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July 01, 2009



WOW!! The Republicans are in great shape for 2010 with Rush Limbaugh at the helm and Joe the Plumber at second in command. Sean Hannity as party general secretary and Kirby Wilbur as……..wait, who was the last guy?

Wait a whole darn minute! We forgot the elderly woman who told McCain that Obama was a Muslim and an Arab at one of his rallies. A team such as is unbeatable!

Mark C.

We'll hve to do it w/out Joe the Asked if he has plans to run for public office, he replied, “I hope not. You know, I talked to God about that and he was like, ‘No.’”



Anyone thinks that Obama is going to give up his power without a fight is VERY naive. He could easily install Michelle when he gets done. He must be stopped in 2012.


This is the greatest revelation ever. Even a reich wing fanatic like Limbaugh concedes Obama will be President at least until 2016.


Limbaugh obviously hasn't read the Constitution, like most of his deranged listeners- afterall, why read something that interferes with the conservative scheme of things? But he doesn't have to. Just like Hannity, Coulter, Weiner, O'Reilly, Larson, and all the rest, Pills only needs to suggest something that the sane world knows to be false, and a rumor is born. Rumors promote fear, and fear is a very effective motivator, particularly if you are bombarded with lies and rumors 24/7 from Fixed and the EIB.


Rush is wrong until proven correct. Pres BO has not been reelected yet for one thing.

Drew doesn't read the constitution, nor does steele, sparky, ph(j)oanie and the other usual Obasmics. If you did, you would realize how unconstitutional Congress and the Administration are. Tyranny is not constitutional.


Obama is waiting for Gates to retire in order to move a moonbeam (Daschle?) into Dep't Defense, so he'll have control of the Pentagon. Then he'll make his move on a third term.


You (mentioned above) may say you have read the Constitution, right- just like Congress read the Cap and Tax bill before they voted on the piece of legislative entrails.

vulture vomit comes to mind, not to be cornfused with buzzard barf.

David Brooks' NYTimes op-ed piece today suggests that Congress has been passing bills with a political coherence, but an implementation incoherence.


Fear - Uncertainty - Doubt:
It is the tried and true success formula in political talk radio.


that comment deserves a spot on !


Aside from the fact that the process of repealing the 22nd Ammendment would take a decade or longer, it should be noted to you "scholars" that, if the ammendment was repealed, it cannot and does not allow for the sitting President to take advantage of it. It's a safeguard that was specifically written into the ammendment.


And speaking of "fear, uncertainty, and doubt", here's Glenn Beck and Michelle Bachmann, together in the kitchen, cooking up
a big batch of fear for you Fixed News followers to enjoy


More riot talk from Rush. Remember his rally to try to upset the national convention in Denver?

Rush is Reich.


Or his Operation Chaos...bet he's real proud of the success of that one. As long as Pills is their leader, we cannot fail. The republicans might just be unknowingly writing the next big sitcom: Voyage to the Bottom of the Polls


Or the movie of the week: Killdozer.


Hmm. He admitted that Obama is loved and adored. I wonder if he realizes he said that. That's quite an admission.

And to be fair, he said there would be a "movement" to change it.

Tyranny is not Constitutional? Umm, did you tell that to the Decider and the Dark Invader? Last I heard, torture wasn't either but we did it. We do not torture. Now who was it said that?

Fear, uncertainty, doubt = Fixed News.

Ah, if it hasn't been clear before that the right controls about 5 million fixed-news watchers and listeners with lies, it sure is now.

Do you guys have any sense of decency or intelligence at all? Really.

Randi was awesome tonight. She stuck to information and was sharp, sharp, sharp. God she's good when she lays out the facts.


I think this little factoid bears repeating….

“ ….the process of repealing the 22nd Amendment would take a decade or longer, it should be noted to you "scholars" that, if the amendment was repealed, it cannot and does not allow for the sitting President to take advantage of it. It's a safeguard that was specifically written into the amendment.”

Posted by: Drew | July 01, 2009 at 07:37 PM

For all of you Constitution experts. Besides didn’t we hash this out some time ago? It seems the premise the Rush based this con crap on was first bitten by our own KS. How was KS to know that idea would be adopted by the king of pills and shit. Stand up KS and take a bowel…movement. If you missed it here is the quote.

“On January 6, 2009, a bill was submitted in Congress to repeal the XXII Amendment. We may yet see a "President-for-life" if the new Progressives have their way.”

