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July 23, 2005



Michael, you are absolutely correct. Ken Schram does have a face only radio would love. I occasionally agree with him...10 to 15% of the time. My main problem with him is arrogance. If that is only a "schtick", I don't care for it. I have never been amused by that style, by anyone.
Perhaps Ken is what KPTK needs for their local voice. BUT, my guess is Ken would NOT leave the cushy Fisher family to go to a chancey Air America operation. Time will tell if AA will be commercially viable. Honestly, I think AA chances for long term survival is not good. Many national ratings for AA have not been generous.

blathering michael

When I think of you, Duane,(and that's often, brother) the word 'humble' always comes to mind. You don't care for arrogance as schtick?? I thought you were a big Limbaugh fan...he invented it as talk radio schtick. Who said anything about Air America? Schram's at the end of his career, he has a great job, and radio doesn't pay like TV. He'd kick ass if he did, even if you'd be listening to humble conservatives like Dori Monson, Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly, Rush or Bryan Suits.


Perhaps, like art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...listener in this case.
Rush is a great entertainer,often with some great insights. I do enjoy listening to him, BUT, that dosn't mean I agree with everything he has to say. I have never thought of him as arrogant, in the style of Ken Schram. I guess this is just another of those points we would have to agree to disagree. By the way, I bet Ken would love to have just 10% of the Limbaugh audience. Many, many times I have disagreed with some of his opinions or observations. A very good journalist, editor friend, once said to me "if you were to agree with me on everything I had to say I'd be worried." I am assuming, Michael, that you don't buy into everything that is said on air america?


Ken or other hosts dosen't worry about catching up with Rush as much as Rush worries having to debate another host, which he'll never do...but Rush is not arrogant when he claims guards at Abu Ghraib "were just blowing off steam"....in the aftermath of the prisoner abuse scandal?

Does he have another side to him beside perscription drugs that he indulges in?


Duane - c'mon... you never thought of Rush as arrogant? This from the man whose lead in was "From God -To Me - To You!" Keep those blinders on though... it helps with the glare.


Schram did an Hour with Suits when Suits filled in for Carlson about a month ago. Actual offers to sponsor the one-time "show" began before they were done. It was a great hour because Schram never gets to play off anyone who can keep up. (Suits kept up)

blathering michael

thank-you, Bryan.


A message to John Carlson & Ken Schram regarding topic of arming teachers. Nothing is more appalling & inside out, that this notion that the more school shootings occurr, the more it's a bad idea to arm teachers. Just the opposite. The inherent risks of having a gun are the same no matter what. Before there were school shootings, it was not risk effective to bring a gun to school, because the chances that it would be necessary to stop a situation weren't great enough to justify the risk of having one, yet it was acceptible to bring one. Now that the risks of not having a gun are on their way to outweighing the risks of having one, you want to make it unacceptable?



Oh the lawyers would love you....

Richard Markham

My son was stabed 8 months ago. thay finally went to court.They said the kid was not gilty.Even with witnesses.What is up with our system.Did he just have a bad prosecuting attorny,or did the kid just have a good attorney,Why wait 8 months,They said there was know blood on the knife when they found it,G maybe he washed it,plese E Mail me back.


It is simple...all teachers should carry big ol' knives


I've always liked Ken Schram. I was a regular watcher of Town Hall just 'cause he handled it so well.

Didn't know he was so irascible - perhaps opinionated? - till he started doing those TV commentaries. Just love that spirit, common sense and in-your-face plain speaking.


Off topic, but caught Clinton's speech yesterday at the Center for American Progress and it just about made me weep. Such character (YES, I said CHARACTER!) and such wisdom. Got a standing ovation and an extended applause.

Ranchhand Rick

Character? What in the hell are you trying to say, little lady? That The Decider doesn't have character? What in the hell kind of blue state, sissified, candyass crap is that? That man can cut a "big blaster" right in front of you, if you're new here at the ranch, and embarrass you in front of his pals. Now that there is character. And hell's bells, if you're losing your hair, or a total baldass, he can think up a nickname for you , that reflects that, and ridicule you with it in front of the other reporters, to show you he's an alpha male, who the hell's the boss here kind of guy. Now that's character, little lady.


Ranchhand Rick, I defer to your wisdom. You seem to reflect the times in which we live very well.

But, as Dylan sang, "the times they are a changin' . . . " (hopefully)

April w/ Kents King County Animal Control Volenteer

I am posting a Blog about the King County Counsel voting to close our state run shelter Kent Animal Shelter. It has been in operation since 1970, and rather then fix it "let's close it". That is not an option, what the heck. The total number of animals in foster care that was recording is 1,796
Kittens to young-866
Moms with babies-445
Cats/kittens with colds-290
Puppies to young-105
Kennel cough-29
This is the actual numbers.
Also the adopt-a-thons that are run through the shelter and the free spade/nurture for locals in the area. The vet at the shelter helps in the investigation of deaths in animal cruelty for King County Animal Control.
I am a Volenteer w/King County Animal Control, I can tell you HOW DEVISTING it would be if this shelter was closed. But if King County thinks these million dollar council (our monorail) are more important. Well Heck they really do Have tunnel vision for our out line communities.

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