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September 01, 2005



Today more than 800 Iraqis died in a stampede that started from a rumor of a suicide bomber. 800.<<<<<

They do that kind of stuff without our help. Happens regularly in that part of the world.


Yes Clinton was excellent at morphing from President into Chairman of the Committee to Feel Your Pain at the drop of an oil-soaked loon. Then he would award a Medal of Honor to the widow of a Somalia Nation Builder.
The real issue is: Why are so many poor african-americans obese? How are Coast Guard helicopters supposed to winch the stricken and corpulent? Did Bush cancel a R and D program to develop a helicopter-borne winch that would hoist the non-height/weight proportional to safety?
Is it ethical to save one obese african-american when three or four asians can be saved? (Are there three...or is it four asians in New Orleans?)
What Bush needs to do is airlift Lipitor and steamed rice to New Orleans immediately! Consider this a clarion call for the cardiac health of the poor.
Do left wingers consider disaster relief welfare? Most conservatives consider it a basic federal function. Like national defense. A non-depletable public good, as we say in Econ101.
Over at dKos, there seems to be a direct continuum from voice-mail for the homeless to flood relief.
Federal resources to directly save lives is hardly welfare.
But while we're here...remind me why I should be atwitter about people who CHOSE to remain behind after ample warning of an annual, predictable event?
If only earthquakes called ahead.
Someday, archaeologists will excavate Harry Truman from the silt/ash of Spirit Lake. I hope someone says,"What a moron."
(Fret not Michael, I heard the sammolier from Le Cirque applied at the Baton Rouge Ramada Inn. So, your America triumphs and life goes on.)


obsession with the overweight poor? can you say 'creepy' scrilla? (will save the r-word pending further developments ;p)


The sad thing is that the need to support Bush for blowing his response to the Hurricane have driven some interesting things off the talk radio circuit. Earlier this week, John Carlson came out in favor or Murder, and Michael Medved came out in favor of sex with twelve year olds. And this just a week after Pat Robertson posed the question Who Would Jesus Assasinate? It is stories like this that make right wing talk radio fun.


No, scrilla is just a typical neo-con racist who lost out and tries to 'entertain' us with his sick rhetoric. That is his best defense of this whole sorry bungled affair that the '06 congress will have to atone for.


OKey dokey. With tongue removed from cheek, here's the question: How responsible are the residents for their own (in)action prior to landfall of Katrina, and afterward?
If you can stay off DailyKOS this long and focus on current events instead of Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc reasoning, I'd like an answer.


Well let's see..Im a Poor ..oh yes and FAT..black person who cannot afford a car or at least the 3.00 a gallon of gas to get me out of town. It is the end of the month and I wont get paid until Thursday. But I realize that its still my fault that I can't leave.

Im an elderly black woman who is confined to a wheelchair and I live off my small pension. I cannot drive so I no longer have a car. I have run out of my medication for the month but I wont get my next prescription until Thursday. But I realize I had the responsibility to leave. My fault, so sorry.

I am a an elderly white man who is on life support in the hospital in New Orleans. Next time I will remember to call my relatives in the next state over to come get me.

I am the President of the United States. I heard there was a little storm somewhere but hey, I have my live to live. Did I show ya the nifty guitar I got in San Diego? Heh! Playin' golf is hard work! I had ta go over ta San Diego to remind people that the kids of rich people shouldnt have ta pay taxes on their dead daddy's money. Hey!
Bein' President is HARD WORK! Besides, I flew kinda low over all that floodin'. It was just devastatin'. Bet it's even more devastatin' down on the ground!
Hey, I gotta call Condi and ask her if she had a good time in the Big ol' Apple buyin' sum new sexy shoes.


sparky sez "Bein' President is HARD WORK! Besides, I flew kinda low over all that floodin'. It was just devastatin'. Bet it's even more devastatin' down on the ground!" Yeah, it's hard work being a real president instead of a political pimp like the previous occupant of the airplane. He could be down filling sandbags and showing his "pain" and you guys still wouldn't cut him a break. He just keeps going on being the prez and kicking your butt. And, he still got 3 more years of driving loonies nuts.

blathering michael

At this rate, Bush just might end up being the Richard Nixon of the next generation. Hope so.


"He just keeps going on being the prez"

and that would involve....what?

Nixon looks like a reasonable person when you compare him to Georgie..


Sorry, but the twice elected Clinton is not president anymore, nor is it his job to show how its done, bush is supposedly all grown up now and out of Babs Bush apron

This 'real' president has 3 more years of jackin off on the job, which is what he has done now. He waited till AFTER he got back from golfin' and attending a 60th aniversary of VJ day(where he compared Iraq to WW2) to finally get around to the "honey do" list of things to do this week. What he should of done is had a plan on Sun or at least by Mon on where all this help was going to be organized, rather than waiting for a phone call, which btw has still produced lackluster results.

Yeah Lump, he could be standing around fillin' bags and what not and I know he wont, so I can complain. He could of had the 82nd Airborne parachute in and restore order but his friends in the con media like to see "looting" so they can smack their lips and decry social programs. But it's fuckin great to see all the sleepy reporters who have woken up to watch babies die on bridges and people up to their necks in water and finally realize they are not in some 3rd world country. He's not kickin anyones butt--he has a hard enough time keeping his ass on the seat of his mtn bike while on a flat ranch, which is bush' view of the world right now.


do you know how anything works? The President can't invade a state with federal troops! Jesus Christ! The Governor can request it...but DID NOT!
Also, never mind the costof gas for the po' old crippled folks. It shouldn't have been an issue because the Gov should have used local (Shreveport) busses. They've DONE it before. Where's your blame for Blanco? Keep studying harpy.

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