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September 13, 2005



Why does Stephanie Miller feel compelled to pack sound effects into every second of her show? Her show sounds like some kind of half ass political morning zoo.


Miller received props from no less than Howard Stern recently. Stern said he really enjoyed her show, but would give her some advice to tone down the background sound effects. He felt they distracted from he natural wit. After listening to her on Monday, He has a point. Hopefully, she'll heed jhis advice.

Door Emun's Son

Live and from the left???

That's what they say on the air non-stop. But now, my two favorites, Franken and Rhodes are NOT live. Sheesh. What gives?

Plus yesterday, I had to turn off Franken for the first time. He's going on and on about WHY WHY WHY WHY doesn't the head of FEMA resign???

Of course, he had already resigned before lunch time. But on tape-delay, Franken sounds like an idiot.


Michael sez " unlike Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh who dictate theirs to squidgy blonde interns with sensible shoes and no underwear (that's kind of the uniform for young women clawing their way out of the conservative underclass"
Does that put them in the same class as Hillary?. And, how do you know interns don't wear underwear? Been sniffing around have you?

blathering michael

Unfortunately BlatherWatch interns wear dirndls or leather moo-moos, street-fighter bras and have propensities for camo, small arms and large dogs. A guy thinks before he sniffs around here.


blathering sez "Unfortunately BlatherWatch interns wear dirndls or leather moo-moos, street-fighter bras"
As one who spent considerable time in my younger years conquering Teutonic maidens who resemble the ones in your post, I now find it to be terrifying in that respect. I guess I'm just a shadow of my former self. I'm leaving on Friday for my 20th Oktoberfest and the picture you present may cause me several days of intoxication. Still chuckling.


You left out Rachel Maddow so I will start with her..she has probably the most researched show on the air, because she knows she is a newbie and wants to get her facts straight. I am a very early riser so I get her whole hour from 5-6 am and she is just right for that time slot. I am VERY pleased that KPTK did not bump her for the last hour of Morning Sedition.

Stephanie--hilarious, love her background song " Lying Sack of Crap" which about sums it up for me re: Bush. Yes, lose half the sound effects, but dont lose the dead-on impressions of people. Smart ass is different than cheerful inane banter and is a great way to start the day...

Thom--my hero. The man is a walking encyclopedia of American History, and is kind to all callers, even the morons.

Ed--go ahead and listen if you want. Im working then so I dont have to worry about it. He may be upbeat but its Bubba-Radio to me..

Al...not a drive time host. But not an apologist for Bush as Dave can be so I will listen on the way home. It IS jarring to hear news that is now old in our time slot, but that was the same with Randi as well. That is why I think its a waste to have Ed live..he is not a current events kind of guy...he is usually a day late with information, and usually because he heard it first from a caller.

Randi needs to be back on drive time..her energy kept me awake on the drive home.

Mike Malloy- probably where he needs to be. I think he can beat Mike Webb because Mike seems scattered, as you have pointed out.
But I listen to Bernie Ward on KGO at that time ( a benefit of living in the south sound ) so it doesnt matter.

So with the exception of Ed still being on the air, and Randi moved out of drive time, Im happy.
I do agree that KPTK needs to do a lot more advertising to make people aware there is an alternative out there.


Oh, and listening to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now forever spoiled me against NPR who has not been hard hitting in years....


What they really have to do and do fast is begin to make some money. I still multiple local breaks during drive times where KPTK runs nothing but PSA's and promo's. In the business, this is very troublesome. Even with a market share of 1.5, there is trouble a brewing if they are unable to sell advertising during drive time. Perhaps they will have to do as this AAR affiliate:


Sparky sez "But I listen to Bernie Ward on KGO at that time (a benefit of living in the south sound) so it doesnt matter."
Now there is a 400lb sack of looniness. So far to the left his car only has one turn signal. How does he get away with doing "God Talk" on Sunday mornings when the lefties hate God?

Political Pulpit

Drive time should be local shows -- with local issues.

I like Ed, but I like Randi better, and she should be live. She plays better to the metro areas, whereas Ed us more of a rural kinda guy.

Thom Hartman is great, and with Al Franken probably leaving for the Senate, there needs to be a strong host that can go opposite Rush (to Insanity.)

I do like Stephanie Miller, but not at the expense of having a local show. I would much rather listen to her than the Majority Report.

My dream? I would LOVE to see KIRO/Entercom rip AAR away from Infinity, and setting up the following line-up:

5-6 Rachael Maddow (bring her to Seattle!!!)
6-9 Local host
9-12 Thom Hartman
12-4 Randi Rhodes
4-7 Dave Ross
7-10 Mike Malloy


An impossible dream there PP. KIRO/Entercom has zero interest in AAR and I'm guessing the same is true for Dave Ross.


I've listened to Stephanie Miller a couple of times on Saturday mornings. I find her unfunny unless you live to hate Bush. Even Bush haters probably struggle to find much truly funny stuff in her routines. I guess that would hit the target for the AAR crowd, but not for mainstream Americans.

Thom Hartman I've only heard once. At least he didn't sound shrill. However, any host that rails on about how the President is a criminal start losing reasonable, mainstream Americans. But, I'm sure the AAR crowd enjoys this type of stuff.

AAR doesn't make any money, that's why they play PSAs during prime listening hours. As long as rich liberals are willing to fund it, the far left will have something to listen to. And the rest of the world will just ignore it since it is so irrelevant.

