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March 27, 2005



Prell is too wierd for my tastes - but in a way I am glad KIRO did this. It can only help Air America. I have permanently switched to AM 1090 and Al Franken during Dave's old time slot.

In fact, I rarely listen to KIRO at all. I spend most of my time at Air America with a few moments in afternoon drive for Dave Ross.


In Allen's defense, I debated I-892 with Tim Eyman on his show, while he was subbing for Ross, and he was absolutely great at holding Tim's feet to the fire, and not letting him get away without answering the questions. I was literally laughing over one exchange. Best job handling Tim I've heard from any radio host in Seattle.


As a listener who swings all over the dial but primarily to the "right-wing" stations, I have to say Prell is just plainly a real disappointment. I may not agree with Ross on many things, but at least his arguements are cohesive. Prell is just so full of himself, I cannot believe KIRO hired him. Well, yeah, maybe I can. This IS Seattle after all...

All I can say is, Prell makes almost anyone else look good, and that is not a good thing for him.


Alan Prell is a poor man's version of Rick Miller. If KIRO wanted to hire a goofy talkshow host they should have dragged ole Ricko out of mothballs.


Does anyone know where Rick Miller has a show?


Alan Prell is just Alan Prell. He is quirky, and isn't formulaic. I haven't heard him in Seattle yet, but I have heard him on 3 or 4 other cities, and I don't get the references to his ego. I have only heard him as self depracating, and "crumudgeony."

I am far more conservative than Prell, but always enjoyed him as someone with an actual personality, and in contrast to the prototypical "scripted" host.

Still - even with his social agenda, my favorite memories of him are his "talent hour" when you could win movie tickets by calling in and singing opera or performing card tricks.


I find Prell to be a terrible broadcaster in today's radio. This isn't a love/hate. He's just hard to listen to . . . and I have many friends who say the same. As a result, they go away from KIRO to other stations, and stay there - forgetting to turn to Dave Ross or Tony Ventrella later in the day.
This isn't a personal attack on Prell. Instead, he's just not very good.
As for his being # 1 in other markets, I found an article in a Baltimore paper that indicated that wasn't true.
Regardless, I've left KIRO for music.


I think prell is off the air now-GOOD


Did Alan Prell get fired? His name is wiped off the KIRO site and he is not on the air. Interesting...


Corperations like to fire people right before the weekend because people take the news better if it's before the weekend. He had said he was going to go to a class reunion and wouldn't be back until Monday or something.

I think the fact that they removed his name from the Programs list is a strong indicator that he got canned. If they took his show's listing down just for a short vacation the webmaster must have alot of time on his/her hands, which judging from the looks of the site they don't.

Plus radio stations seem to fire people without warning, maybe so they won't trash talk the station with whatever time they have left.

I don't understand why the night time hosts aren't considered for day time slots and why poor daytime hosts aren't moved to night time slots. It's like they are all exclusive to one half of the day or the other.


Prell is history, thank goodness. There is no reason a radio station would take the host off their website just for a short vacation. And if you go to the "Shows" tab on www.710kiro.com his name is gone and it just says "9am-12" (where all the rest are listed with the host's name).

Even more revealing is that guest host Dan O'Neil says "I'm filling in for a few days..." without saying who he's filling in for. That would be unheard of if Prell was still on staff. He is not. Prell is finally toast, and we can all go back to listening to KIRO again.


Alan Prell is the most putrid talk show host in the history of Seattle radio. A very dark episode in KIRO radio has ended with his termination.


still cannot figure out what he had on somebody to get hired in the first place, the last months/quarter ratings must have been devastating. you could almost tell the joyous attitude of the screener, producer on the radio today. would love to have their secret thoughts

Brent Coferium

Hate to be the contrarian, but I thought Prell was great. I didn't like him at first, thought he was a buffoon. But then I figured out he was a pretty smart guy with a VERY quirky style and voice. I found myself switching from Stern at 9 a.m. to catch Prell. I know the ratings were bad, but wasn't he only on one rating book? Or two? How were Rush Limbaughs numbers his first two books on Seattle radio?

brian elslip

I for one will miss him. He was genuine and entertaining, a breath of fresh air in this stuffy city. Good Luck Allan!

Jeff W.

