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September 26, 2005


Political Pulpit

Although I seldom listen to KIRO any more, I am wondering what took them so long to drop-kick Prell out of there. It was the most annoying three hours of talk radio on the dial.

When Dave Ross was pursuing national office, Thom Hartman was one of the fill-in hosts. I am sure KIRO is probably kicking themselves in the arse for not pursuing him instead of settling for Prell.

I have been racking my brain trying to remember the other host that filled in during that time. All I remember is the name "Charles" and that he worked for CNN.


Charles Jaco (I think?)


I'm curious how you found that post on Craig's List. Do you search craigslist for radio jobs?

I miss Allen Prell because he proved at the last second that he's not as shallow as he makes himself out to be and that he thinks things through more than most of the other hosts so I suddenly gained respect for him. He would have done better if he had trolled more to get people to call in and argue, as Dori Monson does, to create more excitement and friction.

David Williams

I definitely am going to miss the guy. He tried hard, was intelligent, and really seemed to like Seattle. It was difficult to fill Dave Ross' shoes and I agree that he should have been given another slot. Since I've already stopped listening to Dori Monson, KIRO has now lost me all day.

Anybody know where Alan will go next? The poor guy just bought a new house, too. It's a tough business.

blathering michael

Andrew: several people sent me the listing. Nobody but this lame duck PG Clendening would advertise such a job on the List. Or maybe he did it hoping we'd see it and post it. Everybody in the local mkt reads this .


I just found Alan Prell. Here is what he said to me, "Welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order please?"

Clayton Sharp

I will miss Prell. Seattle used to be a haven for his quirky style-what the hell happened?


I liked him in small doses..perhaps he would have fared better in a night slot..How bout Webb's spot..I'm tired of his and Dori's rants from both sides of the spectrum

Don Glover

I am glad prell is gone. His voice was annoying. His style was really annoying. While he was liberal his ablility to present his views in an intelligent manner was limited.

On an amusing note, his graphic still shows in in the rotating ad space when you are listening online.


well, damn, I'll miss Prell. He was a hoot. Interesting mixture of a dry sense of humor and goofiness. And I never got to see his hair.


I am going to miss Allan also. I agree he was a hoot. Other than listening to Dave Ross once in a while, I am not tuning into KIRO on a regular basis any longer.


Add me to those that will really miss Allan Prell. I am feeling heartbroken. I did love his quirky style, and I identified with his frustration when callers would not respond to important, interesting issues, choosing instead to talk about fluff.


Add me to those that will really miss Allan Prell. I am feeling heartbroken. I did love his quirky style, and I identified with his frustration when callers would not respond to important, interesting issues, choosing instead to talk about fluff.


It was a shock to "lose" Dave Ross when he went to the late afternoon slot, & my first impression of Allan Prell was very bad. However, after a time, I could see (hear) past his silliness & became aware he was an inteligent, educated person with a quirky type of humor. What a shock to hear his obnoxious replacement, with not a single word of explanation. Depending on who replaces Allan, KIRO may well be only a memory for me. Noon to 3:00 is pure arrogance which I do not need to suffer. Three p.m. is a bit late in the day for any radio, although I try to listen to Dave when I can. Happy to have found this site when I began to investigate!

don and sharon

We will miss Allen Prell--quirks and all. Think it was a shabby way to make a transition. Please bring back Dave Ross. His timeslot was classic for so many of us for so many years. You'll never do better than Dave. He deserves a fat raise for all KIRO has put him through. That moron Dori Monson is the one who should have been fired. Does anyone actually listen to him anymore? No one we know--he's a lunatic and personally disgusting.

Judy Thelin

You just lost me as a listener. I loved Allan, can't stand Dori, and 3:00 is too late for me to listen to Dave. I'm really pissed.

Food Critic

Allan Prell was the most annoying person I have ever heard on the radio. I couldnt believe KIRO hired him. I used to tune in every couple days just to see if he had been fired.

