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August 17, 2005



Love her or hate her, Ms. Sheehan is clearly striking a deep, dark chord. Remember, humans are programmed to hate what they fear.

If she weren't giving the neocons a collective butthole-pucker, they would just ignore her like everything else inconvenient, rather than ordering their legion of nasty little flying media monkeys to attack.

I would so love to hear her Chimpsucking critics delineate what sacrifices they, personally, have suffered for this war they love so much. Sign up or shut up, boys.


Now, now bunyip, Sean Hannity has to listen to extremely crappy country music to keep his demographic happy. And Limbaugh has to be nicer to the help because a) they might turn him in for his drug use, but also b) they actually have family members in the military. Plus, do you know how painful it must be to have to keep a straight face when you are backing GWB at this point?


collective butthole pucker..heh

that would kinda be hard for ol' Rush to do with that pyodinal cyst of his....ouch!


Heh, JDB, the real punch line is how Dubya thinks that despite the human suffering he's caused -- which will echo for generations -- he'll be ascending directly into a Family Circus-style heaven.

Too bad Ms. Sheehan's son didn't have the good sense to lie in a vegetative state for fifteen years -- then our Fake-Cowboy-in-Chief would have all the time in the world for their family.

Or he could have just gotten a butt zit like brave Mr. Limbaugh, and avoided the whole unsavory situation altogether.


"Buttzits" don't keep VOLUNTEERS from combat.
SPC Sheehan had recently RE-enlisted. At least he didn't make excuses. Where were his mom's objections then?


bunyip sez " then our Fake-Cowboy-in-Chief would have all the time in the world for their family. Or he could have just gotten a butt zit like brave Mr. Limbaugh, and avoided the whole unsavory situation altogether." Wow, do ya feel better now. Time to change the Kool-Aid. No wonder the loonies have no credibility with prose like this.


For the record: I am contemptious of Talkers, and all middle class americans, who get the most from america, but serve the least. Hannity's bleating "My FATHER served so I didn't have to!" rings a bit hollow to those of us who did.
Bottom line is, he (and those like him) CHOSE not to serve.


He is a fake, he claimed over two years ago "major combat operations are over"...The words of Fred Willard sum it all up best,

"Hey! Wha Hauppened"?

Who has credibility now?

Calamity Jane

You wrote:"It sure as hell wouldn't be wrong if we could get some of these middle-aged males--who are the most gung-ho for this war--off their Barca-loungers and their riding lawn mowers to fight this war of theirs"

Hillary Clinton wants 60,000 more troops to go to Iraq.

Anyone think Chelsea will be signing up?

Al Franken thinks we should "stay the course".

Anyone think his kids will be shipping out?

Both parties have their warmongers.

Grow up.


I think the army would probably disqualify farters like Limburger as well as sex fiend, Bill O'Really


If farting and horniness were barriers to enlistment....I'd still be paying off student loans.
(I have occasionally farted DURING sex)


I mean...never with a PARTNER! I'm not a sicko.

blathering michael

thanks for sharing, Scriller.

blathering michael

So Calamity Jane, who's your guy?-- Ralph Nader? Which is your party? the Greens? What's your political solution? stop the world I wanna get off? What would you do to save us? screw the human race and turn it all over to the dolphins? Or should we just leave it to the reactionaries to totally burn down since nobody's pure enough for you.


I think if you support this war, you should do the right thing and enlist, regardless of your political affiliation. If Chelsea supports the war, then she should go.

Meanwhile, several people showed up at the College Republican Convention with recruitment forms and they were rebuffed..many with Dick Cheney's excuse of "having better things to do." So, in their minds, its great to support a war in which they themselves are not willing to serve.


Mr Blathering Michael.
I'm sure you had good intentions when you began your blog. But many of your liberal posting friends are beyond and below the sewer rat stage to the point that I don't care to visit your site any longer. Certainly disagreement and discussions is a healthy and very american thing to do, but the crowd you attract is rather despicable with their vulgarities, profanities and blasphemous comments. For a time I enjoyed your site, but now I find I do not want to pay any more visits. I hope you'll attempt to run your site with reports and comments that are worthy of reading. I am sure my departure will not be missed and celebrated by the people who think hip hop culture styled language is the way to make America great. Adieu.


Yo yo, yo Du-Ane! Was it scrilla and his farting, or Cindy Sheehan and her posse in Texass getting down on the man, c'mon homey, don't let this week bring you down like that


MH sez "Boys! they're recruiting gays and old men! Step up and do your duty! If we have to re-install the draft, you won't be seeing another Republican administration until your children have children."

We know how the "progresives" respond to terrorism and if we have to reinstate the draft all the loonies and the lefties will have imitated the French and raised the white flag by then. We know how brave they are. Where will they all be? Canada? Nah, Canada is already inhabited with radical Islamers and one day they will wake up and no longer have a country. Mexico maybe? Why not, all the Mecicans are coming here and the lefties will have all that room to themselves.


