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January 08, 2010


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I used to enjoy Lou Dobbs when he was in Seattle and when he first did CNN. I liked his business sense and commentary. Something happened?...and I'm not sure what. He took a turn for the worse when he opted to expand his horizons on commentary. I shan't likely listen or vote for him - ever.


I'd like to take this opportunity to wish both Lou's and Rush's new teeth all the success in the world.


I think he started watching fox news. That'll do it every time.

I heard goldman saying that he visits his dem sister and dem father and they listen to that crap. Good democrats their whole lives but they start repeating what they hear. Goldman tells them to quit listening to that crap. They say they know it's garbage but hearing it every day starts to internalize and they're as propagandized as the rest of the sheep.

I've heard goldman say he was an orphan. Father? Sister? I don't know. Adopted family maybe.

I think he said they lived in an area where they don't get much liberal radio. All they hear is rush 'cause that's all they get.


Interesting when Randi mentioned Rush today as she listens to his show and yesterday, Rush stated he benefited from the abolition of the fairness doctrine. At least we can hear the progressive talkers for free on itunes as Rush makes poor teabaggers pay for podcasts.


Yeah, blame it on Fox News - it had nothing to do with the CNN - blame it on CNN if any place.

Dobbs was probably better in his earlier days, but if he changed his stance on illegal immigration as it appears he did, he lost his spine. He should stay out of politics if he abandoned his principles - we have a majority of congress full of those types already.


a silly typo

Yeah, blame it on Fox News. It had nothing to do with them; CNN - blame it on CNN if any place.


You idiot: CNN got rid of him. They didn't want him. Why the hell should I blame them for getting rid of Fixed-News addict?

Better to give them a high-five.


easy joanie... think of your nerves ok???? go easy on them..


What happened??? I can't believe that it was the same Lou Dobbs we all were for hoping and praying for leadership. Goodbye Lou Dobbs!!!


Joanie - with all due respect you are full of crap. It was a mutual parting and Dobbs asked to leave before his contract was up - documented in his interviews and also from CNN. CNN did not ask him to leave. The serial liars at MSNBC and Media Matters probably said that, which you bought hook, line and sinker - they suckered you and others into believing it. It can be said that he got out when the getting was good because the future was narrowing for him at CNN.

Take your Fixed News schtick and stick it where the sun don't shine. Why are they so much more popular than CNN and MSNBC combined ? bet you can't give a coherent and reasonable answer there...


A "mutual parting" - he wasn't fired? hahahaha!

And now he's toned down his rhetoric?

One of my parents asked me how to teach children to think. After I made some suggestions, I queried her: now, how do you make adults think?

She couldn't answer that one.


If you're going to say FOX News brainwashes a person the you have to say the same of MSNBC. Why? Becuase MSNBC is perma-liberal. Keith, Rachel and Ed aren't about to take a personal stand against the party line.

And when MSNBC or FOX shills internally disagree with the party line, they will support it anyway in the name of ideological unity and to "carry the water".

If you look past all the faith based bullshit and using government to enforce religion, conservatives have some OK ideas. If you dismiss the Right entirely you might miss something of quality. For example, arguments that liberal social services enable reckless behavior in lower income brackets is probably valid. The solution might not be to cut them off entirely, but dedicating yourself to the contrary viewpoint assures that you're going to be wrong from time to time.


You have selective reading comprehension;

"It was a mutual parting and Dobbs asked to leave before his contract was up - documented in his interviews and also from CNN."

you ignored the fact that Dobbs was the one who initiated the action.

To add..The teacher has to be able to critically think first before she can effectively teach that to her students. There are too many teachers out there who are failing to do that - just look at the results (that's a different topic for another time).

Agreed with the last post about MSNBC, although I know that MSNBC is more overtly partisan than FOX - that is not to say that FOX is innocent of doing that because they are not. Bottom Line: What is good for the goose is good for the gander.


If you're going to say FOX News brainwashes a person the you have to say the same of MSNBC.

No, you don't. I shouldn't have to explain that one.

There's a difference between "interpretation and analysis" and outright lies of facts. There's a dofferemce between "sourcing" and lying. Sorry.


Sorry. Should have read "interpretation and analysis' of facts and outright lying.


KS, you think MSNBC is MORE partisan than FOX? Have you watched Morning Joe? He is hardly a liberal.
The Ed/Keith/Rachel group is very partisan, agreed. Chris Matthews goes with whichever way the wind blows. The rest of the day bashes both sides.
Fox makes things up, and organizes Republican events. What event has MSNBC organized..oh yes, free health care for poor people. My bad.


