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March 22, 2012


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Short answer; Not until after the election in November and probably not after that.

Finis Hominis

In 2010, the races of the 6,008 known hate crime offenders were as follows:

■58.6 percent were white.
■18.4 percent were black.
■8.9 percent were groups made up of individuals of various races (multiple races, group).
■1.1 percent were Asian/Pacific Islander.
■1.0 percent were American Indian/Alaskan Native.
■12.0 percent were of unknown race.

Incase you want to research it.


That's a good point finis. I'm not sure if all those neighborhood assn and gated communities feel there is even a Constitution anymore


I'm sitting here catcning up on Maddow who is itemizing Romney's lies on the campaign trail. Finally, a media person on the left is confronting and showing proof that Romney lies - chronic lying.

That is the culture on the right. Lying and division. Warmongering and hate mongering.

Right-wing media profits from hate and lies and using both to rev up the anger and hatred in it's listeners - stupid people.

It's not new. Neal Starkman wrote a Seattle Times article when Bush was elected about "The S Factor." Guess what "S" stands for?

Sort of like Justice Scalia "forgetting" the 5-4 BvG decision and rewriting history that it was 7-2.

That is the right. They can hear the tape of a kid pleading for his life. The parents weren't notified for three days. His phone shows he was talking to his girlfriend at the time - not harassing anyone.

Hate, lies, racism, anger, and violence. From the shooting in Arizona of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords to Trayvon Martin, there is a culture of violence and hate on the right. And it is not new. And what are the Republicans on this blog going to do about it?

And please, no idiotic comparisons to the late night rhetoric of Bill Mahar or Mike Malloy. They pale in comparison to the influence of the right. Remember, guys, Fox News beats CNN and MSNBC. So no mischaracterization or redirection. Talk about yourselves for a change.


State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-TX) office firebombed Tuesday. She was an advocate for Planned Parenthood.

When will it end, Republicans?

Finis Hominis

The Wendy Davis bomber was a wayward drunk. Perhaps he was agitated by rightwing media, but in his state very hard to tell.


Which is the greater threat to your freedom? The Socialist “Kenyan” in the White House who wants to take your boom-boom toys, or the vigilante nutcase who decides to murder a black kid for no reason, and can get away with it?

Where do we live, Truthseeker, when we protect the murder’s rights over the victim’s? Is this the realization of the Great Conservative Dream?


State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-TX) office firebombed Tuesday. She was an advocate for Planned Parenthood.

When will it end, Republicans?

Posted by: Truth-seeker | March 22, 2012 at 09:17 PM

How do you know it wasn't a leftwing wack job who wanted to make it seem like it was a rightwinger ? like the leftists that purposely misspelled signs at Tea Party events in the hopes of making the Tea Party look illiterate. Waiting for credible evidence, Seeker - not your ass-umptions.


"Which is the greater threat to your freedom? The Socialist “Kenyan” in the White House who wants to take your boom-boom toys, or the vigilante nutcase who decides to murder a black kid for no reason, and can get away with it?"

He is not a Kenyan ! He is an American redistributionist, born in Hawaii and former community organizer.

Finis Hominis

I hear you Coiler. The question I would ask is aimed at KOMO. “Did he live there?” what the hell does that have to do with anything? Are you advocating the death of someone because they are walking through the neighborhood?

Finis Hominis

"like the leftists that purposely misspelled signs at Tea Party events in the hopes of making the Tea Party look illiterate. "

Posted by: KS | March 22, 2012 at 09:32 PM

Don't be such a moran KS.


"Wayward drunk." As if that absolves him. He is typical of the climate of violence that has been exacerbated by the right. I've seen few accounts of "wayward drunks" bombing offices. Actually, I don't think I've seen any.

Coiler, I'll leave the answer to that question to a conservative. Rove has influenced an 80-year-old Texas oil man to give $18 million dollars to get rid of "that socialist" Obama.

Where do we live? I don't know anymore. But less and less in a civilized society.


Finis: the rights of both the shooter and the victim must be protected which means asking questions. KS says "in a gated community" and Finis says "walking through a neighborhood."

Facts matter. But, the fact is he was walking on a street and not through a gated community. That is the progenitor of the violence on the right: that kind of spin to people who don't care to get their news from non-propagandist media. Well, unless the store which sold him the skittles is located in a gated community. Haha.

Is that what you're saying KS? Really?

Finis Hominis

Didn’t say it absolves him. I said his actions don’t condemn them.


"his actions don't condemn them?" You mean him? I haven't condemned him. I am using him as an example of the kind of violence we've seen against the values of the left or of women whether or not it was intended that way or not. I can wait for the jury to come in but I am not naive either. His violence fits a pattern. It is the pattern about which I speak.

Finis Hominis

No, I mean them. He is at responsible for what he did, but I don’t see the connection between him and them. If you have something please let us know.

Finis Hominis

No, I mean them. He is responsible for what he did, but I don’t see the connection between him and them. If you have something please let us know.


By them, you mean...? Right-wing media? The right?

