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September 10, 2012


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Finis Hominis

Mittens is Seal team six?


“Fifteen percent of Ohio Republicans“

Tommy, is that you?


Pretty damn funny. Obama sure as hell didn't.

Sidebar - What difference does this question make when they took ? Oh wait - it proves Obama is nothing but a walking pantload :)

proud American

Pretty damn funny, Bush wasn't interested, Our President was, shut the fuck up right-wingers


Thanks, Proud American. About time someone had the courage and moxie on this blog to call out the ingrates and idiots. Obama got him. End of story.

Gentlemen Rouge

I think Rmoney is running for the wrong office, he should run for Big Foot Tracker!

Finis Hominis

Republikins, predisposed to Fairy tales, you’d be better off asking them who killed cock robin.


proud American and T-S. Walking pantloads flock together, libtards.


Finis - besides constipation of the brain, you have bad breath. Have a nice day...

proud American

KS, You didn't deny Bush's failure plus Romney cannot run on the Bush legacy.

"Mitt Romney is not a great candidate; Barack Obama is a better one. But without the Bush legacy, Romney would be leading this race. His problem is that except among staunch conservatives, Bush has so hurt the GOP’s brand that Romney doesn’t look like the fresh economic fix-it man that Republicans want to portray him as. Instead, it’s all too easy for Democrats to paint him as George W. Bush the 3rd, just as they painted John McCain as George W. Bush the 2nd."

proud American

Bushney LOL!

Finis Hominis

Damn, I only have bad breath and constipation. You’ll see KS, I’ll also be a pantload!!11!!

By the way, when Obama killed the terrorist, which Bush could not, he had a big knowing smile on his face.


No more bin Laden, Thank You Mr. President.


Where is our well informed electorate? Apparently not in Ohio.


Well, to be fair, these are Ohio Republicans we are talking about.


This just goes to show that public school is big in Ohio. God bless the teachers that churn out these idiots year after year after year.

Gentlemen Rouge

Chusks, do you realize this story is about republicans?

Finis Hominis

“Who killed Bin Laden”, is not a question answered in a class room. If it was, the entire population would reflect the republican thinking. No, this smacks of willful ignorance. There is a quote I remember from my childhood about willful ignorance…

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.”


Chusks, do you realize this story is about republicans?

Posted by: Gentlemen Rouge | September 12, 2012 at 02:17 PM

Not really, it is about the incompetent teachers that try to indoctrinate kids with leftwing propaganda and pay too little attention to teaching substantive subjects. Far be it from this blog or you to admit something as plain as the nose on your face.

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.”

Posted by: Finis Hominis | September 12, 2012 at 02:54 PM

Sounds like you are talking about yourself and your ilk. LMAO...

proud American

If your party can run the nation for eight years and then have a national convention and not invite Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Karl Rove or Tom DeLay...you're not a political movement, you're the witness protection program.


Blame it on the Tea Party - bwahahaha. Personally, I'm glad that none of them were there.

Walt puts a dunce cap on KS

Now KS just because you got shitty grades in school does not make you an expert on teaching. My guess is you have no clue what it takes to be a teacher these days, but Fixed News and Hannity do your thinkin' for ya so you know all about "indoctrination."

Finis Hominis

incompetent teachers that try to indoctrinate kids with leftwing propaganda and pay too little attention to teaching substantive subjects.
Posted by: KS | September 12, 2012 at 05:04 PM

KS, if teachers are teaching a recent historical event similar to “Rmoney is more responsible for OBL’s death” I’d agree with you. Those teachers would be guilty of incompetence and indoctrination, though I doubt you could prove this is a left leaning indoctrination. But I think the weirdest part of your argument; how does a teacher impact the thinking of a likely voter? Aren’t ‘likely voters’ over the age to be registered in school?


He'll have a hard time answering that one, Finis. So expect the usual name-calling and "soiled pants" response.

Finis Hominis

Personally, I think he’s reading Pravda again.

Hedge Fund Hal

"Wimp...."coward"....."disgraceful"......anger on national television still roiling, and boiling this evening after yesterdays events... hint- they're not talking about Mitt Romney..........

proud American

Its 3am Tommy, who has the hand up Rmoney's back?


Ahwww, Thomas is feeling attention starved. Does someone need a pat on the head?

