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September 30, 2005



I saw on Michelle Malkin's blog that Air America is off the air in Philadelphia - a top 5 market in the US and a long-standing Democratic city.

Is this another sign of how Air America is gaining momentum? I know that it seems counter-intuitive, but I'm sure Blathering Michael will help us all to understand how we shouldn't be distressed by such pesky facts.....

blathering michael

And O'Reilly's radio show just got dropped for lack of attendance in Denver. Here and there, they come they go. Can't say AAR is doing great, but couldn't say it's going TU, eithether. It's less than a year old. I have no reason to spin AART's success, or failure. I've been very hard on local KPTK, frinstance, but all the pixels devoted to AAR by Malkin & Maloney don't amount to much--if they did, believe me, you'd read it here...


I, in fact, don't believe you.


Blathering Michael - fair enough.

If only that type of common sense prevailed for most of the "issues of the day", there would be a lot more productive dialogue about those issues.

Diane Engel

Hey hey!!!

I am so glad to find somewhere to read about and acknowledge that Allan Prell is a real person.
I can't be the only person who appreciated his razor wit and political savvy.

I cannot believe how he was summarily dumped. I would really like to know his next move as I would follow him if at all possible.

I for one am not sold on kirotv any more. If management wanted to dump someone why not caustic, critical Dori Monson. I can't believe how often he laughs as a certain situation where it is really uncalled for. Enough about him!!!!

Please note a vote for Allan and let us know if you ever find out where in hell he has gone.


Diane Engel
[email protected]

Scott Fitzsimmons

Prell and Webb are at the bottom of the barrel regarding talk show hosts. Prell never give facts just BS which is what his LOYAL listeners are like, all two of them. He didn't make sense and just spewed pure non-sense and had nothing to add to any decent conversation.

He was a menace on the radio that talked to his non-common sense listeners! Liberals are a disfunction of soiciety and have serious metal disorders, really. I call them the 5, 10 and 15 people. Republicans/conservatives have the same 5,10 and 15 too but it's different. Liberals think 5, 10 15 minutes down the road where conservatives think 5, 10, 15 years down the road. It all for the moment not the future and they are losing the game in every facet of life. Plus they can't handle it which is fun to watch. The louder they yell, the more they look like the idiots they really are.

I will not miss Prell one bit. Finally KIRO got a bit smarter but until Webb is eradicated they have work to do!!!


Is Maloney still out of work?


Scott, you didn't think 5 secs. down the paragraph on this one...

"Liberals are a disfunction of soiciety and have serious metal disorders"

More heavy metal hospitals!


I may bee dissfunkshunal but ah ken spell


The disappearing-thing is just plain weird in any public business; I found A. Prell less obnoxious than I find D. Monson to be (and much less "commercial", too).


I don't think abrubt firings are rare in radio, I heard the KNDD on air staff was suprise fired one morning. I bet they do that so the hosts can't use their last few minutes to steal CDs and talk crap about the sponsors.

Scott Fitzsimmon's criticism of Allen Prell is more like a strong endorsement.


Add me to the count of listeners who are extremely angry at KIRO
management for the firing of
Allen Prell. I enjoyed Prell's quirky wit, his political savvy and his
adult approach. The people
who make the decisions at KIRO obviously are not listening to audience
comments, but I am
persisting in emailing them daily to express my opinion. I hope other
Prell fans will do the same
- contact KIRO at [email protected] and let management know what
you think.


blathering michael

Scriller: that hurts.


Andrew, ya think it's an endorsement? He's gone so there must of been more people like me out there. Advertisers are the one's who run the show and he was a miserable failure and couldn't connect with people who drive that business, the advertisers and the few listeners he had left detirmined his fate. He also had the lowest rating of anyone. Get a clue and go listen to airhead America. :-)


Regarding Air America's "demise"...this from the CEO of Air America:

Recently, Air America Radio came under attack from the same cast of right-wing media characters who have attacked the network for ideological reasons from day one.

A recent piece in the New York Post by John Mainelli states that, "Air America is in ... bad financial shape." On Sept. 20, Bill O'Reilly on Fox News which, like the New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation said that Air America "could be on its last legs."