Well, perhaps it was coincidence that brought a wayward drunk with a bomb to the office of a Texas legislator recently in the news and the center of attention over health-care rights for women.

BTW, there's a bridge in Brooklyn . . . :)


Don't be such a moran KS.

Posted by: Finis Hominis | March 22, 2012 at 09:53 PM

What is a moran ? You aren't smart enough to spell moron -LMAO !!

"Facts matter. But, the fact is he was walking on a street and not through a gated community. That is the progenitor of the violence on the right: that kind of spin to people who don't care to get their news from non-propagandist media. Well, unless the store which sold him the skittles is located in a gated community. Haha.

Is that what you're saying KS? Really?"

Posted by: Truth-seeker | March 22, 2012 at 10:08 PM

Don't be silly, seeker - when do you mention facts ? You logic is laughable and had nothing to do with what I wrote earlier. I said nothing about a gated community -you pulled that out of thin air or an orifice.

Where's your evidence to confirm a conservative committed this act ? All you are doing is putting forth a flatulent and faux argument and chasing your tail.
Pathetic ! Keep playing that BS- with yourself and Finis. Ciao..


No KS, I said the right-wing hate mongering and spin encourages violence. A pattern of violence.

Sorry about the "gated community" reference. I see that was Coiler in a different context.

Now I'm Finis? He'll (I assume) be quite surprised to know that we are one.

Finis Hominis

I’m suggesting the right in general. They wouldn’t agree with this nut. I agree the right perpetuates violence, but this person seems to be outside the norm.


"They wouldn't agree with this nut." (They) do perpetuate violence."


It's late and I'm making mistakes. I don't know that I'd change my posts on the connection between the right and the violence so I guess we'll have to agree to disagree if we do.


How is the right perpetuating violence?

Looks familar
Looks familar

A guest on Anderson Cooper tonight:

"“George is not a racist. He was just performing his duties as watch captain. Whether it be African American, Latino, Asian, or white, he would’ve done the same thing. He would have approached the person and asked him 'What’s your business here?' and if he (Trayvon) had just answered him in an appropriate manner, 'I’m just here visiting. My mother’s house is around the corner,' and be upfront and truthful, there wouldn’t be any problem.”

So we Black mothers just need to teach our child to "answer [complete f'ng strangers accosting them] in an appropriate manner" the following:

Yes suh massa suh I's was just walking home. Please don't shoot me.
Anderson Cooper did not follow up on his guest's comment. Shameful.


Anderson Cooper is a dim bulb. As a debate moderator, he was an unmitigated disaste. That's not to say that the Republican party was stupid to go ahead with many of the debates without screening the moderators.

How is the right perpetuating violence ?


As a debate moderator, he was an unmitigated disaster.


Anderson Cooper is not the topic.


And his qualifications as a debate moderator is not the topic. What do you think about his guest's comment, KS? What do you make of all the comments in the post above that blame the victim? Or do you even think the boy was a victim?

Albert Pryor

This happened in America. I am shot and killed in a residential neighborhood. My cell phone is on my person, and I am found to have been carrying only a bag of candy and a drink. 911 calls from neighbors record my screams for help in the moments before my death. No one uses my cell phone to locate my family. No one canvasses the neighborhood to see if someone there knows me. I am a John Doe in the morgue for three days. But, my body is tested for drugs and alcohol. My killer is not tested for anything. My killer is questioned and released, and he's still free today. I am Trayvon Martin, and We are better than this.


A couple of corrections to the comments that are worth correcting: Al Sharpton had Trayvon's mother and father on. The father says he found out 12 hour later (not 3 days), after reporting his son missing. He also said that Trayvon punched in the code to pass through the gate to the complex. Something I haven't seen pointed out anywhere: every bullet fired by an officer of the law in most, if not all, precincts in the USA results in an investigation of the shooter. Vigilantes should be under the same scrutiny; especially when it comes to proving self-defense.

Finis Hominis

Posted by: Looks familar | March 22, 2012 at 11:53 PM

Looks familar, humor is often lost on some.

Finis Hominis

How is the right perpetuating violence?
Posted by: Truth-seeker | March 22, 2012 at 11:01 PM

Well, today it’s been reported a woman shouted "Pretend it's Obama" during target practice by Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum at a shooting range.

Finis Hominis

I will give Santorum some credit; he did push back for once



Yes, I understand your hair-splitting about the bomber. He didn't write a letter saying why he did what he did. The climate of violence on the right is my circumstantial evidence. I won't repeat the post but I think I said it clearly. The right and its media encourages hate. Was Gabby's shooter "in the norm?"

No, my claim is that the right creates a climate of violence by its rhetoric and lies. I stand by that. And the ones who act on the emotions and hate provoked by the right are "out of the norm." And if the right generally thought differently, they would do something about those who represent them so dishonestly if it is, in fact, dishonest.

Karl Rove is the right. What's he doing convincing an eighty-year-old senile guy that Obama's a socialist? That is the right.


