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May 05, 2005



Sheesh. A mid-morning nap. 9 to noon. Just like John Carlson, but without the laughs. Is Franken aware of what a cliche the female sidekick is? Maybe he's better when he's in studio, but it was so lugubrious it made Jay Inslee sound exciting.

Bush Lies

It was wonderful to have Al Franken live in Seattle! He is so right - we NEED MORE Canadians in America. If America is truly going to fulfill it's promise as a nation, then we have to become part of Canada.

And Savage hit the nail on the head. We need to respond to the stupid people in this country by telling them that they are STUPID! Let's not mince words. We need to let the red-neck, red state extremists know that they are stupid. Bush acts like he has a mandate because he won 51% of the vote - instead of realizing that he only won the votes of a few extremists that are bigoted and hate-filled. The majority of the country is on our side.


Interesting. The righties are always predicting the death of Air America (Actually they are just HOPING it dies.) But you don't hear them talking about the failing shows on the right.

Dennis Miller on MSNBC - Just Cancelled
Ritz Crosby on FOX - Just Cancelled

Using rightie logic, since these programs failed, the ideas and politics of their hosts must be bad?

Bush Lies

Right on Scott!

People don't want to hear a bunch of one sided lies from the right. FOX claims to be "fair and balanced" - puhleeeze! Their idea of balance is 2 extremists arguing on the far right of every issue. They think putting Colmes against Hannity is "balance".

The real place for fairness and balance is NPR. I heard a great discussion 2 weeks ago where they had all points represented on the Bolton nomination. NPR is the only place where you get to hear statesmen like Joe Biden and Patty Murray analyzing the Bolton travesty from both sides.

AA is fun to listen to and is a good counter to the lies coming out of Limbaugh's ample butt.


Patty Murray is a STATESMAN? Film at eleven!
Grow up and out of your myopia. Patty Murray is a statesman like Al Franken is fair and balanced.

Political Pulpit
Patty Murray is a statesman like Al Franken is fair and balanced.

Patty Murray is more of a statesman than you are of understanding what "bushlies" was saying. Perhaps you should read it a little closer.

Franken is the balance to the crap you hear on the Conservative dial. He spends much of his shows correcting the misstatements and out-and-out lies that have previously gone out over the air without any challenge.


What a sweet piece of writing--makes me proud to be a Seattleite. Seems to be some civil humility around here that makes it so unlike Denver, where I'm from...keep up the good work.

Bush Lies

FrankenisBoring - typical rabid right winger. Resorts to name calling when they are on the wrong side of an issue (which is always).

Franken is not only informative, accurate and HONEST, he is also very entertaining. Sometimes he risks being too funny and making me forget the serious nature of the material. For example, I felt guilty laughing too much when he was doing that segment on how the US economy has tanked so badly under Bush. Afterward, I almost cried thinking about how Bush has destroyed American labor and sold our country out to his oil friends. No one can find a job anymore. And poor Iraq - their oil isn't worth a thing anymore. It saddens and ANGERS me when I think about all of the damage Bush has done.

I wish the evening news anchors were as effective as Franken.

Political Pulpit

Franken makes mistakes also, but his are not deliberate. Nobody can be totally accurate, but they can be honest -- especially if they do make a mistake.


"FrankenisBoring - typical rabid right winger. Resorts to name calling when they are on the wrong side of an issue (which is always)."
FrankenFraud uses name calling with the best of them. If you've all drank his koolaid, then you need heroes too.
FrankenFraud distorts statistics with the best of them (e.g. Bureau of Labor Statistics).
Go ahead, tell each other how different he is. But the honest amongst you know the truth.

Bush Lies

We do know the truth, thanks to Franken. If not for people like him, the right wing facists would probably repeal the civil rights act before the end of the year.

FrankenisBoring is the typical "ditto head". Hard to take such people seriously when they constantly vote against their own self interests. There are so many people that need people like us to inform them how they should be voting, and what the correct, progressive side of the issues are. Thanks to hosts like Franken, we actually have a chance to save those people from themselves.


You know the more that the bible thumpin, freedom-hating, knuckle-dragging, child-raping, confederate flag waving, chickenhawks on the right attack someone like soon to be Senator Franken, the more they're worried about him!

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