While Dave Ross was running for Congress, KIRO had the good sense to run a wide variety of guest-hosts in the local slot, including radio and television veteran Harry Schearer. When they finally gave the spot to Prell - I couldn't believe it. The man is goofy, unprofessional, sexist, and kind of like having ground glass pounded into your ears. Good riddance, and here's hoping that KIRO at least makes an attempt to find someone of Dave Ross's calibre as permanent host.


It's official, there's a note up on the 9a-12N show page (http://www.710kiro.com/show_details.jsp?iShowId=52960) that says September 21 was Allan's last day.

It also says to call the listener comment line to comment about it. When you call there is a short message about how Prell is no longer on KIRO.

KIRO management shouldn't bother searching for someone of Dave Ross's calibre, they already have one. Put Dave Ross back in the morning slot and find someone else for the afternoon drive. Afternoons are a much less important time slot than mornings, if only to hold the audience longer into the day. That was a winning combination before Prell, and it can be again. Maybe Don O'Neill would be interested in afternoons? He seems nice enough...

Chad Stanley

How pathetic - the delicate ears of Seattle prefer the polite tones of the walking sycophant Dave Ross first thing in the morning. What a joke.

I will share what I told Allan when I met him at the Battle of the Talk Show Hosts in Everett; Allan brought a clever, subversive, east coast style to his show that the soft-boiled brains in this city can not appreciate. He brought me back to some classic talkers on WABC and Cleveland's Gary Dee. Seattle can't handle that. Seattle likes it safe and stupid. KIRO loses and Seattle loses.

But tomorrow the sun will come up and all you sensitive types can hold hands around Greenlake and pray for the morning return of Dave Ross. (shakes head and smiles)



Your words are hurtful. How dare you question the toughness of the people of Seattle! Please appologize now to Seattle....

Chad Stanley

See now THAT's what I'm talkin' about! LOL...and Lou Pate says that Seattle doesn't understand sarcasm...

Jeff W.

There's nothing "soft and gentle" about either Dave Ross or listeners who prefer his style. Quite the contrary - those who prefer Ross tend to prefer his well-balanced - yet still hard-hitting - approach to tough issues. Did anyone hear him interview the woman who wrote the book "Liberals Under My Bed"? In his way, he made her think he was a "friendly" host - while really raking her over the coals, mostly by giving her the rope necessary to out herself as the idiot she was.

We need intelligent radio - not another "morning zoo". If you want silly songs and wacky jokesters - zip on over to KZOK.

Chad Stanley

It's a matter of style points Jeff. If you want a daily game of point-counterpoint, listen to Michael Medved. His personal m-o is to line up a 'third-rail' leftist, while he poses engaging questions to catch them in a lie (or contradiction). And that's fine, that's what Michael does - although my spidey senses tell me that you probably don't appreciate HIS ability since you don't respect his political beliefs.

Fair enough, but Allan was subversive and sly - a far cry from a dumb azz morning zoo. Your characterization of such is an example of your own lack of understanding. Keep in mind - Allan's political beliefs are further left than mine, but I respect and admire a sly fox when I hear one.


Lost in all the Alan Prell hysteria is the fact that the latest ratings book is in. KIRO has regained its position as the #1 talk station in Seattle. Overall ratings are up 16% at a solid 3.7. KIRO is back in the top four.

Door Emun's Son

I have a friend at Entercom and this thing may be a stunt.

Think about it, Prell only had two books. Why would they not give him more time? He is wacky and did some stunts on KIRO and I'm told he pulled a lot of pranks and wild things at WBAL.

I sure hope its a prank and he comes back. Prell and Monson are the only two really entertaining local hosts on AM radio in Seattle. Everyone else is booooooring!!

Besides, why else would they not say one word on the air about Prell being gone??


They didnt say anything when Brian Baloney left either.

You like Dori? wow


UMO is as usual nuts. Bragging about a 3.7??? KIRO had over a 10 with the bloody Mariners!!!

A small rebound and just a monthly trend too!! Not even a full book! Means so, so little.


The radio business has changed drastically since the halcyon days of yore. Consumers have many more entertainment choices than before. Ipods, satellite radio, the explosion of talk radio stations makes the possibility of getting a 10 rating a pipe dream. The most popular Seattle station gets a 6.5 rating.

Door Emun's Son

Brian Maloney?

haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaah

Kathy Crabcakes

If someone could catch up with Uncle Ally Prell please tell him that WBAL has dropped Rush. We want him back in Baltimore but he will be happy when he finds out that Rush is out. I think he already knows.

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