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May 30, 2005



Once again good points. Particularly pointing out the perpetual hypocrites on the right who think they can slam anything liberal.

Take for example, that pathetic punk who couldn't even make it as a movie reviewer. Now he's on the radio with a syndicated show (albiet a small number of stations) and he thinks his experience as a movie critic gives him the right to tell the rest of us how to live.

And then there's Brian Baloney. He has a blog where he regularly critiques left wing radio but he's a guy WHO CAN'T GET A RADIO GIG!

Trying to figure out what the righties actually believe in, if anything, is a full time job.


Oh, PLEASE....Mike Webb SUCKED as a disc jockey on KIXI! He was pathetic as the AM drive time host....they moved him to middays and thank god he disappeared as a DJ.

Brian Maloney

Michael: If they are talking about you on the air, that's damn good, it means they're worried.

I can't tell what your readership levels are, but it must be enough to worry some people.

We don't agree on virtually any issues, except one: that honesty and accountability matters in radio as well as any other type of journalism.

What I respect is impact, not whether I agree with the person or not. That's everything in this biz.

As to Scott, I'll repeat again that I don't have any desire for lefty talk to fail, I just don't like the dishonesty of people who claim to be taking the nation by storm, when they aren't.

And I probably slammed Sean Hannity harder on my site than any leftwinger on the air. Search the archives.

I'm still in radio, by the way, as a fill-in host, booking summer work on New England stations and was recently asked to substitute for a national show, in the coming months. But writing is taking up more of my time.


Well Brian how do you feel about INTELLECTUAL honesty? Can you HONESTLY tell me that AA isn't crushing the numbers that Lush Flimbaugh posted when he started? NO! Because in truth, AA is much further along then Lushie was at this same point in his trek to take over the airwaves. Randy, Al and Big Ed in particular.

And for more intellectual honesty, perhaps you could admit that ALL stations/networks run promos and PR pieces claiming they're number one at something - some daypart, some demo...

Come on Brian let's be INTELLECTUALLY honest here too okay pal?

And lastly, if we're being INTELLECTUALLY honest, you'd have to admit that all the doom and gloom from your pals on the traitorous right have been hogwash. AA has blown past all of their dire predictions.

I repeat. You righties said.....

1) AA won't last six months - it did and is now more than a year old
2) AA won't ever make it into the top ten ADIs - it did
3) AA won't break 25 stations - it did and now nearly 60
4) AA won't ever win any daypart against a right wing talker - and it did in NYC in its very first book, beating no less than three of the established hate radio righties.

How about some INTELLECTUAL honesty Brian?

And what stations are you appearing on in "New England"? Odd that you didn't list the calls. I have buddies who can get me airchecks. I'm looking for exact stations, times, etc. Otherwise, I don't believe your claim that you have a gig - if you can call emergency fill in a gig that is.


I wonder if Scott actually knows what intellectual honesty even is? If' it's any thing like Scott Toilet tissue then I'd say he was full of crap. I have tried to listen to Err American on many occasions and all I hear is high strung whining, with voices sounding so stressed that their vocal cords must be about to rupture. And that PIG, Randi Rhodes with her routines about killing BUSH!...God spare us and arrest her.
Ed Schultz, what a treasure if you enjoy cess pools. I don't know who the idiot is on at night but when I heard him refer to the Grand Canyon and God's sewer I turned him off immediately. If this is what liberal radio is all about, then we conservatives have NOTHING to fear.

Lazy Murrow

Keep turning up the heat, Michael. The local radio gaggle has never had to deal with accountability before and the fact that they are finally being scrutinized in a public forum scares them shitless. Their anuses are the ones puckering up in fear.


They say you don't qualify to criticize their industry because you're not part of it?


I never laid an egg, either, but I know a rotten one when I smell it.

You know why I read this blog every day? It's the second line below the title: "Listening to talk radio so you don't have to."

Thanks, Mike. Keep blasting the bastards.


Duane when you were writing your diatribe against AA at first I thought you were describing hate radio host Lush Flimbaugh. And if you're not worried about AA, then why take time to criticize it? You see, your actions (as is often the case with right wing cowards and traitors) don't mesh with your words. You right wingers are gnashing your teeth over the fact that WE get to come to the plate now and take our swing of the bat.


Scott, I, like one of the other posters have never laid an egg, but I am capable of telling a bad egg when I smell one. As I stated before, Err America can remain on the air...I am NOT trying to force them off. Pure business and economics will handle any program, right or left. Sponsors will NOT spend money on a turkey. And your name calling ceratinly makes you smell like an egg I wouldn't want for breakfast.


Well Duane you may know something about eggs, but based on the lack of intelligence shown in your posts here, that's all you know about.

And name calling is something that republicans have for too long tried to hold the patent on. I am just giving what I get.

As the saying goes, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the fire.


Anyone want to start a pool as to the day Tom Clendening will be history at Entercome?


What you hear is the sound of pigs squealing.

Ned Allen

Subject: Contact Michael Savage, one of the leaders of Hate Radio – January 2007

You may be one of the hundreds of people who’ve called the Savage Nation radio talk show to make a point and been abruptly cut off in mid-conversation. You can continue your thoughts in writing. Contact Michael “Savage” using his real name and address at:

Dr. Michael A. Weiner
111 St. Thomas Way
Tiburon, CA 94920

Dr. Michael A. Weiner
c/o The Paul Revere Society
150 Shoreline Hwy, Bldge E
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Dr. Michael A. Weiner
c/o KNEW
340 Townsend St.
San Francisco, CA 94107

Dr. Michael A. Weiner
c/o Ian K. Boyd of Harvey Siskind Jacobs LLP
4 Embarcadero Center, 39th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111

Dr. Michael A. Weiner
c/o Rockstar, Inc.
101 Convention Center Drive, Suite 777
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Dr. Michael A. Weiner
c/o Rockstar, Inc.
P. O. Box 27740
Las Vegas, NV 89126

[email protected]

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