KS puts the dunce cap and scarlet letter on Walt

But I think the weirdest part of your argument; how does a teacher impact the thinking of a likely voter?
Aren’t ‘likely voters’ over the age to be registered in school?
Posted by: Finis Hominis | September 12, 2012 at 05:52 PM

Younger kids are more impressionable especially by their teachers, who could easily be filling their heads full of leftwing dogma during their formative years. You also failed to extrapolate out starting 30+ years ago. They have to wait another 5-8 years until they decide to vote, but retain much of their first impressions.

My guess is you have no clue what it takes to be a teacher these days, but Fixed News and Hannity do your thinkin' for ya so you know all about "indoctrination."

Posted by: Walt puts a dunce cap on KS | September 12, 2012 at 05:41 PM

OK, Walt - you are sounding like a progressive lemming. Just reflecting what the results show. Do you happen to be a teacher ? The poster child for the indoctrination is your friend T-S and maybe yourself if you are in that line of work. I don't trust her testimony any farther than I could throw her and similarly you.

HFH - just call these shill reporters "Presstitutes". They are cheap whores for Obama.

Finis Hominis

Sooo, leftwing teachers are impressing upon children 30 years ago to think rightwing? What am I missing here, KS?

proud American

He's insane, don't try to analyze the KS. Logic is kryptonite to him.

Gentlemen Rouge

KS, be careful your reach extends far beyond your grasp.


Tommy like Romney opens his mouth without engaging his brain.

Romney (R-Cayman Islands) is apparently not aware that we have lots of US citizens in harms way overseas and the POTUS making threatening gestures is not wise until they can move those people back. Jumping to conclusions gets people killed.

Romney didn't have all the facts, but used the death of four of our citizens as a prop. Did you see how he smirked afterwards?

Even the right wing pundits think it was a dick move.

He's not fit for office, maybe Bibi will hire him.

Gawker is saying the anti_Islam movie may be a setup, some right wing nut job filmed it using actors recruited from Craigslist in CA. They removed the original words and dubbed the words Mohammed and Islam into the dialog. The actors who played this knew nothing about it.

When they find out who made this film it's not going to go well for them.


Gawd, if this is a republican setup…the shit storm will be humongous.


I don't think it will. All the rightwingers on this blog think stooping to anything in support of their side is okay. Just another day in Romney-dom.

I don't know why we don't just get the fuck out of those countries. Bring that money back home and help the American people and pay for education and health care. God, I'm sick of all the war. And with every single war championed by armchair generals and oil men we only alienate another whole country of people.

No More War

Great Point T-S, lucky for us we have President Obama who stopped the war in Afghanistan back in 2009 after taking office.

Hedge Fund Hal

A group of black male bank robbers, robbed an L.A. bank yesterday , drove over to the hood in South Central Los Angeles and starTed driving in circles, as a train of black and whites from the L.A.P.D. followed right behind. The robbers wended their way through ghetto intersections, throwing wads of cash out the windows wherever groups of black people. mostly male youths and young adults, were spotted out and about. People swooped into the streets to pick up the bills. This went on for over a half hour before the car were stopped. Crowds of blacks thronged and mobbed around the police cars holding the suspects. impeding their ability to leave the scene for a while. To me this is a fitting example of the extreme conditions of poverty and obscenely high unemployment that Obama has left black inner city communitiies in, after fout years of "benign neglect". I would borrow a quote from rapper Kanye West, made some years ago, except insert Obama for G.W. Bush. "[Barack Obama] doesn't care about black people". This, among other reasons, is why I question whether Obama will have a high turnout of blacks this time, voting in lockstep for him, up into the high nineties in terms of percentage points. He desperately needs them to do so. By election day Obama could easily be reduced to only one white male in three voting for him, since his percentage pf support in that group is already dipping down into the thirties.


Actually, he stopped the Iraq war, and is winding down the war in Afghanistan. After he made sure OBL was neutralized.

Just needed to correct your mistake, you never know when a republican might be reading.

KS fights the fabrications on BW

Sooo, leftwing teachers are impressing upon children 30 years ago to think rightwing? What am I missing here, KS?

Posted by: Finis Hominis | September 12, 2012 at 06:57 PM

Nice try with your juxtaposition. the proper conclusion is: Sooo, leftwing teachers are impressing upon children 30 years ago to think leftwing. No s**t Sherlock ! Critical thinking is missing and you sound like another progressive lemming. Yawn...

Logic is kryptonite to him.