LucasFoxx, thanks for the correction. I guess waiting for the facts is a good idea. BTW, where did you get your information? Mine was the radio which is hardly the best place.

Finis Hominis

I couldn’t have said it better. My children are so into this Trayvon Martin situation; it makes me wonder if it’s becoming a movement.


Huffington has a column and pictures "A million hoodie march."


Where are all our verbose rightwing posters now?


watching Portlandia?


The War on women, laws which give one the right to kill kids and absolutely dismal prospects for a Whitehouse run? I’d hide my mug too.


What do you make of all the comments in the post above that blame the victim? Or do you even think the boy was a victim?

Posted by: Walt | March 23, 2012 at 08:20 AM

There's too much rush to justice before all of the facts are in, which . The racist meme governs here. What if it was found that the boy was legitimately killed in self-defense ? Could you and the other leftwingers accept this or would you paint the court as racist ?

Al Sharpton is an ambulance chaser and race baiter, so keep that in mind. He could be dead wrong, but facts never get in the way when he chases ambulances Portlandia is into reruns now.


Zimmerman, who shot Martin is Hispanic, not Caucasian. Hopefully, justice will be served in the verdict. No evidence exists to his political persuasion - he could be a leftwinger or maybe a rightwinger or deranged - in which case his politics would be less relevant.

Finis Hominis

It’s not his politics that are in question, it’s his motives. But in the case of people like you, it is the politics that are in question.

Puget Sound Blathers

many of us recall the rush by some on this site to proclaim gabby gifford's shooter to be right wing, etc without any facts with comments like the right 'drew first blood' etc. folks like this are the ones guided by politics.
so it is instructive to watch folks post on this current tragedy without facts assigning it to one party. their motives become clear.
of course, when the facts came out and it turned out that gabby gifford's shooter was not right wing or conservative, the same ones who had proclaimed it didn't have the intellectual fortitude to come back and apologize or even admit that they were wrong.
let the usual suspects bray on this tragedy and attempt to use it for political gain.

Finis Hominis

Many understand the shooter, of 19 people including gabby Gifford and Christina-Taylor Green a nine year old, was antagonized by the right wing fear campaign. I don’t believe the Florida event was politically motivated, but the coverage of this story on fox news and the reaction on the right is conspicuous.


Before you mentioned it - PSB, no one had drawn parallels with the shooting of Rep. Giffords. There appears to be common thread between the two shooters after reading it.

Finis-Many of us understand that you and the newer version of the usual suspects tried to politicize the Giffords shooting (as you did above) as well as the shooting of Martin and rushing to justice now just as was demonstrated then. When you brought in Fox News, you just politicized it some more just like MSNBC and Media Matters is.


I'll politicize it. It is the result of right-wing hate talk, vitriol and lies. And your side reeks of it. Dance around it if you wish. It doesn't matter the race, gender or which party-card the perpetrator is carrying. These acts result from the hatemongering on the right.

And you should all be ashamed and repentent and do something about it. Start with turning off Fox non-News.


KS, your posts make less and less sense.

Dave in Lynwood

The "new" racist is more subtle than the in-your-face, cross-burning, n-word-dropping racist of days gone by. The "new" racist knows racism is considered bad. He might even believe racism is bad. This is not to say the good-old-fashioned racists don't exist in droves. The new racist hides his racism behind other attacks, and, thus, feels he has a way to deny his racism.

Hell, even George Zimmerman's dad knows this. He made sure to let the world know his son is Spanish-speaking, grew up in a multi-cultural family and had black friends. (I use the past tense, because I can't help but wonder just how many black friends he has now). Of course, the crime here isn't being a racist. The crime is killing an unarmed kid.
Charles Blow was on Maher last night and talked about the new racist. The new racism, according to Blow, is the denial of racism: "For you to see race in this, makes you a racist!" This, of course, is what Gingrich pulled the other day on The Sean Hannity Radio Show by calling Pres. Obama's comment on the shooting "disgraceful". According to Newt "It's not a question of who that young man looked like." Except, if he had looked differently, he never would've been shot. What Gingrich did next, though, goes beyond the simple denial of racism that Mr. Blow spoke of. He then deploys what I call the "yes, but" strategy of the new racism. This "yes, but" throws the charges of racism back onto the victim and all those who stand for the victim. It goes beyond "if you see racism there, you must be racist." It suggests that any black person who looks for justice for a black victim only cares about their race: they protest Trayvon Martin, but not the unnamed white man; they relate to Trayvon's parents because they have a black son too (or would have a black son had they a son), so they don't care about white sons. Gingrich is swift enough to not just mention would-be white sons, but Puerto Rican, Cuban, Asian-American, and Native American sons. By adding in these categories, the new racist is further able to "prove" his non-bias. Expect to see this new racism play a huge role when Zimmerman's case comes before the grand jury. But, just like the old racism, it's nothing more than a justification for inequality. It deflects blame by calling victims of racism the true racists. And, in the end, it aims for a world in which any white man with a gun has the power of life and death over any person of color.

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