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May 10, 2005



You mean 520 bridge, correct? Not 405.


These guys are nuts.

I want to be the FIRST to point a finger at them when that Alaska Way Viaduct collapses in the next earthquake.

The blood of anyone killed will surely be on the hands of Carlson and Wilber if they are successful.


I think this is much ado about nothing. A pure and simple radio stunt. There's no chance they get 250,000 legitimate signatures for this thing by July 1.

They want ratings. They may have pulled this off before, but not in this short of time.

And we are supposed to take their word for the fact that they raised this much money. Since I generally believe Carlson is lying if his lips are moving, I'd say I doubt any of this is true.


Wait, wasn't the Nisqually quake on MY watch?
Dear god I hope no one realizes that and places any blame on me! Thank god for those two boobs on the radio to deflect the real blame.
Oh well....back to my consulting. I hope I catch Mona on channel 7 tonight.
OOOOPS!! I spilled my CapriSun! Gotta go!



BTW- did I mention my parents were immigrants?


If this is such a great idea on how to fix our failing transportation systems, then why didn’t they let the people VOTE on this tax hike? I would have voted YES if they even had an inkling of a clue about what needs to be done! They aren't even adding capacity to the 520 bridge!

Why didn’t our U.S. Senators at least work out some kind of deal to get at least SOME federal funding for the project? Are they that incompetent? Perhaps they just aren’t taken seriously in D.C. We need some people in there that are going to get us what we need.

Why didn't Locke do something about this when he was in office?


Well, the short answer is: I used the "emergency!" card once already to get the VITAL Safeco Field bond passed. Whew!
Plus, I already raised gas taxes higher than any 3 guvs before me. Then the capper was when I sat down and read the State Constitution. Turns out it says that gas tax revenue MUST be spent on road construction/maintenance. Bridges and Viaducts are (believe it or not) a different category and gas $ can't be spent on that junk! So I says to myself, "Self, I better not propose any sorta long term solution because the Dems won't be reelected to the Legislature."
So I did my 8 years, made some babies and moved out of the mansion and back to Magnolia.
Has anyone ELSE noticed the traffic sucks here?


BTW- I'm NOT Gary Locke!!


Very funny, Gary-honey, you can catch me any time AFTER my 7:00 show. But, don't forget that 6-8:00 is your paternal quality-time share for those 2nd generation immigrant babies you (WE) made. No kidding (no pun intended), be here at 6:00, the viaduct can wait! Love , MLL

Lazy Murrow


You raise a good point in the second paragraph, wondering if John and Kirby could ever stir up this kind of groundswell to support the troops.

Considering how gung-ho these local radio pundits are about the military, you'd think that they might use their influence to sway their long-time listeners into joining up. Why isn't this occuring?

Recruitment levels are dismal right now, and KVI and KTTH have an entire audience of Bush supporters eating right out of their hands. Now's the time to spring into action and urge them all to line up, sign up, and help out the cause.

And what about Lt. Suits? He'd be a natural for this. Any time one of his headnodders thanks him for his service, all Suits has to do is urge the listener to follow in his footsteps. He was there, why aren't they?

Where are our pundits now that we need them? The opportunity is ripe, and they're passing it by! They must think their loyal listeners are pussies or something!

And I for one can't wait to hear Kirby urge his followers to enlist. He was around during Vietnam, and I'm sure he's got lots of pointers on how best to deal with recruiters.

Where are our pundits when America needs them the most?


18-34 isn't their demo. Besides, if they did, you'd wail and screed about warmongering.

Brian's Pundit

Why don't I join up after Brian Suits talks about Iraq?

Because I already did 21 years and fought 2 wars.

Get a life!


Please consider the following items.
1. Why does it cost 10 times more to build a road in WA than SD?
2. Why does the Enviromental studies costs make up over 30% of the project cost?
3. If roads are an emergency why did the legislature with over a billion dollars in more revenue than last budget spend it on anything but roads?
4. Why does the state pay sales tax on all materials used?
5. Why does road projects budget a min of .5% of their budget for Art(Required by law)?
6. Why does it take a decade or more to plan a job? (Look at light rail project)
7. Why is money being diverted to Mass transist projects vice add lanes to highways?
8. No new lanes added for general traffic. Only HOV lanes are considered acceptable. It is More lane miles needed for the general public not HOV lanes.