Political Pulpit

I agree that Stephanie Miller is a bit much. She is more of a late-evening "get yer laugh on" type of show that is not really suited for the daytime. I understand that she wouldn't be funny to someone who thinks Bush walks on water, but she does have her moments.

When I gave my "dream", it was just that -- a dream. I wouldn't be too sure that KIRO wouldn't entertain the thought of carrying at least one or two of AAR's lineup. Dave Ross wouldn't have to go anywhere, just adding a couple of AAR shows would be all it would take.

For example, dumping Dori and replacing him with Ed Shultz or Randi Rhodes and dumping Alan Prell for Thom Hartman would put KIRO back up on the top rung almost immediately.

From the looks of it, AM1090 is doomed for failure within a year if it keeps up the way it's going.

At least I have my XM radio.


I've never met Bernie Ward, so I don't how much he weighs like Lump does. Bernie and Ray have domninated talk radio in SF for years, so it's no wonder all Lump can do is trivialize like so many cons do, instead of the talking the issues. Lefties hate god as much as cons hate the government.


Actually, PPulpit, your dream line up isnt too bad! But doesnt Dave count as a local host? I dont know of anyone else locally who would fit...we have politically savvy lefties but would they do good radio? Please dont say Mike Webb or Erin Hart...if Drake Collier was still around, he would be good.

And again...the signal for KPTK surpasses the Seattle Metro area, and those of us who do not live there dont care if we hear news about Seattle. Maybe that's why I am unconcerned about having a local host, unlike some here.


Chris sez "I've never met Bernie Ward, so I don't how much he weighs like Lump does. Bernie and Ray have domninated talk radio in SF for years, so it's no wonder all Lump can do is trivialize like so many cons do, instead of the talking the issues. Lefties hate god as much as cons hate the government."
Chris, let me say, "Congratulations on an intelligent post for a change" I'm not sure now this is not a different Chris. In my previous many years of business, I traveled extensively up and down the west coast and even the other coast but under protest and have spent thousands of hours listening night radio. Yes Bernie Ward and Ray Taliferro do dominate the Bay Area in their time slots. The only challenge is from KFBK in Sacto. Bernie, who appears on the Fox News Channel all the time as a discenting voice from the left, is a long time leftie who spends his evenings beating up on the conservatives. Ray is a pure racist who spends 5 hours a night calling conservatives, especially white conservatives, all of the good names that that the Black left so endears. You can by the way stream KGO on the internet. But, if you really wanted to listen to the most talented conversationalist in radio, then you should listen to Gene Burns who does the 7-10 slot nightly. He busts the chops on everyone and deals in fact speak. Now Chris, pay close attention if you can, I do not trivilize but inform all you heathens that your side of loonieness will be challenged when you make such silly dribble. When I say something, I can back up the facts. When you throw out turd accusation or statement, I can almost always refute it with a counter on what shitty stuff your side has done. Here's a big problem with your argument. When you throw out an accusation, be prepared to back up your facts. I do not fall back and defend the indefensible. I am willing to admit when our side is wrong and debate. You for one do not talk issues, you just throw out some bombs, call a few names and then disappear. Your loonieness walks in a far bigger minefield than I do. As I have stated many times there are some talented lefties who post on this blog and I really enjoy most of the posts, however you are not one of them. You could be if you wanted to be specific, but you always throw out something and then run away. It's too bad you were not taught that this country has its foundation rooted in religious prosecution. I have not been active in any church for so long I can't remember, but I do know history. Want to debate, bring it on, but you better start reading up before you shoot your hand off. I don't know how old you are, but I think pretty young and history repeats itself so let's get it on.


Now, since you have the facts, who is it among the 'lefties' have said they hated god? And this is no bomb or turd , Bush' Dis-approval rating according to ABC news poll is now at 57%


If you get XM installed in your car it will give you access to a spectacularly great commercial free talk show like Opie&Anthony. Why in god's name would you subject yourself to the endless ads and talk garbage on broadcast radio?

Political Pulpit

Sure, Dave does count as a local host. But it doesn't HAVE to be Dave, just someone that can speak on local and regional issues in addition to the national stuff.

There is a lot of local talent with potential to take on a local show. Infinity just has to have the desire to spend a little money, that's all.


Chris sez "Bush' Dis-approval rating according to ABC news poll is now at 57%" Well Cristopher, it is you with a fact problem. You got the 57% number right, but that was the amount of people holding local and state goverment in NO partly or mostly responsible for disaster mismanagement there. I also see how you also left out the most interesting part of the same poll. 6 out of 10 believe that the Democrats are using the disaster for pure, partisan political agendas.


PeakLimiter - Be gentle with poor Chris. It's no fun to see someone run up the score on an inferior opponent....


More bad news for Bushler 60% thinks he sucks in another poll

This is the lowest he has sunk, so far.. and only 48% approve of his handling of Katrina That's down from his 80% approval after 9/11

How low can he go???? Too bad, so sad Peak and "ex-dem"


Thanks for the update Chris. Keep us posted on Bush's approval ratings.......for the next 3 years.


If he makes it that long...


Chris - let's see if you can hold your breath from now until the time Bush leaves office (or gets impeached or some other awful fate).


Naw, holding breath is too much work, I like to see them sizzle in their own juices. He'll have to stay in the country like Kissinger, lest he be convicted somewhere else and his outraged mommy has to raise bail to get him out of the slammer.

adam dawson

Actually, I have the "Lying Sack of Crap" jingle as a ringtone.

Makes for interesting conversation.

Try it.



Oh, now that is very kewl!! It needs the words, though, to be fully appreciated...

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