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April 10, 2005



Great writing, Micheal. keep up the good work. It's fun and you are hitting the nail on the head.

Sonny Roche

Mike Webb, the KIRO talk host was KVI's Program Director when it was an oldies station and going down the shithole.
Over the years, I've often wondered--might have we been spared Rush Limbaugh and Kirby Wilbur if Mike had been a better PD?


KTPK are you listening?


Yup, peerless writing and a welcome panorama of schlock radio for those of who who are venturing beyond NPR....Thanks, blather!


Amazing, scintilating and in-depth...and I really liked the opener too, "the baba ganouche..."

Anybody else here, besides the author of this ooze, know how to use that phrase in more than one sentence?

"Rats to cheese...? Truth according to....blabberjockeys? Alledged virginity....? "Gun-dementalists..." Replacing "pollack" with liberal... (And alledged "right-wingers" are the ones called intolerant...?) The arrogance that emminates from the "grand little soviet of the pacific northwest..." has no end. You'd think you'all were entitled to be in charge.....

You can save the throwin' around the term "redneck", you folks have found other ways to call other people **ggers.

Big Sandy

Your pretty fair for a liberal and I enjoyed the writing. I listen to KVI every day but I didn't know about KVI the history.

Josef of Josef's Public Journal

First, congrats for getting on the mysterious Orbusmax.

Second, I Commute W/ Carlson as to the total mess in King County. The mainstream media has laggered behind King Carlson and KVI - who's led by the bloggers (like me!)!!!

Liberal Larry

John Carlson's anti-affirmative action stance may make him an official klansman, but I'm pretty sure that Kirby Wilbur is Adolf Hitler. Sure, he hasn't murdered 6 million innocents or anything. At least, not yet. But his frothing anti-gas tax rhetoric is very Hitlerian. All the hate radio jocks have a very Nazi-like way of leading the mindless masses of neocon sheep out of our fold, forcing progressives like us to resort to feminine hysterics and screeching hyperbole to protect our own flock. It's time we stop allowing these purveyors of hate to hide behind Freedom of Speech and silence them forever. It's what the Founding Fathers would have wanted.

That, and same-sex marriage.

Ron Forde

Informative article. The little boat still floats, even when viewed from the left side.
And Holy Moley! George Noory and Art Bell for those still consious after ten PM!

Bryan Suits

"It's time we stop allowing these purveyors of hate to hide behind Freedom of Speech and silence them forever. It's what the Founding Fathers would have wanted. "

Good Larry. Thanks for providing an example. Though I know that you are not representative of most liberals, unfortunately I don't see it here.
You know, I'm not particularly religious, but I revere the US Constitution. I'd like to hope that the entire political spectrum shared this. I'll continue looking.

p.s. Michael- thanks for accusing me of violating my contract by communicating with other radio stations. Yur accusation was as false as it was revelatory of your version of truth. Care to refute on the air?


Absolutely. I’m always up for representing the blather side of any issue...when?


Don't look for that traitor Suits to respond to your challenge. He hides VERY well. He likes to throw out challenges and then run and hide like a typical republican coward.

The right doesn't let articulate left wing proponents on the radio. They can't stand being side by side with someone who is their intellectual better.

Bryan Suits

Golly Scott- I have no problem putting anyone who can dwell in the world of fact on my show. I prefer opposing callers to sycophants. I do NOT, however, have the right to bring personal discussions about MY CONTRACT on the air. Besides being a violation, it would be unbelievably narcissistic.
Your crap with me seems to be that, since you disagree with me politically, you feel justified in insulting my time in uniform. Please enjoy My DD214 is a public dicument, as you know.


Gosh 'o hemlock, Bryan, you challenged me to come on the air and defend mice elf in the matter of blatherWatch's allegation that you tried to get Mike Siegel's job when you got back from Iraq. When I agreed to come on, you reneged. You complain about the abuse rained down upon you and your silly contracts, but then retreat. If you can't talk about it, shut up about it arready.
In our private emails, you never respond when I ask you substantive questions, or make provocative statements that beg addressing. I'd come on your show and discuss any of our multious differences, as would any number of articulate bloggers & loggers, progressive commentators, liberal elites, rhinestone cowboys, slave bitches, etc. who disagree w/you.

Bryan Suits

Michael, you'll have to remind me about which "provocative statements" you're talking about. Why don't you repeat them here?
I'll repeat: I can't discuss my "silly contracts" on the air. It's of no interest to the average listener anyway. So, I apologize for getting your dander up in regard to an on-air refutation. But I can issue a full Sytman and state unequivocally that I have never expressed any interest in Siegel's gig.
If you have anything of interest to discuss about the state of talk radio in Seattle, maybe we'll have you on. For instance?


