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April 22, 2005



I listened to a few minutes of this wierdo today and was shocked. This guy is a freak. And if Heaven is full of fools like this, I HOPE to go to Hell!

carol kerr

Dear Mr. Hood,
Mocking a man of God will be the end of this site, sir. You cannot oppose God and not feel the consequences eventually. Rev. Ken Hutcherson is being used by the Lord as a conduit for the love of Jesus Christ in these troubled times. The Evil One seems to be prevailing when people see blogs like this and newspapers like the Stranger, but God will win and the devil will lose and so will you if you don't reconsider this mockery. I'm praying for you.
love, Carol


If mocking this con man Hutcherson will keep me separated from them for eternity, then listen up. MOCK MOCK MOCK!

Hope that was sufficient.

As for your prayers, save them for yourself.


Writing Huthcherson off as a con man is short-sighted. He's gotten a taste and he'll be back. How's it any different than MoveOn.org or the NRA?


You're kidding right? When someone tries to tell you that their political beliefs are approved by God himself, that's a whole new ballgame. It's one thing for non-religious political organizations to conduct political activity (although the NRA does plenty of Bible-thumping when it suits their purpose), but when you bring religion into it, that's problematic.

It's called theocracy. And every single theocracy in the history of mankind has led to the same results....

1) Lots of bloodshed in the name of God
2) A complete failure

The right wants to create its very own Taliban inside the USA. Our founders created a wall between church and state for a reason. Those of us who really care about freedom need to defend that wall. Or we will suffer the same fate as those who lived under the Taliban.


Well, actually there's no defined "wall," now is there? It was, however, the near unanimous intention that religion have no official place in U.S. government as far as "establishment." And, of course, it doesn't (besides bibles in courtrooms, God on currency and prayers in Congress). My question is: What would you do? BAN religious speech in comittee testimony? After all, Hutch broke no law. He never set foot in Olympia. If Microsoft gets to have a position, so does the Reverrun.
The amendment protects both sides.


I never claimed Hutch broke any law. I never claimed he doesn't have a right to his opinion. I do believe that since he is tax exempt, and since I pay taxes on his behalf as do all of us, that his religious and political ideas should not be allowed to mix. If he wants to pay taxes on all the moola he rakes in from the fools that put it in his plate on Sunday that's a different thing. And you were equating the views of a non-religious organization with one that is. There is a big difference.

And I do believe that just because Hutch has an opinion, doesn't make it right. And it doesn't stop me from calling him a theocrat and from calling on people to label his views as dangerous. Because they are. I have a right to my views too.


People like Carol scare me AWAY from organized religion!


It is not a whole new ball game when the speech is religious. Not a bit. It's just offensive.
Obviously you can't stop individuals from contacting government when they have an opinion, whether it's the weather or religion.

"Those of us who really care about freedom need to defend that wall."
I don't think such a wall exists as long as religious expression is tax free. But how's that different from a 501(C).3?
We'll suffer the fate of the Taliban? What's that? Liberation at the hands of the American Army?


Religious organizations are supposed to refrain from political activity. If it were up to me no one would be tax exempt - especially churches.

I said we'd suffer the fate that those who lived under the Taliban-not the fate of the Taliban. Did you misquote me because you are losing the argument or because you have a poor point?

And there's no liberation in that part of the world. Just a new set of bullies pushing people around.

The actions of the last week have convinced me that America faces the biggest threat in its history. It's not from Iraq or that part of the world. It's from the religious right. They want to turn America into a theocracy. They want to determine what we can think, say and do. And I for one will fight to the end to stop them by any legal means necessary.

Hutch is evil. His positions are evil. And anyone who uses religion and politics together in such a way is the enemy of freedom.


"Religious organizations are supposed to refrain from political activity. If it were up to me no one would be tax exempt - especially churches."

I'm rereading my constitution, can't find that anywhere.
I wish I could because I'm agnostic.

Sorry for the misquote, the fate of those living UNDER the Taliban turned out to be...Islam.


Your Constitution is not relevant. Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code is.

And you are right, the fate of the people living UNDER the Taliban turned out to be a theocracy. Thanks for making my point for me.


OK then, where in THE constitution does it bar religious speech?
Don't make it you versus me, just play Devil's advocate for a minute. It seems ike you're objecting to speech you disagree with. If I need to explain.....

Point 2, the problem in Afghanistan wasn't theocracy, it was/is Islam. Yes, the Taliban were/are theocrats. So's the Vatican. You can quit catholicism. I know.
I think the catholics moved away from trial by fire 300 years ago. By that prophet-to-now calculation, Islam will be ready in 500 more years.
If Tibet was a theocracy, I wouldn't care because they'd be buddhists. If West Virginia attempts to become a theocracy I wouldn't care because we have courts.
When an American preacher starts calling for Old Testament punishment, we can logically compare him to the Taliban.
Until then, let's not cast the first (metaphorical) stone.


Sorry about the you v. me. That's just what I am used to in these forums.

The Constitution is not at issue. What is at issue is tax payer funded religious/political speech. It is against the law. Period. Churches apply for tax exemption by promising not to be involved in politics. Hutch has violated that policy and yesterday, I filed a formal complaint with the IRS asking that his tax - exempt status be revoked. Probably won't go anywhere but at least I tried. It has worked before. This happened to that gas bag Jerry Falwell and to Pat Robertson too. It needs to happen to Hutch and others who seek to spew politcs from the pulpit on my dime.

And there is no reason to say that if a political entity has courts, it can't be a theocracy.

Theocracy can live side by side with courts. The theocrats just tell the courts what to do. And we see that starting to unfold now. DeLay and his ilk want to tell the courts what to do based on religious ideas. If that isn't the makings of a theocracy, then I don't know what is.

And I repeat, theocracy is a bigger threat to America than any terror-monger from Iraq.


Ken Hutcherson is an a**hole, plain and simple. Hey Hutcherson, if you think companies like HP, Nike, Nordstrom, and Microsoft are going to cave to your ignorant and stupid ways, THINK AGAIN! Go fight about something worthwhile, like our brave men and women being slaughtered in Iraq. Leave gay people alone!!


Not everyone is happy about the new gay rights law, but for completely different reasons! Gay Marriage is what matters now while the most vulnerable group of those 'supported' by HB 2661 as law are still left behind... 2661: The Film aims to explore what is really happening, not just bigots or supporters going along blindly for the ride!
Supporting TRUE TG Rights!


Mr Hutcherson. Please be careful you don't caught. Remember what happened to Ted Haggard?


Mr Hutcherson. Please be careful you don't caught. Remember what happened to Ted Haggard?

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