I guessing he means this bill. The dirty little secret is José Serrano has been submitting this bill since 1997. Actually the dates are 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2009, Serrano introduced a joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the 22nd Amendment. My guess he is trying to make political hay. He is from New York, and getting attention ain’t that easy.

Posted by: M.Steele | June 21, 2009 at 06:16 PM

KS’s logic


Reagan had this couple on his show today. A couple who were bankrupted by Aetna Insurance. It's a worthwhile read if you think you've got good insurance.

In my last job, I had Aetna. It sucked if you needed anything beyond physicals. I had to get the attorney general involved in one of my disputes with them. They complied once the State got involved. Don't get sick if you've got Aetna.

I heard today that two-thirds of all bankruptcies are due to medical bills. The NY Times owes the American public for its disgraceful reporting in the lead up to the Iraq War. They should be publishing a medical bankrupcy story every single day on their effing front page.

If this doesn't get the attention of all the ignorant rightwingers, I don't know what will.


BTW, one of the reasons healthcare costs are so high isn't just insurance. It is also greedy doctors.

My mother had open-heart surgery in 1974 and it cost $13,000. I know because that's what she had to borrow from her mother and pay back later.

I had spinal cord surgery in 1988 (8 hour) and it cost me $15,000. I had good insurance at the time which incuded 80% up to a certain amount and the amount over that was covered under major medical. I don't think we even have major medical anymore. Of the $15000, I had $2000 to pay. It was truly major surgery in an extremely vulnerable area which could have left me paralyzed I came out of it almost perfect due to an excellent doctor.

So, over 13 years the medical costs increased but not a lot.

Now, the same operations are $30k to $75k? So, what happened? Everybody get greedy?

And it isn't because of litigation. Doctors who screw up deserve to be sued. If the AMA got rid of them, suing them wouldn't be necessary. But the AMA protects them. So don't give me tort reform.

A whole lot of money going into second, third and fourth homes, boats, airplanes and golfing dates on Wednesdays.

Or am I being to harsh?


Yes, Aetna is one of the worst. And they all give a lot of money to both parties, so we have a battle ahead of us.


"For all of you Constitution experts. Besides didn’t we hash this out some time ago? It seems the premise the Rush based this con crap on was first bitten by our own KS. How was KS to know that idea would be adopted by the king of pills and shit. Stand up KS and take a bowel…movement. If you missed it here is the quote."

WTF does that have to do with anything I wrote ? You're incoherent in another world and full of yourself. Vulture vomit back at ya...


There is your protection. Bankruptcy. How is it any of my business your or anybody elses medical bills?
It certainly isn't the governments business to pay them. You and the rest of the bleeding hearts always have the option of donating 25% of your income to any medical charity you chose. Leave the rest of us that really do not want government in any more of our business alone.


In spite of what Rush pronosticates, Oblahblah will be lucky but unlikely to win a second term.
I smell another Jimmah Carter.


“Vulture vomit back at ya...” Ohh, a bit touchy tonight KS? It’s not what you wrote; it’s the topic of the thread. Pay attention or I’ll have one of the school teachers smack your hand.

Besides, you were ahead of Rush, you should be proud of yourself …right everyone?


No Joanie, not too harsh. While the costs of malpractice issues does factor in to this discussion, it is a very small percentage of the total costs.
Most doctors are now members of medical care corporations- not just the typical mega-sized HMO, but large regional clinics. 100 - 250 physicians or more, of varying specialities, and they really function as employees of that clinic. This forces them into a fee schedule that may have been more than what they would charge patients if they ran their own free-standing practice, but they pay less to the clinic owners for the general overhead of that same practice. They have little or no say in the billing, since that is done in a central billing office. And a facility like that has a paid board that expects a clear, fat profit every month, from every practice. The bottom line for us patients: we pay a lot more, in order to make sure the people or corporation that operates that clinic will always make a profit before they even begin to outline how care policies are delivered.


Chucks, So the premiums don't pay the benefits? If that's so and usually it is, let the govt compete against the private sector. Or like the famous cartoon about Goldwater, they can inherit a department store.


Steele- we can put this 22nd ammendment crap in the same category as "Obama's gonna come git everbody's guns", and "He must be a Muslim, since he lived in a town with a Muslim school"..etc, etc. It's a pretty sick but calculated attempt to instill fear in the general population.


It is not the governments business to compete with the private sector.