This is untrue. Air America is in strong financial shape. Last week we started broadcasting from our new multi-million dollar studios.

Several weeks earlier the Board of Directors of Air America's parent company accelerated re-payment of a loan from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club of $875,000 two years in advance of a previously agreed upon repayment plan. In the last several months, Air America has expanded its executive team to augment our efforts on the internet and in affiliate relations.

The pretext for the latest smears is an initiative I launched last week called Air America Associates, in which I asked our listeners to support our programming financially and at various levels offer bumper stickers, tote bags, etc. as a way of thanking them. (We received thousands of responses, far beyond what we projected for the first few days).

Many of our listeners also listen to NPR stations and Pacifica and are used to supporting radio programming they like. I got the idea from the Nation Magazine's program, "The Nation Associates," which helps them fund investigative journalism. Like Air America Radio, The Nation is a for-profit company.

But the conservative propagandists have tried to make it seem like there is something unseemly because Air America Radio is both commercial-and a radio network, as O'Reilly said last night, "I have never seen a commercial enterprise ask their listeners for money-ever." This is also false. The modern model of the broadcasting business involves numerous revenue streams. If anything, Air America has been late in fully building such an infrastructure which the "Associates" is a part of.

For example, Rush Limbaugh's website offers his fans the "Limbaugh Letter" for $34.95 a year and a totally separate service called Rush 24/7 which includes access to archived programs at the cost of $49.95 a year. The Limbaugh site also features the "EIB Store" which sells such items as $19.95 polo shirt which amusingly says, "My Mullah went to G'itmo and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."

The Sean Hannity Web-site features a "subscription" to something called, "The Hannity Insider" for $5.95 a month.

But no one tops the self proclaimed non-spinner Bill O'Reilly. Bill O'Reilly.com offers a "premium membership" for either $4.95 a month or $49.95 a year. He also offers a "Gift certificate" for $14.95. Products for sale on the Web site include:

Radio Factor diner coffee mug available in white or navy blue for $14.95
O'Reilly Factor keychain for $7.95 "while supplies last."
Three different "No Spin" tote bags at $14.95 apiece
Ten different hats at a cost of $16.95 each
The "no spin" jacket for $79.95
The " Unisex Black Fleece" embroidered with "The Spin Stops Here" for $39.95
Several bumper stickers including one that reads "Boycott France" for $2.50
License plate frame for $18.95
Three different "No Spin" tote bags at $14.95 each
An O'Reilly Factor Gear Bag at $64.95
"Mens Garment Bag" for $64.95 (sorry ladies!)
A "Spin Stops Here" organizer briefcase
A "Spin Stops Here" pen and pad bundle for $19.95
Two different designs of "Spin Stops Here" doormats for $49.95 and
Two different "Rain Stops Here" umbrellas at $24.95("Show everyone who protects you from the rain")
Mainelli's article also repeated another falsehood about Air America saying "More recently the 70 station left network has been suffering lower ratings." His corporate cousin O'Reilly wishfully stated on August 17 said "Air America-nobody is listening to it," On Aug 3rd O'Reilly claimed that "Air America cannot support itself because of low ratings," and on July 26 O'Reilly said "The Air America radio network continues to fail with catastrophic ratings here in New York City. "

In fact, the ratings for the Bill O'Reilly radio show in New York were worse than those on Air America that he described as "catastrophic" In the key 25 to 54 year demographic which talk radio offers to advertisers, the Spring, 2005 Arbitron ratings showed that Monday to Friday from 2 to 4 PM when O'Reilly is on WOR-AM and which at Air America's 1190 WLIB-AM contains the last hour of "The Al Franken Show" and the first hour of "The Randi Rhodes Show," that O'Reilly had a .3 share and Air America a .4 share. O'Reilly had a cumulative audience of 75,400 and Air America had a cumulative audience of 89,300.

Inevitably ratings go up and down and vary from time slot to time slot and from market to market. Right wing bloggers have had fun cherry picking isolated pieces of ratings reports to distort the enormous enthusiasm Air America's growing audience has demonstrated. At the vast majority of our affiliates Air America ratings are up. On a nation-wide basis the most recent Arbitron ratings Spring 2005 book showed that our affiliates reach over three million people per week each of whom listens for an average of several hours a week. This is more than triple the amount of people who were listening when measured one year earlier in the Spring, 2004 book.

