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July 28, 2005



**Ann Coulter, who once rejected our innocent advances and lunged hissing like a succubus at our genital area, gore dripping from her fangs.)**

ha ha
good one,


The thought of Ann Coulter near anyones genitials might put me off sex for nearly a year.

It is interesting that the conservatives are so desperate to attack Air America that they come up with something like this. Given the ethic problems in right wing talk radio (Limbaugh and drugs/divorce, O'Reily and the loofah, Hannity and his lies), you would think they would rather keep away from ethical questions. Obvioulsy Air America must be doing better, and putting the fear of God into the right wing blatherers.


Maybe Ron Glaser could BUY some rating points for AAR in Seattle...you know, payola style, just like the record companies were buying "spins" to get certain records more air play. So, you think the powers that be at AAR are more innoncent than Karl Rove? I've fallen and can't get up from laughing so hard.

Michael B.

Air America has bigger problems than being caught stealing money from poor children in the Bronx. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported today that the AAR Philly affiliate can't even generate a pulse.

Air America ratings were so low on their Philly Affiliate (1380AM)that they couldn't even cough up enough listeners to to earn a rating.

Money Quote: "Both WHAT (1380 AM) and the Al Franken show have fallen off the charts, according to radio-rating service Arbitron, meaning there were too few listeners to measure during the second quarter of this year - the so-called spring book"



Air America listen up! People pay $20,000 for this advice: Play more Cure and REM in the mornings, then throw in a classic rocker like "Communication Breakdown" to "Put Some ZEP In Your Step(tm 1993)".
Also, lean on U2 in the PM and phase out the female artists.
Remember! Keep it Tight and Bright, play 8 songs and hour, sing the mix, rehearse your segues, if you don't know the weather, just say it's "Shunny and Sheventy Sheven!!"
And finally..."Let the MYOOOOOO-sic be the boss!" (Kevin Weatherly, KROQ, 1993)
Do all that and you'll gain two points in M 18-25. GuaranFuckinTeed!!

Michael B.

You are right SCRILLA, Strong music formats always outperform even the hottest talk station. But if AAR wishes to maintain it's talker format I know how they can double their ratings overnight.... Become Conservative!


"Air America was saved by a group of investors headed up by Seattle's Rob Glaser of RealNetworks who serves as chairman of the board."
"By any measure, AAR is a clean, healthy organization run and financed by successful entrepreneurs who believe what they're doing is the Lord's Work."

The second quote should be on the front page of the NY Times instead of the current bullshit. AA is not a healthy enterprise at all. It is pissing money out the window faster than it can be loaded and not even close to paying its expenses. At best it can be described as being on life support from wealthy liberals. (Yes, the libs have more millionaires than the righties) If AA fails with all the front page hoople that is has generated, it will be a major foopa for the lefties.


Well Mr. Blather...consider the source..Brian Baloney, the Radio Fertilizer....

Boys, boys, boys..you have a streak of masochism in ye...why listen to AA if you dont like it? Sounds kinda goofy to me!
That and your anger issues, which were mentioned on another thread by someone else!
Have a great day!!


Anybody who saw that movie on HBO could see what a sleazebag Cohen is. But of course the NeoCons wouldn't have watched anything like that. It's truly notable that they squeal on all the blogs with their talking points like they did yesterday, and have no apologies the next day when they are straightened out.

Now, let's get back to talking about the real criminal here, Karl Rove!

Michael B.

So let me understand this. Air America stole money from children but they are not responsible because they didn't exist as a corporate entity at the time of the swindle, so it can't be their fault? The Air America that stole that money doesn't exist anymore and the current Air America is a different Air America?

Sounds like the kind of corporate sleaziness that the left always complains about. But AAR is on the side of all that is right and good, so I guess stealing $480 million from poor children in the Bronx is OK.

To those of you defending Air America I have one question. If the stolen funds went to Air America (no matter who the CEO was at the time) shouldn't they pay it back to the kids?


Like I said earlier about 'sore winners'... They claim AA is going down but can't say when...


Well, this is off TOPIC, but if you want to talk about SORE LOSERS....check this out from DRUDGE:

Thu Jul 28 2005 15:32:13 ET

Veteran wire reporter Helen Thomas is vowing to 'kill herself' if Dick Cheney announces he is running for president.

The newspaper HILL first reported the startling claim on Thursday.


"The day Dick Cheney is going to run for president, I'll kill myself," she told the HILL. "All we need is one more liar."

Thomas added, "I think he'd like to run, but it would be a sad day for the country if he does."

say goodnight, Helen. (paraphrasing George Burns).


Hey, Michael B. --

The number is $480 thousand, not $480 million, but that probably doesn't matter to you wingers anyway...

blathering michael

Michael B: It's 480 THOUSAND. For 480 million, they could move that G&B's Club to Seattle...Sometimes I think you guys just start slinging the shit w/out reading any of the background, much less what I've just posted. that's what talk radio has done to your minds...you're all confront and no content.

