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May 10, 2005



On Savage: his pro-war stance probably disqualifies him for AA palatability.


Amazing that Al drew 800 people in a sold out show yesterday. I don't see how that's possible given the fact that we have Scrilla on record here saying "NOBODY" listens to him! Must really burn the righties to see AA have such great success.

Stewart Smelley

Al Franken is a Big Fat Phony--excerpts from an article by John Walsh, Counterpunch--

Al Franken is a shrewd guy, which is why he can write some good comedy... Franken certainly knows that one of the most insidious forms of prevarication is lying by omission. And on the subject of rapid and total withdrawal from Iraq, that is precisely what Franken and most of the rest of Air America Radio do day in and day out ­ omit any mention of the topic. Their attitude to grass roots opposition to the war is the same - bury it...

...Franken himself is full of praise for "the troops." He does not say that these troops are being used as cannon fodder in a criminal war ­ simply that they are doing "a great job." There is no systematic tracking of either U.S. or Iraqi casualties. Each week the conservative, John McLaughlin, on his PBS program tracks the Iraqis killed and the Americans killed and wounded in Iraq. No such segment exists on Franken's program - nor on any other Air American Radio program as far as I know. It speaks volumes that the conservative McLaughlin provides a more biting critque of the war than Franken and his cronies can muster...

...Franken reached a nadir of sorts with the appearance on his show of Democratic Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher of the House Armed Services Committee who is proposing legislation to expand the military by 36,000 troops. She has argued in a press release: "Iraq is a two-year engagement that could go on for at least five to seven years." So her solution is to scare up more cannon fodder for Iraq. Franken has a son in college and a daughter just out of school whom he mentions often. Do you suppose he will allow them to be among the 36,000 troops that his guest Tauscher wants to mint?...

...Most of Air America Radio is only marginally different from Franken who is little more than a shill for the Democratic Party establishment. Franken faithfully parrots its pro-war line. Fundamentally. he is just like Rush who is a Republican partisan, not a principled conservative. Franken is simply a Democratic partisan, a pitiful hack at heart. A progressive he is not. And disappointingly, Air America has turned out to be little more than a mouthpiece for the DNC and one more way to divert the anti-war movement to DNC-approved "issues" ­ like DeLay, Bolton and the other trivia that are like so many straws in the wind compared to the carnage in Iraq...


Welcome to Seattle, Al Franken. Now go home. And take your fellow DNCers with you.


Oh please, please please fellas, do not hijack yet another thread with your testosterone-fueled chest thumping...take it to email, or the alley or SOMEWHERE where you can get it out of your system.


Hey smelly, got any opinions of your own or are you like most right wing hateriots? You have to find someone else to do your thinking for you?


Hey, I think AA's a great idea. But, until they get a 3 share or greater in the 12+ numbers, then yes, nobody is listening.
While it's true that advertisers do not buy the 12+ demo, they do pay attention when you haven't cracked 3% of the total audience. AA is doing well with 25-54, but they'll keep using their own airtime as help wanted space until they get a 3.1
Does anyone here know the audience overlap of AA and say...NPR,KVI,KTTH ?
I do. It SHOULDN'T surprise someone who knows something of the SeaTac market.
However, in some people's dream world, AA puts all Rightdio out of bidness and Al Franken becomes King of the World and Ron Sims flies about on a magic cloud dispensing clean water and smiting SUVs (starting with his own) while Patty Murray sprinkles diversity dust on bullies until they accept fat kids on the jungle gym because she's the senator for salmon and did you know Osama Bin Laden built daycare centers because he's comitted to working moms.
I think it goes something like that.


Enlighten us Scrilla. What is the overlap between AA, NPR, KVI, KTTH? What is your source? And please do all you can to convince us that AA is a non-factor. That's why you spend so much time attacking it right?


"So MUCH time?" (emphasis added)
Yeah, that's all I do.(sarcasm added)
hmmmmm. Discuss.

My source? Arbitron. Got access? What would Al Franken say about people who make up facts? That they "pull them out of their butt", probably. Well, Scott, I would reccomend befriending someone with access to the Fall04 and the upcoming Winter05 books.
p.s. "book" is radioese for "Quarterly Rating Report."


I am very familiar with Arbitron but I have no access. And it's very convenient for you to cite a source that few people have access to. Makes it easy for you to lie and hard for us to check your facts.

You have not shared any real information with us. Still waiting for that overlap number. Of course, yes you will probably pull it out of your butt since you probably don't really have access. Oh well.


Then I won't waste Scott's time.

Bush Lies

I'd like to believe that Scrilla is a liar, but I fear he is telling the truth. I never hear anything about AA ratings even though we heard all sorts of good press during the first 3 months of AA last year.

What are the ratings? We need to get some encouragement from our guys yet they never talk about the ratings. The silence is deafening...and discouraging.

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