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I have been to the Odd Fellows Cafe three times, once just today after reading the above review. Sheperd's pie is a favorite dish of my wife's who has fond memories of her mother making it as a child. I think of it more as a way to use up leftovers. We agreed that Odd Fellows attempt was dry and boring. A bit of gravy with the beef would certainly have helped. Also, some onions with a few more carrots might make it more interesting. It wasn't bad;it just doesn't warrant a spot on the menu. Our previous two visits were much more satisfying and we will return in the future.

hey steph, steph from sugar saying hello. i still can't stop thinking about the peanut butter and jelly cupcake i had at the odd fellows a few weeks back...it was so freaking fantastic! they are using, it seems, the better quality strawberry freeserves from sun fresh foods and chunky peanut butter in the cupcakes. nice peanut butter buttercream, the best cupcake outside of my own in seattle ;)

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