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November 11, 2009



Maybe they found out Lou shot at his own house.


Oh Dobbsy. How I'll miss your orange-dyed hair, ill-fitting denture speak, and they way you'd bare your lower corn-chompers when raging about the brown folk. God speed my old friend.

Puget Sound

not many people know he spent more than a few years here during the late 70's in Seattle on King TV. In fact, Seattle was his launching point to CNN.


Quite frankly it wouldn't surprise me to see CNN exit soon. Does ANYone really watch them.
I understand the internatonal version of CNN is better, but this here version is sort of like watching paint dry.

Mike Barer

You know what they say about the door, Lou.




US Deports Lou Dobbs

Lucas Foxx

CNN is becoming more and more watchable all the time. Amanpour, Anderson, even King and Campbell Brown (while not very bright) are not the partisan hacks some of their "entertainers" have been. I still miss Bernard Shaw.


See what I mean about parroting. She does that well.


Hey CNN, want to survive? Cut back on all the commentary and interviews of spin doctors who are nothing more than political hacks.


Dobbs’ senile

I'm hardly a fan of Dobbs, however, the above statement - coming from elderly ol' fat mike, with not a hint of irony or self-deprecating wit, makes this probably the best/most amusing post of the year!


I am wondering if Lou Dobbs leaving CNN, will he become a huge breakout success story as Glenn Beck has become.
Beck stated that CNN would not let him do his program in the way that he saw fit, so he left. FNC allows him to do his show his way, without management interference. If Dobbs goes to Fox Business, Fox News or any place else, will he be allowed the same freedom as Beck and can he be as successful, or will he become the mediocre being that is Keith Olbermann or insignificant dweeb that is Rachel Maddow?
It will be interesting to see where this goes.


His going away speech made it sound like he intended on getting into government. He talked about being a leader and influencing change.


If Dobbs wants to salvage his career he needs to join FOX News. Glenn Beck left CNN for FNC and his career immediately skyrocketed. Beck now has 5 consecutive #1 NYTimes bestsellers. Beck's TV ratings are bigger than everybody on CNN and MSNBC combined.


Definitely agree with that. The audience for morons seems to be unlimited in this country, and that's where the real money is. Although last I heard it was O'Rielly that had the largest Commentator viewership. Who knows. Maybe someone even dumber will come along and beat them both. If you want to make money got to Fox News.

But why be in fake news at all if money is you're game. Go make a fool of yourself on American Idol or Dancing With the Stars or some other dumb reality program that passes for entertainment. Heck, I'll bet Tom Delay made enough to pay all his fines and legal fees with his little gig.


spoken like a true Neo-com with little discernment.


I hope Lou goes to Faux Business. That way, nobody will watch him.

Puget Sound For Duffman

yeah, no one but millions of viewers...

I've been reading this blog off and on for awhile. It has spewed a lot of Pres Bush trash talk -all of it heartfelt. They have done a 180...hmmm, perhaps the first step (LMAO I know, Coils)

For Duff, I thought I would send this link to you. Hope you are doing well today and look to see you back.

Hillary Supporters who now appreciate George W Bush...just amazing


Yes, look back at the failed attempts of the GOP. We need more looking back ROTFL?


You are witnessing a failed attempt by the Democratic Party, but you are too drunk on ideology or just not smart enough to see it staring you in the face. They will lose big in the 2010 elections. They have brought it on themselves, by passing bloated, assanine bills that spend and overreach the constitution. The Democrats that control now are out to try make this a one-party system by creating an oppressive government, which a majority soundly reject. In addition, they are damaging the principles of which this country exists and the narcissism and greed of the Democratics led by the Administration will be their downfall. This will actually be a good thing for the progressives, some of whom already have buyers remorse. The Republicans have a long ways to go and actually led to this situation, with their mismanagement when they were in control during the Bush years.

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Obama will get another term or not. He appears to be on a collision course to cause a number of foreign blunders (Afghanistan, the fight against Al-Qaeda or giving up our sovereignity to the UN) and domestically killing our economy with government run health care and perhaps another stjmulus waste of giving away taxpayer money and and maybe even an energy bill that will relegate us to government control at every turn.

Those who are cheering this and other political correct measures on, let me suggest that you will have bit and severed the hand (the free market economy and the land of opportunity) that has fed you. If that doesn't tempt you to give the direction of this country a second thought and urge the Government to push on and grab more power, it could be because of a number of things (bad drugs, a wretched childhood, communism running in your family, prejudice, or mental derangement).
The Government if unchecked that gave us freedoms can take them all away. The constitution is being mutilated. This is stupid because this document gives us checks and balances, but if it is not applied correctly, the checks and balances go away, as we are seeing today - especially in the last 2 administrations.

No doubt, that the founding fathers are spinning in their graves. It's not about right vs. left nearly as much as it is right vs. wrong. If this plan succeeds (and it could) by the Democrats to create the government monster, we will have created a country worse than the country (England) that the Founding Fathers escaped from to give rise to the USA. Just sayin'


I'll take england over the Prejean's and and Palin's.

Puget Sound

good stuff KS.
I especially like the line about 'right vs wrong' you put in the post.

lets also see if we can get this absurd and ridiculous idea to use NY City as the venue for the Khalid Sheik Mohammed trial.

i am starting to see that Pres Obama may indeed turn out to be a one term president unless the republicans get control of the Congress and can do for him what the 94 Congress did for Bill Clinton.

any chance that Nevets will come back?


The founding fathers were escaping a theocratic thugocracy as much as anything else. We narrowly escaped that again from 2000 to 2008, but democracy prevailed.


Palin and Prejean will never be a threat to our liberty, etc. and if you think they are, then bon voyage.


Palin and Prejean are redefining the cons party as the Party of Fake Smiles, Fake Beliefs And Fake Boobs


That is more politically correct verbal puke. Do you really think you can 'con' anyone into believing that?

Palin will not be a factor in 2012 - no need to worry. Prejean is an airhead who has had some fame out to make a fast buck. Your house of cards just fell down.

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