is not-EVER.

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