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I can not see folks crossing the Atlantic by way of the Queen Mary sixty years ago eating that well.
One day, we shall give it an evening.
At $500.00 per couple, plus 22%, plus tax, I doubt that we will be inviting the neighbors or in-laws.
Best of luck on your new site Mr & Mrs Michael.

$500 includes gratuity and tax. In December, if you went on Sunday, they would include a night at the Inn overlooking the garden. That would have been a spectacular present. Watch for the rare specials, if you are tempted.

I'm sure I'd be far more envious if I enjoyed seafood. No, let me restate that -- if I weren't a seafood-loathing philistine (it's not a religious or dietary thing ... I just detest the way the stuff tastes). I'm sure their meals in other seasons include even more courses that I wouldn't touch.

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