"Reports and comments that are worthy of reading..." Thanks for that edifying adieu, Duane, I acquired incomparable wisdom from your final (alas!) post.


The mom and apple pie bashing was too much for him


How can a man who broadcasts to 20 million people a day still be taken out of context by a blogger? Rush opened his remarks by acknowledging and sympathizing with the loss of her son. Rush was clearly referring to the bogus way in which Cindy Sheehan is being dishonestly portrayed as an ordinary mother simply grieving the loss of her son. Ms. Sheehan is clearly a tool of the cynical political left.


He did? I wasn't high at the time when he was broadcasting


1. Out of context by a blogger? Uh..umo, an archive of him speaking yesterday has been played on the radio all day on several stations by various hosts. His words are there for all to hear. Even so, today he denied saying any of it, which was pretty hilarious, when played right after hearing him actually SAY the things he denies. Has he not heard of " audiotape"?

2. Cindy is not an ordinary mother who lost her son? uh huh

3. The Right continues to hopefully spread the false allegation that she is a tool of anyone they can think of..first it was corporate interests--nope that one didnt stick, then it was Michael Moore and Jane Fonda, nope that one didnt take either. So now its the generic term "political left".....and you call US cynical??
I must say. y'all sure are consistent....


in re: Point 2. She's got an agenda. And now, she's got a dead son to drag around. I think she's secretly thrilled by her status. Better than running for office.
However, the disconnect comes when several hundred families tell her to stop speaking for them. Why? Because they supported their sons decision to join/reenlist. The volunteers in our military are overwhelmingly believers. Officer and enlisted. No one is "economically drafted," or "opportunity drafted."
They join and do.
She has no idea what the men her son served with value. Nor does she know anything about their lives in Iraq and the work they do. If she'd cared, she'd have found a way to convince him to betray his oath and go to jail. Clearly, Specialist Sheehan remained on the path he'd come to embrace. He reenlisted just before 1st Cav's depolyment last year. His mother is not being played by anyone. Rather, she's playing all of us. I think she relishes her status and stopped mourning Casey a long time ago.
Light a candle, join a vigil. Whatever. It's all progressive balloon juice. You're all being beaten like circus monkeys.

Hans Bjordahl

The Cindy Sheehan case is a prime example of the contrast between progressive values and conservative values.

Progressive values:

1) Tell the truth.

2) Don’t put our sons and daughters in harm’s way without a valid reason.

Conservative values:

1) Honesty is for chumps.

2) I’m on vacation in a secure compound. My daddy’s daddy’s daddy worked hard for his money, and I’d like to enjoy it without being interrupted by wailing from you annoying grieving mothers.

3) I’ll take away your sons and daughters and put them in the firing line whenver I want to, becuase a voice in my head called “God” done told me to.


Americans cannot say in their vocabulary "I made a mistake" 1850+ are dead and all the families want are answers to why we are there. They said Vietnam wouldn't happen again but it has.

The sad part in all this is Bush dosen't care, he said a while back "he didn't know where BinLaden is and didn't care"... He dosen't seem upset that Halliburton has overcharged the taxpayers billions,

He has said nothing of the rising inflation and oil prices...He has taken more time off than any other president on vacation, including the 20 mins he had in Fla where he stared at the classroom during 9-11 and looked foolish, and he sez " It's hard work"... Who's being led around like circus monkeys now. If no one was being 'economically drafted" as you claim scrilla, do you think for one sec. there would still be no draft? Iraq is like Vietnam, we created a civil war and like Vietnam we will have to be shown the door


" If no one was being 'economically drafted" as you claim scrilla, do you think for one sec. there would still be no draft?"

Ans: No. There will not be a draft for 20 years.

"all the families want are answers to why we are there."

All of them? You've counted? You are too disconnected from the people in uniform to make this statement. I AM one, and I know your statement is incorrect. Everyone who loses a child wants to know why. Is it possible that people who've been there might know something?
When 1800, or for that matter 100 parents of KIA rally, I'll call it significant.


What's your next litmus test? That 60% disaprove of the war, ooops we're already there


Oh yes, Im sure Cindy is thrilled that her son died so she had the opportunity to be on television. I am also sure there are hundreds of not thousands of mothers who, upon receiving notice of their child being killed who say, " OH BOY! I get to be on TV now too!"

I work every day with military people from Ft. Lewis and McChord...they promised to serve, so they will, but they thought they would help find Osama..where IS Osama by the way?

On Wednesday night I stood shoulder to shoulder with retired military, all vets from one war or another, who hate this war, hate Bush and want us to bring our soldiers home now.

I will say it again, the military announced the other night that they are now going to accept people who are aged 50-70 to come serve in Iraq if they want to. Those of you who think this war is so wonderful have the opportunity right in front of you to get over there and help out.



You must have heard it by now, Cindi actually flew out to Iraq so she could kill her own son, just to make a point. I'm pretty sure that's what I heard on Hannity today.

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