At least now I will have another option about what to listen to nine to noon.


When I first heard Allan Prell I thought who is this idiot on the radio? The more I listened to him the more I liked him. I will really miss him and I am not listening to KIRO anymore since he is gone. They should have fired Dori Monson. He is the real idiot.


Done with KIRO. Loved Dave, can't stand Dori since the election when he became a right wingnut. Allan was the only thing that kept me listening to KIRO.



I loved KIRO when it was Dave Ross, followed by Dori, and then Bryan Suits in the evening. Those were the days.

Now I listen to Rush, then alternate between Medved and Dori, then Carlson, followed by Suits. Mike Webb's show is pretty boring. Erin Hart would have been better in that time slot. I can't stand her, but I'm drawn to her sarcasm. Go figure.

Brent Coferium

I'll repeat: Prell was funny, witty, smart, and just wacky enough that you were always afraid not to listen, that you might miss him doing something really weird.

Great radio.

Pity that he was dumped.

If I read one more moron say he's not right for Seattle, I'm going to throw up. They used to say the same thing about Stern. And Leykis. And BJ. Gimme a f-ing break.


Well, I could never listen to Prell for that long; smart you-know-whats never did anything for me (thus I don't listen to Rush, either).

The no-brainer move here is to move Ross back to 9am; he'd pick up a lot of his old audience and help Monson out, too.


I'm so glad I found this site because my husband and I are just furious at the Soviet-like "disappearance" of Alan Prell.

Last November, Air America started up here and both my husband and I switched from KIRO to Air America and listened almsot non-stop. But about February or so we started getting bored. (It is soooo one dimensional, but still good.)

So we switched back to KIRO, but lo and behold, Dave Ross was gone and some shrieking idiot was on in his place. It was so bizarre we kept checking back to see what the joke was. But, you know what, after about 3 days I was hooked. And then my husband got hooked.

I can not believe how many people I would come in contact with who felt the same way. If his ratings were bad, maybe it's because he didn't have enough time. Or maybe notenough people knew about him. His show was never advertised anywhere.

My husband is trying to figure out a way to start a protest, we are both so upset. I just think he was the funniest and smartest person I've everheard on radio.


I live in Maryland....listened to Allen Prell for 17 years. Never boring, always entertaining and sometimes even informative. I found him via Audio Streaming, even called him. He is a one of a kind talk show host. Seattle's lost. Hope to find out where he will show up next.

blathering michael

so would we. Allan: drop us a line.


I can't believe they fired Allen Prell!! They should give the boot to the obnoxious, Mr. Perfect, Dori. Allen was so refreshing and he is not an idiot. If anyone finds him out there please, please let me know. KIRO sent an email survey last night which was a joke. They are trying to make their station even better!! If they continue with losers like Frank, Don, etc they are going to ruin a great radio station. We now listen to Dave and Mike whereas, in the past, we had only KIRO on all day and evening. Allen, where are you??
Mary Ann


How nice to see that Allan was enjoyed by so many! The "Soviet style" disappearance is very appropriate. Why the online secrecy? Did the man have any warning? While he sounded almost crazy at first, after his first couple of weeks on the air I think I sort of "bonded" & the loss of Dave wasn't so awful. I sure enjoyed his "Comment Line" & already miss him a lot! We just participated in the Armitron survey & it was KIRO we listed exclusively from 9 -12.(Not 12 - 3, ugh!) I wonder what the results of that survey will be. I guess I can live without radio.

Fred Baker

Allen was the only reason I tuned in to KIRO. Run through the radio dial in the morning and what do you get? A formatted media that is stale and boring. Allen's drool humor and honesty was like a breath of fresh air. I hope he stays in the Seattle area. We miss you, Allen!


I recently listened to the whole KIRO line up (from Allan to Lou). I was shocked to hear that Allan was gone. I will also miss Tony.