You may think this is a great plan. If a road job that is already planned but only needs funding why did all that money be sent to Seattle on the VIA duct that we dont even know what they are going to do. If they get more money they will think we can gold plate the tunnel now. Think of Boston and the billions wasted. Seattle may break their record.

Josef of Josef's Public Journal

I hope they succeed.

It'd be better for Gregoire to keep her word and make the case BEFORE increasing taxes...


I want to be the FIRST to point a finger at them when that Alaska Way Viaduct collapses in the next earthquake.

Screw the Alaska Way Viaduct...let it fall!! As a Pierce County tax payer I COULD CARE LESS about some Seattle road that's ready to tumble down due to the neglect of years of "deferred maintenence". And I'm sure the eastern Washington folks feel just like me. If transportation is SO important, let em make the cuts somewhere else in the state budget to pay for em. Otherwise...I LOVE GRIDLOCK especially when I don't have to pay for it!!


Wow. How about some words from a right leaning independent????

I will support a gas tax increase when:

1)WA state stops trying to give money to illegal aliens that are breaking our laws by being here. Come over legally and I'll support you fervently.

2)The state supports binding audits that have consequences. As they stand (yes in the new legislation) you can audit just about anything, recommend changes, but departments are not required to do anything, really. Idea: build penalty and reward clauses into road contracts and actually bid them without prejudice.

3)The state picks a single large project and completes it with the new tax money. This crap about starting multiple projects and completing none of them is ridiculous.

4)Boot the union labor requirement from all governmental contracts. It is flat out discriminatory. If a non union shop can do the job just as well for less money then they should be allowed to.

There is a good reason why many (if not most) people oppose the new tax increase. We have watched the state fritter away money on SoundTransit, RTA, etc. We have watched our officials (on record) say things like -para- we can take as long as we want and spend as much as we want on light rail even though you voted on a specific plan.

The state govt. can change any bill in any way after 2 years regardless of what we, as citizens, vote.

One last thing. 8.5cent increase and not one dime to Eastern WA event though they will be paying the tax right along with us west siders? That is called "taxation without representation."

People in our state have a right to stand up and be upset about the way our transportation tax dollars are being spent. Just as much as you all that read this blog and horsesass have the right to be sheep and have the mentality that the more we spend the better off we are.


Oh...and I almost forgot. While they're at it, I think TOLLS would be a FINE way to help pay for these projects. After all, it's only fair and right that the folks who use these things PAY FOR THESE THINGS!!Wouldn't that be a change....


Sounds like SOUR GRAPES, The talk show guys
speak for a few of us that don't like being ran like a wheel barrow to give money for DEMOCRAT boondoggles. So far, the democrats haven't produced anything but fouled up operations that have wasted the tax payers money. dunderheads slike you have not even looked at what is done..... Just blindly supported them, you're another wasteful democrat supporter. dISGUSTING. BOB


Hey you think we got screwed this time wait untill next year if the demos still have the Goveners chair.
Every dingbat idea that comes up will be passed


The devil is in the details. The BILL is only a down payment on all that is needed. It funds $2 BILLION for the viaduct (which could be built cheaper but then it would still be ugly -- as if anyone but the few downtowners care if it is ugly) as well as fixing the Seattle sea wall (like Spokane or anywhere east of downtown cares about Seattle's sea wall), $800 MILLION for public transit (uh, that isn't a road and haven't we spent/wasted enough on the Sounder/light rail/monorail?), a measily $150 million for 520 bridge (about 10% or cost), pennies here and there for 405 AND the KICKER ...

If WE do not vote ourselves even MORE gas taxes by 2007, the legislature gets to take all the money being collected and re-allocate as they see fit. Which means in the end, all we will get is Seattle a new viaduct.

SORRY, I view the collapse of the viaduct, especially on some of the more rabid libs in the city, as a fair response for all the wasted money in deferred maintenance and useless social programs. Just wait till they want the WHOLE state to build them new sewers, or whatever.


Why don't we just use the money to build a new choo choo train? I love choo choo trains.


thanks for calling this what it is: a publicity stunt for ratings-challenged kvi. the web site for the no highway improvement coaltion of wilbur and carlson is frightfully fact challenged. can we at least have a credible campaign? to me the lust for hype over facts is just more proof that this has nothing to do with serving the taxpayer interest, its all about publcitiy for kvi, which has lost huge market share. when will the news media call them on this? they might glean a few more listeners at kvi, but for the rest of us its just a huge waste of time and money.

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