I do not intend to write something every time something like this happens. In the almost six months during which I have been CEO of Air America Radio, I have refrained, for the most part, from responding to the litany of attacks, lies, half-truths and smears from various members of the right-wing media. In general, it seems to me that paying too much attention to these people only encourages them and that we, at Air America, need to get used to the fact that the spirited progressive opinions of our on-air talent and of our audience will attract the kind of mean-spirited smears that are endemic to contemporary political conversation.

After having a near monopoly on talk radio for so many years, some conservative media types are literally freaked out at confronting robust, persistent and passionate opposition. On Sept. 26, O'Reilly desperately claimed that "Air America's basic flaw is that "Americans do not want to hear that their country sucks 24 hours a day." Of course the talent and management of Air America have a love of our country which is what animates all passionate debate on political issues form the left, right and center.

It is an obsession with stifling debate --even at the cost of using lies and distortions, which is un-American.

Danny Goldberg is the CEO of Air America Radio.


"Liberals are a disfunction of soiciety and have serious metal disorders"

More heavy metal hospitals!

Methinks there's some Quiet Riot vinyl begging to be dusted off.



The real trouble with the popularity of liberal radio and liberal TV is that liberals THINK! They don't have to be told what to think! They read and are quite able to make-up their own minds. My conservative friends watch ONE news channel and listen to ONE radio station. They want their views reinforced. New ideas scare them. They believe that the war in Iraq has to do with 9/11. They’ve been duped by the rats and will NEVER admit it!


Goldberg's comments are believable....if you don't understand how business works.

Air America is asking people for money so that they can hear the broadcast on the public airwaves. "I asked our listeners to support our programming financially and at various levels offer bumper stickers, tote bags, etc. as a way of thanking them." DESPERATE and LAME (kind of like most of their programming).

All of the other examples he lists (e.g., Rush 24/7, O'Reilly premium membership, etc.) are for additional products or services. They don't sell that stuff just to air the program on the public airwaves. Those programs don't fill up their breaks with public service announcements - they have advertisers who actually pay money to get that air time.

Nice try Goldberg - NOT!


Ex-Dem, last week you said that the source wasn't beliveable


Where are you getting the idea that Air America is in any financial jeopardy? We've been assured numerous times by Blathering Michael and others on this forum of the growth and success of AA. Better check your sources carefully...."


Re-read what Goldberg said about the necessity for the right to try to pound in the message that AA is "failing" financially, regardless of
the facts. When has the right needed sources or facts to make a message "believable" ? I mean, Goldberg is just the CEO--what does HE know?????


I read Golberg's comments precisely.

His radio network says "Give us money to air our programs and we'll give you a thank you gift".

The other radio programs he cites say "Give us money to purchase our branded merchandise or access replays of our shows anytime you want."

The Air America economic model indicates they are in financial trouble. The other economic models indicate that they can generate additional revenue, above and beyond advertising dollars, to increase their profits - not just to make enough money to put the program on the air in the first place.

Previously I cautioned about checking sources because Blathering Michael had been assuring us how Air America was "one healthy baby". Now that he has backtracked on those claims, I'll join the crowd of skeptics about the true financial health of Air America. But that's OK for me - I don't really enjoy any of their programming anyway. The far left will get frantic about the whole thing because they'll lose a nation-wide platform for loonies like Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, etc. Not that many people have been listening anyway....

blathering michael

I've never backtracked--I wrote that a long time ago. But I don't, (nor do you)have any new evidence to the contrary. Whatever happens to AAR means nothing--just another media corporation. I'd rather see it make it, but compared to real issues, it's a non-starter most of the time.
What gets me is how the right is so obsessed (Malkin & Maloney have devoted their professional lives to it) with Air America and are seemingly oblivious to the failure of the bush administration.
It's imploding, the war is cooked, Social Security reform TU, fellow Republicans up in arms over the price tag, scandal on 5 fronts. poll numbers in the shithole and all we hear about is how this little start-up radio network is struggling.
ExFem: What's that about??? Are you deaf & blind?


Why are you calling me out? I don't run a blog and I'm not the one who picks the topics.