What I don't like about KIRO

- Erin Hart talks too much about herself and her dog.

- Has Dori ever met an ad that he did not like? You would think, with a six figure income, he can build his new house and put all 3 of his daughters through college. How much is enough?

- Lou Pate, hates Seattle so much, why in the hell doesn't he leave?

That is my 3 cents, accounting for inflation.


I really enjoyed Prell. He took some getting used to but he was smart and I liked his style. I tried to adjust to Dave's new time but never seem to be able to listen to a complete 3 hour show as I did 9-noon. I won't listen to Dori. He comes across as a total jerk. I even turn his commercials off!

Bring Dave back to the AM time slot. Move Monson to 1AM – 6AM. and make him pay for all the free stuff he got for doing those unbearable “do what I do” commercials!


Speaking of Dori Monson, I think his list of things to do before he dies is belittling to us. If it's for our listening amusement that's one thing but since they say it's to just enrich his life experiance I take offense to being presented with it. The fact that they broadcast his self indulgence is the ultimate in one-up-manship. I'm appalled. Is that a secret radio ratings trick? To diminish the listeners?


Like so many others, I am very upset about the loss of Allan Prell on KIRO Radio. He was the best part of their line-up and always so refreshing and funny. The more I listened to him, the more I liked him.

Dori Monson is the one they should have fired. He is obnoxious and un-listenable.

I hope that everyone who misses Allan Prell will let the KIRO Radio management know what they think. I realize that this will probably not bring Allan back, but it will let them know how many supporters and listeners Allan does have. They really screwed up!

Chad Stanley

When I commented on another thread on my great disgust at Allan's leaving, I felt like a voice in the wildnerness. Props to all of you here who have backed him and recognize true style and personality radio. He will be greatly missed, and my morning drive to work is greatly diminished. Break out the ceedees!

BTW - that train wreck of a fill in host, Mr. Don O'Neill, is a living example that even the chronically untalented and brain dead have a shot at tawk radio. What a lunk head. Oi!


I have submitted the first petition for the return of Rick Miller from mothballs to the 9-noon KIRO slot.


Does Rick Miller know about this?


Rick who???


Allen's absense leaves many of us with very few stations to turn to. I agree, Dori AND Lou Pate should be on the block. Dori is mean-spirited and Lou is DISGUSTING. Interesting that his sexual remarks during the Battle of the Talk Show Hosts didn't get him fired on the spot. I think we should encourage KIRO to D U M P
Lou and Dori.

dennis yadon

I was shocked to find Ållen gone from the radio. I love his intelligence, style, and self-effacing attitude. Great humor. He does not take himself too seriously, which I really appreciate.

I called his producer, Ånn, this morning, and she said that she didn't know what happened to him.

Allen has more honest life about him than all the rest of the lineup combined!

And, how did the self-important Dori Monson get a gig on the radio?


Allan is passionate, creative and entertaining. He definitely has a sense of humor, a wide breadth of knowledge and can debate people with an opposing point of view.

He has exactly what this manager who fired him asks for in the job ad. DUH, hire Allan back! Obviously those are NOT the qualifications KIRO seeks for the morning.

I agree they ought to put Dave Ross back 9am-12pm. He's all of the above minus the humor.

Allan might have fared better in the afternoon slot or early evening.

Allan ought to be on Air America in place of that self-indulgent Al Franken - the least funny comedian I can think of.

I will really miss being made to laugh while I lie in bed waking up in the early morning. No more KIRO for me, thanks. Back to NPR.


Allan is passionate, creative and entertaining. He definitely has a sense of humor, a wide breadth of knowledge and can debate people with an opposing point of view.

He has exactly what this manager who fired him asks for in the job ad. DUH, hire Allan back! Obviously those are NOT the qualifications KIRO seeks for the morning.

I agree they ought to put Dave Ross back 9am-12pm. He's all of the above minus the humor.

