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You went to all those restaurants in 2008? And you didn't have to buy a new wardrobe? What is your secret, WTA? We could package it and retire wealthy...

Michael, I now know why she stays with you. It's the food...!

This is a yummy idea and looks to be a great and informative blog. So let's toast the birth of an idea and watch it grow.

BTW, for some reason I was checking out Rovers on line and downloaded their New Year's Eve 2008 menu. Along with the elk medallion, carmelized rutabagas, salmon tartare, and foie gras were pork bellies. What are port bellies?

sorry - make that pork bellies

Joanie, it is the part of the pig where bacon comes from.

Those were the highlights of the year...I plead the 5th on wardrobe requirements.

Pork bellies - the part of the pig bacon is made from, before it is smoked or cured. When they are well prepared, you get this wonderful balance of crispy exterior and flavorful (and fatty) interior. You will find them on lots of menus in Seattle. Try the pork belly sliders at Spur Gastropub along with one of their special cocktails. It is often on the menu at Tilth, Monsoon, and Crush, and in almost every Chinese restaurant when they have "fatty pork" dishes - but you won't get that crispy/soft contrast.

Bacon? Mmm-m. Thanks for the information guys. And I'll try the sliders at Spur Gastropub. I purposely don't eat out a lot because I eat too much. You are not helping... :)

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