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May 26, 2005


not a rock star

RE: The Webb/Weiner love fest--

Let's listen in while Russel Goldencloud Weiner introduces his Savage daddy at one of Savages roving "shows":

"Who's heterosexual and proud?" he asked, prompting manly cheers. "If you're not, hopefully you will be soon!" Before handing the stage over to the man he called "our leader," he advised the audience how to handle his hot-tempered dad: "Let him know you love him!"
(You don't need to subscribe to Salon to see this article, click on "Day Pass", watch a brief ad, and you're there.)

Could the casual observer be faulted for saying the young Goldencloud Weiner pulled a boner? Not if you want to sell a drink that tastes like cough syrup. The money must be addicting! Maybe a Rock Star will clean up the mess...

David Williams

Your link clearly warned people that it was Dr. Laura nude, and it took forever to come up, so I think you are off the hook.

It is worth remembering how few people really watch Fox News. I know myself that I get really paranoid thinking about the influence those guys have, but really in all honesty, it is less than a million wingnuts that can handle watching it regularly. And those people are probably beyond hope anyway.


Wow. Here's actual evidence of Faux News' decline. Unlike the specious posts by the right HOPING AA is on the decline, we now KNOW Faux News is on decline. I guess that means America isn't as stupid as I thought.


Same methodolgy genius. Fox is losing share in all markets. AirAmerica is losing share in all but 2 markets.


If Fox is going in the toilet with 1/3 more viewers than CNN, what are CNN's demographics?


Faux News has about one fifth the audience of just ONE of the main network news shows. It's a pitiful amount of viewers compared to the big three.


As usual Scott, you don't address the question. What about CNN and where are their ratings? Sinking as fast as AA, which is crashing in every market and hanging on here in the land of the Looney Left. Go to PEW research and read the audience size for cable and network news and see if you can pull that 5/1 ratio against Fox out of your shorts again. Larry King is the only non Fox show in the top 10 and his fingers are on the cliff.


The thread is not about CNN so no need to answer any questions about it. And AA is kicking right wing azz! Must really pizz you off to know there is NOTHING you can do to stop AA! HE HE!


Oh, Scott. You should have read the warning lables on all those pharmaceuticals
you took earlier in your life. AA can't kick their way out of a paper bag. Sinking ratings, being sued for back wages, ad revenues tanking. The icberg is just around the corner. Get your life vest on.


Yes you right wingers have been worried about AA from the start. As I said here before, the lies the right have spewed about AA are legendary.

The right said AA wouldn't last six months, that Al Franken would quit in six months, that they'd never be in the top ten markets, that they'd never break 25 markets, that they'd never win any segment of any book, blah, blah, blah.

By every metric, AA is ahead of where the right wing talkers were that launched the hate radio industry. All the dire predictions (I should say HOPES) of the right in the past have not panned out. Neither will yours Lump.

But hey, nice try to take things off topic. Let me remind you that Faux News ratings are slip sliding away. Their influence over the inbred is falling away, not that they ever had much presence. Compared to network news, Faux News (We distort, we decide) is just a pimple on a nat's ass.


Well Scott, at least you don't disapoint me. You throw out a distortion and fail to back it up and that's why it's so easy to defeat you guys. AA soon to join the network of Jim Hightower and Mario Coumo.
You can't back up your 5/1 claim about network news, so let me do your job for you. NBC and ABC are almost in virtual tie and they hold a 2.3/1 over Fox and a 5/1 OVER CNN. CBS and Fox are within 200k viewers and Fox and beaten CBS a couple of time. CNN, the news of the Loonies scratching in the sand way behind. All TV news are declining and it is attributed to the Internet, which apparantly you don't even read. Fox has 9 of the 10 most watched programs on cable. You can't win a war if you don't study the enemy but since you mostly remind me of Bagdad Bob, it's great to have this converstation with you. Don't forget the life jacket.


Actually I can imitate Rush Limbaugh as well as you Lump. Let me pull some numbers out of my ass as you apparently did for your latest screed.

Cable TV news is not as available as network news. In fact, cable penetration is less than 80% so they are behind from the get go.

Your claim that Faux News has anywhere as many viewers as CBS is just an outright lie. But hey, you're a republican. You have to be good at something.

What's really funny is that even using your fake numbers, you prove my point that network news crushes Faux News Channel, meaning your pals' lies at Fox don't get the play you hope they will.

By the way, in honor of this conversation, I bought 10 copies of Outfoxed from Amazon today and I will be distributing them to libraries in Pierce County.


"By the way, in honor of this conversation, I bought 10 copies of Outfoxed from Amazon today and I will be distributing them to libraries in Pierce County."

I knew a fool and his money are soon parted. Review your last post. You just crapped on your previous remarks. This is easy. See ya next week.


No Dump I crapped on you and your remarks. See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!


Scott, you're losing this one. Reread it. Stop whining about the thread and just stay on topic. Now get out there and OBFUSCATE Rocky!!


So Scrilla, you're so tired of me kicking your ass here that you've been reduced to rooting for your stand in?

Now THAT's pathetic!

Scrilla I overheard you the other day...

"Mom, when you and Dad get a divorce, will you still be brother and sister?"



Is Michael Weiner's weiner 1 or 1 1/2 inches long?

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