Peter Porcupine

Gee Whiz! I've been wasting my time with McCain and Mitt, when Helen Thomas will KILL HERSELF if Cheney runs?

Where's them nomination papers?

Or is this just like Alec Baldwin leaving the country if Bush is elected?


Let's not wish for Helen Thomas to kill herself. Maybe it would be better if she just promised to stop writing silly editorial opinions if Cheney decides to run for president.

I think she lives in the senile wing of the "Media Acres" retired journalist home. Her room is right next to Walter Cronkite's.


Cheney's heart isn't into it....


exdem, I never knew Helen to be senile, she still writes everyday and unlike Reagan who truly was senile( Nancy did say he was) Helen and Walter still have the faculties to report on their afflictions--but that kind of desperate 'journalism' is beneath them and is reserved for the cowards of today who never had to report from the trenches nor had to courage to ask a president if they were lying. Maybe its the strong, 80year+woman vs. C student weakness that bothers you, don't know for sure....is it an unfair match that Ari and quite now Scotty have been pummeled by this out of control, octangenian NIGHTMARE?

Since you attempted to be funny about an alleged affliction on someone else, should we continue on about Reagan's memory, like when was he really senile(before or after Iran-Contra) or even on Jan 21, 1981?

Me thinks it was in the 50's when Reagan was president of SAG (Screen Actors Guild) then VP James Garner said of Reagan " he spent most of his time sleeping during

If Walter and Helen had a room next to each other at "media acres", as you suggest, they would make up the total IQ of today's White House.



Fair point - I don't think it was very gentlemanly about me to label Helen and Walter as senile. I'll refrain from stooping to stuff like that.

Who is the C-student you refer to? I'm guessing it might be Bush. If so, I won't be too judgmental on someone who graduated from Yale and got a Masters degree from Havard. I didn't go to those schools and they are 2 of the most highly regarded universities in the world. I guess someone who had a B average or higher from those schools can criticize the C students at those schools. Probably best for others to remain silent on the issue.

Michael B.

OK Blathenring Michael you win, Air America stole 480 thousand from poor children in The Bronx, not 480 million. Does that make it OK? For shame, for shame.


Re: Helen Thomas

Oh yes,,,if Drudge reports it, it MUST be true!!

Jeeze...I bet you guys stand at the check out counter at the store and believe what you read about Bat Boy...

Oh, and you can "graduate" from any university you want to when your family is rich and influential.
Perhaps you have not read the comments made by some of his professors?


Sparkey is sooooo right about graduatiing from any university if you are rich. Ask John Kerry who's GPA was LESS the Bush's.
See me after class.

blathering michael

Michael B.: Again. Did you read the facts? Do the facts matter at all to you? Or do you just repeat what ever it is that's the word-o-day in the reactionary lexicon? I'm struggling here, trying not to prejudge your intelligence...help me out...read the material in all of my and Maloney's posts: and let's discuss it

Michael B.

What is it with Liberals and intelligence? It seems that far too frequently, when Liberals disagree with someone they challenge that individual's intelligence. Perhaps we should all have our IQ tattooed on our foreheads and remove all doubt.

In any case, regarding the Air America situation. Based on what I have read I do believe that Evan Cohen et al engaged in some ethically challenged behaviors. I understand that Evan screwed over AAR as much as he did the Boys and Girls Club. The point is why is Al Franken and the AAR gang associating with this guy. Evan Cohen's record as a sleazy, marginal wheeler-dealer is well known. The fact is that AAR thought that Evan could get the fledgling network off the ground and AAR's founders were willing to look the other way at Mr. Cohen's jaded history.

This is why we are enjoying the scandal. The advocates of "clean, fresh, non-hypocritical politics" making bargains with the devil and steal money from "the children" in the process. It's just too sweet to pass up.

And let's be honest with one another Mike. If KVI financiers (even from a prior corporate entity) had diverted public monies from the Boys & Girls Club into KVI's coffers you would be all over it like flies to……. well you know.


Last year, a professor of corporate law at UCLA raised serious questions about the sale of AAR to Piquant, offering the possibility that a shareholder lawsuit might be in the offing. Links about that and more at boreamerica.com.

Note that in addition to their problems in Philly, WLIB's NYC ratings are even lower than when they were a Caribbean station.

And, note that Franken appears to be the only show keeping them afloat in several markets. If he goes, bye bye AAR.


"Classic Country" is warming up in the bullpen at KPTK.

Mr. Snitch!

Mr. Hood: I'm not familiar with your blog. When you're proven wrong beyond any reasonable doubt, do you admit it and grow, or cover and doubly attack those who were, well, correct? Just wondering, because the evidence that you're dead wrong on the AA scandal is piling up fast. I have to wonder why some scandals outrage you, and others don't. Wish you would wonder about that as well.

blathering michael

So far, it's just a blog fever blister--if anything real happens--dude, I'm on it. You're not familiar with my blog so you wouldn't know that. Even if AAR were totally guilty of this 480k mis-whatever-it is, you're right...I still wouldn't be as interested in it as I would, say, the $8 billion of public money missing from the fix-Iraq funds.

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