Hey Bryan: My job isn't to pitch you topics, I spend most of my professional time pitching topics. You have a producer, review my emails, read my blog--there are plenty of issues raised that would make meaty talk...read horsesass.org--goldy is great radio and even more liberal and better spoken than me...

Bryan Suits

Well...YOU said the provocative statements and unanswered questions were in our private emails...and I can't find them.
Unless "Webb would be glad to see you," is provocative.


Baby Brian I have no trouble with your time in uniform. And once again, since you are just a poser I will explain to you that a DD214 proves you were in, and discharged from, the service. It DOES NOT prove you were the war hero you want to portray yourself to be.

And as typlical of your ilk, you put out a challenge and now you're backing down.

Cowardly, is the only way any objective person could perceive it.

Bryan Suits

I don't recall ever portraying myself as anything but a guy who has done his duty and kept his commitments.
Just for giggles, what exactly WOULD prove if someone is a war hero?


Oh Baby Brian you can prove you are a war hero by ACTING like one. Real war heros don't go on the radio and tell wild stories about bombs blowing up in their face. Real war heros don't usually talk about war. Real war heros do their jobs, hate war, love peace and fight for freedom - QUIETLY!

Posers like you thump their chest, put American flags on their pick up trucks and tell war stories hoping that the truth about them is drowned out.

Tell you what Baby Brian, renew your subscription to Soldier of Fortune, spend your Friday nights with the guys at the VFW and hang out with Cub Scouts if you want to regail people with your honor and victory crap. Leave the real discussion of real issues to the rest of us.

Bryan Suits

It's the bitterness that fascinates me. You appear to have a problem with the fact that I was a talk show host, who went to his third conflict ( at the age of 39) and returned to his show with a story to tell.
Would you tell Joseph Heller "Stop writing that novel and sell insurance!" (not that I'm comparing).
I went, I led my men, I was wounded, I was decorated. Now i'm back. What the hell else would I talk about? My show is my show I might suggest avoiding KVI and lessening the apparent aggravation. Thanks for telling me all about what real heroes are about.


Hey Baby Brian. I will send this URL to all the KVI advertisers and let them know that the show hosts are advising listeners to tune out.

By the way, I loved that "I went, I led my men, I was wounded, I was decorated." Wasn't that from the movie Patton?


Bryan Suits

Threaten away Hee-ROW.
If I allowed every crank to censor my thoughts it would be....cowardly. Wouldn't it? You are the expert at throwing THAT word around.


Baby Brian I am not interested in your thoughts. Your dreams of shooting unarmed innocent women and children in Iraq are of no interest to me. I don't want to "censor" your thoughts. I want to show your advertisers that you are a complete idiot.

Bryan Suits

Finally. All about Scott's problem. Stop projecting. (Thanks WebMD!)


WebMD? So you are getting help. That's great. But it's too late to save your cowardly ass!


Well do I remember when the change happened. I regularly listened to KVI in the "oldies" days -- one day I got in the car and heard Limbaugh for the first time -- I'd never heard anything remotely like it. I was horrified. I wrote to the station and they wrote back that this fellow was very popular -- eye-opening. Not in a good way. Now I read that Shannon Sweatte was the author of this...this...this coarsening of the airwaves and dumbing of the listening pool? I think we went to high school together. Euw.


Who is that limp dick Scott?
Is he just another radio person who could not get a good gig? Maybe plays records that nobody hears at four AM on the AM radio.
Maybe this should be babelwatch instead.
Sorry Michael, I don't evan know who you are, but I enjoy your sight.
Maybe you and Bryan should go have a beer and get over it. whatever it might be.
And just being a lowly talk radio fan, I do thank Mr Suits for his service. I was a Viet Nam era kid and never had the balls to serve, let alone volunteer.

Daniel Baker

Ken & John.....The hatchet job you performed on Mike Schreck yesterday was well beneath you. You rush to judgement and assassinate the character of a good person. You claim his story is made up but have no facts to back yourselves up.You claim he has a responsibility to let you know the real facts. I submit he has no responsibility to you. He has given his facts to the sheriff's dept and they are satisfied. Your attempt at making this humorous makes light of the depth of concern his loved ones felt this last weekend.Shame on you. Please exercise the responsibility your position demands.


I am always curious as to why people respond to a two year old thread......


Chucks...did you find Osama in the cave you dug this thread out of? Jesus...

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