Whether or not they use the truth to support their ideological slant is beside the point, because ultimately their goal is to support their ideological slant. How often do you see Olbermann or Maddow showing statistics that disprove a liberal theory or draw attention to the number of Democratic senators that voted in some hypocritical fashion?


"mutual parting" prior to the end of an employment contract is corporatespeak for "We had a meeting of the board, and we decided you need to clean out your desk. Our security guards will be happy to assist you in finding the door."


You made an extreme generalization which wasn't true. That's all.

Can you name one case of MSNBC outright lying? Show me examples of Bush/Cheney bashing anywhere on MSNBC that is the equivalent of the birther/death panels/climategate crap on Fox?

Just one.

And I agree that the most Fixed-News-like is Olberman whom I rarely watch. I would never put Rachel in the Fixed News category. Not ever. And I actually thought Matthews liked Bush.


And using or not using the truth to support an idealogical slant is what it's all about!.

That is an ignorant statement.


"you think MSNBC is MORE partisan than FOX? Have you watched Morning Joe? He is hardly a liberal.
The Ed/Keith/Rachel group is very partisan, agreed. Chris Matthews goes with whichever way the wind blows. The rest of the day bashes both sides.
Fox makes things up, and organizes Republican events."

Yes - its more of a question of who is more trusted. There are liberals like Geraldo and Ellis Henekin, throw in Juan Williams and Mara Liasson who I like on Fox. Chris Mattthews is motormouth hack from the word go full of hot air. Maddow and Schultz are partisan and Schultz has credibility problems, not to mention Bathtub Boy Olbermann.

What things does Fox make up ? How do you know - I doubt if you watch it. How about some examples ? (If the examples are from Media Matters, I would be that they are making stuff up about Fox out of context - their favorite game).
I would trust them over MSNBC, CNN and the alphabet networks, which isn't saying much - the media is pathetic. Your statement about organizing Republican event is inaccurate - Hannity does, but not Fox News. Sparkles - you are drinking the progressive kool aid and looking foolish.

MSNBC has lied repeatedly in editorials and interviews by Bathtub Boy, Matthews has told some whoppers about the Tea Parties - like they are all white (majority is different than monochromatic).
MSNBC would be more accurately referred to as the anti-GOP propaganda network.


If you're going to say FOX News brainwashes a person the you have to say the same of MSNBC.

No, you don't. I shouldn't have to explain that one.

You are more gullible than I thought if you don't believe that.

There's a dofferemce between "sourcing" and lying.

Tell us, what is that difference and provide some examples of each. Sourcing can be predicated on lies. I doubt if you believed that Dan Rather was rather biased. Therein lies the fallacy in your belief system.

Enough of this garbage for now.


What doesn't Fox make up...you can start with the pictures of marches on Washington that came from other events to make it seem like a lot of people showed up...and that's just for starters.

Hannity probably wouldn't appreciate not being thought of as a news source..or Glen/NotGlenda.

Puget Sound

here's a couple of em



My oh my, looks like another Lyon of The Left is even crappier than suspected.

Poor Mrs. Edwards

and of course, you got bill clinton insulting barrack obama as the type of guy who would be serving ted and him coffee...

rest assured, pres clinton denied it so it must not have happened


What do they make up, Sparkles ? besides that incorrect footage, which they corrected after it was pointed out - that was one thing. Now ask the same thing about MSNBC and give an honest answer.

This is turning into a silly pissing match. Time to get on with my life.

Puget Sound

how can you argue with someone that after stating a number of times that randi didn't make assassination jokes about pres bush, I provided two links of randi doing just that.
the response when truth pierced their reality,
'don't tell me how to think.'


Sourcing can be predicated on lies.

That's true so why doesn't fixed news try it? Can't they find the sources for their lies?


Hey, PS - sometimes you make sense but what did those sites have to do with msnbc or fox news lying?

Puget Sound

the first two directly link to stories about msnbc lying in its stories.


Its 2010 Puts..you need new writers.

KS, you want a monologue, not a dialog.


MSNBC doesn't have to lie, and neither does FOX but they often do anyway. All you have to do is ignore facts that aren't complimentary to your view point. All you have to do is interview an expert witness that will say what you want the audience to hear and ignore the ones who won't.

And low and behold, 90% of the MSNBC panelist "contributors" are liberal, and the reverse is true of FOX.


Maybe we have to look at credible sources. And I don't believe MSNBC lies. It has not been proven that they do.

Have you got any example of lies on MSNBC? I'm curious. I'd really like to know. And you said omitting facts is a lie. I gave three examples: death panels; climategate; the birther thing. Can you cite even one example that meets the same level?