Allan might have fared better in the afternoon slot or early evening.

Allan ought to be on Air America in place of that self-indulgent Al Franken - the least funny comedian I can think of.

I will really miss being made to laugh while I lie in bed waking up in the early morning. No more KIRO for me, thanks. Back to NPR.

Prell Fan747

KIRO made a big mistake in letting Prell go. His was the best thing that happened to KIRO in years. They should have canned several others long before releasing Prell. So lets see as KIRO makes changes, so do I. I don't listen to the mid-night jerk-jock, nor the 9pm jock, nor the 12-noon jock, now add the 6pm jock. Time to turn the dial.


I'm shocked....been out of town a few weeks...went on line streaming and No Allan Prell....took some getting used to but started to make more sense than not and more than many other personalities. KIRO doesn't have a lot going for it now...


What are the chances of KIRO management joining us here & offering an explanation of what they were thinking of when they dispensed with Allan? Was it the decision of one person? How can I contact the fool?! I want to protest! Kiro isn't fun anymore! I am enjoying all the comments about Dori & Lou for now I know I'm not the only one who thinks they are obnoxious. After the morning news, it is now on to a day of either silence or music.


I'm a conservative and I still enjoyed Allen Prell. The guy was a gem in a drab landscape of run-of-the-mill talk shows. I listened to his show every morning with my coffee. Now I read the newspaper. Too bad someone couldn't see that fact.


I was mystified when turning on Allen's show and he was not there. I now see why. KIRO must be out of their minds. My husband and I looked forward to his intellect and humor every day. I am now listening to music. That is the end of KIRO for us.


When I heard that Shiers guy yesterday, I just figured Alan was on vacation or sick or something. Then I noticed they weren't saying his name.

Very sorry to see him go. He really irritated me at first, but he was starting to grow on me. Before the Air America switch, I was picking him over Franken much of the time. I find myself picking Franken over Dave Ross now more in the afternoon slot.

When I first moved to Seattle it was Ross, Dori, something, Mariners, and Bill Gallant. Mike Webb was talking to UFO survivors at 3 am (when I was on my way to work.). Dori hadn't become a fully converted right-wing wacko yet. If the radio was on, KIRO was on. Now, I do a little Webb and Dave Ross if it's a topic that isn't too repetative, but Dave's desperate hope/faith in citizen's rational thought process is getting old and Webb thinking just really lacks subtlety and detail.

Prell was a breath of fresh clean air on the scene.

Anybody know how to contact him and wish him well.

Brian Bouvia

I to am very upset in learning Allen is gone. He was smart, daring, origional, funny and lovingly weird. At first I thought- who is this crazy nut! But shortly, I came to love listening to him. KIRO made a BIG mistake firing him. Dori is a right wing nut; egotistical and self righteous. Can't stand him and won't listen to him. I like Dave Ross and learn from his show, but he isn't as stimulating or entertaining as Allen. The other hosts are not interesting and are boring. Your loss KIRO. You screwed up!

Captain Bob

KIRO should hire Allan back. He was an acquired taste; it took a few listens to get on his wavelength, but once on, he was a fine host - witty and different. His Prell-0-phone bit was hysterical. I am bummed he was let go. OTOH - KIRO should can Dori. His act has grown tiresome. Just the other day, he was carping about how we are supporting students from Tulane at U/W. HIS tax dollars, etc. etc. Hardly the Christian ethic from Dori. His faux libertarian ranting has grown shrill. Please can him asap. Dave? None better.


Why are so many posters pretending that Prell was some kinda paragon of broadcasting brilliance? Alan Prell stinks as a talk show host. He has been fired from every radio job he has ever had. He was putrid and it was obvious to most listeners and was reflected in his sewer level ratings. KIRO hung with this commercial disaster for as long as they could before finally pulling the plug. It was a radio mercy killing.


You forgot about the part that KIRO is the number 1 radio station in Seattle.

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