Yah, these goof balls are so out of synch with reality logic common sense does not occur in their heads. If they are going to accuse us of not reading the Constitution you would think they would have… Drew, you did read the Constitution?


chux- it IS the government's responsibility to protect us from companies like Aetna, or Phizer, or ColumbiaHCA when they gouge us for more of our hard-earned money while cutting care and services (cancelling an insured's coverage the minute they find out he MAY have a malignant tumor would be just one example). I want every body (even you) to get affordable, quality healthcare. Insurance that covers every illness, and every essential procedure, and every mediaction that my caregivers think I should get. Leaving any of those decisions up to a corporate board isn't healthy.
I'll take a government-subsidized program, thanks. You can have your "fat profits/less care" status quo plan. We already know which one provides for a longer average life span, lower infant mortality rate, faster surgical recovery time, etc, and it isn't the program here in the U.S.


Funny. Drew, Steele, you know of any interstates that handle RVs that were paid for by private interests? Just curious.


Oh, and that idea about outsourcing actuaries to Asia? Shall we send it to Christine?


Drew, I was in a hurry.

Yah, these goof balls are so out of synch with reality and logic, common sense does not occur in their heads. If they are going to accuse us of not reading the Constitution you would think they would have… Drew, you did read the Constitution?


Steele- Off and on, I have had a chance to read through it. There are a couple of online sources that help the layperson wade through all of the 1776 verbage and find the true meanings, and they're interpreted by constitutional law scholars, not drug-addicted right-wingnut gasbags.
I want to find one of those pocket constitutional references; never know when it might come in handy to educate one of these cons.

just chiming in

I thought chuck's wife worked for the State? He's already collecting his health coverage from the government.

Chucks, do you know the meaning of hypocrite? Look it up.


I've got a classroom of pocket Constitutions printed and distributed by Benson and Hedges. Isn't that a hoot? I almost threw them out this year but decided to try to read an article a week or something like that. With first graders, it takes a lot of 'splanation. But, given the state of thinking these days, it might be worth it.


Yeah, chux, what about that? Thanks chimer. Post some more. I like the way you think.


From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression - and they're about to do it again.
Matt Taibi's article in Rolling Stone


I know of a few, well may be 2 or 3. But they are so expensive that RV owners won’t make use of them. Maybe RV sellers will utilize them because they will pass the cost on to the buyer. Come to think of it, it sounds like the federal health care system. They will use it if we pay for it.


You're right, Drew. It isn't really doctors. And if I have to overpay someone, I'd rather it be the doc than the insurance CEO!

You know of two or three interstates built privately? I didn't know that was possible.

Where are they?


B&H Pocket Constitutions? Now that's funny! (hold on, I just dropped my laminated dietary guide from Coca-Cola) But I think it's good to get kids interested in the stuff that makes America great, as well as what makes us a free and democratic society. Don't let 'em take that stuff for granted like Bush did in the Kennebunkport Reform School for the Criminally Conservative. What a sad legacy that turned out to be.


Drew, it was a joke. I skewered it didn’t I? Oh well, you have my utmost confidence as a learned entity upon this inner tube.


Interstates privately paid for? Computah says Noooooooooooo!


Malloy is good tonight. Everybody's on their game today. Good emails, too.

I wonder if the public is finally getting it? Maybe...


It's cool, Steele. I think we all did our job here tonight, and there will be more work tomorrow.
Seriously, I do enjoy looking this stuff up when some blowhard like Rush pushes out another big steamin' pile of crap and gets his gullible audience to believe it as fact.
What you DON'T hear anybody talking about is that in 2003, some rabid Bushites considered the same thing in regards to the 22nd Ammendment, and they gave it up when they learned about how it could only apply to every President AFTER Bush- almost shot themselves in the hoof on that one. Hehe


If we had gotten him one for christmas, do you think bush would have used a Mattel Constitutional See 'n' Say?? Just wonderin'...


Would he be required to read the instructions first?

Rush's ramblings are getting so far out there, he must have total disrespect for the intelligence level of his listeners. He knows he can literally say and do anything and they'll follow him.

Sort of like Sanford...


Yes, he is. Desperate ramblings from a disturbed individual, and he's takinga lot of gullible dittoheads with him.
As for bush and his see 'n' say, the privileged still have things like instructions read to them, and in bush's case, that would mean reading by the Turdblossom- we don't really want that.


How come you're up so late at night?


joanie, Rush and Argentina. That is just nasty....

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