I respect your thinking, Andrew Can you name one?


Sorry, but I checked again. The reporter on the CNN tape says there was a second guy carrying a weapon and he wasn't the same as the black guy shown first. The reporter doesn't say what race he was but that he was shouting anti-obama comments.

So how does this prove MSNBC a liar?

Links two and three don't open.

And the third has some disparaging comment from Ted Kennedy.

What's your point with these links? How do they reflect on the credibility of MSNBC?

I watch MSNBC so want to understand your criticisms.


C'mon, Andrew. That's pure sophistry. With that kind of litmus test, there's never been a journalist that you could trust. And we simply know that's not true.

As Rachel Maddow - the best of the best today- on Charlie Rose when he tried to get her to practice what you're talking about - she replied, "I don't talk personalities; I talk policy."

You can blather all night about they both do it because everything depends on slant; but, reasonable people know reasonably honest journalism when they see it.

Puget Sound

geezus, my linking skills have deserted me....:)

the first clip is this:
"MSNBC clips black man with assault rifle from town hall video and talks about "white people showing up with guns"
If this were any channel except MSNBC, it would be hard to believe. They show a video clip of a man carrying an assault rifle at an Arizona town hall. The video is edited to not show a full shot of the man. Then, they go on a rant about "racial overtones....white people showing up with guns" and "anger about a black person being president..." The man with the assault rifle was black."
that link works fine.

the second link try this:

the third link was not about msnbc but this:

puget sound this time Dims run a 50-County 'strategery'

i think it is also the casual lies that msnbc puts out. such as constantly referring to the tea party people as tea-baggers in an effort to demean 'em or the constant reference to the shoe bomber being tried in civilian court versus being treated as an enemy combatant without putting it in context: ie that the shoe bomber was an attack in dec 2001 and the military courts to tackle this problem hadn't been set up yet.
but i do watch msnbc. nothing funnier on tv then olberman's special comments...at least until you realize that people take him seriously.

if you want a look into the future, check out the race for the late senator ted keneddy's seat. the republican has pulled ahead of the dem challenger by a point. for the repub candidate to be within spitting distance is amazing and to be ahead is time for coils to grab his socks and pull.
the election is soon and the momentum is behind the repubs for this very blue senate seat.


The teabaggers are attacking their own party, our plan is working.

Worst GOP cash flow in decade blamed on tea baggers and waste


Whoops! At the end of the article, an even older reference - by the right! That’s a member of the FreeRepublic cadre of protesters. "Tea bag the liberal dems before they tea bag you"

When one tea bags, isn't it fair to call one a "teabagger?"

I'm sure had the liberals been dumb enough to carry such signs, the right would NEVER have called them "teabaggers." Right?


The right is continuing with their mad-hatter routine. Now Micheal Steele is fighting for his job.


so much for that being a lie on MSNBC. If they were that upset at the name, they would find another one.

puget sound this time Dims run a 50-County 'strategery'

uh, when they call themselves the tea party movement it's a little disingenuous to call 'em tea baggers with the smirking on the slang meaning on the news network. repeatedly.

puget sound this time Dims run a 50-County 'strategery'

i mean, the hosts actively and repeatedly referred to the movement as the tea bagger movement. you would think that being a news org that they would take pride in getting the name correct.
or maybe not, after all they do employ david shuster...


But its not a lie.


"Teabagger" seems mighty accurate. The ones most bothered by the name are republicon frat boys psychologically traumatized by their personal hazing experiences. Besides, anyone stupid enough to staple Lipton teabags to their baseball cap so they can be photographed at a Fox-sponsored outdoor party deserves a hilarious name. Get over it.


Teabagger - who gives a shit what the corrupt media wants to call them. Screw 'em all - they are aiding and abetting the economy in this country going to hell.

Let the elitists continue to have nose in the air and stick up their a$$es when the minor tsunami hits them.
Power is in numbers and there are more than you want to know who are pissed off at things they way they are, but want use legitimacy to make their point - like the Constitution and lessons in history.
So go ahead, keep mocking the Tea Parties - they probably appreciate the attention :)


Tea "Parties"...WTF, did you guys split up already? Jesus H, that didn't take to long to fall apart.


There are no longer specific laws against a black person being president so they have to make something up.


WTF are you talking about ? That's right, they have fallen apart.

They have always been tea parties since last year. They have multiple names but are all the same thing. The status quo leftwing calls them teabaggers and the rest of us who pay attention call them Tea parties.


No, that's categorically wrong. "They" being the lunatic fringe of the gun-toting right that shows up at these events are called (try to keep up here) "teabaggers". That event would be known as a "teabaggin'".

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