Posted by: proud American | September 12, 2012 at 07:01 PM

The truth is kryptonite to you as it is for all of the progressive lemmings. The presstitutes would like your type.


Hi KS, I see you’re barely keeping up, as usual. Hey, did you hear about the 15% of Ohio Republicans surveyed said Romney deserved more credit for death of Osama bin Laden than the president? And a full 47 percent said they were “unsure.” Imagine that…those Ohio Republicans, I wonder if they were home schooled?

Stay sharp buddy, don’t let those pesky Libbers get you off yer game.


The stock market closed today above 1350..back to pre-recession levels. Waiting for the Republicans to admit Obama is right.....or if they will continue to try to sabotage the economy in an attempt to win...

Hedge Fund Hal

THE DEEP, SERVILE BOWING to "p.o.s." Muslim Grand Poobahs, overseas....CAIRO SPEECH 2009..... OTHER SPEECHES OF APPEASEMENT TOWARD MUSLIMS IN THE PAST FOUR YEARS...REFUSAL TO CALL THE TERRORISTS ISLAMISTS OR ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS OR EVEN TERRORISTS (the fort hood massacre was called "workplace violence") ETC....APOLOGY FOR THE FILM TO EGYPTIANS WHO STORMED OUR EMBASSY....etc....the Islamists and "man on the street" muslims in the middle east have gotten the message loud and clear over thee last four years........weakness....Obama's fine and dandy speeches of our hopes for "new beginnings" with these third-grade education savages have culminated in what you are seeing all week long, and no doubt beyond that, in the muslim countries.....this is Obama's FOUR YEAR report card...F for failure.... "WE ARE ALL OSAMA, OBAMA"-Egyptians chanting, as they stormed the embassy and afterwards........F.........

proud American

Thomas, stop conflating what a government does with it's people. Plenty of Egyptians denounce the violence. You're so myopic.


Anyone hear Limbaugh's speculation/assertation that al Qaida "gave up bin Laden" to help get Obama re-elected? Shear lunacy.

Gentlemen Rouge

Quote of the day Blabberwockies. Ten points for the first that can name this person.

How can it be that this man who turned around countless businesses, saved the 2002 Olympics and ran Democratic Massachusetts like a pro be the head of such a disastrous campaign?
Who was responsible for burying his moving convention video behind the bumbling bluster of Clint Eastwood?
Who told Mr. Romney to issue a political broadside against the commander in chief the day after a U.S. ambassador was murdered?
And who decided that Romney would use his general election campaign to stand for absolutely nothing? The Wall Street Journal described this ideological listlessness as a “pre-existing decision.” The question conservatives should be asking is whether that strategy was hatched by a misguided consultant or the candidate himself.
Whoever is responsible needs to know that replacing real conservative ideas with a flood of negative 30-second ads is a pathway to defeat.


He also said,

And the lesson is clear: If we want to win the battle of ideas in the long term, we should be willing to face the fact that Mitt Romney is likely to lose — and should, given that he’s neither a true conservative nor a courageous moderate.

He’s just an ambitious man.

Our conservative du jour, Joe Scarborough

now gimme gimme gimme my ten points

Hedge Fund Hal

Joe plays a conservative on MSNBC ...Medved actually is one, and his new book shows how Barry is likely to lose....newest of the polls is Rsmussen, the most accurate, and shows the Obama bump htat's been touted in the libber polls as having disappeared...Romney up 3 points over Obama nationally...very close race in swing states.....Obama has to have all his minority groups show up in big numbers and stay in the bag for Obama....they're worried...very possibly only one in three white males will vote for Barry...no Presidential candidate has ever had a white male problem like that....not even close......

Gentlemen Rouge

Here’s your 10 points Todd, don’t spend ‘em in one place.
The fun link of the weekend, 270 to win. It’s a map you can manipulate to forecast the elections, share your predictions and view historical data.
Tommy can create a winning map for KS and dilute themselves to their hearts desire.

Hedge Fund Hal

libbers on the networks love to talk about how Romney has to put all the big states in his column.........they don't talk about how Obama has to have all his minorities show up heavy on tuesday with no defections from 2008...wiht an over 20% gap in Mitt's favor among white males, likely to grow even bigger, he has no margin of error.


here's hoping you pull out of this with some semblance of rationality, Thomas.

and by all means, don't visit 538.com. all the meds in the world couldn't save your sanity if you did.

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