So you think the Bush administration is a failure? Good for you. The majority of American voters re-elected the man even though, leading up to the election, they heard the same criticism you're pedaling. So that puts you in the minority.

I guess when most Americans evaluated this administration, they gave it a passing grade. I think they look at unemployment rates below 6% and see how much better it is than places like France and Germany with their 12 - 15% unemployment. They see how a country that was in recession and then suffered the 9/11 attacks now is pulling in more federal tax revenue than ever - because of the tax cuts. They looked at the decision to take out the Taliban and Saddam and I guess they saw a big picture strategy they agreed with - reshape the Middle East or live with state sponsored terrorism forever. They agreed that changing the status quo in education required the tougher approach of No Child Left Behind.

Just remember, the majority of American voters said "yes" to this administration in 2004. The media keeps taking polls and measuring people's attitudes every minute. Meanwhile, it looks like there are people in the administration that just keep pushing forward and trying to make progress. I guess they don't obsess about polls as much as the narrow slice of the country whose lives are consumed with politics as a spectator sport.


Dude: none of the French or German unemployed go without health insurance for them or their families.

You could also say wise things like: We have a bigger army than they do, so there.



Doesn't sound like a robust economic model to industrious people - 15% of the eligible workers don't contribute?

There is a safety net in place for the most destitute of people in America. For the rest, that are actually interested in pursuing a better life, they lean on family, friends and church community until they can stand on their own feet again. That has always been the hallmark of the American ethic.

For those interested in socialistic forms of government, well, take your pick from just about any country in Europe.


That "safety net" is the ER's of most American hospitals,which are overloaded-- people without wait until it gets worse. And Btw, Truman wanted to expand medicare to everyone back in 1946, but was denied that by a GOP controled House and Senate, so he took that message overseas to Japan and Germany, which has insurance for everyone. Those countries are no more "socilaistic" than the US is as they pull up a real bum of a company like Haliburton out of the gutter. Churches or families can't start their own HMO's and most communities don't have the manpower to force everyone to buy from a bake sale to raise money for those without healthcare. Lets face it, the same party of Dick Cheney who tells members of congress to go "fuck yourself" is the same party that tells working Americans to do the same... That being said, you got called out because you said that my sources weren't credible, it has nothing to do with blatherwatch but more how you jump to conclusions on your posts.


Look, if you have a socialistic vision for America, that's your business. The original colonists in the New World tried establishing "commonwealths" in Plymouth and Jamestown. Then, after they got sick of seeing some able people not pulling their weight, they abandoned the idea.

Lots of individual people want to say F*** You to their family, their community and to their church community, and then don't want there to be any consequences for that decision. They have alienated themselves from the natural safety net they should be depending upon FIRST.

Thankfully, there are still lots of people in our country that carry on the tradition of the original settlers. Gee, what was the government sponsored health care plan for the Pilgrims or for the people on the Oregon Trail? How did this country ever make it into the 21st century without a government safety net for all of those people for all of those years? It's probably impossible to imagine for people that assume everyone is helpless and can't make it without the government to take care of their every need....


What my eyes and ears tell me right now is that the Cheney/Rovians are for socialism for the corporations and begging for the rest. This whole Iraq war operates as a giant make work for big corporations paid for from money taken out of the pocket of my children.

And look at your right-wing churches lining up asking for reimbursement for "charity" after Katrina.

The idea of a European medical coverage is to help people in the society live longer happier lives. People in the US just dont live as long and pay more per capita to not live as long, but you think that shows that the people without access to good health care are lacking in morals and gung-ho-ness. I see folks with your outlook in the US as blinded by your ideology and using your control over the media to keep the population at large from seeing how people live in other 1st world countries. They have longer lives, less work hours, longer vacations, more and more effective high end education per capita.


"Lots of individual people want to say F*** You to their family, their community and to their church community, and then don't want there to be any consequences for that decision. They have alienated themselves from the natural safety net they should be depending upon FIRST."

So Cheney wont get his aneurism treated then at Bethesda?

"Thankfully, there are still lots of people in our country that carry on the tradition of the original settlers. Gee, what was the government sponsored health care plan for the Pilgrims or for the people on the Oregon Trail? How did this country ever make it into the 21st century without a government safety net for all of those people for all of those years? "

A lot of them died along the way, in a ditch which is the revisionist theme today that the strong survive.
It wasn't the government that woke up one day and decided to do it, it was well intentioned labor and citizen activists who agitated for change, all of these so called socialist labels you pin on were brought about by much demonstrations --the 8 hour day,social security. BTW, the average, thats average health insurance premium is now up to 10k a year. In europe, the average taxation is around 3k. for health care. So how is it the private plans are saving us any money. Do you support such slovenly run business models like this one?

"It's probably impossible to imagine for people that assume everyone is helpless and can't make it without the government to take care of their every need...."

Does uh, Haliburton wake up and say ' gee, I see Bechtel got to claim unemployment this year and slough off while I have to work, even though they are still working, so therefore I would like to get on the dole too'


It's funny to peek into the mind of brainwashed leftists. Sometimes, in conversation, people will tell someone "if you could only hear what you sound like". Fortunately, with these blogs, you can actually go back and read what you have said.

Please explain what the "money taken out of the pocket of your children" is? Are you trying to imply that because the federal deficit as a % of the overall income is lower than the peak years of the Roosevelt administration and the Reagan administration that you are worried?

If you are worried about "right wing churches" lining up to be reimbursed, then I suggest you check out a couple of charities I donate to every month - Mercy Corps and World Vision. They are taking care of impoverished people around the world and doing it without any government funding. And have been doing it for years.

It is laughable to make the claim that somehow the media is on the side of the current administration. I supppose you think that FOX NEWS is an arm of the Republican Party. Let's imagine that it is for a moment. ABC, NBC and CBS NEWs draw literally 10 times as many viewers per night as FOX. Throw in CNN and MSNBC on cable. Over 80% of the people that work at the networks vote Democratic. Your belief that the media somehow conspires with the current adminstration shows how out of touch with reality you are.

Nobody is complaining about how workers are treated. All of the advances you talk about by the labor movement have been positive. And they have been put in place to benefit people that ACTUALLY WORK.

I guess if the Pilgrims and settlers had your attitude, they would not have risked their lives to "die in a ditch". But since you are not a supporter of the "strong survive", then I guess you are probably upset that the Theory of Evolution is so commonly accepted nowadays.

You probably think that Halliburton and Bechtel receive money from the government every day but don't deliver any services. Dream on.....and go talk to people working in war zones around the world that are rebuilding the infrastructure of countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. Grow up and try some adult techniques for convincing people that you have a point. The American people have grown tired of the far left's attempts to raise boogeymen as their primary way to convince people. Far lefties think all they have to do to sway people is say names like "Rove" or "Scalia" or "Haliburton" or "Rumsfeld" or words like "Florida" or "Abu Grahib" or "Gitmo".

There's a reason the candidates that support your wacky positions don't win. Grow up and try joining the mainstream Americans. If you do, you might actually have a chance to win elections where the majority gets to decide. Of course, since you think the majority of American voters are idiots, I'm not sure why you even want their vote or their approval anyway. For the time being, just accept that you exist on the fringe.


Chris you wacky guy!! You mean the Haliburton that gets the no bid contracts and then charges prices hundreds of times higher than found in the public sector?

You wacky dude--you mean those polls that show Bush at his lowest point ever--lower than Nixon at the height of his impeachment troubles?
You're a wild and crazy kid!

And yes you must be truly wacky to think that Fox is somehow influenced by the Republicans!! Come on! Their motto is " Fair and Balanced!" Come on, you can believe them!

What money taken out of the pockets of children? You arent talking about the huge federal deficit that will take generations to pay off, are you??? That is just so fringey of you! Those tax cuts for Paris Hilton are important! Tom DeLay says so!


"The American people have grown tired of the far left's attempts to raise boogeymen as their primary way to convince people. Far lefties think all they have to do to sway people is say names like "Rove" or "Scalia" or "Haliburton" or "Rumsfeld" or words like "Florida" or "Abu Grahib" or "Gitmo".

Yes. you're correct, 70% of people have grown tired of the 'yellowcake' uranium turning out to be a big lie. 2000 now dead over a republican deal gone sour.

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